“……No way,They will definitely arrange manpower in the coconut grove!”

Chen Xiu handed the carbine to Wang Zilin,I checked my black star point three or eight,There are three bullets in the magazine。
“Wait a moment I will lead them away,You ran towards the beach,Don’t look back no matter what you hear!”
“No way!”
Wang Zilin naturally does not want Chen Xiu to sacrifice herself,He took Chen Xiu’s hand and said:“We finally got together,Big deal dead together!”
Chen Xiu stroked her hair,Said with a smile:“Silly boy,I am not that easy to die。obedient,Later, you will see the people on the outskirts have also entered the coconut grove,Run right away!”
Wang Zilin naturally doesn’t believe it,Is holding his hand tightly。
Chen Xiu saw a fallen coconut on the ground,It’s a palm cut directly,The coconut was cracked instantly。
Wang Zilin stared at the coconut with wide-eyed eyes。
The hardness of the coconut cannot be broken even with a hammer,How powerful is Chen Xiu’s punch!
“Now you believe it,It’s safer for me to deal with them alone。”
Wang Zilin became a member of the National Security Bureau during this time,Naturally received special training,Knowing that he and Chen Xiu would be a drag on him,Had to let go:“Then you be careful!”
“rest assured,I will meet you soon!”
Zhang Shuping left ten guards around the coconut grove,He learned the lessons of the mercenaries before,The more than 30 people brought into the coconut grove are not scattered,So as not to be defeated by Chen Xiu one by one。