Of course if it is the main god,Turbulence across space naturally and easily。

“Humph!”The bloody elf suddenly let out a cold snort,Direct return。At the risk of being swallowed by the turbulence of the space, chase down an enemy that may not be killed?He is not interested。
The Return of the Blood Elf,Patriarch Bud and the lord of Youchang Mansion looked at each other。The bloody elf with the main artifact is gone。。It’s hard for them to kill the elves。
Use the power of the main god,Patriarch Bud can still overwhelm the opponent。Wait for the power of the main god to run out,It’s not difficult for the Lieshan Elves to chase them both。
“Since there is not much confidence,Then go!”The Bard sighed long,if possible,He naturally wants to kill the opponent,But a big enemy。
But now it seems,If entangled,The power of one’s main god is exhausted,It’s the opponent but a big enemy。
Palace Master Youchang’s face is gloomy,But left with Patriarch Bard。
And Wright, who was fleeing in front, also quickly stopped.,Escape at full speed in this place full of space cracks,It’s dangerous for him。
His advantage over other gods,Is the power of divine consciousness,Explore a wider range,Avoid space cracks earlier。But also use the power of the main god,This advantage is minimal。
“These guys finally left!”Wright blasted a space in the ground casually。
“This time it’s really big,Three master-level powerhouses join forces,Maybe I’m not afraid of them fighting solely on my own divine body,But if you use the power of the Lord God,My advantage of fusion supernatural power is offset,I’m not an opponent one to one!”
“It seems that the fusion of law and mystery is a little worse,If the law of the earth merges with one more,Or the law of fusion goes one step further。。。I’m afraid these three are not difficult to clean up today。”Wright is very eager for a breakthrough in strength at this moment,But now he still lacks enough accumulation,Have to go step by step,
A few minutes later,The power of the main god on Wright’s body completely dissipated,Also relieved。
For non-Dzogchen upper gods,Use the power of the main god to dissipate at the same speed。This shows that the power of the opponent’s main god has almost dissipated。In other words,Even if the other party faints, he wants to chase him,I am afraid the ending will only be completely opposite,Unless they still have a second drop of power。
“The probability of having a second drop of the power of the main god is not great,Otherwise, Palace Master Youchang also used the power of the main god,I’m afraid it’s really hard to escape。”
“Since their threat can almost be eliminated,Then I’ll go find Cecilia。。。”There is also a trace of worry on Li Ming’s face,Three major palace masters besieged themselves,Will there be no strong ambush on Cecilia’s side??
But Cecilia also has a drop of power in her hands,If the strong man who goes there doesn’t have the power of the main god。。。Then even the Palace Chief-level powerhouse is hanged and beaten.。
quickly,Wright leaving the depths of the earth very fast,Follow the direction of Cecilia before,Quickly catch up with metal life。
“Wright!”Cecilia’s consciousness is locked to Wright,Not only relieved,Just as Wright worried about her,She also worried about Wright’s safety,After all, it was three master-level masters who besieged Wright。
Li Ming soon knew,Cecilia also encountered an ambush from three strong men。。。Just three seven-star elves。