The original loan contract,Say no to execute,And gave out a bunch of reasons to prevaricate,In fact, Lu Youshan’s heart is clear!

This is someone from above greeted the bank executives,Put pressure on。Someone wants to move Menglin Group,To push the legendary game to a dead end。
If the game gets pornography,There is naturally no need for this theme park to exist。So those banks are afraid of losing their money,Naturally he started Tai Chi。
Lu Youshan didn’t sleep well these two nights,That’s not happy in my heart!He doesn’t care about money,I’m worried that my son’s wish will not be fulfilled,I was delayed in my hands。
Now I see so many people at the door of the project,Although Lu Youshan feels a little flustered,,But his face is very calm,Not showing the slightest timidity。
What a joke!Lao Tzu is Lu Menglin’s father!Son, hero, father, hero,What scene I haven’t seen!
Lu Youshan kept cheering himself up in his heart,Hold your head up,Stood in front of the noisy crowd。
“Lu Youshan!”Some people in the crowd recognize Lu Youshan,Yelled immediately。
This shout,The crowd at the door moved,All rush forward,Scared Lu Youshan。
“Comrades!Don’t mess!Speak slowly!My Lu Youshan is here!Is here to help everyone solve the problem。”
Lu Youshan,One lunge jumped up three steps,Waved vigorously at the crowd in front of you。
The crowd suddenly calmed down,Plain faces,They all cast their eyes on Lu Youshan。
“Comrades,Our theme park project has encountered a little difficulty temporarily,The bank’s loan funds are not in place!But rest assured,I promise you Lu Youshan,Is to sell iron,And I will never owe you money!Won’t even owe a penny!”
“I am also a worker,Know everyone’s difficulties!Actually I am embarrassed to say this,But the truth!My son is rich!Really rich!Except for game companies,He still has many ways to get money!Don’t worry, everyone!If you can’t get paid,Just come to my house to find me!”Lu Youshan is cheeky,Plausible。
The old man said this,All around was laughter。
This laugh together,Lu Youshan suddenly felt relieved,I know today’s pass is over。
At this moment,A great guy came out of the crowd,I walked to Lu Youshan。
As soon as the representatives of the masses stood up,Lu Youshan straightened his chest quickly,Treat in the best state。
“Director Lu!You got it wrong!We are not here to ask for wages!”The great guy laughed loudly。
“Yes,It’s my fault!what?What do you mean?”Lu Youshan heard the second half,Can’t help but froze for a while。