“clang!”Another shot,However, Li Ming’s shot blocked the frontal impact of the golden monster。

“Variety,Correct,Marksmanship needs to be changed!”
Li Ming’s marksmanship,It was very strong when I left the Three Realms,But the current marksmanship is clumsy。
It’s not that Li Ming’s marksmanship regressed,But at the ancestral god level,Behind the world,What he is best at is the formation,Naturally fully participate in the formation。In Li Ming’s current state,innocent‘marksmanship’Naturally bad!
His current gun,Marksmanship is just law,The kernel is the operation of the array。
Use marksmanship,Some of his styles are also close to his line。
Compared to close tactics like marksmanship,Li Ming’s chaotic two-yi class array method is more inclined to compaction,Prefer frontal combat,Unload。
Lacks in the dexterity changes required for close combat。
but,How can the formation lack dexterity change?
For many practitioners who are good at formation,The formation is not biased towards power in their hands,Illusion、Ban、Suppression and other effects!
“Variety,In the heart,In the projection of subjective will!”
“In the heart!”
Li Ming’s face showed a smile。
sometimes,Take a step,Difficult,Constant fighting experience,Always difficult to step out!
but,Once you find the key,But everything suddenly became clear,I even gave birth to a feeling of being so dull and stupid。