Interstellar exploration is scheduled for December 6, Pete fights space to try to challenge the Olympics

“Interstellar exploration” is scheduled for December 6, Pete fights space to try to challenge the Olympics
On November 19, starring Brad Pitt, starring in the Hollywood Science Fiction disaster adventure masterpiece “Interstellar”, which was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Venice Film Festival, officially announced the deadline for December 6.In the past space science fiction experience movie, “Interstellar” will open an immersive space drifting adventure for the audience.After the film was released in North America on September 20 this year, it harvested 84% of “Rotten Tomatoes”. MetaCritic averaged a high score of 80. The Wall Street Journal even predicted that Brad Pitt is expected to be nominated for excellent performance in this movieOscar.In the fixed poster, Pete wore a space suit, surrounded by the earth, the moon, Mars, and Neptune, indicating that this mission is extraordinary, and the adventure of a wandering four planets shocked.When the astronaut Roy played by Pete was on a mission, the giant space elevator suddenly exploded, and the high-speed flipped high-altitude fall was thrilling. However, this is the beginning of the almost full-energy high-space adventure . In order to break through the cause of the explosion and find a threat to human survivalRoy chose to move towards the unknown universe, and at the same time, out-of-control events occurred simultaneously. One after another, through the preview of the file, you can see the grand universe view of the movie “Interstellar Exploration”, which shows the space elevator that humans are conceiving one by one.The moon base of the era, spaceships and other space black technologies that travel through light years, so science fiction fans have high expectations for the film.In addition, the setting of the film through the solar system will also open a new movie visual journey for the audience.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui