Xiao Fan paused,He didn’t expect Lin Yoona to say so much at once,In fact, he also knows that he is also responsible for this incident,But thinking that Liu Chunlan would definitely continue to blame Lin Yoona。

So Lin Yoona felt aggrieved in the middle。Then Xiao Fan told her:“It’s ok,These things will be resolved after I go back,Take a good rest first,Do whatever you want,Don’t think too much。
Mom is for our good,sometimes,May not care too much,Don’t be angry with him。”
Lin Yuna said:“Got it,You can rest assured to do your job well。”
Then hung up,Xiao Fan has been lost in thought after the call,Don’t know how to deal with this tricky thing,After all, the relationship between Liu Chunlan and Lin Yoona has always been very good。
They never quarreled between mother and daughter,Lin Yoona has always been a good girl,But now because of such small contradictions,There was also friction between Lin Yuna and Liu Chunlan。
Xiao Fan thinks these family trivial matters are really tricky for him,Compared to being in the mall,Maybe family chores can bother him more。
But now he has come out to work,Then put work first,Don’t affect your work because of other things。
Then he called Yiming and Chu Yao two people,Order them to give them some tasks they should do。
And then told:“No matter what you two do, the original sentence,Safety first,If you can’t guarantee your safety,There is no point in doing anything,This time the boss opposite is also an experienced person。
If he knows that many things are not as simple as we seem,I will come up with some other solutions。”
Yiming and Chu Yao nodded,In fact, the one that allowed them to stay loyal to Xiao Fan,Another reason is that Xiao Fan always puts their safety first。
Treat them as real friends,To my own relatives,Instead of treating them as a subordinate,Or just help yourself,This is what moved them most。
In fact, Yi Ming and Chu Yao don’t pay much attention to too many details.,But Xiao Fan will consider a lot of details for the two of them,So that the two of them can complete their tasks in peace。