“Go to Jizhong to drink water。”Di suggested,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but look at him,Di stroked her hair,Just say:“Then I want them to know,I don’t know people who can’t help me,I don’t want to make a big deal。”

Chen Wenjin doesn’t say anything,Just drove past,Since this is the help Di needs,Since he is here to help,Just respect Di’s needs。
The car parked on the roadside outside the school gate,Di went to buy a glass bottle of coke,I bought two bottles for Chen Wenjin directly,Two people talked,When Jizhong’s bell rang,Di got out of the car,Drinking soda by the car,Looking inside。
Chen Wenjin got out of the car too,Ask him while drinking water:“Then you might as well stop letting Abao and the others go。”
“Red hair is so perverted,Dare to hack someone!He can’t do anything big here?Leopard likes to pretend,It’s a big deal to get up and hurt people seriously!They hurt people,They ran away,How do i run?That girl and some of her friends know me!You don’t like messing up,There is another car town,Stop here,Even if they don’t know you, they won’t dare to fuck you!At first glance, it looks like a big brother, OK?!”Di thinks a lot,After all,He just wants to use the least risky way to earn some face with the girl he likes,And let others cast a rat avoidance device and dare not beat him next time。
“If the girl you like will come out soon,Help you blow a wave of character。”Chen Wenjin knows that this is what Di expects,It’s just that the girl will come out but not sure,Not only should you have a good impression of Di,You have to have a little courage。
“The ghost knows if she will come out。”Dee biting the straw,Also a little nervous,Secretly calculating time,I think if the girl will come down,Should be downstairs after class,The time between classes was short,Shouldn’t be delayed。
Di looked at his watch several times,More desperate,I guess that girl won’t come out……
“Forget it,No fate,I’m not in time。”Di was disappointed,Said again:“There are many beautiful women in Pengzhong,Either you can’t catch it or you have a master!Qiancao can’t meet,Amei used to be Wang Shuai’s girlfriend,I’m not going to chase after breaking up,Terrible!Do I want to learn from Abao?,I want to give it to the hair salon for the first time?”
“Abao blew with you?”Chen Wenjin is not surprised。
“Blowing in the sky!So cool to say,Add a pill and play for a few hours,All three of them were paralyzed by him, begging for mercy……”Dee is a little eager to try,But more is not reconciled to ruin the first time,He still hopes to have a beautiful love,Then the two are willing。
Chen Wenjin saw three girls coming out together,Just ask Di:“It’s that?”
Di took a closer look,Immediately refreshed,Surprised and happy,Stroked her hair quickly,Pretending to be cool,The three girls who pretended not to see,Just looking at Chen Wenjin and said:“still have a chance!She didn’t care about me!I’ll rely on you to save me!”
After the three girls came out,Two went to the store,Di Chai’s figure is symmetrical,Real people look better than photos,No hair dye,No small accessories,Not out of dress。
“Are you OK?The teacher was delayed for two minutes in detention。”That girl caring,And explained the reason for being late。
“Nothing,What is this injury?”Di said,Introduced again:“Haru Haru,He is gold,One of my best brothers。”
Qingqing said hello,Looking at Di’s swollen goldfish eyes again and said:“Really okay?”
“Nothing!”Di looked disapproving,Men of this age are ashamed of shouting pain。
Chen Wenjin is almost done,Just say:“Qingqing, help persuade Di,I said I would avenge him,Di Fei refused,I guess he is worried that the escalation of hatred will cause you trouble,But actually not at all,Can’t be beaten for nothing, right??Besides, it’s not Di first,dont you agree?”