Duan Siming pointing not far away,Tian Dazhuang wanted to speak a few times,But all the way,Made his heart beat in his throat,Except for the first half sentence,It’s not even the pronunciation completely。

not long ago,Those who had been taught by Xiang Chen before found Tian Dazhuang and asked about Xiang Chen’s whereabouts,This question doesn’t require education,But normal people can make judgments,These guys are here to seek revenge。
I can’t remember how many punches I got,Tian Dazhuang finally rushed out,Only now I see Duan Siming standing opposite Xiang Chen,Tian Dazhuang only feels that he silently bears everything for Xiang Chen,It’s wasted!
Pointing to Duan Siming, the group couldn’t say anything for a long time,But in exchange for a short blouse that Xiang Chen threw over。
“What are you doing!”
Bai Lu was a little mad by Xiang Chen’s actions,Tian Dazhuang is also unknown, so he looks at Xiang Chen,I don’t know why Xiang Chen suddenly threw himself a piece of clothing。
“I’m afraid that the scene will be uncontrollable after a while,Splash your blood。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is very calm,But Duan Siming, who stands opposite Xiang Chen, is very restless。
Ordinary people see their posture,I was so scared that my legs became weak,But Xiang Chen still looks very ordinary,As if none of these people exist,In the end this exhibitionist showed himSSmall vest。Such people,It’s really impossible not to fight!
Actually there is no need for Duan Siming to encourage anything,With Xiangchen’s own efforts,The look he showed is already very awkward。
I don’t know who shouted in the crowd first“beat him!”Then a group of people swarmed。
“Get dressed,If i didn’t call you,Never open your eyes。”
Xiang Chen’s voice rang in Bai Lu Hetian’s ears。