Beijing News Vibrato Live Room Lianmai Huang Shengyi Brought Goods for Hubei on the evening of the 15th

Beijing News Vibrato Live Room “Lianmai” Huang Shengyi Brought Goods for Hubei on the evening of the 15th
At 7pm on May 15th, the sauna night net vibrato live room will be broadcasted together with the actor Huang Shengyi “Lianmai” in the live broadcast of “Hubei restart, shake to help”.: Selling, during the talk with everyone about their stories and Hubei.From the highly anticipated “Four Little Flowers”, “Star Girl”, to the “superman mother” of two children today, Huang Shengyi is a popular actor and popular artist for many years, and always adheres to his own rhythm and never follows the trend.In 2018, Huang Shengyi humorously ridiculed the “Haiwa” in the Tucao Conference and reproduced the wonderful performance of the “dumb girl” in the movie “Kung Fu”. He generously rejected external disputes.At the beginning of 2020, Huang Shengyi subverted the role of the “female bandit” Gu Dali in the TV series “The Sideband Is Not Begonia Red”. The “female version of the mountain carving” let her get rid of the idol baggage and subvert the audience’s inherent her with a breakthrough actingImpression, won the praise of the audience.As for Hubei, Huang Shengyi also has his own story.Will netizens’ favorite “crayfish” be Huang Shengyi’s favorite?There are some Hubei specialties in Huang Shengyi’s shopping cart?Facing the next resumption of production, Huang Shengyi has some new plans?All the answers will be revealed for you at the live broadcast room of “Tuna Sauna” at 7pm on May 15!Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofreading Li Lijun