The peak will push "American Democracy" American aspect is empty

  (International Review) The Summit will push "American Democracy" American aspects Falls Air Newcoming Beijing December 11th: Corrections Summit strong "American Democracy" US Plate Fall Fall Africane New Poker Ma Jiajia December 9 On the 10th, the United States held a so-called online "Democracy Summit", and the American calculation behind him was raised by many. The US big Zhangqi drum holds the so-called summit. In fact, in the case of the Democracy, it is intended to promote "American Democracy" and reshape the "soft power" of the United States in the world. However, it has proven that the democratic Summit that has nothing to do with the democratic democracy will not stop "American Democracy", and the United States reserves the "Global Leadership" if it will end. "Pseudoemlism" desiration is difficult to report on the US media report, in the same day, some protesters went to New York United Nations Headquarters, and lifted the US democracy.

Some protesters have a sickle in their hands, and the sickle is laid with the slogan such as "Dark Politics". Some protesters lift the coffin, and the coffin written is "US Democracy".

In their view, due to politicians and capitalists, US democracy has been "dead".

  In fact, the above protests are not accidental phenomena, and the decline of American democracy has become a multi-party consensus.

  The results of the public opinion of 16 developed countries, including the United States, showing 57% of international respondents and 72% of US respondents believe that the United States is not "democratic example" that can be emulated by him.

  Harvard University Kennedy College In the beginning of this month, a group of 18-29-year-old groups showed that 52% of young people believe that the US democracy has fallen into failure or dilemma, only 7% believe that the United States is a healthy democracy.

  Focus on democratic issues of NGOs "Free House", the score for the United States has also fallen from 94 points from 94 points ago to 83 points.

The person in charge of the agency, from the perspective of respecting the political rights of the public and the freedom of citizens, the "continuous decline" in the United States in the past 10 years.

  It is difficult to cover the contradiction in the past. The fragile exposure of the system has no remains.

  After the governance of the government, try to reach the "Value Diplomacy" and use it as a tool for reshape alliance and partnerships and revitalize the US leadership.

The "Democracy Summit" is prepared in this context. The United States is not willing to admit the facts of their own democratic decline, rushing to draw a small circle, and continue to the image of the "Lighthouse of Lighthouse".

  However, this high-profile event fully exposes the anxiety of the US government, and the idea of ??self-contained attention is also difficult to work. Because the democratic chaos of the United States, the difficulties fail to governance is the endogenous problems of their own long-term savings, which is not caused by external factors, and it is more impossible to solve or improve through the way of passing contradictions.

  As the Cuban Foreign Ministry official Carlos Fernándezdecossio said: "The United States will host a virtual summit on democracy.

As can be seen from the list of participants, this is a kind of confusing practice. Such a meeting solves any major problems in the world, and it is impossible to shame for foreign policies of the American reputation. "Inciting the convening of the" Democratic Summit "in the essence of the inquiry, with the criticism of the parties. Many people recently loudly, unveiled the United States to create a sport of" democracy ", exploitation his country’s hypocritical nature. Shakir, CEO, CEO, CEO, Asian Asian Asian Ecological Civilization, recently, said that the American Prazed "Democracy Summit", from the perspective of architecture and agenda, all have the essence of democracy.

The article said that the participating candidates of the "Summit" have exclusive, specific, only representative of the economic interests of small people, and have violations of the variety; the "Summit" is targeted in the name of democracy, the true purpose is to curb other countries. Rise, this has a violation of opportunities and respects the spirit of other countries. Guyana former Prime Minister Naga Map also criticized that the essence of "old democracy" represented by Western democracy is exploitation, disparition, division and utilization, and the world’s people need people’s first, respect the "new" new "new democracy".

  It is true that democracy is the common value of all human beings. From essential, democracy is an inclusive, opportunity, fair and respect for diversity.

However, in order to maintain its hegemonic status, the United States will use the democratic instrument privately, try to divide the world into democratic and non-democratic camps, openly provoke split and confrontation.

This behavior of the United States does not help to explore the loss of democratic systems, but also helpless in human beings face the commonality and challenges, only bring greater turmoil and disasters to the world, will be strongly condemned by the international community. be opposed to.


People’s Daily: Winter Olympics Yanqing District launches volunteer recruitment

People’s Daily: Winter Olympics Yanqing District launched volunteers recruitment Source: Time: November 4, 204, Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division volunteer recruitment date. Yanqing District will recruit about 10,000 volunteers to contribute to the service of the Winter Olympics.

According to reports, according to the service point, the service, the service space, the service range, the Winter Olympics service in the Yanqing Division is mainly divided into four major categories: the first category is the volunteer service of the urban volunteer service station, the overall scale is around 1700, mainly Scenic attractions, transportation station, ice and snow sportswaid, 52 points of information consultation, guidance, traffic guidance, emergency assistance, safety tips, etc. At around 10,000, mainly through the winter and auto school, winter and snow knowledge, "Help the Winter Olympics" practice activities, etc. The overall scale is around 20,000, mainly to build a total of all kinds of volunteer services such as peace, community governance, ecological environmental, emergency rescue, epidemic prevention and control, back street alleys, energy saving and emission reduction; the fourth category is Winter Olympics volunteer Service, the overall scale is around 2,000.

Author: He Yong Source: People’s Daily Release time: November 1, 2021.

Southwestern State held fire protection publicity month launching ceremony and high-rise buildings fire extinguishing rescue

Recently, the "Storm No. 1" of the 119 Fire Propaganda Moon Series Activities, hosted by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, and the "Storm No. 1" "Storm No. 1" high-rise building fire rescue comprehensive practical drills were held in the Xingyi City Orange Lake Community. Due to the current new crown epidemic, this activity is carried out in the form of video live.

The live moderator first explained some of the "Regulations on the Fire Safety Management of High-Level Civil Buildings", introduced some fire safety knowledge such as high-rise building fires, early fire extinguishing and escape evacuation. This drill simulation: fires occurred on the 16th floor of the orange lake community in Xingyi City. Due to the large number of flammable materials in the building, the fire quickly spread to 17, 18 layers, and there were people in the building, and the situation was very urgent. After receiving the alarm, the detachment command center quickly launched the high-rise building fire prevention plan, the first time to spread 6 fire stations in Xingyi, Anlong, High-tech Zone, 1 fast anti-femoral, 4 high-level fire fighting units, 1 water supply guarantee Unit, 1 battle guarantee unit, more than 80 people 20 fire engines travel to the site for disposal, and the detachment of the Detachment Office will dispatched.

The general command announced the drill, and all the guidelines were waiting for the preparation of fire extinguishing. The drill sets two-dimensional development of drone three-dimensional modeling, drone reconnaissance, and guided evacuation, internal attack saving fire, rope rescue, depends on attack fire, helicopter airborne rescue, remote water supply system and other 15 combat sections.

During the drill, all the participants in the battle task, scientifically rescue, collaborate, effectively achieve the organic combination of people and equipment, effectively verify the rapid response, grading command, and cooperate with the team.

After the drill, all the participants referred to the war to enter the team’s oath, and all the warrs raised their right hand, clenched the fists, solemnly swearing, each vow expressed the unlimited loyalty of the party and the people. Dedicated to the confidence and determination to struggle for the fire protection industry, in the team’s purification and baptism, with a more full enthusiasm of the rescue work. (Yang Qihuang) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The financial industry seizes the opportunity "point green into gold"

  Supports green low-carbon development, and the financial industry is available. At the same time, green development also brings great development opportunities for the financial industry.

Organization estimates that the development of funds in new energy industries has a year of $ 1 trillion annually, which will bring unprecedented opportunities to the financial industry. Industry experts believe that on the one hand, the financial industry is accelerating the structural reform of the supply side, based on the initiative of the service entity economy, to seize the opportunities of green development, better service requirements, and achieve the benign of financial and economic Circulation; on the other hand, it is necessary to realize that the green low carbon transformation must be gradually entered, avoiding the formation of a steep curve of financial "one knife cut" and cannot affect the normal operation of people’s livelihood and economy. Green finance has rapidly in recent years, my country’s green finance has achieved remarkable results.

The Bank of China has shown that at the end of 2020, 21 major banks green credit bars reached trillion yuan. In addition, environmental pollution liability insurance has covered more than 20 high-environmental risk industries such as heavy metals, petrochemicals, and medicine.

  Green finance has developed rapidly, benefiting from the overall economic and social development to the green transformation. Ye Yanfei, an inspector of the Bank of China Policy Research Bureau, believes that in recent years, in the past, low-carbon transportation, green buildings, digital, intelligent infrastructure and other industrial development results. Wind, photovoltaic and other clean energy industry, the world’s leading, the new energy vehicle ownership of electric vehicles, the first, energy storage power station and advanced manufacturing development, the traditional industries accelerate transformation, plus a series of energy conservation and emission reduction process and Technical is widely used, and a group of smart cities that effectively reduce carbon emissions, the green low-carbon industry is continuously landing, etc., which provides a broad market space for green financial development. More and more financial institutions use green finance as an important strategic development direction.

Such as: China Industrial and Commercial Bank continues to increase the green financial supply, the green loan scale is the first place in commercial banks; China Agricultural Bank issued a green financial development plan, comprehensively construct internal green financial system; China Construction Bank proposed "four-wheel drive" in 2017 Promote green financial development, optimize the green credit business; Bank of China, in the first half of this year, "Bank of China" 14th "Green Financial Plan", from the aspects of assessment, authorization, scale, price, economic capital, etc. Policy tilt. In addition to state-owned large banks, joint-stock commercial banks and some urban business deals have also accelerated the pace. On November 3, Pudong Development Bank jointly established a Fudan University Green Financial Research Center, Shanghai Environmental Energy Exchange, etc. The Green Exchange signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, established the first branch named by "Green" in Beijing – Beijing Bank Tongzhou Green Branch. From the financial supply side, there is currently, my country’s green credit is ranked first in the world. The overall asset quality is good. The non-expensive rate is much lower than the overall bad level of loans in the same period, and the green credit environment is gradually appeared. However, industry experts also point out that my country’s green credit accounts for more than 90% of green financial resources, and other financial products include bond products.

It must be sober that the development of green finance is far from satisfying the actual needs, and the practical effect is also a distance from all parties.

  Zhang Qingongong, the leader of the Agricultural Bank, believes that for financial institutions such as banks, you can have to force from the following four aspects: Improving the credit policy realization of product value, providing integrated financial services, promoting market development, exploring more financial support model.

  Zhang Qingong said that credit funds are the most direct and powerful support. Commercial banks must surround the key areas to introduce specialized industry credit policies, promote the organic integration of the green credit index system and the credit industry policy, while supporting differentiation measures.

In addition, there are many of the large investment scale, long construction cycle, and strong public welfare attributes, and financial institutions should give full play to the role of the market’s hand, strengthen cooperation with Government.

For example, through the construction of "Ecological Product Authority + Green Credit + Risk Compensation", "Public Goods + Green Fund", green PPP financing and other models, jointly promote the implementation of dual carbon objectives. Liu Jin, a director of Bank of China, believes that the company’s finance should play a key role in the main battlefield of industrial green low carbon transformation.

Financial institutions should further enricher product supply, improve service accuracy, actively develop financial products such as energy efficiency credit, environmental rights, carbon neutropters, to meet green development diversified needs with green equity investment, green mergers and acquisition funds, green trust plans, etc. In-depth participation in carbon market trading, launch financial products such as carbon or carbon, carbon period, carbon rush period, and develop financial services such as carbonaceous, carbon repurchase, carbon hosting. In addition to banking financial institutions, it is also necessary to guide all kinds of financial institutions to participate in the development of green finance.

Xiao Yuan, vice chairman of the Bank of China, said that the financial support in the process of green and low-carbon development is very unique. Unlike other financial industry, insurance can directly sue and impact the physical and transformation impact on climate change. At the same time, the risk adjustment function of insurance can achieve the cost reconfiguration between the market main body, guide the company’s individual and the government to adjust the strategic objectives, sustained energy conservation and emission reduction and "double carbon" target, mitigate the impact of climate risk, ironing economic fluctuations . In addition, the long-term period structure and diverse investment goals can provide long-term and stable financial support for the green industry. Xiao Yuange believes that the current insurance coverage of climate risks is relatively low. In the past 10 years of losses caused by the global climate disaster, only 30% is covered by insurance, and the remaining gap is approximately trillion, and the actual demand in the future is greater.

  In the process of improving the green financial development process of preventing risk awareness, looking for a difficult point in green assets to become financial institutions. Ye Yanfei suggests that when financial institutions have to force green assets, more concerned about "decontamination" "decontamination" and "anti-prevention" four aspects.

  In terms of "decontamination", pollution management in the Dajiang Dahe Basin requires a lot of investment, industrial sewage, and various emissions reductions require a lot of investment. Ye Yan Fei analyzed that my country’s high-carbon products accounted for high proportion of global, and high-carbon products that produced more production will inevitably bring pollution. It is necessary to increase the strength of pollution prevention; in the field of "carbon", high-carbon industries are being digitized. Intelligent, greening transformation accelerates the reduction in carbon strength, and also requires a lot of credit support; "increasing green", the financial industry can do a lot of work in supporting ecological protection, ecological restoration, such as: financial support major project, major project At the time, it is necessary to pay attention to biodiversity, and some biodiversity can attempt to solve it through a commercial approach; in the field of "disaster prevention", the loss caused by extreme climate events is huge, and it is necessary to strengthen disaster prevention construction, especially insurance. Wait.

  Industry experts believe that achieving green low-carbon transformation is a step-by-step process, while in an orderly, it is necessary to prevent relevant risks. Chen Yuluo, the vice president of the People’s Bank, recently said that the central bank encourages the conditions for financial institutions to propose carbon neutralization, but in the process of implementing the road map, there must be a flexible correcting mechanism to prevent stacking or "sports" due to policy measures. Reducing, affecting people’s livelihood and economy. For traditional high-carbon industries, the financial industry should not simply exclude it outside the service, and should develop targeted products to meet the financial needs of technologies, equipment, talents such as technologies, equipment, talents such as low-carbon transformation, and help achieve orderly Transformation.

Xiao Yuan Enterprise said that the support of the coal-electricity industry is still supported, avoiding "one knife cut", to ensure the industrial chain, the supply chain is basically stable. The relevant risks of green finance also need all parties to be vigilant. Chen Jaha, Assistant, General Manager of Industrial Bank Green Finance, reminded that banks especially need to identify the "green" of the underlying assets, need to be alert to the pseudo-green technology and pseudo-green finance in the industry. In industry experts, it can improve the risk of green credit and green bond default errors by using artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies.

(Our reporter Lu Min).

Three cities link 37-based disk participation in Southwest Xuhui to open the national marketing season

  Recently, Xishu Xihui opened the national marketing season.

It is understood that the Southwest Xuhui November gather, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming Sancheng participated in the event 37 on sale. Among them, 2021 Xuhui Platinum Bin River is available to Lijia, while echoing the new city in the future, enjoy 14 open parks such as Bridge Bay Park, privately enjoyed the park.

And gathering about 400,000 Fang Yue to TOD Business Circle (planning) Neighborhood Center, Li Jiabi Circle and an overall volume of about 2.2 million square meters of a city.

  Jiangshan Qinglin semi-located site Banan fish cave, sitting on rail transit 2, 3, gathering new landmark Huaxi Live, Wanda Plaza, Traffic Co., Ltd., etc. Fresh oxygen greenery, thousands of flowers are enjoying. Glycolic supporting, convenient transportation, high-quality products, so that the strength circle flour, it has become the preferred product of many young people.

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Reporter observation: firm confidence, strive to achieve the annual economic and social development goals

  Xinhua News Agency, November 15th: Reporter Observing: Strengthening confidence, strive to achieve the annual economic and social development goal Xinhua News Agency, Wei Yuxun, although the epidemic is subject to multiple impacts, China’s economic partial indicator has slowed down, but the overall continues to be robust Restore the situation.

The more complicated situation is more serious, the more active acts, it is a long time, ensuring that the annual economic and social development goals are achieved. In the second half of the year, the risk challenges at home and abroad increased, and the growth rate of China’s economic growth fell, but in general, the fundamental plates that support economic development remain firm.

In the first 10 months, the national increase in industrial increased value, total retail sales of social consumption, and other economic indicators, etc. Base.

  It is worth noting that some subdivision data shows that economic development quality is continuously improved.

In October, the above-scale high-tech manufacturing has increased rapid growth, and the intended index of service business activities continues to be in higher boom, and new energy vehicles and solar cell production have grown steadily. "Incoming" is highlighted, will further consolidate The foundation of recovery. Sustaining a good economic achievement is not easy, inspiring people, while firm confidence, it is necessary to keep a clear mind and profoundly understand the complexity and arduousness of current economic work. Out, the international epidemic situation is serious and complicated. Trade protectionism is further lifted, and the global supply chain is impact; inward, the epidemic is more distributed, the price of commodity has continued to rise, the CPI and PPI "scissors poor" expanded, PMI continuous two Decreased months to critical points, the factors that restrict investment and consumption needs are still more, and the structural contradictions in economic transformation and the structural contradictions are further highlighted. Finally challenging, it is a history of reality. Strive to achieve the overall economic and social development goals, the "14th Five-Year Plan" is essential, and it is important to take care of the epidemic prevention and control. And economic and social development; further force cross-cycle adjustment, targeting market subject concerns accurately, the focus key field continues to deepen reform, smooth economic circulation; pay higher standards, higher rules, and promote higher levels to open … At the end, we have the ability to fight, we have the ability to achieve the ability to achieve development goals, and help China’s economic decline in China.

Shenzhen Luohu Union Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District"

Original title: Enterprise masses are no longer "return" Luohu Joint Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District", after cooperation with Shantou, "cross-city" cooperation, Shenzhen Luohu District is cross-regional in government service Add new initiatives in cooperation. Around the enterprise and the masses between the enterprises and the masses in the city of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao, Luohu District jointly launched a government service "Bay District" on June 25th. This move will create a more convenient and fast, unified normative, and high-quality government service environment for enterprises and masses in Shenzhen Luohu, Huizhou Zhongkai and other regions.

  Shenzhen Luohu and Huizhou Zhongkai use "online + line" cross-regional cooperation method. Online, at the Guangdong Government Service Network site online "Bay District" service area, providing online full process network service.

Under the line, in the Entity Government Hall of the Entity Government, the "Bay District" service window is established. Through the 5G visual equipment, it is carried out through 5G visual equipment, and the innovation launch "interplay window, the pro-delivery, remote handling, postal delivery" New mode of government service.

  At present, in Guangdong Government Service Network, Luohu Zone and Luohu District Administrative Service Hall "Bay District", "The first batch of 7 departments have achieved a total of 32 Huizhou matters can be in Shenzhen Luohu" Bay District ", involving corporate establishment Register, high-frequency events such as foreign trade operators record registration, benefiting about more than 14,000 Huizhou household registration personnel living in Luohu.

At the same time, 60 matters in 11 departments in Luohu, Shenzhen, can also be in Huizhou Zhongkai "Bay District," can all have close relationships with the masses, no criminal records, etc., as well as the market main body of the business registration. Service matters.

  Next, Luohu District will further expand the "cross-provincial" "cross-city" "Bay District" "Bay District", according to "high frequency priority, should be on" "online priority, online supplement "" Realize a batch, announce a batch "principle, constantly combing increased ones. By setting the service area, open service specials, deploy a multi-channel cross-regional approach to multi-channel online, etc., allowing convenience services to more enterprises and masses.

(Reporter Feng Qing correspondent Feng Tingting) (Editor: Zhang Yuwen, Chen Yizhu).