Emergency room!

Xu arrived in a hurry。
He is finishing a big project,Suddenly I received a call from my son’s bodyguard。
“my son……What’s the matter?”
Xu looked at those bodyguards,A black nose and a swollen face,Questioned。
“Xu Shao……May have a concussion!Now rescue in the emergency room!”
Bodyguard head down,Whispered。
“concussion?!!How did you follow my son!You guys are really useless,I spent so much money,I didn’t let you do the chores!
……”Promise to watch them,Scolded!
At last,Xu Zhu asked,“How the hell was the concussion?He drove fast?”
“Is an unknown guy……Directly kicked Xu Shao into a concussion!”
Bodyguard continued。
“Unknown guy?Who the hell is it……You didn’t see me?I’d like to see,Who is going to deal with my son!”
Xu Zhu Lengdao。