and,Theirs are mid-range,And what Hu got was high-end goods with about 40% blood。

Scarlet has a distinct unique shape,It looks,It’s a bloody remnant cloud,Quite a spectacular sight。Just such a piece of material,Is it worth hundreds of thousands??
Plus carving,Tut!
In order to make up for the relationship with Brother Hu, Chen Yin,Really willing to pay for the capital。A lot of people,May not be able to get it。It seems,Apart from being so despised,,There is real courage。
In fact,Everyone who made a fortune,Courage is not small,Should invest,They won’t be stingy,That is one of the reasons for their success。
To this,No one feels wrong。Change to someone else,Will also give Brother Hu a better apologize,Definitely not the same。
Here after all,Play the most important role,It’s Brother Hu。These people,Actually didn’t help much。People just look at Brother Hu’s face,Just take care of,Everyone has a share。
and so,Received this gift,I have to thank Brother Hu。
“A little expensive。”Hu Yang couldn’t help saying。
Although not without merit,Nearly a million,The specifications are still slightly higher。
of course,Populus is very clear,The other party came with the intention of making friends,Purposeful,It’s not just a tribute。But this is what Hu Yang didn’t want,Accepted,I think I have received his love,I have to be a superficial friend from now on?
“not bad!Brother Hu, didn’t you help him save tens of millions of losses??This is nothing,Reasonable。”Huazi said。
To say receiving gifts,The most precious,It’s not Brother Zhao’s?That limited edition sports car,Nearly ten million price,Don’t you still accept it??