While looking at this side,at this time,Shang Tianyi stared at him。

“All right,Now words,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle。”
“Since now,If you are willing to toss,That you,Just start!”
When Shang Tianyi finished,at this time,Those around,Very emotional。
“The boss is right,We don’t need to be afraid of them。”
“Said yes,If you can,Just let them toss。”
“Yes,Anyway, we have nothing to worry about。”
Now,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
At this moment,See here in Shang Tianyi。
In fact, for Shang Tianyi,Next,What should I do。
Actually just this point,It’s not easy already。
Other people around,Although he didn’t speak。
But deep in their hearts,Obviously understand,This time,What do they need to do。
Since I have to toss like this,Then next,How can they worry about this??