This little bird that is coquettish and cute in the palm of Wright,It was hatched from the Peng Diao egg that Wright brought from the Sunset Mountains half a year ago,Wright took one‘Elek’name,This is the meaning of lightning in the old saying。。

I hope Xiaopeng Diao will be as fast as lightning when he grows up,Waving wings can release countless thunder,This is also a good wish!
The normal Thunder Cloud Eagle is a beast with lightning attributes,Its attack power is very, very scary!Wright saw little Elek’s mother back then,That Thunder Cloud Pengsculpture released a magic power far exceeding ninth level‘Thunder hell’Terrible thunder and lightning,Easily kill thousands of iron-winged fire ants。
But this little guy in his hands is very strangely showing bright attributes,The little Peng eagle who has only been out of shell for three months now,Not more than 30 cm in length,But it has been able to send out a similar third-level magic‘Intermediate Healing’Ability。Of course this is also normal,Cub of Level Nine Warcraft,Three or four levels of strength from birth,And three months after being out of the shell is the fastest growing period of Xiaopeng Diao。
To this,Wright also checked in the library of the First School of Magic in Poon,I even asked my teacher specifically,Cromwell Saint Magister。And the Cromwell Saint Magister is worthy of being an ancient sanctuary powerhouse,There is also a reasonable guess about the origin of Xiaopeng Diao。
The eggs that Suleite brought back then were indeed Peng Diao’s eggs,This must be fine,That special pattern is no problem。Simultaneously,The monster Wright saw at the beginning was indeed the Thunder Cloud Pengsculpture。After all, in the ninth-level bird beast,So Leiyun Diaopeng has the ability to release such a powerful amount of lightning。
in other words,Little Elek’s mother must be a ninth-level Leiyun Pengsiao.。How much can the eggshell pattern,Little Elec must be Peng Diao,At least the blood of Peng Diao。
But the paternal lineage of little Elek,But not necessarily Peng Diao!
Between Warcraft,Although most of them breed from the same species,Form groups,But there are also precedents of similar warcraft groups reproducing each other,It may even form a new group of Warcraft。
And if the strength of the ethnic group is different,Often shows the attributes of the stronger party,Of course, the strength of the average adult is often between the parental group。
Such as the very famous Warcraft‘Lion’,The ninth-level warcraft lion and the eighth-level warcraft saber-tooth tiger are combined,The blue-eyed tiger mastiff。The attributes of the blue-eyed tiger mastiff are the same as those of the lion,Are all fire monsters,Not the soil of the saber-toothed tiger。As for strength,Same as eight-level warcraft,An adult blue-eyed tiger mastiff can easily defeat a saber-toothed tiger!The same,The golden-eyed lion mastiff born from the combination of the lion and the lion-like warcraft lion,It’s also the fire system instead of the lion’s wind system,The strength is also a strong eighth-level monster。
And Leiyun Pengsiao is already the top ninth level of Warcraft,And in the same level of blood,The mother’s role is undoubtedly greater,The thunder system that can beat the little Elek’s mother,It shows that the paternal line of little Elek is very likely to be a bright sanctuary monster!

“How are you?”Zhong Sanpu recalls the futile Qingfeng sword,Although his reaction is slow,But after all, it’s a great practitioner,I quickly wanted to understand the very short and dangerous battle just now,Can’t help but blush,With a little bit of fear。

“Not get in the way。”Li Tianchou took a deep breath and stood up,Pointed at the big hole that was smashed by the puppets,Feel sick,Reluctant to speak。
Zhong Sanpu approached Dakeng,Was taken aback,There is a half-pit of red and glaring blood in the big deep pit nearly ten meters square,With blood and a strange smell, he even had a bit of breath,He knows that the big black spear and the puppets have gained,Unexpectedly so scary。
Suddenly a gust of wind hovered beside Li Tianzhi,Li Xiucheng’s golden body traced back to no avail,“Running too fast,But he is not comfortable。”
“Hurt his body?”
Golden body does not answer,Suddenly a green light flashed,The leaf knife hovered silently in the air,A faint purple mark on the edge of the knife,A faint trace of smoke is lingering。This is a very rare situation,Killing any monster with a leaf knife will not leave a trace on the body,This time there was an exception。
Li Tianzhen carefully looked at the smoke,Feel the smell of chaos,Under the eyes of Insight, several incomplete runes can be distinguished,Has strong characteristics of destruction and erosion,And extremely stubborn,Contend with the vigorous breath of life blooming from the leaf knife,Keep being annihilated,And keep generating new runes。
It’s just that the rune produced after each annihilation is more broken,Li Tianzhen knows that two rules are competing,The chaotic smoke will soon be completely annihilated without the support of the body,So rest assured。
After a short breath adjustment,Li Tianzhen has returned to normal,But Zhong Sanpu stood by the side of the big hole in a daze,Knowing that he was not afraid of the danger just now,Just the opposite,Zhong Sanpu is actually feeling,I remember carefully the previous confrontation of electric light and flint,May be able to inspire some obstacles and confusion he encountered in his practice。
So Li Tianzhen didn’t bother him,Recall the puppet,Suddenly there are two blood-red beads the size of broad beans,Those are the spirits of the two blood races killed,Frown,Up to now he has not thought of any effective way to open this ball,There are three together with Xiao Yanda’s one。
Or use heavy techniques to crush the soul,So that it is completely dispelled,Or take it with you like a chicken rib,Think about other ways,But I always feel that there are some hidden dangers that are unclear,This time it was quickly discovered by the opponent,Maybe it’s related to this spirit,of course,Li Tianzhen didn’t plan to hide his whereabouts deliberately。
Darkening,Li Tianzhen decided to retreat temporarily,It’s more dangerous on the wasteland at night,The blood family appeared here without accident,Naturally related to the alien base described by Mr. Ouyang,That is actually the Holy Blood Array described by Dayan,The other party is also looking for,After this tentative fight,Maybe everyone will be more cautious。
Zhong Sanpu unexpectedly did not raise any objections,The battle just now shocked his heart a lot,Carefully recalled every detail,Whether it’s the shock of the big black gun,Still the bloody hand appeared out of thin air,It’s even more amazing that the leaf blade killed the opponent a few miles away,Actually it happened in an instant,Both sides threw the bait,Have made countermeasures to deal with the noise,Extremely accurate grasp of fighter opportunities,Fight like this,He might have imagined,But really want to be in it,I don’t know how to deal with it。
But all this happened under Zhong Sanpu’s nose,He always knows later,It shows that these are no longer simple realm gaps,Now Zhong Sanpu gradually believes what the old man Dong and the disciple Li Hao said,The cultivation base is endless,But there are really great magicians in the world that are much stronger than true immortals。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy three Things to do
The two had an unexpected gain on the way back,Tireless‘Terrain Worm’Actually threw a pair of bones in a big hole in the rock,According to a small section of the black sign remaining on the side of the bone,Zhong Sanpu concluded that he was the ancestor of this sect a thousand years ago,Is also one of the disciples who went deep into the wasteland to find the master and disappeared,Immediately go down into the pit and converge carefully。
Li Tianzhen stood quietly by the side,Looking at the half sign in hand,Like a large mahjong,Iron-like non-iron,Very heavy,Immortal after a thousand years,Materials should be rare and precious,It was a pity that it was broken by external force,The other half‘Terrain Worm’Did not find,I don’t want to come here anymore。

Now there are two kinds of fusion of water and fire in Wright。

One is【Burst of fire】【Roundness of water】with【Power of the earth】Three Profound Fusion,The fusion of these three profound and mysterious is still one step away from complete success。
These three mysteries all involve material aspects,Wright also called the fusion of these three principles【Ground water fire·Material mystery】,The trick created is【Sunset mountain river】。Sunset mountain river trick,If day is the most important,Nature is a physical attack。And focus on mountains and rivers,It turns into a very strong material defense shooting method。
two,Then【Nirvana of Fire】【Roundness of water】with【Vitality of the earth】Three esoteric fusion。At present, Wright can only say that most of the three mysterious fusions are integrated.,Power is roughly equivalent to the degree of fusion of the four mysterious。
These three mysteries all involve life,【Nirvana of Fire】Contains the relationship between soul and life,【Vitality of the earth】Contains the relationship between matter and life,【Roundness of water】It shows the relationship between partial circulation and life。
Wright also called the fusion of these three principles【Ground water fire·Life mystery】
Marksmanship trick created,Used for material attacks【Stars are shining】,But this trick is just a rudiment。
And the soul aspect,The trick for soul attacks,Then【Green Lotus in Fire】。
E Wright’s soul power,Two hundred years ago,【Green Lotus in Fire】When this trick is just a prototype,Rely on the strength of your own soul,Easily kill Shadow Dragon Darkwalker, a powerful man close to the Palace Master。
Two hundred years later,Wright thought he was perfect,There is a certain threat to the more powerful Palace Chief level powerhouse,If you are lucky, you may be able to kill directly。of course,The other party may also resist。
And obviously,The bloody elves, the old strong, is strong enough to resist this trick,Although the soul attack did have a great impact on him,But after all it was resisted。As he quickly swallowed a pair of soul gold beads,The power of the soul quickly recovers。
“Worthy of being a bloody elf,Actually blocked my soul attack!”Wright sneered,At the same time, my eyes burst with invisible power,Another soul green lotus descends。
“Humph!”The bloody elf body burst out suddenly,Body roar,Swift direction。
The speed of the soul attack is indeed extremely fast,But once activated, it’s difficult to change direction,So the bloody elves, the one that changed direction in advance,Directly avoided this trick。
“Lieshan Wizard,I didn’t expect you to come too。。。”The bloody elves show a hideous look,Crazy instilling supernatural power into the dagger,Then slammed。

Zhang Fenglan turned around,I glanced at my daughter who was a little wayward and said:“child!I’m for your good,Let’s transfer!”

Zhang Fenglan said,Turned around and glanced at Xia Jian。Xia Jian understands the thought of being a mother,He glanced at Lei Lei and said:“You should listen to your mother!The medical technology here is definitely not comparableHK。For yourself,So as not to worry your mother,You still obey!”
“Xia Jian!What is your head?I still need this little injuryHKIs it?I understand what you mean,You are bothering me。All right,You go back quickly!I do not want to see you”
Lei Lei suddenly lost his temper,She called Xia Jian’s name,Yelled a little grumpy。The doctors and nurses in the hospital heard the noise inside,He opened the door and walked in。
“This is the hospital,What are you going to discuss outside,Don’t make a loud noise here”
The attending doctor said loudly with an unhappy face。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei,Walked out of the ward lightly。
First2658chapter Definitely fight back
In the passage outside the ward,Wang Lin’s face is gloomy,Jin Yimei stood behind her、Dragon Ball,And Xia Jian’s secretary Lin Wei,Even Xi Zhen rushed over。
“President Xia!Are you okay?”
When Wang Lin saw Xia Jian,Greeted me immediately。She grabbed Xia Jian’s arm a little gaffe,Watch and watch。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“A little injury,No problem,Don’t worry about me,Go back quickly!Do whatever you want,Right when this didn’t happen”

“The tenth floor of Tongtianqiao??”Li Ming nodded,“Really have to try。”

And under the black robe of the black robe messenger on the side,The corners of the mouth are up。
Through the tenth floor of Tongtianqiao,The difficulty is equivalent to the cosmic level primitive Tongtian Mountain,The difficulty is actually much harder than simply wanting to enter the primitive secret realm。
Usually he receives some immortal strong men,Let him be an ordinary master of overwhelming pressure,Now there happens to be a little guy like His Royal Highness Li Ming,I’m sure to molest him。Calm down the nervous mood。
“correct,His Royal Highness Li Ming,The enlightenment of these countless practitioners52Monument of Chaos,It also left some systematic nicks in the houses in this Chaos City–Any house with a nick that is considered to be of great value,Are all shared,People not allowed to live,As long as there are no people in other houses,You can occupy the next room。”
“But these are second,You’d better go to the City Lord’s Mansion to see the Chaos Monument,That’s the most effective way to improve strength。”
quickly,Li Ming came to the City Lord’s Mansion。
City Lord’s Mansion is vast,Buildings inside,Occupy a thousand li。
The black robe messenger leads Li Ming,Came to the city lord mansion。
Li Ming raised his head,Look at the majestic building with a height of more than 300 meters,You can see the three most dazzling lingua franca of the city lord’s mansion from far away——‘City Lord Mansion’,I couldn’t help being attracted to the handwriting,It’s as if the handwriting has its own space and a universe,The spirit of the whole person is constantly being absorbed,It’s like sucking into the space inside the handwriting。
“The three characters of the City Lord’s Mansion are really extraordinary!”Li Ming sighed,And the black robe messenger on the side was also slightly surprised—Because under normal circumstances,Although those young talents have great potential,But it’s a lot worse on will,I didn’t feel dizzy when I saw the three characters in the City Lord’s Mansion,The will is quite powerful。
“His Royal Highness Li Ming,52How precious is the chaos monument,Not easy to watch,Let’s go take a look52Simplified engraving of the monument of chaos,Choosing the Chaos Monument for Practice,Then you can get the permission to see the Chaos Monument。”
“This sees Chaos Monument needs permission?Is there a time limit?”
“Time limit,One enlightenment is seven days。of course,There are also ways to obtain this permission,Cross a layer of Tongtianqiao,Get a qualification for enlightenment。”
“Tongtianqiao??”Li Ming smiled:“I happen to plan to pass the tenth floor in these 30 years。”A domain master with wings next to him gave Li Ming a weird look。
The black robe messenger held back a smile:“His Royal Highness Li Ming,Let’s take a look at the painting and engraving of the Chaos Monument first.,You can feel this52Respect the breath of Chaos Monument,So I can choose the most suitable chaos monument。”
quickly,Li Ming saw this52Simplified image of the monument of chaos。

Yao Junli must eat in a private room,That’s what Xia Jian thought when he went upstairs。But this time he really thought wrong,The waiter took him to a seat in front of the window。

“sit down!Sit here and you can see outside,Eating,Watching everything on the road,People’s mood will also improve”Hu Huiru, who was sitting facing her, smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sat down in front of the bright large French window,It feels really peculiar。A few delicate dishes have been prepared。Xia Jian glanced at his appetite and came up。
Not many people eat in the restaurant,In twos and threes,And everyone’s voice is not very high。Appears extremely qualified。Xia Jian could only lower his voice and said:“Good business。It’s the off-season for tourism now”
“Okay!We only need to take the economical route,After all, there are not many rich people”Hu Huiru smiled slightly,Signal Xia Jian to start eating。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Eat chopsticks。He eats,Hu Huiru softly:“You and Lu Hao have a good relationship?How did you meet?”
“ This is a long story”Hu Huiru sighed and said。
First2243chapter major discovery
It seems that Yao Junli does not want to mention her relationship with Lu Hao,Xia Jian didn’t ask much。Finished lunch for two,So I had some tea in Yao Junli’s office,I left for Zhangluhe Village。
Because last time I went,Xia Jian hasn’t fully seen this land yet。So under his proposal,Yao Junli and him set off in just over one o’clock。
Yao Junli didn’t let Xia Jian drive,Because which car of Xia Jian believes that the people in Zhangluhe Village have memories,So which black BMW did she drive in?。
The car stopped in front of which wasteland,Xia Jian pushed the car door and jumped down。The warm winter sun is a little bit weak,Gives a lazy feeling。
“Wait for me!You don’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu”Yao Junli stepped on half-heeled shoes to catch up from behind。
Xia Jian stopped,Seeing Yao Junli swaying twice and laughing:“You should wait for me in the car!If you twist your ankle,That’s not a joke”
“okay,Twist?Say something like this before acting,Besides, isn’t there still you??In case it really twists,Then you carry me!”Yao Junli said,Caught up in two steps,Grabbed Xia Jian’s arm gently。
A little helpless Xia Jian could only drag him towards the wasteland。This place is relatively flat from the outside,But after you go there,,The middle of this place is low,Four weeks high,Like a big iron pot。
“My days,Fortunately, I came in today and took a look”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Yao Junli sighed and said:“Don’t act hastily,Of course,Lu Hao knew in his heart,I won’t make a random price”
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But took Yao Junli into the wasteland。Okay,The innermost part of the wasteland is flat,This made Xia Jian feel much better。

After Li Ming fully controls this token,Consciousness penetration,Instantly enter a space。

“Similar to the virtual universe of my human race,But it involves a higher level!”Li Ming’s vision is high,Distinguished instantly。
Virtual universe,Universe-level eyesight is enough to distinguish it from the real world。
But the space behind this token,Seems to be a virtual space,but‘simulation’Extremely high,At least with Li Ming’s eyesight,It’s also difficult to discover the real situation without using the secret of will。
“Make it so difficult,Let me see what are the benefits of tokens?”
A thought,A lot of information comes to mind。
“That’s it~”See the message in the token space,Li Ming just understood。
original,The token space is the most important core area of the entire Heart Saint Sect。
“Eight spaces,Three of the three spaces are needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Before use,Including the inheritance of secret techniques,Treasure Exchange,And specifically ask the Void God and the Eternal God to give pointers—This is needed‘Six Holy Merit Points’Exchanged—The Six Saints merit points need to be completed to obtain。”
“Five other spaces,Are the battle trial space,Can simulate opponents with different fighting styles;Practice demonstration space,Deliberately let the strong practice many moves,Contains extremely clever rules;Refining space、Refining the treasure、The simulation space of mechanical flow;Will space,Can be used to sharpen the will,The effect is similar to the black stone pillar space;Blood space,There are countless bloodline gene maps,You can use this bloodline space to simulate the divine power route—If in real space,It is also very risky for those who do not have a clone to follow the line of divine power,However, the virtual network similar to human cannot perfectly simulate the method of taking the divine power route.。。This bloodline space can。”
“It really is。。This token space can be said to completely make up for my current lack of practice!”
For inheritance,Li Ming doesn’t really pay much attention,Because on the surface,These inheritances of the Heart Saint Sect、The secret technique and so on are not much stronger than the Star Spirit line。
But other channels such as the exchange of treasures、Simulating opponents and practicing secret techniques,Is too valuable to him。
no way,The Star Spirit passed on to him,It’s just a simple inheritance,That a large number of treasures to aid spiritual practice,All equipment is gone。
And this token space,Well made up for these shortcomings。
“Ok,It seems this‘Six Holy Merit Points’It’s not so easy to get。At the master level,An era can accept at most one mission,Generally speaking, a mission is as small as three to five merit points,No more than 20 merit points。And at random a treasure of true god level,Have thousands of merit points。”Li Ming is also a little speechless,Of course only completed 200 missions,almost200In the time of epoch, obtain a so-called Xeon in the universe,Already exaggerated,But it’s a bit slow for me。”
“For me,The biggest benefit for me is the practice of law,I’m here【Jizo】It hasn’t improved for a long time,Let me see how this demo space works。”
Based on previously obtained information,Li Ming knows what to do?
“Demo space,Turn on!”
With the voice falling,Li Ming’s surroundings began to change upside down。

So Dao Ke and Xin Na quickly inferred what the three people will do and their purpose.,It’s like a group of wild dogs on the wasteland facing a formidable opponent,Entangle the opponent,Non-frontal attack,Just take a bite from time to time,Then broke up,But soon they gathered together and adorned far behind,Take another bite,Until the opponent’s blood is drained。

“Drain the blood of the blood?”The knife man laughs up to the sky,There has never been a race that dared to let go of the blood of the blood,And he is very narcissistic,I dare not even have this idea,No race dare,Because they fear the power of ancestors,They don’t understand what ancestral power is,That is the river of blood deep in the galaxy,The river of blood that has been flowing for thousands of years,With indescribable power,It is the root of the blood,Its source is……Even Swordsman and Sinna don’t know,But Fei Yu successfully found it,And created the Holy Blood Array,Make the blood family and the river of blood have a real connection again,This is the whole blood race to avoid destruction,The foundation of revitalization。
The current blood race has once again reached the threshold of reincarnation,Nirvana with the help of ancestral power again is also the inevitable way for race continuation and even rebirth.,Who dare to destroy,Must be retaliated by the whole family,The most terrifying revenge。
“Let’s burn blood again。”The knife man stared at the cloud hole high in the sky,In the dense snow,The dark hole looks very gloomy,He has a very uneasy feeling,I always feel that the sky has passed his hands and feet。
Several elders around heard this,Face changed drastically,But Sina has no objection,One by one,And the knife man doesn’t care about these eyes,The huge praying mantis knife swept into the air,Several powerful supernatural powers came to him immediately,Among them is Shen Wenyu。
“Take me to see the world of mortals。”The knife guest gave Shen Wenyu a blank expression,Then the body soars into the sky,One by one light and shadow lift off,Soon submerged in the cloud。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Can no longer burn the blood of the people,Three times before and after,I think every corner of this world has clearly heard your call。”An elder persuaded。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Should stop the swordsman,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,We must make sure that we are not paid attention to by the entire mortal society。”
“Is Lord Zhehong still dreaming??Once the large-scale blood oath sacrifice to heaven is launched,Is it possible not to be noticed by Fansheng??”The elder who was hiding in the shadow asked coldly。
“It’s better than being so impulsive?In case there is a twist in the middle,Our race will fall into the vortex of siege,I will regret it then。”
“Siege?You mean being besieged by ants?Orihiro,I am ashamed of your thoughts。”
“Mortal individuals are indeed as fragile as ants,But they have taken another strong road,Easy to be ignored by us。”Elder Zhehong shook his head,“The deceased live in the mortal world for a long time,A little bit about this,They call this powerful technology,Powerful firearm,There are other powerful magic weapons,Not lost to powerful magical powers,Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu are more familiar,They have many records,Not as weak as we think。”
“Ambition,Destroy our clan……”
“enough!”The high priest Sina who had never spoken interrupted the quarrel of the elders,The complexion is even colder and terrible,“The knife man makes sense,Prepare for the fourth blood oath。”
Chapter nine hundred and eighty four Anti-sneak attack
When the blood light rushes to the sky again,Li Tianzhen completed his second sneak attack,Still escaped dangerously and dangerously from the col,This time,The high priest and the elder hiding in the dark still didn’t make a move,Because they are presiding over the intricate totem pattern on the base of the altar。
Even so,Li Tianzhen is still injured,Did not meet the swordsman,But under the attack of two priests and an elder,It’s not easy to escape,This stalker sneak attack will become more dangerous every time,Because no one else cooperates,Every sneak attack is equivalent to jumping into a trap。

Chapter VIII Night visitors

Li Tianzhen suddenly felt very lonely,in the past,Whether leading the Yuxing brothers to discuss life,Still in‘Ranger’Shadow member,With companions and comrades in arms,But now such a chaotic time and space,Only he walks alone,Travel far,It seems difficult to distinguish which space is where he should go。
Sometimes he even suspected that he was always in a dream,Never wake up,Especially when I go to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,This feeling is the most profound,Looking at the crazy patients,They all live in their own world,Are living in a deformed dream,Every living person is a mirror,Li Tianzhen seems to see himself in the mirror,Wandering in the bizarre world,Trying to capture all kinds of weird pictures,But I can’t catch it,Did you really catch those pictures one day,The dream really woke up?
Judgment has been biased,Chuck did not visit,But Li Tianzhen woke up from meditation,I quickly perceive this remote courtyard outside,Coming visitor,There are seven or eight,And they are all magical,These uninvited guests did not deliberately hide their whereabouts,And didn’t spread out and surround the courtyard,Are concentrated in front of the courtyard,And grandly knocking。
“Who?Knock on the door in the middle of the night?”The question in the courtyard is the entourage who has been with Zhang Mugen,Except for Li Tianzhi at this moment,Everyone is already in the courtyard,Zhang’s father and son are particularly nervous。
“Big brother,I am the sixth,By the order of the old lady,Visit today’s expert。”
“What’s the sixth and seventh,You found the wrong place。”The entourage responded according to Zhang Mugen’s gesture,Obviously he is not willing to let the other party see Li Tianchou。
“Big brother,Don’t want small belly chicken intestines,Just call on,Never look for trouble。”
“Say it again,Found the wrong place,Stop knocking。”
“Coward,Today’s things are not over,Don’t think you can do whatever you want with new support,You can remember Laoshi’s life。”
“Gui Lao Liu,You threaten me?Have I been scared for so many years?”Zhang Mugen finally couldn’t help but sneer,“If Lao Shi didn’t make a fool of himself,,I ran to my house after hearing your nonsense,Can something happen to him?Counted on Lao Tzu’s account?Don’t be so bloody!”
“Whatever you say,If you don’t open the door again,Don’t blame me for waiting!”
“You try……”
“It doesn’t hurt to see。”Li Tianzhen suddenly walked out of the room,People from outside rank sixth in Zhang’s family,According to the family map and list compiled by him and the instructor before,This person should be Zhang Yingen,Seems to follow‘Blood shadow’Walking tight,The relationship with Zhang Zhiqiang is not bad,But in this space, he is in the same position as Zhang Mugen。
“The disturbing envoy in the middle of the night,Mugen’s Fault,Don’t pay attention to these rascals,The feast between them and me should not involve the envoy,The Zhang family has this kind of stuff,Also unfortunate……”
Li Tianzhen knows that Zhang Mugen is supporting the scene,The people outside really want to rush in,He can’t stop it,Knowingly,But to be like this,Not stupid,But for him,I want to find opportunities to tie together,This is his purpose。
“It doesn’t matter,this late,Come all the way again,It’s not right not to meet。”
Zhang Shungen died at the hands of a puppet,Actually died in Li Tianzhen’s hands,Although he hates Zhang Shungen’s personality,,But didn’t mean to kill him,Because I was quite hated at the time,The puppet, sensing the will of the gods, blatantly put a heavy hand,It shows that he can’t control the puppet as he wants,In short, he must bear this responsibility。
Zhang Mugen had to let his entourage open the door,Hula swarmed in,A chubby middle-aged man headed by is Zhang Yingen,Li Tianzhen saw him in the Unknown Mountain Palace in that world,He was with Zhang Baogen at the time,Still have a little impression。
There are seven others,All are supernatural powers with good cultivation,There are two‘Tianzhenwei’,One of them,Met during the day,This person whispers in a low voice beside Zhang Yingen,Zhang Yingen immediately turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。

Girl skin rye color,Healthy complexion,It can be seen that they are often active under the sun,She holds the peaches sold at home,Take a bite,I wiped the peach juice from my lips with the back of my hand more generously。

“I came to school。”Zhu Minglang showed a harmless smile。
“Yeah,Can’t see it……”The peach girl is surprised。
Zhu Minglang’s smile gradually opens up。
“Can’t tell you are still crazy。”The peach girl went on to say。
Zhu Minglang’s expression froze,He didn’t expect this peach-seller film to be so venomous!
First10chapter Choice of the young
“Let’s make a bet。I will walk in now,The people at the bronze gate will never stop me,Want me to get in,You give me this basket of peaches。”I’m so angry,To this peach girl。
“OK,But i won?”The peach girl laughed,The rye skin and the bright eyes formed a very special contrast。
“I bought all your peaches。”
“Watch you dress up,Doesn’t seem to have this money。”Selling peach girls。
“You leave it alone!”
Enrolled by others,Not to mention how glamorous you must dress,Anyhow, it must be worthy of the four words dignified and neat,I wish Minglang protect the flowers on this road to Zulong City State,Then hike to this dragon training college,I didn’t even have a chance to take a bath,That rough commoner made him look a little sloppy。
Zhu Minglang doesn’t want to be like this either,Before the poor became poor,There is still no major problem with appearance,Will be treated as a beggar,I also met a gangster,In trouble……
Step into the Baiyan Bridge,There are fewer hawkers,When approaching the copper-wood gate, the quietness of the place is more elegant、tidy。
“I come to school,This is my letterhead。”Zhu Minglang handed in his admission notice,Pretty polite。