[Clear fish practice]_Clear fish practice_How to make

[Clear fish practice]_Clear fish practice_How to make

There are various fish practices and fish species, but different fish are suitable for different practices, so we should also do some strategies when making fish, and know which fish is more suitable for you.Method, clear fish is a relatively common practice. The taste of such fish is relatively light, which is more suitable for some people with light taste. So what is the practice of clear fish?

Tools / Raw materials: Rainbow sea bream (one piece), 2 small pieces of tofu, one piece of ginger (ear ginger), two codonopsis, light white (optional), a few roots of cooking wine / oil / salt / chicken essence, pepperNone) The method of a small amount of fish soup is to clean the fish 1/15. If the surface of the fish is slippery and sticky, you can use a small amount of salt to scrub and clean it.

2/15 minus the fishbone and fish tail, do not cut, if you are afraid of stabbing, cut it off, and then cut into pieces, or you can cook the whole strip, just cut a few knife marks on the fish body to taste.

3/15 cut into pieces, not too thin, or the fish will easily break when it is boiled.

4/15 Prepare two small pieces of tender tofu and cut into small cubes for later use.

Boil fish soup with tofu. The fish soup is white, thick and delicious.

5/15 Then prepare a slice of ginger, cut more fish-proof, if it is home-grown native ginger, take a small piece and smash it.

There are also two Codonopsis, which are ready to be cut off after being cut off.

Heat up the 6/15 pot and pour in an appropriate amount of oil. Do not heat the oil too much and use a low heat.

Put a few ginger slices at 7/15, add the fish pieces to the pan and simmer for 8/15 until the sides are slightly golden, and pour some cooking wine to fishy.

9/15 Then pour in boiling water, and the boiling water should not be over fish, prefer not to be less, the water will also evaporate during the process of boiling fish.

It is best not to add more water halfway.

10/15 boil the fish soup for about 15-20 minutes.

On 11/15, the fish soup boiled midway, removing the white bubbles from above.

12/15 add ginger slices and codonopsis, then add tandem cooking wine to remove fishy.

13/15 Finally, add tofu, or sour cabbage, cucumber, also works, change to simmering.

Boil for about ten minutes at 14/15, add salted chicken essence according to your favorite, or add a small amount of pepper.

After boiling at 15/15, it is ready to be cooked.