“what?”Qin Feng still didn’t understand what this person said,So I asked:“You know Lin Youwei?”

“Lin Youwei?Who is she,Your wife,This you come out to play,Still worried about your wife,Really。”Little Taimei looked at Qin Feng with contempt,But still,Not showing off。
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Five You give me down
“do not know?”Qin Feng wanted to chase this person off right now,Really inexplicable guy。But he said politely for the sake of spirituality:“This one,Little sister,Since you don’t know,Can you get off?”
“cut,Do you think i’m willing to go?If it wasn’t for playing games and losing,You thought i would do this!Faster,Don’t continue to install,You men,Not just one virtue,I do not know yet,Pretend to be less。”
“Since you are not willing,Then you can go down?”Qin Feng really wants to throw this person out。
“Hey,Uncle,I didn’t expect your brain to be so bad,I’m not saying,I and others are guessing,They are all watching me,If i didn’t go with you,Then these people don’t want to laugh at me forever!”
Little Taimei said proudly。
“This,”Qin Feng cursed in his heart:Guess you guess,Why are you getting in my car?I didn’t ask you to mess with you。
“You won’t see me handsome?So I want to find an excuse to go with me?”Qin Feng said something narcissistic。
“Just your color sample,Ugly。”Little Taimei’s look of contempt。
Little Taimei said:“Faster,No ink,If there are too many people,have been seen,Where do I put my face?!”
“You give me down……”Qin Feng immediately started to blast people。
Regardless of gentlemanliness,Because it feels like a trouble!
This is also reminded by Xiao Taimei,If Sakura sees this,,Then I can’t clean it even after jumping into the Yellow River!
But this said Caocāo),Zhao Yun arrived。
“Brother Qin Feng,What are you doing here?”
A ponytail,I see pity、Beautiful girls in school uniforms,Who’s not Xiaoying’s classmate Charlene。