Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng,I said it out of my head,But Qin Feng vaguely felt jealous,Feelings Bai Shiling kindly,This woman actually thinks that Bai Shiling is better than herself,For fear of Qin Feng cheating。

“It’s fine,It’s fine。”
Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief,Go over and get Jiang Yan’s pulse immediately。
“Your pulse is weak,Definitely caused by overwork,Must have a good rest,And drink plenty of hot water。”
Qin Feng’s instructions caused Jiang Yan to roll his eyes。
“I knew I would drink more hot water,Steel straight man,You are not as good as the nurse in the hospital,You all know to buy me fruit for me to eat。”
Jiang Yan said and took a bite of the apple,Several black lines appeared on Qin Feng’s forehead。who are you,The dignified lady of Jiang’s family,Young is the general manager,You know your father Jiang Hong even if they don’t know you。
“Although I don’t know what it means to be a steel straight man,But Yanyan,You have to take a good rest,I think there are so many things in the company,Stacking for a few days is not a problem,Just push it first”
Yan looked at Qin Fengzheng’er and was too embarrassed to make fun of Qin Feng,Can only nod。
Immediately afterwards, Qin Feng took out the body-protecting pill he carried with him from his pocket and handed it to Jiang Yan。
As a result, Jiang Yan immediately shrank onto the bed with a look of disgust。
“what,What is this。”
Qin Feng is speechless,Put the pill on Jiang Yan’s palm。
“You don’t know me yet?This is what I brought down from the mountain,Good stuff anyway,And I will refine some,You took this medicine,After a few days of rest, there will be no problems。”
Qin Feng poured Jiang Yan a glass of water,Although Jiang Yan knows Qin Feng has this ability,But this black pill still makes Jiang Yan a little hard to swallow,Looking helplessly in Qin Feng’s eyes,Jiang Yan could only bite the bullet and stuffed the pill into her mouth and swallowed it。
“Be a layman quietly from now on,Don’t push yourself so tight all day。”