Beijing is the first property management company "" into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Original title: The first property management enterprise "" into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Zhao Yingying was 117 days. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange once again sounded the sound of the property management company, the protagonist is Beijing Jingcheng Jiaye Property Shares Ltd. (referred to as Beijing Jiaye).

At this point, the property management enterprises listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange have been close to 50. There is an analysis pointing to the design of the tube area and the profit margin indicator, Beijing Jiaye is ranked unrelated in the listing of the listing of the property management enterprises, but focusing on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the national-raising background, it is its unique resource advantage. In fact, this is also the first municipal listing property in Beijing.

For the property management industry, a transformation upgrade is coming.

  It is not a year from founding to the knockout when it is used to go to the market.

  According to the information, Jingcheng Jiaye was founded in December 2020, and registered capital of RMB 100 million in December 2020 by Beijing Urban Construction Group.

Among them, the Beijing Urban Construction Group will submit a subsidiary company, the city’s Beiyu property, the city construction, the city, the overall package of the Chongqing property, Dongcheng Tianjie Group uses cash to carry out equity investment.

  As of May 31, 2021, it has a total construction area of ??30.53 million square meters. The most distinctive character is located in Beijing’s alley. Beijing Jiaye has undertaken Beijing East, Xicheng total 335 Hu, management area area 6.4 million square meters, is also the largest area of ??management alley and most quantities in Beijing Central City. Beijing Jiaye opened the first public issued universal H shares, additional 5.5 million excess placed options, and issued a price per share. Yesterday, closed, Hong Kong dollars per share, the total market value of HK $ 19. According to the announcement, the funds raised globally will be used to further make a large-stricken property service sector business, expand the scale of property management business, improve value-added service advantages, and continue to improve the operational capacity and overall strength of enterprises. The IPO heat of the property management enterprise is less than cooling, and the IPO heat of the property management enterprise is clearly reduced.

Going back, the listing of the list of successful landing held by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is Kangqiao Yue life, and time is July 16, 2021.

This also means that there is already 117 days, no physical management company has succeeded in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange "Shaoguan".

In July 16 days, Zhongjun Business Management, Lang Shi Green, Leading Service, Dexin Service, Rongxin Service, and Kangqiao Yue Life, 6 live management companies have also launched the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. "We also know that the current management industry is facing some turmoil and adjustment." Zhang Weizhen, chairman of Beijing Jiaye, said, at this time, it is more expected to increase the market.

However, the adjustment period is both challenges and opportunities. The company has resource advantages and location advantages. It is necessary to grasp the "window period" of the industry, to deepen the reform of the capital market, and do strong high-profile companies and state capital.

  Indeed, from disclosure data, 2018 to 2020, Beijing Jiaye gross profit margin is%,%,%, net interest rates, respectively,%,%, and 40 listed colleges of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2020 The net interest rate is%. From the net interest rate indicator, the Beijing Jiaye does not take advantage of it.

However, in the tube area of ??30.53 million square meters, nearly 90% is located in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei, of which 73% are in Beijing; 93% of property management income comes from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, of which 81% come from Beijing.

  "After listed, we must take measures to increase market expansion, in-depth service scene research, expand the service boundary, and improve brand value.

"Zhang Weizhen said. The property management industry entered the accelerated adjustment stage statistics show that as of September 30, 2021, there were 51 property management companies listed, including 47 barrier companies listed on Hong Kong. Hong Kong stocks companies are about to break through 50 Family.

  For future listing prospects, analysts are different from they will be different.

"The threshold for IPO businesses in Hong Kong is raising." Zhuge found a house data analyst Chen Yu said. On May 20, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced two consultments, including the main board profit regulations and the review of the "Listing Rules" on disciplinary action and sanctions. According to the provisions, the shareholders of the board listed applicant in the 3-year business record should meet the following minimum requirements: the recent fiscal year is not less than HK $ 35 million; the first two fiscal annual accumulation is not less than 45 million Hong Kong dollars (three years) The accumulated profit is not less than 80 million Hong Kong dollars). Profit marks up to 60%.

The above revised profit adjustment will take effect on January 1, 2022. China Refers The Property Research Institute pointed out that in the fourth quarter of 2021, the property management industry will enter the accelerated adjustment stage. The property management enterprises only achieve industry transformation upgrades by continuous improvement standards, expand service content, update management means, promoting technical upgrade, etc. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission

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Anhui’s first inner river port "green transformation" contract energy management agreement sign

On November 17, the National Network Anhui Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. Huaibei Branch, Anhui Port Group Sun Yugang Co., Ltd. signed "PV-PV-Power Management Agreement", in the province, in the province, in the province, the inner river port "green Transformation "Integrated Energy Project Cooperation. Sun Yugang Pier is located in Sunyi Town, Yuxi County, Huaibei City, covers an area of ??more than 200 acres, 500 tons of berth, supporting large warehouses, yards, office buildings, canteens, parking lots and other services.

Since July this year, the Huaibei Branch of Anhui Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. has docked with Anhui Port Group and Sun Hao Port Co., Ltd., and the two sides reached a cooperation consensus on Sun Yugang’s "Low Carbon Demonstration Terminal".

Sun Hao Port "Low Carbon Demonstration Terminal" project is a convergent photovoltaic power generation, port shore, charging pile, and storage capacity integrated integrated energy demonstration project.

After the agreement is signed, the two sides will work together to actively promote the "green transformation" of the inner river port. Fully build the first high-altitude of the province’s first optical memory and integrated low-carbon terminal demonstration project, in order to improve the comprehensive energy efficiency service level, help "carbon Dafeng, Active contribution to carbon neutralization. (Liu Wei) (Editor: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

Beijing Dongcheng District West-aankoopgemeenschap heeft een grote hand gehouden om de kleine hand te trekken om de Old Project-promotie-bijeenkomst en de huishoudelijke condolematactiviteiten te helpen

People’s Network Beijing 22 februari (pooldroom) "Dit is de gelukkigste dag die ik 365 dagen per jaar ben geweest.

"De 76-jarige residenti?le man du oma nam een ??kleine vrijwilliger hand en zeiden opgewonden.

Du Milk is het uitvoeren van "A Viewer’s Theatre" Big Hand-to-hand helpt de oude projectactiviteiten, "het Junior Carest Wheel", de "Junior Words", een geweldige show voor het publiek van du Mai, iedereen zit vol met mensen Gelukkige glimlach. Op de ochtend van de 18e, de National Civilization Practice Handdoek van de Gemeenschap in Dongcheng District, heeft Beijing het "One Audience’s Theatre" Big Hand uitgevoerd om de Old Project-promotie-bijeenkomst en de huishoudelijke condoleances te doen. Li Hongxia, voorzitter, voorzitter, Zhaoyang Social Work Development, zei: "Het theater van een kijker" Grote hand tot kleine hand om het oude project te helpen een belangrijk onderdeel van de West-publicatie-gemeenschap in de nationale damesfederatie, beschaafde praktijkhanddoek, vrijwilligerszonneschijn Station, Beijing Zhaoyang Social Work Development Het centrum is verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering. Community Drama Society-leden en kinderen bestaande uit "een oud" vrijwilligerswerkteam, tonen prioriteitsdirecteur, in de vakantie en koude en zomervakantie, het lege nest, alleen in ouderen.

Terwijl condoleances aan ouderen, laat de kinderen de traditionele deugden voelen van respect voor het oude, hou van de oude, filiale vroomheid. Xu Jiheng, directeur van het initi?le hartdrama, zei dat het initi?le drama een literair team in de gemeenschap is. In de 5 jaar van zijn vestiging, het gemeenschapsleven van verschillende thema’s, het gemeenschapsverhaal, dit jaar, dit jaar, is dit jaar Ook meer de waarde van Social Public Welfare Services, terwijl het hart van ouderen ook het "eerste hart" van iedereen beoefent.

De National Women’s Federation Propaganda Department News Promotionele Department Three-Level onderzoeker Zhou Najuan is "een theater van een viewer" grote hand om het oude project te laten grijpen om het team te genieten. Tegelijkertijd zijn de leidersleiders vertegenwoordigers van het initi?le hartdrama en vertegenwoordigen de kinderhanddoekvrijwilligers de badge. 5 kleine handdoeken, vrijwilligers, qi xintu, Yang Yinhan, Xu Xiao Dizhen, Tian Wei, Lu Ji, in de scène, zingende dansen, condoleances show, tonen dans "naar de toekomst", reciteren "kinderdroom", dans "zingende bloemen Bloem, solo "rood song zing", het reciteren van "vrijwilliger". Volgens rapporten, onder leiding van de National Women’s Federation, bleef Dongcheng Women’s Federation, continu samenvattende ervaring, praktische dingen "een oude" doen, de sociale verantwoordelijkheid diep in het hart laten, laat het huis Fengjia het hart van de ouders laten zien, Laat de buurt de buurt helpen, laat de harten van de ouderen mensen … het ouderen gevoeliger voelen en in 365 dagen per jaar verhuisd, laat de handdoek vrijwilligerswerk om de ontwikkeling van de gemeenschap te bevorderen, een harmonieuze samenleving op te bouwen. (Editor: Mereng, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Changsha County Water Conservancy Bureau organizes the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party

People’s Network Changsha November 16 On November 15th, the Changsha County Water Resources Bureau held a party group (expanded) meeting, conveyed the spirit of the Employment Party of the 19th Plenary Session and the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee, and County Committee (Expand) Conference, Research and deployment of the county water conservancy system learning and promotion and implementation.

The meeting organized a view of the party’s 19th China Plenary Session Conference, and learned the key points of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC Plenary Session, conveyed the spirit of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee and County Committee (expanded). Gao Xinliang, Party Secretary and Secretary of the County Water Conservancy Bureau, proposed that the whole system should continue to organize a special study in the next period of time, will learn, implement the party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, as the current primary political task, to quickly Set off a boom in learning and promotion. All cadres and workers must profound the significance of the 19th National Session of the 19th Central Committee.

The "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China is reviewed by the Communist Party of China, which is the political declaration of the Chinese Communists to keep the Chinese Communists in remembering the initial mission, insisting and developing Chinese characteristic socialism. The Times of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation Mobilization. Gao Xinliang pointed out that we must deeply grasp the essence of the Party ‘s 19th China Plenary Session, more firm, more consciously practice the initial mission, unconditionally, love the party and protect the party, struggle for the party’s great cause, Continue to implement "water-saving priority, space balance, system governance, two hands to force" the important discussion of water, conscientiously implement the decision-making deployment of the central, provincial, municipal and county committees, practice the mission of the county party congress, keep in mind, innovate, and doing Climbing the peak, comprehensively raising the coordinates, according to the work objective of "complementing the short board, improved ability, improved ecology, strengthening supervision", with innovation as a function, with green as a path, sharing, and sharing, safe Bottom line, scientific water, vigorous water, water.

Establish a reasonable allocation of water resources, high-efficiency utilization system, flood control and drought and relief and disaster reduction system, urban and rural water supply security system, water resources protection and river health insurance system, and the modern water conservancy management system adapted to economic and social development, a total of five major systems, to achieve flood control safety, water supply Safety drinking water safety, the goal of health, management science, to create "four districts", strengthen the "five high" support, and write a new chapter in the modernization demonstration zone to provide water conservancy support.

(Intern Zhu Yuwen) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

Coping with technical challenges, promoting the fifth international precision medical conference of Innovation Collaboration in Shanghai

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021.

In order to further build a production and research cooperation platform, promote the transformation of accurate medical science and technology achievements. On November 13th, "5th International Accurate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference" (referred to as "Accurate Medical Conference"), this sessionCompleted Medical Branch of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, Shanghai University of Meng Chao Tumber Hospital, Shanghai University Cell Treatment Innovation Research Institute and Shanghai Cell Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center.At the opening ceremony, all participants set up silence, remember, and tribute to China’s "precision medicine" pioneers – Wu Mengchao, Wu Hao created the China Medical Biotechnology Association to accurately Medical Branch, and served as the first session of the Director of the First Precision Medical Branch.

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021. This session of the medical conference is the theme of "Extreme Medical Crystal Stone, Treatment of Medical Cells". The General Assembly adopts live broadcast and recording, linking domestic and foreign first-class innovative research scientists, clinical diagnosis and treatment experts, diagnostic testing technology industry and industry elite, and in-depth and in-depth Discussion, and combined with the new situation in the current domestic and foreign countries, especially under the influence of new crown epidemic, actively participate in the challenges to meet the new technologies of medical and health, jointly promote the technical innovation and cross-region collaboration in my country’s precision medical field, contribute to human health. .

At the meeting, Wu Zhaohui, vice chairman of the China Medical Biotechnology Association, delivered a speech in the form of online form.

President of Shanghai Cell Treatment Research Institute, Professor Qian Qi Jun, Associate Director of Shanghai University Medical College, delivered the theme.

At the meeting, the Dean of the Shanghai Cell Treatment Research Institute, the professor of Qian Qijun, deputy dean, Shanghai University Medical College, issued the "high-speed development cells and gene therapeutic industry being coming", "he said:" Cell and gene therapy are gradually become medicine. One of the three pillars, Shanghai Cell Treatment Group is dedicated to the original innovation of cells and gene therapy, solving the ‘card neck’ of cells and gene therapy, and develops current prices and generalymeal drug development into ordinary people. Products, truly helping tumor patients can be. "Professor Cheng Chuancheng, Cheng Chi, Cheng Chi, Cheng Ji, a Shanghai University, delivered a speech.

Professor Cheng Chijie Professor Cheng Chuanji, a Shanghai University, delivered a speech for this conference.

From the interview of the dean, I found that in 2012, the third "Rehabilitation · Life Xinzhi" Medical High-end Forum, under the leadership of the "Father of China’s Hepatobiliary Surgery" Wu Mengchao, "Finding Medicine Science" God’s particle ‘is’ precision medicine’, "actively promotes the establishment and development of domestic precision medical branch. In 2013, Professor Qianjun created Shanghai Cell Treatment Group. After years of practice and exploration, Money led the team to deliberate "cell health, cell drug, cell medical", and construct a "super cellular system" to create cell therapy The "three integration" strategic closed loops in the field, providing different needs, different levels of health support and medical support services for healthy people, sub-health populations, and tumor diseases. Meng Chao Tumber Hospital, Shanghai University, is part of Shanghai Cell Treatment Group, is the landing link of the cellular medical treatment in the "three integration" strategic closed-loop, carrying out major tasks of cell therapy clinical research and transformation. After a short year, the hospital has established a deep cooperation with Shanghai University in clinical, scientific research and talents, and has become the "Accurate Medical Branch" under the unit; at the same time, through the "Note Forum" invitation Nobel Prize The domain winners came to research and cooperation and academic exchanges, formed a good academic exchange atmosphere in the hospital, attracted many famous experts and outstanding talents. The director of the National Molecular Medicine Transformation Science Center of the Air Force Military Medical University, the director of the center of the COVID-19, the COVID-19, published the keynote speech in the form of video online. He said that cancer treatment has entered the precision medical era, in which CAR-T represented cell immunotherapy, reputation To accurately destroy the "special combat force" of cancer cells.

Submitter of Montessor Hospital, Shanghai University, the original MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, LIU Changong, a lecturer, published the theme speech. Submitter of Montecens Hospital, Shanghai University, the original MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Liu Changgong, a lecturer Liu Changgong, is the topic of the topic of the topic. He believes that genomics is the basis and core of cancer precision medical methods, which is of great significance for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

From the perspective of diagnosis, there are currently only several cancers can use precise screening to conduct early diagnosis. The development of genomics makes it possible to screened a variety of cancer.

Genome-based new screening methods include CTDNA mutation detection and methylation detection in free DNA.

CTDNA is a DNA fragment produced by free in extracellular and cancer cells. Minimally invasive liquid biopsy can complete the detection of CTDNA, which is of great significance for cancer early sieve and health monitoring. Methylation Reproductive Effect is a chemical modification of DNA.

These modifications can determine the opening of the gene or off.

Multiple cancers, such as lung cancer, are associated with non-normal methylation. Multiple cancers can be implemented in the future by means of methylation of genes.

The 5th International Estate Medical Academic Annual Meeting and Industry Conference on the Fifth International Conference in 2021.

Lifetime professor at Pennsylvania, Academician, American Academy of Sciences, Carljune, awarded a topic speech around Car-T cells in the form of video online, and expounded the practical significance of cell therapy.

Professor, Professor, Director of the Cancer Department of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Tieji University, Director of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Tongji University, Professor Liang Xiaohua, Department of Oncology, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Director of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital, Fudan University, Zhu Zhengfei, Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Huang Qian, director of the Center Laboratory of the People’s Hospital, Director of the Immunology Department of Henan Cancer Hospital, Professor Wu Bingyi, Director of the Precision Medical Center of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Professor Zhang Yi, Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Shanghai Traffic Ge Jianwei, director of the University of Renshui Hospital, etc. , Enhance human health well-being.

De SHANXI Provinciale Partijcommissie van de Communistische Partij van China heeft een symposium gehouden

  Oorspronkelijke titel: de SHANXI-provinciale partijcommissie heeft de symposia van het Partij en de symposia van het feest en het buitenlandse volk bijeengeroepen om naar Lin Wu te zoeken, die aan Lin Wu werd gemeld, die werd gemeld door het 12e partijcongres van het Provinciaal Partij-congres en sprak op 15 oktober. De provinciale partij van Shanxi Comité hield een symposium van de partij en buitenlandse mensen. De provinciale commissie van de partij, de provinciale industrie en de handel en de meningen en suggesties van de niet-party mensen voor het "rapport" (ontwerp voor opmerkingen) van het 12e partijcongres. Lin Wu, Secretaris van de provinciale partijcommissie, voorgezeten over de vergadering en spreken. Hij benadrukte dat we volledig moeten spelen aan de unieke voordelen van het Multi-Party-samenwerking en het politieke raadplegingssysteem geleid door de Communistische Partij van China, consolideren en ontwikkelen de meest patriottische United Front, en maximaliseer de intelligentie en kracht van alle wandelingen van alle wandelingen Bestelling, en promoten de all-round. Hoge kwaliteitsontwikkeling, worstelen om een ??uitgebreide constructie van socialistische moderne landen en strijd te schrijven.

Het Permanent Comité van het Provinciaal Partijcommissie, de minister van Complex, Xu GuangGuo, het Permanent Comité van het Provinciaal Partijcommissie, en Li Fengqi, de secretaris-generaal, woonde de vergadering bij.

  Bij het symposium, Zhang-beschadiging, de hoofdcommissie van het Ministerie van Civiel en Regionaal Comité, Wang Weiliang, het hostcomité van het Ministerie van Civiel en Bouwcomité, het hoofd van het Ministerie van Public Education, het ministerie van de Volksrepubliek van China, de minister van de Landbouwarbeiders, het Comité voor plattelandsfeest, Li Sijin Li Yushan, de voorzitter van de Jiu San Society van de provinciale commissie, Li Wuzhang, voorzitter van de provinciale federatie van de industrie en de handel, had geen partij, Het vertegenwoordigen van de nieuwe sociale klassenvertegenwoordiger Liang Junming, zei. Iedereen is van mening dat het 12e congres van het Chinese Communistische Partij van de provincie Shanxi de grote banner van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, volledig de socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk, en diepgaande implementatie van de algemene secretaris van Xi Jinping volledig ge?mplementeerd. Spraak is belangrijke indicatie-geest, rond de ori?ntatie bevordert de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit, stelt wetenschappelijk de doelvereisten, belangrijke taken, belangrijke initiatieven in de komende vijf jaar voor, in overeenstemming met de feitelijke situatie van Shanxi, en heeft sterk politiek, ideologisch, theoretisch, Geleiden, gericht en het leiden van de acties van de provincie die in de komende vijf jaar zijn ontwikkeld en zelfs langer.

Iedereen zal innovatie en aandrijving versterken, de transformatie van industrie?n versnellen, digitale economie ontwikkelen, de verbetering van de service-industrie bevordert, de ontwikkeling van de traditionele Chinese geneeskunde-industrie bevordert, de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf bevordert, bevordert de ontwikkeling van particuliere economische ontwikkeling, Inkomensniveau van bewoners en de veiligheidsproductie versterken, hechten aan de bouw van talenten, enz., en suggereren meningen en suggesties. Na het luisteren naar de verklaring, zei Lin Wu dat iedereen een goede suggestie zal doen, volledig weerspiegelt de hoge verantwoordelijkheid van de hervorming en ontwikkeling van Shanxi, als gevolg van het vermogen van het deelnamebeleid. Het verslag van het Partij-congres is de richting van het management, het hele spel en het langetermijnbeheer, moet op grote schaal worden geluisterd naar de aanbevelingen van alle aspecten, verder brainstormen, consensus en het echt een programma maken voor het begeleiden van de provincie het werk.

  Lin Wu wees erop dat de vijf jaar sinds de 11e provinciale commissie, de democratische partijen, industri?le en commerci?le federatie, geen partijen, altijd wil zijn bij de SHANXI-provinciale commissie, staan, drogen bij elkaar, en de mensen in de provincie de epidemie, bevorderde de armen en de transformatie, en de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van Shanxi maakte een positieve bijdrage.

In de komende vijf jaar is de ontwikkeling van Shanxi cruciaal. Hoe de nieuwe weg in onze provincie te verspreiden, hoe te stijgen in de centrale regio, hoe de gemeenschappelijke welvaart te bevorderen, hoe de modernisering in 2035 te bereiken en een wetenschappelijk antwoord te maken. We moeten in de praktijk staan, de politieke hoogte van de secretaris-secretaresse Yin Yin, greep de grote uitgangspunt, grote logica, grote achtergrond, gebaseerd op de nieuwe ontwikkelingsfase en bouw een nieuw ontwikkelingspatroon en bevorder de hoge kwaliteit in alle richtingen . Ontwikkeling, worstelen om een ??uitgebreide constructie van socialistische moderne landen te schrijven. Lin Wu benadrukt dat de allround-promotie van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling een concentrische cirkel moet trekken, het hart stimuleert en de meest gecondenseerde wijsheid en kracht.

Ik hoop dat de Democratische Partijen, Business and Trade Union, geen feestmensen rond het doelwit, de missie delen, en beter de functionele rol van politiek consultatie spelen, deelnemen aan politieke bismut, democratisch toezicht, en moeilijk te gebruiken om deze geweldige oefening te gebruiken en te gebruiken . Om een ??gemeenschappelijke ideologische en politieke basis te bouwen, leid dan de meerderheid van de leden en de mensen, zich altijd aan het leiderschap van de Communistische Partij van China, erfen en vervoeren de fijne tradities van meerpartijen samenwerking en werk samen, en condenseren de Kracht van het Verenigd en energiek.

We moeten advies geven over het algemene voorstel, volledig spelen op zijn eigen talenten, intelligentie en uitgebreide voordelen. Ik weet het. Om onze eigen constructie effectief te versterken, verbetert het politieke greep continu, deelname aan politieke macht, het organiseren van leiderschap, het vermogen van de samenwerking, het oplossen van zijn eigen problemen, en maakt u nieuwe en grotere bijdragen aan de allround promotie van onze provincie. Het Provinciaal-comité van Shanxi van de Communistische Partij zal de onderhandelings- en democratische systeem en het werkmechanisme verder verbeteren, actief deelnemen aan de deelname aan de politiek, functionele creatieomstandigheden uit te voeren, een podium bouwen en ernaar streven een nieuwe situatie te cre?ren in SHANXI Multi-Party-samenwerking om een ??nieuwe situatie te cre?ren en politiek overleg. (Reporter Yang Wen).

2021 China Internationale gegevensindustrie Expo Anshush Subscription Forum

2021 China Internationale gegevensindustrie Expo Anshun Samenvatting Forum.

Zhang Luo Xiaolong zei: Ik hoop dat iedereen zich op het thema zal concentreren. In het forum is het ideologische standpunt in het gesprek en het delen van de slimme opname in de uitwisseling en ge?nteresseerd in de digitale economie van Anshun. Anshun zal een betere zakelijke omgeving cre?ren, meer toepassingsscenario’s openen, een eersteklas innovatieve omgeving cre?ren, laat Anshun de nieuwe hemel en de ontwikkeling van de aarde van Komantang-personeel, de nieuwe hooglanden van investeringen en de nieuwe zegeningen van teelt, en droomdromen worden . Nieuw resort. Zhao Guiqing, een inspecteur van het tweede niveau van de provincie Guizhou, zei dat Guizhou grote gegevens strategische acties naar de diepteontwikkeling, continue vooruitgang van digitale industrialisatie, industri?le digitalisering, digitaal management, nieuwe digitale infrastructuur, grote gegevensontwikkelingsontwikkeling, enz.. Ik hoop dit forum te lenen, iedereen open idee?n, cohesie consensus, voor kunstmatige intelligentie, cloud computing, 5G en andere nieuwe generatie-informatietoepassingen, help applicatiescenario’s en zijn technologie, en product iteratie-upgrade is actief gepland. Forum on-site, gericht op "digitale transformatie-ervaring van de top 500 ondernemingen" "na de extractie van ondernemingen, onderneming digitale rehabilitatierichting", deskundigen van digitale economische sectoren delen digitalisering, genetwerkte en intelligente ervaring en resultaten in de onderneming, de weg van het ontwikkelen van de ontwikkeling van de toepassing Digital Scene.

Anhui’s first rural revitalization work is unveiled in Huangshan District, Huangshan City Huangshan November 13th News (Reporter Xu Qiuyun Intern Zhu Ziwen) On November 12 Yang Zeng, deputy director of the Agricultural Rural Rural Department of Anhui Province, said that by establishing a rural revitalization workstation, it is fully integrated with the social advantageous resources, and the investment project will fully integrate social strength resources. Sharing the information in place, invites the experts to the place, integrate the resources in place, execute the project in place, launch a big project, make a big brand, achieve a big benefit.

  Yang Chuan, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Rural Revitalization, introduced that the unveiling of the rural revitalization workstation in Huangshan District is the first time. It will play a demonstration and standard effect on the implementation of the revitalization strategy of Anhui Province. It is an outcome and An important force and useful supplement of rural revitalization, which have important significance for promoting farmers’ income and rural economic development. Dusheng, president of the village revitalization promotion of Anhui Province, said that the rural revitalization station will further integrate all kinds of resources, combined with the national "Wan Quanxing Village" action, docking up and downstream enterprises, and cooperate with local governments "double tricks and double lead", play Anhui Provincial Rural Revitalization Association Contact Enterprise and Administration, the bridge between the government and the bond, and solve specific problems in the townships.

  In the future, the rural revitalization station will fully implement the party’s agricultural rural policies, strictly abide by national laws, regulations, and serve the government and all kinds of agricultural investment entities, to promote agricultural increasing production, farmers’ income, rural prosperity, prosperity for rural resolution A grand goal is a good job; will be committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural rural industries, promoting the investment construction of ecological agriculture and special villages and towns, implementing rural resolution, and actively providing policies consulting, decision consultation, project landing, training exchange, investment Financing services, etc. On the same day, Anhui Building University, Huangshan District People’s Government, Anhui Provincial Revitalization Research Institute, Anhui Provincial Revitalization Promotion Association signed a relevant cooperation project agreement. The unveiled site has also conducted a "Wan Qixing Wan Village, Rural Revitalization, Vocal Ceremony".

Anhui Provincial Rural Revitalization Promotion Association member enterprises have revitalized the revitalization of rural villages villages in Yancheng Town and helped funds of 50,000 yuan.

The fund will be dedicated to improving the human living environment in the village, enhance the village’s face, and help rural resolution.

Beijing 1.5 million coupons have issued nearly 10 times the lever

This newspaper (Reporter Ma Wei) With the restock button of Beijing consumer season, 1.5 million Beijing coupons will be issued in Jingdong App on July 26.

How does the use of coupons? The reporter learned yesterday that the coupon is obvious about the pulling trend of Beijing consumption, and the consumer vouchers of the verification of the verification of the verification of nearly 10 times the leverage, and the price of catering consumption is nearly 75% in the online consumer coupon.

There are 1.5 million Beijing coupons issued by this round, including 1 million online shopping and shopping coupons, 500,000 smart product coupons, and smart product vouchers can choose to use online or offline.

Under the driving coupon, the king of the Beijing line will fall quickly. The reporter saw Yesterday at noon, although it was a working day, the restaurant in major shopping malls was very lively.

In the Xidan Joy City, most restaurants at noon reached 780%, and some restaurants also appeared.

Jingdong data shows that in Beijing’s consumer coupon under the verification, women consumers account for more than 50%, and the top five in the first five inline consumption is the area of ??Daxing District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Xicheng District, Changping District. In addition to online consumption, coupons are further stimulated online consumption.

Affected by the epidemic, Beijing has suspended line to promote consumption activities, but online consumption has always been enthusiastic. A large number of consumers use coupons to purchase smart devices such as mobile phones, and the consumer coupons whose verification of the revisit is pushed on the online consumption of nearly 10 times.

During the "618" year, during the shopping festival, the enthusiasm of the Beijing online verification coupon reached the peak, and the average monthly nuclear cost reached 3638 yuan, and consumption growth was effectively driven. Consumers purchase the most concentrated category is the mobile phone, digital products, computers and other office products.

From the view of the age structure, the use of the youth consumers, the use of intelligent coupons reached 58% and 69% respectively, and the young people are the maintenance of the consumer coupon, especially young male online intelligent consumption accounts near 70%. .

The proportion of intelligent consumption on the elderly is higher than that of average value of 18%, which reflects that Beijing’s elderly has become more and more accustomed to online shopping.

It is reported that the theme "New Consumption · Love Life" will continue until the end of December this year.

In early August, the coverage of the consumer coupon will also add a batch of catering and shopping companies, and the consumer bill will also increase.

At the same time, on the basis of maintaining the existing consumer coupon package discount subsidies, Beijing consumption season begins in early August, and has reduced enterprise funding for enterprises and new enterprises that have been involved in the offline shopping and shopping coupons. In the current 1 to 1 part of government and enterprises, it is 2 to 1, which helps companies to relieve difficulties and keep consumers’ total discount quota unchanged. (Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing).