Big eyes finished,Seems to finally get rid of the anger in my heart,The horror in his eyes quickly faded,Things should still be handled according to its logic,in‘Heavenly Gate’Inside,‘eternal’Always say one thing,Lei Li Feng Xing,Sharp,What a primitive place like this,A little bit of trouble takes a long time,Annoying。

in‘Heavenly Gate’In the chaotic little world,‘eternal’Still waiting for the final integration,If you grow up like a teenager,Go through several cycles of chaos,Don’t you want to grow old?
“Why do you do this?Your world is in the void and galaxy,It’s good to let a small place like us go?”
The young god hides in the world,The big eyeball got into the wall on the right side of the Temple of Five Elements,Be quiet and motionless,Seems to have really become a statue again,The young man sat cross-legged in the hall,The little red dragon is lying softly at his feet,Weak。
“If you don’t want to rule here,Please leave,meet by chance,Good to get together。”
“Even if you want to rule here,I will firmly oppose you,Until the last drop of blood dries。”
In the hall, except for the echo of the boy,No more sound,The big eyeball seems to be back to the state of pretending to be dead,Or maybe it went to the void,But the boy knew that this guy didn’t really mean to leave completely。
After sending a pass, he pretended to be dead,The boy really doesn’t understand the purpose of this evil evil outside the territory,He dare not let this guy stay by his side anymore,But there is no strength and means to expel each other,Very distressed。
Follow Big Eyeball’s usual excuse,There is a connection between them,Is the so-called symbiotic stones,But such intersections have to wait until the future that crosses the long river of history,Sounds incredible。
The young man no longer believes in this nonsense,There is not even a minimum of reincarnation in the world,He is not Tianzun,Can’t live to be enough years old,If you fail to find a new world,Then he was basically annihilated within his normal life span,Talk about crossing the long river of history?Where does the big eyeball come from such paranoia and confidence?
The consequences of this incident are terrible,One of the Optimus pillars that supported the free world was destroyed,The safety of normal operation is greatly reduced,The coalition forces and the Wuxingdao Island collectively lost nearly 20,000 people,The number of people in the free world has dropped sharply,A surge in brown spots on the security barrier,The rate of world decline has accelerated greatly。
As originally expected,This decay process takes half a year,But now it looks,For two months,The protective barrier of the free world will collapse on its own under the erosion of brown spots,Until then,Netherstorm Invasion,It takes less than a day to destroy the entire world of freedom。
There is not much time left for this refuge and the boy。
One thousand two hundred and twenty five chapters Fork out
The boy talked to himself for a long time,Did not get any response,So he grabbed the little red dragon on the ground and left the world of God hidden,He still has a lot to do,No time to talk to this bastard。
prior to,The little red dragon was attached to his body with big eyes,The huge energy pressure makes it worse than death,Fortunately, the vitality of the Lieyang Palace lava dragon is extremely tenacious,And the power of the soul is strong enough,Otherwise you will die on the spot。
There are many people standing outside the courtyard,Elder Yi with Five Elements Island、Key figures,There are also high-level coalition forces,of course,I can no longer call it a coalition,As for what is called,The boy hasn’t said yet,Feel free。

Wright flipped through:“This God of Rong looks really mysterious。”

“indeed,Even though I have known that there is such a man for so many years,But I always thought he was a normal seven-star elf。。I didn’t expect to be a Palace Chief level powerhouse,And it may be the messenger of the main god!”Igo also sighed:“correct,Didn’t you ask the blood elves??These years, the bloody elves are chasing down the god Rong。Although the blood elves are stronger,But God Rong did explode with the strength of the palace chief,So I barely got killed。”
“So it seems,God Rong and I are still friends!”Lei Feature nods:“It seems I have to help,Anyway, I want to kill this bloody elf and then hurry up。”
“Then you be careful!”Igo says:“You know the strength of the blood elves,Much better than normal palace lord。Are you just a god clone now??Are you sure to deal with him??”
“Not sure now,However, there is certainty in signing up,Besides, my current practice is still in a steadily improving stage。。。Maybe waiting for me to find them,The strength is almost enough to kill the bloody。”
“Longshan,What’s your expression!”
“Wright。。。”Longshan Elf’s tone was full of resentment。
“what happened?”Wright feels his goose bumps are all up!
“Fortunately, you are a powerful palace chief,Otherwise I would have been beaten to death。”
Chapter Four Four Mythical Beast Family
hell,Blood Peak Continent,Youlan Mansion。
Skyline Mountains,Tens of thousands of meters high,Divided into four regions。
In the southern mountains,There is a huge statue no less than the height of the mountain。

A big pool of blood at the gate,All the guards at the gates fell in a pool of blood。

“Shield death row,capital offense!”Yan He holding the whip said ruthlessly。
Guards of those gates,Except for the previous two who were handcuffed in a cage,The others were all killed by Yan people。
It seems that once the hidden prisoner was found,They just did it。
Anyhow, the guard at the gate,I was killed just like that,The style of these people is really no different from the gangsters。
“also……Fortunately, we go fast,The Yan people are too scary。”Hong Hao said with lingering fear。
“Somewhat frantic。”Nan Ye said。
“Ugh,The guard is stupid,How to hide a death row in private,Now they don’t even have a place to redress。”
“Yes,Fortunately, this matter has nothing to do with Huangye City,Are those who guard themselves,Otherwise use the strict means of acting,Our whole Huangye City is going to be bad,The executioner of the Yan clan has already opened up to us。”
on the street,Some ordinary civilians talked with fear。
“Is that death row inmate Zhou Liang?,Used to be the chief guard,Follow Master Cheng Shou to the outside,It seems that the act of selling spiritual grass privately has been exposed,Then he brutally killed the city guard and others,Is also inexcusable,Why did Ge Zhong help him?,Ended up killing others……”
Huangyecheng was panicked because of the wandering lizard water monster,This will be another tragedy at the gate of the city,It was even more chaotic for a while。
After the arrogant group of Yan clan caught the condemned prisoner Zhou Liang,Left immediately,Leave a place of blood,Corpse in one place。
Hong Hao、Chen Bai and the others are obviously afraid of the strict people,I can see that those people are good,It’s not something that these students and students can compete。
Found an inn,Everyone stayed。
At rest,Lu Wenye sees Zhu Minglang with a heavy face,So came,Apologetic:“I shouldn’t talk nonsense,Sorry,Almost caused everyone trouble。”

“Why did you stay?”

Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Tong Jie sighed and said:“Not left,But what I asked for。Don’t you know,Now as soon as I go home,Really annoying。Relatives and friends ask when they get married when they meet?Do you have a boyfriend?There are even more enthusiastic people who will introduce you”
“Hahahaha!So you have to get married quickly!How about this!How about i introduce you one?”
Xia Jian laughed and said to Tong Jie。
Tong Jie shook her head and said:“forget it!It’s nice to be alone。Moreover,Can you introduce me to one like you?”
Tong Jie said,I couldn’t help laughing。
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,He picked up the three foaming table and took a sip,Then he sighed and changed the subject and asked:“I heard that you are going to be promoted,Why hasn’t this happened”
“Pull it down!What to promote?The top leadership changes,No one on my side will ask anymore。But I think about it clearly,I won’t go anywhere in my life,Worked in Pingyang until retirement”
Tong Jie said helplessly。
Xia Jian thought about it:“Just do it happily,If you are not happy!You can still have food if you leave here。Hey!Why don’t you go to my house soon!You are so deserted by yourself”
“no need!I am on duty here,Besides, today is New Year’s Day。I will come to your house tomorrow,See if your three little babies have grown up?”
“That works,Come early tomorrow,Let’s have two drinks after lunch,Haven’t been sitting together drinking for a long time,Weird”
What Xia Jian said is interesting,Tong Jie’s eyes lit up,She glanced at Xia Jian affectionately。
First2677chapter Old friends
At six o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian finally returned to Xiping Village。
The whole family saw that Xia Jian was back,Naturally very happy。Especially Ma Yan,Suddenly became like a little girl,She helped Xia Jian take off her coat first,Then I made him a cup of tea and delivered it to the water。
Had dinner,Xia Zecheng and Ma Dongshan went to Chen Gui’s house。This is the custom of rural people,People who have passed away must watch the night before being buried,Basically everyone in the village will take turns to sit。Dearest person and best friend,Usually sit till dawn。And the others in the village,Sit until after midnight,You can go home one after another。
Dad and father-in-law leave,Xia Jian jumped on the big kang to help take care of the three babies。He and Ma Yan are a little messy looking after the three children,Conceivable,How hard do mom and mother-in-law do on weekdays。Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but raised his head to look at his mother whose temples were turning white,There is an unspeakable sorrow in his heart。

“Ha ha!President Xia forgets more things,I’m boss Wang’s follower,I saw you last time at Pingdu People’s Hospital”Wu Wu said with a smile。

Xia Jian suddenly realized,He just remembered,Last time in the hospital,Wang Youcai did stand in the ward with two people,One of these is him。
“Since you are Wang Youcai’s followers,Then let Wang Youcai come out and talk to me”Xia Jian said loudly。
His voice has not fallen,Just listen to Wang Youcai shouting at the door:“Who is so arrogant,Dare to call me out to talk”The person at the door flashed,Wang Youcai walked in with a big belly。
He saw Xia Jian,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“President Xia!What a coincidence,Just saw you at lunch,I didn’t expect you to run to us again to make trouble”
“Wang Youcai!Am i making trouble?You ask your people what they have done?”Xia Jian asked a bit unceremoniously loudly。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Step over,She asked coldly:“What exactly is going on?There really is no King Fa,Come sing a song,You guys have to come to trouble too。Wang Youcai, say,What do you want to do?“Ouyang Hong is very angry,She was so angry that her face changed color。
Seeing Wang Youcai,Busily said with a smile:“Mayor Ouyang,A little misunderstanding。How about this!You guys continue,President Xia and I have a few words next door“
“Stop singing,It’s too early,Let’s go back!I don’t think you and Mr. Xia have anything to talk about,I’ll talk about it tomorrow“Ouyang Hong’s tone of ten domineering,Don’t give Wang Youcai any face。
Yao Junli has a look,He hurriedly picked up He Jing and walked out,Ouyang Hong packed up her things,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Go chant!You can talk about it tomorrow“
“Ha ha!President Xia!Anyway,We both grew up in the same village,Besides, I didn’t drink two glasses at noon today.,Since I met again at night,Is it because of my ignorant brothers,You really want to leave?”Don’t look at Wang Youcai’s so ugly,But his speaking level is getting higher and higher。
Xia Jian has understood what he meant,So he smiled and said to Ouyang Hong:“You go back first,Wang Youcai and I recounted the past,Go back later”
“Wang Youcai,You better be honest,Be careful. I’ll find your brother tomorrow”Ouyang Hong glared at Wang Youcai,Talking coldly,Turned away。
Wang Youcai listened,And shouted with a smiley face:“Mayor Ouyang rest assured,We will be fine”
Wait for Ouyang Hong to leave,Wang Youcai’s eyes widened,Roar at Niu Xiaohu:“Take them out,What a shame”Wu Wu waved his hand,And went out with Niu Xiaohu。

“it is good!I, Chen Sanwa, don’t know Taishan,Convincingly lose”Chen Sanwa clasped fists with both hands,Said loudly to Xia Jian。He can treat Xia Jian like this,It’s beyond everyone’s expectations。

Xia Jian takes a step forward,Approaching Chen Sanwa:“I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Venture Group,I invested in the whole walnut planting in Donglin Township,If you are not convinced,You can come to me in Pingdu”
Chen Sanwa,Three changes in face,This person seems young,But with such great style,It seems that he hit hard stubble。In front of so many people,He had to say repeatedly:“Dare not,Dare not。How offended tonight,I will make you apologize someday”Chen Sanwa finished,Turn around and want to slip away。
How could Xia Jian let him leave so easily,He pulled him over as soon as he reached out,Chen Sanwa is broken,Even his two followers stood there in shock,Dare not move。
In the crowd,I don’t know who couldn’t help laughing,There was a commotion in the crowd。They may have never seen Chen Sanwa look embarrassed tonight。
“Listen to me,Chief Li is my friend,So from now on you can no longer trouble him。He is a state official and it’s not convenient to clean you up,but I am not,I can beat you anytime,Understand?”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Whispered in Chen Sanwa’s ear。
Chen Sanwa nodded like a chicken pecked,He repeatedly agreed。Xia Jian just let go,This guy turned and ran away,Two of his followers also chased up in a desperate manner。
One of them whispered:“Third brother!Do you want to call some people over to clean up this guy??”
“Pack an egg!I might have broken my arm,Go to the health center!”Chen Sanwa said,Strode forward。Soon he disappeared into the night。
Those who watched the show gave Xia Jian a thumbs up,It seems that Chen Sanwa is very domineering in this street,Almost no one dared to convict him。
Back to the small restaurant,Chief Li said with a smile:“President Xia!You are too legendary!Young is the boss of the entrepreneurial group,This is already impressive,But who can think of,Your skills will be so good”
Xia Jian smiled,Raised the glass and said:“Not to mention。But through tonight,This person named Chen Sanwa must be honest。I warned him just now,Say you are my friend,So he won’t be obedient,You move me out。This kind of people,This way is the most effective”
“Thank you Mr. Xia!I really can’t help such a rascal。Don’t you know,Some time ago this guy found me with a bottle of wine,Let me write a note for his house,I am marking a place in the street to build a pavement,How dare you say this person,I didn’t promise to have this one tonight”Chief Li said,Can’t help but shook his head。
The restaurant owner brought up the fried hot dishes,He said smoothly:“This guy has learned a lot tonight,It’s strange that he doesn’t listen to you, Chief Li”
“hope so!But he goes on like this,Something will happen sooner or later。Now it is a legal society,I can’t help him,But the law can plant him”Chief Li said,So I dried the wine in the glass。
Xia Jian fell on him again,The two of them drank and chatted。It turns out that the mayor Li was born in the countryside,So many things have the same insights as Xia Jian,The two chatted very speculatively。

Xia Jianhuo,He said loudly:“What are you talking about?Anyway she,Also your father’s wife。Whether you admit it or not,But the facts are here。You treat her like this,It’s like adding to your dad’s heart,Don’t you understand such a simple thing?”

“I know,But you don’t understand my mood。I saw this woman,I just think of my mother。You said how you told me to treat her well”Guan Tingna stood up,A little furious。
Xia Jian took a breath,Tolerantly said:“Let’s not care if your parents divorced because of her?The problem is that we are goingTcountry,You said we are not united,Is it necessary to go??”
“If it’s unnecessary,Those still need to go down…”Xia Jian talked but stopped。
Guan Tingna didn’t say a word,She sat on the bed silently,Looking out the window。Time is passing by,Xia Jian is waiting for her decision。
“Ok!I’ll listen to you,Change attitude towards her”Guan Tingna finished,Lie down again。
Guan Na Ting lay down for a while,See Xia Jian still sitting on the sofa in a daze。She sat up a little embarrassed,Cocked mouth,Said with a little cutie:“sorry!Brought you so much trouble”
“Nothing,All i want to say is,Since we helped your dad do this,Then you have to help。Don’t make a lot of work, it’s meaningless”Xia Jian said seriously。
Guan Tingna nodded and said:“Ok!I listen to you”
Guan Tingna’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took a look,Xiao Xiao actually called,He hesitated,Should this call be answered??
Guan Tingna on the side glanced at Xia Jian’s phone,Hehe smiled and said:“pick up!She scared you at the first call?”
“I am not afraid of her”Xia Jian muttered,So I connected Xiao Xiao’s phone。
Xiao Xiao on the phone smiled:“I said Mr. Xia!I heard you got married not long ago,Why are you taking other women around the world??”
“Are you a little bored?Zhou Li, this woman runs the train with her mouth full,Why are you gossip?I just had a meal with Guan Tingna?Do you need to make a fuss?”Xia Jian is a little angry,Xiao Xiao was stunned。
Xiao Xiao was stunned on the phone and said:“Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night。I just said casually,Why are you so excited?”
“I’m not excited,I have always been like this。What’s the matter with Mr. Xiao calling??”Xia Jian asked coldly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“What do you mean Xia Jian?Is the relationship between us so bad??It’s okay, I can’t even make a phone call?Don’t forget,Your time in our house is not short,Don’t you have any feelings??”
“Stop talking about this,What’s the matter with you?A little busy now”Xia Jian said he was going to hang up the phone。
Xiao Xiao suddenly took a breath and said:“Your project in Pingdu is well developed。When a leader came to check our project a few days ago,Also mentioned your project”
“Oh!Where there is a will,I don’t think there is anything that Xia Jian can’t do。Speak big words with me,If we are interested in five years, Bibi”Xia Jian is so happy,That’s why I said something like this。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Where is not to eat,You’re welcome”Ma Yan heard Xia Jian’s words,So he called home quickly。

The two talked until dinner,It seems that Ma Yan’s question hasn’t been finished yet。While eating,They paid back a lot。In short,Ma Yan was in a good mood when she went back。
Closed the door,Sun Yuejuan said to Xia Jian solemnly:“son!Your age is indeed quite young。Your dad and I don’t ask you to be rich,It only requires you to have a complete home。We have been confused for the past six months,Can you talk about your situation?”
My mother is right,There are so many things happening this year,It can be described as two or three consecutive。Think of it,Xia Jian is upset,He really doesn’t want to speak。But Sun Yuejuan asked like this,As a son,He has no reason not to answer。
“mom!I don’t want to mention the past。What I want to say is that everything starts from scratch。I started a company by myself,In Pingdu。After the Chinese New Year, it will officially operate,Can be considered as doing it for myself”Xia Jian’s understatement,There are some things he really doesn’t want to talk about。
Xia Zecheng listened,Took a breath and said:“Also good!You’re right。Good and bad,Do it for yourself,Never look at other people’s faces anymore”
“Crow’s mouth!What is good and bad?Do it for yourself,It must be done well”Sun Yuejuan shouted at Xia Zecheng。
Xia Zecheng laughed loudly:“You dead old woman,When talking about your son,You are so passionate。Count me wrong!We can only do well!”
“it is good!What you just said was about work,Then let me ask you something,When will you get married?Must give us an answer tonight”Sun Yuejuan said,Changed face。
Xia Jian is most afraid of answering this question,I didn’t expect my old lady to let him go。He smiled awkwardly and said:“What home,Now there is not even a counterpart”
“nonsense!Are there few girls around you?I think either one will do”Sun Yuejuan said,Glanced at Xia Zecheng,Xia Ze established Ma and understood what his wife meant。
He coughed and said:“If you can’t figure it out,Let us introduce you?”
First2279chapter Wang Youcai’s strategy
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up quickly,He waved his hand and said:“do not!Don’t!I’m most afraid of you messing up the mandarin duck book,This arranged marriage doesn’t work for me”
Xia Jian finished,Turned around and ran out of the room。Xia Zecheng’s curse came from behind:“You bastard,I see when you can escape?”
Go back to my room,Xia Jianlue sat for a while,Go to the next room,Put a stick of incense on Zhao Hong’s tablet,And then burned a lot of tickets。He does this every time he comes back,He hoped that Zhao Hong would not suffer wherever,At least don’t worry about spending money。
He gave Zhao Hongli a tablet at home,Not only did my parents disagree,Even some old people in the Xia family disagree。they think,Zhao Hong and the Xia family are not related,Where is the standing tablet。
Xia Jian is a reasonable person,He knows that he is just giving himself a psychological comfort,Actually has no meaning。He thought about it too,Wait until this year is over,He burned Zhao Hong’s tablet,Missing for her can only be buried in my heart。
The twenty-eighth of the twelfth lunar month in the countryside,No longer peaceful,Some kids have started setting off firecrackers。Xia Jian lying in bed,Listen to the sound of firecrackers from time to time,There is an unspeakable attachment in my heart。

Xia Jian was originally helping Chen Xiaolan,Thus,It became Chen Xiaolan to help Xiajian。Because Xia Jian is not familiar with this road,Two steps,Because I stepped on the ice,I almost fell and sat on the ground。

The door is slightly closed,The upper room is already dark。Chen Xiaolan pulls Xia Jian,Opened her door gently,Wait for Xia Jian to go,She closed the door。The fire in the house crackled,The hot water in the iron kettle is steaming。
“sit down!It seems that the fire in my house is not sealed by my mother,She seems to know that I will be back”Chen Xiaolan said,Took off his jacket。Xia Jian felt,The room is really warm。
Xia Jian took a look at Chen Xiaolan,Smiled slightly:“I didn’t expect that your drink volume is not small?”
“Can’t drink at all,Today is happy,Besides, at your house,I let go and drink。It’s never been higher in these years,Really happy”Chen Xiaolan said,Stretched。The two tufts on her chest support her sweater,Xia Jian’s eyes couldn’t help but couldn’t move away。
Chen Xiaolan pretended to be angry and gave Xia Jian a blank look:“What to see?Haven’t seen it!”
“Seen is seen,I have never seen you so old,I’m worried you are fake”Xia Jian said and laughed deliberately,He didn’t know he was with Chen Xiaolan,No care at all, He didn’t think about this sentence,It can be said that you just open your mouth。
Chen Xiaolan stood up,She walked to Xia Jian,Suddenly blushed and said:“Don’t believe it!Then you check,See if I’m a fraud”
Xia Jian heard Chen Xiaolan say this,The wildness in the body that was originally agitated suddenly couldn’t hold back,He pulled Chen Xiaolan into his arms,I couldn’t help but touched both hands。
Even though there is a thin sweater,But Chen Xiaolan still gasped。Xia Jian’s hands are no longer honest,Slipped down slowly,He got in under Chen Xiaolan’s placket。
Chen Xiaolan is struggling,The two fell on the big bed。The big wooden bed made a soft clatter,In a hurry,Sometimes slow,It’s like a beautiful movement。
The two after the passion,Hug tightly。Chen Xiaolan suddenly cried softly。This made Xia Jian Zhang’s second monk suddenly lose his head。
“what happened?Is it me…”Xia Jian hesitated to say here,He really doesn’t know what to say。
Chen Xiaolan shook her head and said:“I am happy,So many years,Finally a man is in my bed again”
“But i can’t give you anything?“Xia Jian’s voice is like a mosquito flying,He really has no confidence to say this,Because he really can’t give anyone any promise。
Chen Xiaolan laughed softly:“You worry too much,You let me see the hope of life。I don’t want anything,I only hope when you are free,Can see me,Nothing more“
Chen Xiaolan’s request is not excessive at all,Xia Jian couldn’t help but nodded。Cold night,Lying in a warm bed,And with such a beautiful woman,Xia Jian really doesn’t want to get up。But this is the night of the first day of the big night,He has to go back quickly。
Chen Xiaolan is also a very smart woman,She kept sending Xia Jian into the car,After watching him leave,Just returned to the house。
When Xia Jian came back,The car drives fast,Not much time,He has driven the car into the compound of the village committee。He found out when he got out of the car,Zhao Hong’s office upstairs is still lit,It seems that Zhao Hong hasn’t returned yet,Been waiting for him。Okay,I didn’t come back very late,Otherwise, Zhao Hong doesn’t know when to wait。

“Do not swear to leave treasures within three breaths,dead!”

Three ancestors,Even the first-class ancestors in Feizhou trembled。
“I swear。。。”
“。。All treasures that do not contain tokens and abilities。。”
“。。。To this senior。”
The four ancestor gods and ancestors made the vow,So he gave the magic weapon to Li Ming。
See these magic weapons,Li Ming is also overjoyed,Into the cave。
First12chapter Sell magic weapon
In chaos,Li Ming’s face is a bit ugly,Then suddenly divided into four clones。
Li Ming’s second soul clone,It’s twelve avatars in one。
One of the strongest clones,One by six clones,Just carry most of the treasures before,And the deity deity,Drive your own flying boat and leave quickly。
The other three clones,Each one is two big clones in one,Mana is slightly higher than the second-class Jindanzuxian。
One of the clones,Carrying and binding the four ancestor gods and ancestors with the magic treasure,Drive the shadow flying boat that you just acquired and fly in one direction。
Another clone,But the many magical things that the person just got,Fly towards the blue star。