If it is supernatural power blessing,Li Ming’s power is completely comparable to a Taoist monarch。

As for the blue and white mist,It is comparable to the magical power of a Taoist monarch,But you can’t use magical powers,Can’t control the formation in isolation,It’s still worse。
Break through the world,Itself is the process of sorting out one’s own Tao。
Many Taoisms are sorted through this layer,Better fit each other!
“Heart world,expansion!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,The Tao that has been improved and sorted is the core,Continue to expand the world of heart。
“Boom boom boom~~~~”
The World of Li Ming’s Heart,But it has expanded to a diameter of more than 50 billion li。One formation,Very stable in the way of mind。
It can be said,Even without the blue and white mist,Li Ming’s thoughts can completely destroy a chaotic world。
And the Three Realms,The terrible movement is only slightly smaller than the deity。
“Samcheong,What do you think!”Suiren looked beyond the chaos,Amazed!
“On the movement of the breakthrough,Empress Nuwa was far inferior to him in ancient times!”The Sanqing Taoists are also full of surprise。
Before Li Ming’s mental strength breakthrough,But it can be hidden silently。After that, the blue and white mist is slowly rising。
And this time the breakthrough is mana,Great natural action!