The Bingchen White Dragon of the Middle Monarch Level。

To reach this state earlier,No need to wake up,The same can make the genius disciples of all forces roll far and far!
Take Yaoshan Jianzong as an example,Middle monarch,All elders、People like the hall master,Wait for yourself to practice Feijian genre,It should also allow the sword spirit dragon to display the strength of the middle-ranked monarch……
Two dragons,All have the strength of the middle monarch,So even the royal family、Some insidious and cunning old guys in the big forces want to trouble themselves,Also have to weigh their abilities。
of course,Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,There are also many people whose strength is above the middle rank,Zhu Minglang has already shined in the power competition,So don’t rush to expose yourself right now。
“unfortunately,We can’t stay in the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud anymore,Otherwise, there should be a big improvement。”Zhu Minglang glanced at the lamp jade on his waist,A little sorry。
“For now,Already pretty good,Some people come to this Cloud Dragon Country Middle School just to see the beautiful scenery,Got nothing。”Mr. Koi said。
Zhu Minglang nodded。
There are many special mysteries in the world like the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud,There are even the remains of the ancestral dragon inhabiting in the land of Lichuan,Visit these places more,There must be different gains。
Bingchen Bailong,It’s like a white dragon in the heaven,Don’t say strong breath,There is nobleness and sacredness between the gestures……
just,It’s sticky by nature,After solving the rainbow scale python,It has dispersed the gorgeous ice dust all over,Transformed into an exquisite form,Like a fairy pet,Lying on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,Dozing off,Extremely lazy。
Zhu Minglang took out the fruit of the Yuntai tree,Feed to Xiaobai。
Xiaobai stretched out his paw,Holding the fruit and gnawing,From a lazy kitten to a greedy squirrel,When chewing, the two bulging cheeks are really cute,Makes people want to pinch。
Zhu Minglang look at it。
A small ice worm who is satisfied from eating mulberry leaves,The Bingchen White Dragon that can beat even demons for nine thousand years,This one looks serious when he eats food and he still doesn’t change。
To this level,What does Xiao Bai eat?