The final battle meets Luneng, the sorrowful master again, and Guoan hopes to play his best

The final battle meets Luneng, the “sorrowful master” again, and Guoan hopes to play his best
Tomorrow at 3 pm, the last 15 games of the Super League this season will start at the same time.Faced with the challenge of the old rival Shandong Luneng, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan coach Genesio said at today’s pre-match press conference that he hopes the team will take the best form to play well.Beijing Guoan has n’t beat Shandong Luneng in war for a long time. Genesio, who has watched too many videos from both sides, admits that the team has indeed suffered too much from Luneng.Their players are generally tall, which is their strength.But we are a very strong pass team, so we will not be afraid of them in tomorrow’s game.I hope the team can take the best form and reward the fans, the media and those who have always supported us.”In the final round, Guangzhou Evergrande won the championship as soon as it was tied. As a chaser, Genesio revealed his mood:” Under the current circumstances, playing our own games is the top priority.The charm of football is that you can never predict the future results. The last round of games starts at the same time, so we have to wait until the end of the game to know the results of Evergrande.No matter what the result, we will accept it calmly; no matter whether there is a surprise in the end, we must first play our game well.”Park Cheng, who participated in the press conference with the coach, expressed the attitude of the team members:” We are actually no more pressure now, let go and play the last game well, and the rest is natural.”