Bayu division of the model Deyao

Yucai Primary School playground Dadukou District of Chongqing Municipality, the children are gym class.

However, their beloved teacher Wang Hongxu no longer appear.

His last lesson, stay in the Yangtze River. Sprint, leap, with his life lifts the drowning child – surging river, witnessed the scene June 1 evening. In the joint member of the public assistance, the Wang Hongxu has jumped into the river to save two children accidentally fell into the water. Last minute, he put the child into the shore, the river was washed away tired because of his own life forever fixed in 35 years.

"Rescue, also worth considering what" "children overboard!" Came a riverside agony, Wang Hongxu Mother looked …… no hesitation! He rushed to the riverside arrow general, leap. The same time, Wang Hongxu friends Xulin Sheng quickly rushed to the river bank.

River rapids, simmering, familiar with the water of Wang Hongxu swim to a child, the child out of the water, to the collusion of Xulin Sheng. Wang Hongxu strength ebbing, the river there is a child, he was duty-bound to turn back again …… river riverbank getting closer, even though more than 10 masses to join hands and pull up the "human chain", Wang Hongxu may have been exhausted, with the last effort the child suddenly toward the shore, talks about himself drift farther, teachers are engulfed by waves …… such as blue, Hong Yuan Yi Qing.

Wang Hongxu choose to save people, not accidental. Wang Hongxu was born in a family of teachers, grandparents, parents, husband and three generations of six people are teachers.

Grandfather set a house rules: Teach book conscience, religion honest book, the book teaches fair. Under the influence of his family, Wang Hongxu graduated from high school in 2004, did not hesitate to apply for Chongqing Normal University after graduation to become a primary school physical education teacher.

Father had discussions with Wang Hongxu: "The critical moment, to sacrifice themselves to save others worth?" Categorically son replied: "! Save, also worth considering what" According to Yong classmates recalled, had saved twice during Wang Hongxu University people, but also specifically to test the swimming lifeguard certificate. Just one month before the sacrifice, Wang Hongxu become party activists.

He wrote in his application to join the party: "I will use the party standard strict demands on themselves, strive for an early to join the party.

Please test me in practice party organization.

"Not long ago, he was posthumously Chinese Communist Party, and was rated as martyrs.

"Important achievement, growth is more important," the height of summer, the scorching sun. Track and field, often came Wang Hongxu harsh, hoarse voice:! "! Leg elevation point" "bigger steps" …… but the training was over, Wang Hongxu help students came to him wipe, mingle with everyone. In the classroom, he was preaching Tuition, look dignified; outside the classroom, his kindly face, Ruxiong as a father – This is Wang Hongxu image in the minds of students. To encourage students to achieve training objectives, Wang Hongxu own money to buy a small prize; Dining every day at noon, he always told the students to eat more; as a deputy head teacher, heard that students from poor family, he offered home visits, "one on one" help …… Wang Hongxu always find shines student body. Students Xie Lin Qiao thin and short, but Wang Hongxu found her good ankle strength, sprint considered good seedling, encouraged her training. In 2013, due to performance decline, mother asked Xie Lin Qiao pause track and field training, Schelling clever mood is very low; Wanghong Xu found the parents, facts, column data, patiently explained, enlist the support of parents, according to Schelling clever features, scientific organization of training.

Eventually, Xie Lin Qiao win the 100 meters, 200 meters champion at the 2016 Games in Chongqing.

"Important achievement, growth is more important." In Wang Hongxu view, not just for sports training achievements, but also to enjoy the process, to exercise, to achieve comprehensive development. He often exchange of teachers and other classroom, the students care about track and field team’s performance moral and cultural achievements. "This is my fair share of things, not to engage in a special case," Wang Hongxu mother’s name is taken, his mother wanted him to be like the sun as light to others, the warmth of the earth. Wang Hongxu indeed became apparent. In the eyes of colleagues, Wang Hongxu from work, regardless of their fair share exceptionally, responsive.

They called him "three no’s" Sir – no hurry, no gas, no fight. Due to practical work, careful easy-going, 2015, Wang Hongxu began to serve as school personnel cadres. Personnel policy is not clear, he worked overtime, understand documents, be aware of Insider; office software are not familiar with his books self-study, hard work and practice, will soon become a master of his colleagues in the eyes …… although busy, but he not rash, always greeted with a smile. Principal Mao Shiwei see his hard work, frequent overtime, offered to give him some of the grants special approval, which he politely refused: "This is my fair share of things, not to engage in special cases.

"12-year teaching career, Wang Hongxu four times won the city and district title of outstanding coaches, five were rated as outstanding instructor district, he was outstanding school teachers, school outstanding educators in school, he was a good teacher.; at home, he is a good juniors, good husband, good father. As long as time permits, he will pick up the child, tell him a story every day.

His wife Chen Luxi grandmother advanced age, Wang Hongxu often help the elderly nails, feet.

Son always behind, helped wipe your feet, the nails fall to the ground picked up trash. Division of the model, Deyao Bayu.

To restore its former calm of the Yangtze River, the sparkling waves refraction, little golden shine. When the sun rising, the people will not forget the self-sacrificing figure …….