[Shangqiu delicious snacks]_ 商丘 _Species

[Shangqiu delicious snacks]_ 商丘 _Species

Shangqiu is a city in Henan Province.

Shangqiu has a lot of delicious snacks, and many of them are also delicious in other regions.

Shangqiu’s hot pot duck is a choice that many friends will choose when they are getting together. Many people living in Shangqiu always remember the hot pot duck.

Let’s get to know Xiaqiu and those delicious snacks.

1. People in Shangqiu and Shangqiu know it!

Especially delicious!

The color and taste are good, the lips and teeth are fragrant after eating, and it is also very cheap. The small pot is only 38 yuan, and 6 vegetables and 1 noodle are also sent!

First, eat duck in a hot pot, then you can add soup to eat hot pot.

The part of the hot pot duck in Shangqiu people is too high. Whether it is a friend coming to play or a VIP visit, take him to eat the dry pot duck.

After leaving Shangqiu for a few years, the most missed is the hot pot duck in front of the school. If you go to eat, I recommend Tuanjie Road Beitianji Dry Pot Duck and Minzhu Road Alei Dry Pot Duck!

Miss the dry pot duck!

2. Hairy eggs Hairy eggs are also one of the foods that locals like to eat, because the local economic level has decreased, and the eggs have not hatched into chickens, and they are not willing to throw them.Eat more.

3. Water Stir-Fried Water Stir-Fried Water Stir-Fried is a kind of dessert, which is made from dried food and fried with sugar.

In Shangqiu, no matter how big or small the family is for a wedding banquet, this dish is definitely there. It is very delicious. Don’t miss it if you like sweet friends.

4, sha soup I’m sorry everyone, I can’t spell the name of this roll (but I know pinyin and sha). At first I didn’t know the name. I only know that the soup in this store is too delicious.Open from 5 to 2 pm, people coming here to drink soup are endless, and then I asked what soup it was, they told me that it is sha soup.

.5. How can Xiaoji Sanxian stew noodles go to Henan without eating them?

How can I not eat Xiaoji Sanxian Noodles in Shangqiu?

This shop has a long history, and the craftsmanship of Sao noodles are inherited from the older generation. They are glutinous and delicious, especially the soup is very delicious and the owner is also very good.