Three cities link 37-based disk participation in Southwest Xuhui to open the national marketing season

  Recently, Xishu Xihui opened the national marketing season.

It is understood that the Southwest Xuhui November gather, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming Sancheng participated in the event 37 on sale. Among them, 2021 Xuhui Platinum Bin River is available to Lijia, while echoing the new city in the future, enjoy 14 open parks such as Bridge Bay Park, privately enjoyed the park.

And gathering about 400,000 Fang Yue to TOD Business Circle (planning) Neighborhood Center, Li Jiabi Circle and an overall volume of about 2.2 million square meters of a city.

  Jiangshan Qinglin semi-located site Banan fish cave, sitting on rail transit 2, 3, gathering new landmark Huaxi Live, Wanda Plaza, Traffic Co., Ltd., etc. Fresh oxygen greenery, thousands of flowers are enjoying. Glycolic supporting, convenient transportation, high-quality products, so that the strength circle flour, it has become the preferred product of many young people.

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