People’s Catalog: Bank outlets to go into the way

From "Brick Bank" to "mouse bank", then to "fingertip bank", in recent years, with technology innovation and financial opening, bank form is constantly developing, many people think that traditional bank entity network is going to "not fall" . Recently, there is a number seem to deviate this, and some media sort out the administrative license information released by the Silver Bank of China. This year, more than 1,200 bank outlets have been shut down. But there is another data that cannot be ignored – this year, there have been more than 1400 bank outlets, and the number exceeds the off site. One increase in two groups of data indicates that the change in bank outlets is not forced to dig in digital alternative, but to seek the transformation of high quality development.

High quality development reflects the change in the geographical location of the bank outlet. Careful analysis is not difficult to find, one "minus" is mainly reduced in state-owned large commercial banks and joint-stock commercial banks, and the sales of developed areas are reduced. One "increase" is mainly urban commercial banks and rural commercial banks increase, village or remote area network increase .

In fact, such a site selection is adjusted in recent years. The original outlets were more layered. Under the maintenance of financial business lines, under the shortage of outlets, the sales selection is more refined, and it is changed to speed up the flagship outlets in the relevant key areas and developed regions. And migrate. On the other hand, the bank outlets are sinking to the base layer, and the layout is generally tilted to the county and rural areas. The financial network coverage is small, the breadth and depth of financial services are relatively insufficient, in these areas to increase the construction of outlets, and open financial services " 100 meters "capillary, which is conducive to expanding the coverage of universal micro-financial services, promoting finance to play a greater role in rural revitalization and common prosperity. High quality development is also reflected in the change in the amount of bank service services. Some regional outlets are streamlined to a large extent to the increase in the performance of the network.

In recent years, all banks have accelerated the upgrade and transformation of entity outlets, intelligent, through financial science and technology, allowing the radius of service radius to be broader, and the service scene is richer.

For example, construction banks, agricultural banks, and Pudong Development Banks have launched 5G balances, in these outlets, biometric, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., and new equipment such as smart teller, financial space capsules have emerged. The bank outlet, the service efficiency is improved, the service efficiency is improved, and the smart service self-service can be completed, and there is a remote expert to assist; the service experience is optimized, more staff can be more accurately For the customer "portrait", providing closer to more depth financial services. It should be seen that although the financial service line is continuously accelerating, many steady conservative and pursuit of comprehensive experience are still prejugged in line channels.

At the same time, for the more complex non-standard business of corporate loans, investment recommendations, many customers need to learn from the staff to face-to-face, in order to understand the product and acquisition risk tips, and offline outlets are still the core of transformation and maintain high value customers. channel. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the entity bank outlet should not only "decline", but also continuously renovate and upgrade, constantly innovation. Bank outlets want sustainable innovation, keywords are integrated.

First, it is necessary to push the convergence under the line.

There are consulting agencies show that the more the customer and the bank’s interactive channels are more, the greater the value of the bank, such as customers with more than 4 types of channels and banks, their customers, their customers’ income is only using single channels and bank interactive customers. Twice.

Therefore, banks should further promote the coordination and resource integration of the line and the online channels, achieving complementary advantages, benign interaction, and work efficiency.

Second, it is necessary to promote the integration of "industry" and "foreign".

Give full play to the channels of the bank outlets, technical capabilities and credibility, build more "Bank +" business scene.

For example, create more social security, taxation and other silver interconnection scenes, let the outlets become the extension carrier of government services, not only help to improve the comprehensive service experience, but also benefit from the silver political data, further realize the "data multi-run road, the people run less legs" .

Where is the bank build, on the ground, on the web? This may not be the most important issue.

Focus on how to meet diversified financial needs, how to link multi-scenario service forms, is the key to banks better play the role of "financial blood". (Editor: Zhuang Hongji, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.

Seriously convey the study and implementation of the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

>> Zhou Qiang hosted the highest part of the party group meeting to emphasize serious conveying learning and implementation of the central economic work conference spirit Release time: 2021-12-1403: 40 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network December 13th, the Supreme People’s Court Party Group held a meeting Communicate to learn to implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and research and implement measures.

Zhou Qiang, Party Secretary and Dean, the Supreme People’s Court, hosted the meeting and speaking, emphasizing to conscientiously study the spirit of the central economic work conference, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", persist stable Enter the overall tone of the work, accurately of the high-quality development of the service economy and society, and meet the party’s twentieth victory.

The meeting pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has provided fundamental follows for the direction of the economic work in the next year and in the future.

To unify the ideological and action to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, unify the central economic situation scientific judgment and regular understanding of economic work, accurately grasp the overall requirements and policy orientation of the next year’s economic work. Understand and grasp the new major theoretical and practical issues, and ensure that the party’s central decision-making and deployment is implemented in the people’s court. Fully understand the significant achievements of my country’s economic development and face pressure, facing difficulties, firm confidence, and the binding point to indicate the main task of the year, to find accurate judicial efforts, and better play the rule of treatment. Survive expectations, long-term guarantees. The meeting requirements, the implementation of the stability, steadily, complete, accurate, fully implement the new development concept, and accelerate the construction of new development patterns and promote high quality development.

Coordinate development and safety, resolutely safeguard national security and social stability.

To correctly understand and grasp the strategic objectives and practices of the common prosperity, the meeting requires that the courts and court leading cadres should consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, enhance the "four awareness", firm "four Self-confidence, do "two maintenance", putting improvement of political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, reflecting the actual action of implementing party route policy policies, reflecting high quality development In the practical action, it is reflected in the actual actions of the party concerns, for the responsibility of the country, and dedication to the people. In-depth practice in the people-oriented thinking, adhere to the right political performance, and perform the duties according to law, always achieve good, maintenance, develop good, develop the fundamental interests of the most public as the starting point and the foot point of the judicial work.

Solidly do a good job in the beginning of the year, scientifically and precisely do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic situation, pay close attention to the implementation of trial implementation, judicial reform, team construction, and safe and stable work.

Consolidate the development of party history education and team education rectification results, put the party’s central decision-making deployment in place, and strive to make the people feel fairness justice in every judicial case. Editor in charge: Liu Yiming.

Studying abroad: There are challenges and harvest

  Sun Hao is a doctoral student in the School of Journalism, China University of Journalism, currently exchanges students in Buffalo Division, New York State University.

In October last year, she was jointly cultivated by the National Study Abroad Fund Committee and went to the United States to study.

In less than half a year, there is a challenge.

  When it comes to the reasons for the study of the United States, Sun Hao said: "I want to change the environment to expand my ideas and horizons.

Moreover, the United States is one of the academic centers of communication, I want to understand and learn.

"When the pressure fell to the United States, Sun Hao was not adaptable to the new lifestyle, especially the eating habits." I am not used to the US food, I feel more greasy and the price is quite high. "In addition, the position of the school Stay away from the urban area, traffic is not convenient. When I arrived at school, Sun Hao went to the supermarket to buy life supplies. "The return is a walk. It takes about 1 hour. When I came back, I fell a plate. "This matter has left a deep impression on Sun Hao just arrived in the United States." Exotic countryside is not better than domestic, all things have to be handled.

It is better to be better in my adaptability.

"In addition to the discomfort of lifestyle, it is also a challenge to Sun Hao.

The language is the first difficult gate.

"Although my English is OK, the teacher’s speed is very fast, and the classroom content involves a lot of professional vocabulary, sometimes I can’t understand." She also found that the teacher will ask the students to explore the answer, but Chinese students are not very accustomed to boldly express their ideas. There are many homework, the difficulty is difficult, and the pressure is the other challenge for Sun Hao.

"Teacher often gives students to read the homework of the English literature. For example, there is a class to read 3 English literature in a week, each of which is almost 40 pages, and the pressure is relatively large.

"Sun Hao said.

  Despite the study and life, Sun Hao still insists on his choice and gradually adapts to the new environment. After sharing Chinese culture, after learning, after learning into the track, Sun Hao, who has gave undergraduate colleges, began to assist the tutor to give "China Movie" and "Asian Media" for the "China Movie" and "Asian Media" of Buffalo, New York State University. Two lessons in society. "Some American students are very interested in China. In addition to teaching and courses, I will introduce them to Chinese history, culture, etc.

"Sun Hao said.

  For this experience, Sun Hao said that it is great for yourself in the future. "I hope to return to the country to go to the college as a teacher, share what you have learned to the students." In addition to introducing Chinese culture in the class, Sun Hao will also participate in some activities and exchange Chinese culture with foreign friends.

"School has a ‘International Student Service Center’, Cultural Exchange Group, etc. Look at folklore activities, they are still interested. "The field of vision came to the harvest of abroad, Sun Hao said:" In addition to the improvement of English, it feels more open, study abroad is worth it. "

So, I am very grateful to support my doctor to study abroad and give me a doctoral tutor Zhang Li. "How to deal with foreign studies in foreign abroad, in the eyes of Sun Hao, first improve your English speech.

"I have to learn the biggest feelings in the United States is important to enhance your English speaking ability.

To communicate with locals, don’t be afraid, but also take the initiative to understand local culture. "Second, we must improve its own independence.

"The US courier, takers is not as good as domestic convenience, there is no parent and friend, all things need to solve themselves, increase life skills, such as cooking, etc. I have seen some classmates bought scissors and fumers. Shear hair. "Sun Hao said.

  Sun Hao stressed that studying abroad must pay attention to safety.

"Safety is the first, can’t see.

Especially for girls, avoiding alone at night. "+1.

The first chess king race in Taiyuan City will hit the game and see the door.

  Original title: Taiyuan City’s first chess king ended playing chess, lively, watching the door picture by the event organizing committee on the evening of April 20, the first "unhappy cup" Go Chess Wang final. Ren Xinyuan won the championship with a 6-war win.

"This competition is very high." After winning, Ren Xinyuan only tough.

"From the first chess, I almost lost every board.

"High, it is really a 9-day competition, although only 16 Shanxi players participate, every player is the top masters in the Shanxi Goer. 16 people participated in the list, there is Liu Yali , Joe Jianping, Ma Hongwei, there is also the same show in the next day, Jin Xi Xi.

A little regrett, because of the study, Wei Xiaolin, Hao Yuepeng, Yang Guan, etc., will miss this competition.

  "This game is a bit like the World Cup football match," Zhou Jie, executive vice chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Go Association, "16 people are all role, they are divided into four groups, through the group, the knockout, until the final The champion. "The group is fighting, and the venues are suffering.

It is quite dramatic, and the "11th couple" Zhao Xiang, the "11 couples" in Taiyuan City, and Chai Xiaoling played in group C. The last round of the group competition spelled the second, and the Chai Xiaoling lost 6 times. After being eliminated by the lady, Zhao Xiang helpless self-departments "appeared in the next game, and the real thing won life." Ren Xinyuan finally smiled and proud, and the finals he won a little in a very advantage of the champion and won the 5,000 yuan bonus. "Every chess is a hard battle." Ren Xinyuan said, "Although only a round of competitions every day, there is no asthma.

"New, innovation is everywhere" This is the first contest of the Shanxi Province, this year, is also a new high-level competition. "The President of the Shanxi Provincial Go Association Guo Zhiqiang said.

  This competition, the Guidance of Taiyuan Sports Federation, hosted by the Go Association of Wanbecin District, Taiyuan City.

Wanbulin District Go Association has just been established on April 13, which is the fourth Go Association after the Yingze District, Xiaoxen District, and Nami Ping District. Shanxi famous player Liu Yali 6 paragraphs as Chairman of the Association. "On the basis of the popularity of the popularity, all kinds of events are held, helping the development of Go career, which is our goal.

Liu Yalie said. This game master gathers, after entering the knockout, the players also have 200 yuan to 300 yuan for the holiday fees. For high-level chess, the fees are also created in the past few years. Shanxi The first river of the Go event.

  As a offline event, all of this competition live broadcast at the game of Chess, attracts the attention of many chess fans in the country.

The final finals have more than 30,000 people watching, only in the same period, Ke Jie, Zhao Chenyu, the professional Go tournament, the ranking of the guests of the game. "From the group competition until the final, it is wonderful, the highlights are constantly.

"Guo Zhiqiang frankly," The more this game is, the better! " (Reporter Yang Hull).

The Hong Kong Art Museum receives more than 10 Chinese painting and calligraphy and art treasures.

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, November 24 (Reporter Huang Yu), famous collector, photographer and Hong Kong Jingguan House owner Huang Guizhi donated more than 10,000 groups of precious art to the Hong Kong Art Museum.

Donation Ceremony was held on the afternoon of the Hong Kong Subcom.

  Huanggui is a retired doctor. He has established a quiet building in the 20th century Chinese painting and calligraphy. It mainly covers the famous seafood painting and painting treasures. In the three, Zhu Xizhan, Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu are the most complete. Huanggui donated 1108 artworks from the Hong Kong Art Museum, which is rich, in addition to the famous fame and fans, from the Qing Dynasty to modern sectors and fans, 楹 楹 calligraphy, pocket pages, etc., and his personal photography work. About 60 groups of art treasures in this donated art will be exhibited in the "Jing and Self-Self-Self-Trends Donation Exhibition" held in the Hong Kong Art Museum from November 26.

  According to reports, Huanggui is hobby photography, won countless awards, and its photography creation learns from traditional Chinese culture. He is deeply influenced by the Chinese painting master, actively exploring and breaking through the original salon image language, and the work combines Chinese painting and calligraphy aesthetics, and has echoed each other.

  Hong Kong Special Administrative Police, Lin Zheng Yuexi, speaking on donation ceremonies, Hong Kong has a lot of love for Chinese culture and saves and promoting traditional cultural art as their own households, with their own strength to build another unique collection. Take the Huang Dr., he is a hanging pot for decades, reputation is full of Xinglin; he put down the handset, and the camera is a master of respect for the international photography industry. Lin Shi Yue said that the Hong Kong Art Museum has always been fortunate to have a donation of many people. These generous donations, consolidate the belief of Hong Kong’s dedication to protect traditional cultural art, and improve the reputation between the Hong Kong Art Museum in International Cultural Becus, which helps to enhance Hong Kong as a cultural capital, and further strengthen in the country "ten 45 "Planning Hong Kong as the role of the Chinese and foreign cultural art exchange center.

  According to reports, the Hong Kong Art Museum will begin in the form of a special exhibition from the beginning of next year, and it will showcase the donation of more than 1,000 groups of Jingtuan House.

At the same time, the special "Jingtong Building Hand Hall" exhibits a quiet and related collection, allowing the audience to appreciate this batch of extraordinary cultural treasures.

(Editor: Liu Jie, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.

The 8th Dajiang Forum – Jinai Vocational Education Integration Development Forum held in Tian

People’s Daily Nianjin November 26th (Reporter Wang Hao, Ji Bo) November 25, "The 8th Daxie Forum – Jin Tai Vocational Education Integration Development Forum" was successfully held in Tianjin. The this session is the theme of "promoting the quality of the vocational education", and the guests of the two places in Tianjin won the exchange of specializes in building a national craftsman, deepening industrial integration, and strengthening the training of professional teachers. The Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman Su Hui delivered a video speech, the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, Dao Guoqiang attended the forum and speaking.

Su Hui pointed out in his speech that the "Jin Taiji Vocational Education Integration Development Forum" is the key brand project of Taiwan’s central "one core and three-line multi-product" to exchange the Taiwan exchange, and the general secretary of Practice General Secretary, "Deepening the Convergence of Cross-Bank Integration". practice.

The success of the event will be held for the two sides of the sore, especially the Taiwan youth to chase the mainland, build a dream, round dream, build a new platform, open up new channels, and I wish the two-strait vocational education exchange cooperation has achieved fruitful results. Yan Guoqiang emphasized that the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government conscientiously implemented the important instructions of General Secretary of the Popular Secretary and the Party Central Decision Deployment, and vigorously implemented the "Haihe Craftsman" construction project and strive to build the "Tianjin Vocational Education".

The foundation of the vocational education exchange partnership is solid, the prospect is broad, I hope that the two sides of the strait youth will take hands with the platform and inherit innovation.

Promoting the development of the two sides of the strait, integration development, is the world’s people, the general trend, I hope that the two sides of the strait will always stand in the historic side, "I have adhered to the" two-stranded family "concept, promote the Chinese culture, promote the spirit of the soul, in order to realize the full unity of the motherland The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation struggles together. During the event, the participating guests observed the "2nd Jin Taiyu Vocational Skills Competition Winning Works". The Chairman of Taiwan’s Niki, the president of Taiwan Huan University, Li Tianshi, the party secretary of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, introduced the activities. Head of Tianjin Taiwan Fedprint Investment Enterprise Association, Nankai University, Tianjin Zhongde Application Technology University Teacher, National Skills Master, Top Ten "Jinmen Arts and Sitting" Xu Guosheng and other Jin Taiwan corporation, vocational education circles, Enterprise, society "complex, build high-quality vocational education development system, and conducts charites and exchanges. This session is hosted by the central government, the Taizheng Tianjin Municipal Committee, Tianjin Strait Cross-strait Folk Exchange Promotion Association, Taiwan Normal University, Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, Taiwan Huan, and Taiwan Datong University. (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

The first observation | Xi Jinping "2020 two sessions" is unusual

  I heard Huo Zhaoliang’s representative of the grass, and the general secretary of Xi Jinping asked: "How much is the open-air coal mine?" I heard Liu Yonghao member said in his speech. This year, the new hope group will add 20,000 people, always I asked: "What is the employment direction of 20,000 people?" When several representative members made a statement, Xi Jinping asked this question many times. "Is this old epidemic cause, the economic impact?" From time to time plus talk, Lien, Xi Jin’s situation, the heart is cut; do not avoid the problem, cut the crux, the word sentence is highlighted, responsible and responsibility. In the compact "lower group" time, Xi Jinping will focus on a topic every group. In the 200th inner Mongolia delegation mentioned "people"; at the economic commission of the CPPCC, pay attention to the economy and people’s livelihood; in the Hubei delegation, public health; in the Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force delegation, it emphasizes the premise of normalization of epidemic prevention and control Promote all the military work. A sentence is powerful, an indication, anchoring the current difficult point, pain point, guiding the focus of the future.

The new button is new: Chinese market is not fooled by the United States – Powell, Yellen will not tolerate "lack"

The "China Economic Week" chief commentator, the new domestic expert scholars desperately rendering the US price issues, and will be connected to the currency, but also in the United States soon raising interest rates, changing the direction of monetary policy.

Objectively see, whether Yellen or Powell, they actually be cautious about the raising problem.

For example, October 22, US Finance Minister Yellen pointed out in a speech: The expected price increase will remain high in the first half of 2022, but this does not mean that there is a risk of uncontrollable in US inflation.

She said: With the supply bottleneck, the US labor market is tight and other factors caused by new crown epidemic, the inflation will slow down in the second half, and the current situation reflects temporary pain.

At the same time, the Fed Chairman Powell did repeatedly expressed concerns about sustained high inflation. It clearly stated that the central bank will start reduce bond purchases in the short term, but it is clear that the Fed keeps patient.

It must be explained that the US Fed reduction bond purchase scale is just the gradual end of the quantitative loose policy, and the starting rate will keep patience, it is said that the Fed will not end the zero rate policy in the short term.

It is important to note that: Yellen, Powell belongs to the new Cairnsist, the monetary theory that is complied with is the so-called modern monetary theory; and the American former Finance Director Summers, who is uncontrolled, and they belong to the new liberals. It is believed that monetaryism is theory.

Media generally believes that Yellen said that we would not think that we will lose control for inflation, which is aimed at Somers and others, and Yellen refutes for the Federal Refutation: Americans have never seen our recent experience for a long time. Such inflation is. But as we resume normal, you can expect that the situation will end. Obviously, the views of the US parties in price issues are inconsistent.

However, it should be seen that the principal is Yellen and Powell.

Powell believes that this US price has risen sharply, mainly the epidemic causes blocked the global supply chain, which is the problem of supply, rather than the demand. On October 22, Powell has reiterated in the online activities hosted by the central bank of South Africa: supply bottlenecks may last longer and stimulate inflation, which is obviously a risk now.

But Powell added: The most likely case is that the inflation will fall back as the supply bottleneck is alleviated.

In the face of this situation, Powell still said: I want to say that our policy has been fully prepared for a series of possible results. He believes that it has already reached a reduction, but the interest rate hike is too early.

Don’t mix the reduction and raising interest rates. The decision does mean that the currency quantitative easing is weakened than the past, which belongs to the reduction in looseness, and the tightening intention of the non-interest rate hike. To be clear: the Fed’s underlying quantitative loose policy is an abnormal policy during the epidemic, and this policy will inevitably weaken as the epidemic is weak. However, if the interest rate hike must be based on the objective requirements of US economic vitality, and it is impossible to weaken the problem. Why does the Fed refuse interest rates to the lower price increase? Because the current price increase is not inflation, but the supply is insufficient, the price of life is rising.

According to reports, the US port lacked about 80,000 truck drivers due to epidemic, and even the large number of shelves in the supermarket is also empty. If such a background, the first, the raising interest rate will not make sense to daily consumption, or, even if the rate interest rate, the price of life is rising, and there is no inhibitory effect; second, consumption price Up rising, raising interest rate hikes to fight investment needs, which is obviously policy misplaced, and the results will be a more serious lagging economic recession, rising prices. So, to be accurately understood, don’t be in troubled people.

Editor: Yao Kun (copyright is "China Economic Week" magazine all, any media, website or individual may not be reproduced, extracted, link, repost, or otherwise use.


Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Census and Protection Ten Years

In the 2021st, Robinka, in the census, in the 70th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 70th anniversary of Tibet, the Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Book Protection Center also ushered in his 10th anniversary. In 2011, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Office responded to the deployment arrangement of the national public census work, will be originally located in the "Ancient Book Protection Office" of the Office of the Office to the Tibet Autonomous Region Library. It has set up a new one under the approval of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Department – Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Book Protection Center, Tibet’s first comprehensive ancient books, the presence of protection is thus fully open. In this decade, under the strong leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Books and Cultural Hall of the Tibet Autonomous Region, under the assistance of cultural, cultural relics and national religious units in Tibet, with the assistance of Tibet, seven cities. Protection.

  As a long-standing Tibetan cultural origin and development, Tibet Autonomous Region has collected a lot of Tibetan ancient books, which have been widely distributed in the Tibetan Autonomous Region Wanchengni in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Temple and folk. In private hand, the distribution of units to be distributed in the census is small in the country.

Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, the government has always attached great importance to Tibetan cultural protection and inheritance. In 2009, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Hall established ancient books and national preparatory and research work, facing massive census tasks. In order to completely do a good job in the ancient books and protection of Tibet, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Department established the "Tibet Autonomous Region Ancient Books Protection Center", which also combined in the provisional agency of the national ancient book protection work. Public library practice. Please click on the full text: No authorization is not authorized. (Editor: Chang Bangli).

US stocks have risen on Thursday, and they will be reduced by high inflation or loss of US stocks.

  China Economic Net Editor Press: US stocks fell on Thursday, as of the closing, Dao fingers, or%, report; Na, point, or%, report, map 500 index, or%, report.

  On the disc, the anti-vlorative concept stocks, the technology stocks show strong, China Outlet, and steel stocks show weak.Novikex is over 7%, Biontechse has increased over 5%, and Moderna has increased by 3%, and Hui Rui has over 2%, and Asli Coena has risen%; Apple has increased, Amazon rises, Microsoft rises.According to the financial sector, the simulation of the Ruiyin Strategist is displayed, and if inflation is continuous in high, US stocks may suffer from 10% to 15% of the loss in the next three years.

Wall Street Company said that if the lague eventually hits the economy, the loss of the same period may exacerbate to 50%, and the small discharge will fall.(Editor: Kangbo).