and many more,Is this old man saying he is a god?Li Tianchou laughed blankly,Throughout the ages,There are many rumors of Fei Xian,But no one has seen a real god,But this old man’s outfit and the current scene are a bit bluff,Could it be that I was caught again and that organization was working as a guinea pig,He immediately recalled the scene of life and death tossed by that research institution,Every day after the injection, there are some strange scenes in my mind,Some are more celestial than what you see。

Chapter six hundred and twenty seven Xi Lao Secret Realm(2)
“Not bad,Feathered Flying Fairy。”The old man nodded,There is a little more pride in his eyes。
“so,The old man is a god?”This made Li Tianchou wary,The old man’s not much different,Although he is so beautiful,Spiritual,It’s also a bit of a fairy style,Comparable to the white clouds of flowing clouds、Qingyun is not much stronger,Say something old god,That’s a polite compliment,Living conditions are good now,There are many people who know how to keep healthy,It’s nothing unusual for a hundred-year-old old man,From this perspective,The old man wants to make a joke with himself, but I don’t know。
“Haha,Do the dolls do not believe?”The old man laughs。
“Old gentleman misunderstood,Gods may have,But i haven’t seen。”Li Tianchou is honest,Didn’t say enough,On the one hand it hints that the elderly should not fool others,On the other hand, I really want to hear about the emergence of a fairy,Most of the records in the Liuyunguan classics are vague,Mysterious and mysterious,Is there really a fairy in the great world??
Far away,Many wonders that happened to Li Tianchou himself cannot be explained by science,Although he has never seen a god,But the god bird has seen one,It’s the same-named bird in the Purple Garden,The bird of ancient legend,He still carries a feather of the same name in his arms,Has become one of his life-saving methods,The energy contained in feathers,The colorful light field excited made him experience miraculous things,It’s fake to say it doesn’t itch in my heart。
But when I think of feathers with the same name,Li Tianchou’s mood immediately fell,do not know why,It and the linden leaves have turned into coke,Like I burned myself,Until now, my chest still aches。
“Have never seen,That’s all。”The old man’s look suddenly became weird,suddenly“what”The sound of,His eyes immediately turned to Li Tianchou’s left chest,“what is that?”
The old man’s eyes suddenly brightened,Li Tianchou immediately took a big step back subconsciously,But it makes no sense for him to retire,The distance between him and the old man is still two or three feet away,Hasn’t changed,Suddenly realized,This is the old man’s place,Weird everywhere,Just like when he first entered Ziyuan in Liuyunguan,I was struggling to pass the bamboo forest at first。
Could it be that this old Secret Realm is as magical as the Purple Garden?The more Li Tianchou thinks about it, the more likely it is,Suddenly feel cold,The yellow silk that had been hiding next to his body flew to the old man in a swaying volley,He is very anxious,Quickly reached out to catch,But suddenly the body can’t move as if nailed to the ground,Can’t help being surprised。
“You old man,Rob people for nothing,What intent?”In a hurry,Li Tianchou reaches out to touch the pistol at his waist,I lost a hand when I fell into the cave,But don’t have a handful。
“The old man hasn’t cured you of trespassing in secrets,What’s not to look at with a little outside?”The old man looked cold,The smile just now became so domineering and arrogant,An invisible coercion is coming,Li Tianchou suddenly felt that he had hit an invisible huge rock head-on,dizzy,I can’t help but want to do my best to resist,But it was in vain,His insignificant power is like a moth to a fire,Sink into the sea,The bones of the whole body began to creak due to the tremendous pressure,There was a chill in my heart,Secretly, how terrifying this not amazing old man is?
The old man slowly stretched out his hand to catch the flying yellow silk,Spread it in the palm of your hand and carefully checked the appearance,Look surprised。
Huang Jian has actually been burnt into a black pile,Stick together,I can’t tear it,The outer edges of the feathers are carbonized,Bodhi branches and leaves are naturally even more needless to say,But even so,Li Tianchou was not willing to throw it away,Thinking about handling the matter between him and Zhang Zhiqiang,After he rescued his family, he returned to Yunguan,I believe that the answer to the problem will be found in the purple garden。
But this kind of thinking doesn’t have much confidence,Because the two babies were burned inexplicably,Li Tianchou felt that the connection and induction between him and Ziyuan was much weaker,I don’t know what happened to Liuyunguan,I’ve been anxious。
The old man seems to be preoccupied,After peeling off the yellow silk carefully,The whole person seems to freeze suddenly,like a statue,The invisible pressure on Li Tianchou’s body at this time has been reduced a lot in an instant,Rao is so,The big bead of sweat still rolls down from his forehead like opening the gate。
I don’t know that the old man is worse than Li Tianchou at this moment,When his hand touched the feathers under the yellow silk,It’s like being burned by the coals,The pain reaches the bottom of my heart,The old man almost hummed out involuntarily,There was a voice in my ear,Anger in majesty,“brat,Take your dirty hands away!”
The sound rang like a bell in the old man’s heart,The old man’s complexion changed several times in an instant,Quickly take a closer look,Can’t help being surprised,“Forgiveness,Xiaoxian had no intention of offending,All because of the hairy boy in front of him breaking into Xiaoxian’s former forbidden place,Xiaoxian is afraid that he will be unpredictable,So stepped forward to investigate……I didn’t expect this baby to be bold,Dare to wear the seven flames of the immortal……”
“lie!It’s obviously your wrong heart,Countering false accusations,Could it be that I can’t get there,Want to occupy my treasure?”The majestic voice in the ear of the old man became more and more angry,The volume suddenly changed from hitting the bell to thunder,Aftermath,Momentum。

When Chuhe looked in front of him,I don’t forget to speak directly here。

Those around,They all looked in front of you。
Actually up to now,These people become more confused as they watch。
But Chu He’s side,Chu Tianxing nodded。
“dad,I know what to do,These things,Just leave it to me!”
“This time,I must let that kid survive!”
When Chu Tianxing finished,Chu He nodded repeatedly。
well,This is his son。
Actually it looks like,Deep in his heart,Actually, I think so。
But now look,Actually, it’s not the time to tangle these issues。
Chu He just said directly:“No matter what,This success building,We are bound to win。”
“As for how,It’s up to you all!”
Chapter 35: Xia Chaoxian’s Targeting
“Humph,Wait for this kid to come,I must clean him up!”
Xia Chao first looked at her,There is a smug smile on the corner of the mouth。
After all yesterday,It even made Xia Chaoxian’s heart brooding。
not to mention,Nowadays,Ye Xuan was late。
So,Xia Chaoxian had this reason to be troubled here。

Sorry,do not know,never seen it,Who are you!

now,Swordsman Wu Lao Xing felt myocardial infarction,Sloppy,I didn’t expect Leo to be so shameless。
“it is good,I go to the Warring States,I’ll see what you say!”
“Find you numb,You have the ability to find it,I really thought I was a five-star!”Leo scolded again。
The other side is not talking,Only the phone bug lowered his head shyly。
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First172chapter Warring States Call(6/10)
Troangoth stood a little dazed,He thought about countless possibilities,I never expected Leo to curse directly,Put the bloody head of the scolding dog,Then retreat。
This trick has no time to play。
“Boss,Your hand is great,This way, the five old stars can’t help you!”Tlangote admires。
“Don’t lick,Do you know that licking the dog has nothing?”Leo gets up。“You think too simple,Wu Lao Xing won’t just count it like that,I must trouble me!”
but,Just a little trouble,After all, Sengoku and Karp won’t sit idly by after knowing this.。
And the Gang Bone Kong, who has never seen it before, will not let the five old stars convict Leo.。
and so,No problem。
“I guess within three minutes,The Marshal of the Warring States Period will call me!”

Which woman glanced at Xia Jian,Put Xia Jian’s arm on her shoulder,Whispered:“My name is Xiaolan,Mr. Zhu hired from outside to take care of you,She kept me from talking to you“Xiaolan’s voice is as small as a mosquito。

These things,Even if Xiaolan doesn’t say,Xia Jian can know。But he still pretended to be surprised and asked:“Really like this!Then I really dare not talk to you“
“Nothing,She is not often,We can secretly say“Xiaolan said softly,She couldn’t help but glance back at Xia Jian。Just look at,Xia Jian’s heart trembled。
I don’t know what perfume is sprayed on Xiaolan,It smells good anyway,Even if Xia Jian doesn’t want to smell it,But the smell is still tangy,I can’t avoid it。
Going to the toilet is a very embarrassing thing,He is a big man let a beautiful woman hold him,And untie his pants,I almost wiped his ass。But what makes Xia Jian happy is,He really has more strength than the previous two days,Some actions are not that difficult anymore。
It seems that his qigong is really not blowing,It can always achieve unexpected results when it is critical。When coming out of the toilet,Xiaolan helped Xia Jian return to the house,Xia Jian walked slowly on purpose。He looked around,I found out that this is a small courtyard house,It feels like being built in the mountains。
Back to bed,Xiaolan helped Xia Jian lie back,And then sat by the bed,She began to pinch Xia Jian’s body with her soft little hands。I can see that this woman has learned Tuina,She holds the grip very well,Hand to hand,Makes people feel very comfortable,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。
“You lie down like this every day,Muscles will slowly shrink,I stole Mr. Zhu and give you a pinch,But you can’t tell Mr. Zhu,Let alone“Xiaolan moved her hands,And whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,But he didn’t say a word。He knows,Such a woman,The better to him,The more unreliable,Maybe she was an undercover agent sent by Zhu Hui。
In a day,Except for going to the toilet, it’s eating,Then just lie down like this。At the beginning,Xia Jian can sleep for a while,But slowly he can’t fall asleep。Fortunately, he can still lie down and detoxify,Otherwise, he won’t be able to live a day like this。
Guo Meili these days,Food is not good,Can’t sleep。Xia Jian suddenly disappeared under her nose,It made her feel scared again。I remember the last time Xia Jian was kidnapped,What people want is money,But this time there was no movement,It’s been several days,Do you think she can be in a hurry?
Lin Wei is also silent these days,Wholeheartedly,Hard work,I can see that she is sighing in her heart,Suddenly something happened to Xia Jian,Makes her feel very uncomfortable。
What makes Guo Meili happy is,Ouyang Hong lived in Pingyang Town in person,She and Mayor Zhao joined forces,Ba Fruit Industry Base、And supervision of the Xiping Village Cooperative。Mayor Zhao also had a brief meeting with the director of the police station,All six police officers in the police station were dispatched,Split into black and white patrols。
And every village has a joint defense team,Especially for these new projects developed by Xia Jian day and night care,Basically not let a stranger approach。
A very terrifying atmosphere enveloped the entire Pingyang Town。Ouyang Hong did not forget Donglin Township,He asked the mayor to personally lead the team,Patrolled and protected thousands of acres of newly planted walnut trees。
In the small private room of Pingdu Limin Restaurant,Zhu Hui and Lu Monkey sitting together,The two of them are drinking small wine,What are you talking in a low voice。
Door closed,Even the curtains are down。Lu Monkey blinked and said:“Mr. Zhu!Are you weird?!Our people have nowhere to start these days,Don’t you know,Except for police cars patrolling at the police station during day and night,Even a joint defense team was established in every village“
“What you said is true?“Zhu Hui glanced at Lu Monkey,Asked in disbelief。
Monkey Lu nodded and said:“How can I lie to you about this?“

“Fang Yu……we……Can you start again?Me and him,It has ended!”

Ran Jing looked at Fang Yu,Serious look。
There is still a trace of desire in his eyes!
“Ran Jing,Stop it……You know better than anyone else!We are impossible。Moreover,Your boyfriend is not very nice?How could we break up?”
Fang Yu puzzled。
“He is no longer a doctor in the hospital……Called last night to tell me not to find him。He is really ruthless,I think,Still your best。Didn’t you say,You will always wait for me?”
Ran Jing firmly said。
“How to eat bad dishes?Not to mention dishes that others don’t want……Goodbye!Don’t come to me anymore!”
Finished,Fang Yu shook his head。
Ran Jing,It’s completely over with him。
No need to entangle。
Ran Jing looked at Fang Yu away,I feel uncomfortable。
Snorted coldly。
“You are Fang Yu,Mr. Fang??”
Wait for Fang Yu to return to the pharmacy。
One is about 1.7 meters tall,Wearing a black professional suit,Woman with black frame glasses,Came to the shop。

When Xia Jian was about to pay,Wang Lin sitting at the back has taken out the money,She smiled and said:“I have change here,Do you want to go in and rest before running“

“Thank you Mr. Wang!You go!I’m the first time tonight“Xu Feifei said,Squinted at Xia Jian。Xia Jian did not speak,But got out of the car。
Back to the villa,Wang Lin started cooking dinner openly,Xia Jian sitting on the sand in the living room,I’ve been thinking about this Xu Feifei,The more he thinks about it, the more he finds something wrong with this person,But I just don’t understand what the problem is?
Don’t look at Wang Lin as a strong woman in the company,But at home,Everything is fine for work,In a short while,So I made two cold dishes,Three hot dishes,And the soup is starting to boil。
“Come,Haven’t been sitting together drinking for a long time,Let’s drink some red wine tonight“Wang Lin greeted Xia Jian who was sitting on the sand。
Xia Jian recovered,Came over slowly,He walks,Said with a smile:“Do you think there is something wrong with Xu Feifei?“
“People are not only beautiful,And also very capable,You don’t like her anymore!“Wang Lin is joking,Handed the poured red wine to Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian raised his glass,Ha ha smiled:“If you describe it this way, you will like someone,Am I not a nympho anymore??“He is smiling,Touched the wine glass with Wang Lin,The two drank happily。
Sitting in such an upscale villa,Eating delicious food,Drinking this red wine brought from abroad,It’s just like that when you’re proud,Xia Jian feels contented。
“Hey!do you know?Chen Xia is getting engaged to Lang Hu“Wang Lin suddenly smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but feel happy,He asked quickly:“Isn’t this Langhu sentenced to three years in prison??How to get married?Could he be commuted so soon??“
“How could this be possible,Will not。Chen Xia has obtained the consent of Lang Hu,She held a ceremony outside first,When Lang Hu comes out,They get married“When Wang Lin said this,Look forward to。

“Then resign!You can’t take both ends!“Wang Youcai didn’t even think about it,So he said his thoughts。

Song Fang took a breath and said:“Also good!I wanted to insist on moving to the factory。It seems that Qin Shuifeng doesn’t believe us,This time,Brought several people,It looks like I want to take over our work“
“All right,All the formalities must be completed tomorrow,Leaving Huafeng Electric,It’s best to let the news out,Let Xiping Village know that you are no longer working in Huafeng,This is good for your campaign“Wang Youcai finished,Also learned his boss’ domineering,So I hung up the phone in advance。
Just wanted to go to bed,The phone on the desk rang again。Wang Youcai quickly picked it up,Feng Yan’s voice came from inside:“Wang Youcai!What are you doing?The phone is always busy“
“Just answered a call,You have something to say“When Wang Youcai heard Feng Yan’s attitude towards his leader,Can’t help but get angry。
Feng Yan smiled and said:“Didn’t fix you during this time,Good temper!I ask you,Why don’t you come to the city to find me?Doesn’t you recognize people when you lift your pants??“Oh my god!Is this woman drinking too much?,Say everything。
First1823chapter Emergency call
? As the saying goes,With whom to learn art。Although Feng Yan looks charming and charming,But after all, people from big cities,Even pretending in words and deeds,She also pretends to be civilized,Can not,She has become like this now,This makes Wang Youcai still a little unacceptable。
“Damn!Have something to say,Don’t be foolish”Wang Youcai said to the phone without getting bored。
Feng Yan,Yelled on the phone:“Good you are rich,Are you annoying my old lady now??I can tell you,If you have this attitude,See me next time,Don’t think about touching me”
“Not grandma,Someone on my side,You hurry up and talk business!”Wang Youcai made a move,Lied quickly。
Feng Yan said coldly:“Mr. Hu just called,Let me buy a batch of electric fans for your construction site。You do the math,See how many units are needed,Hurry up and report this mathematics,I will go through tomorrow,You can also save a few days of heat”
Turns out to be this,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but feel happy。A kitchen must be,Although Liu Ying said she lives alone,But her house is small,Hotter inside,So where she lives, she also needs one,It’s about seven or eight stations.。Wang Youcai turned his eyes and said:“Then come to ten!Floor shaking head fan”
“Then you are right,I’ll send it to you tomorrow”Feng Yan finished,Hung up。
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai thought that he had to go to Xiping Village again if it was not light the next day,So I went to bed early。 He slept very soundly this night,Because several things made him happy。
Xia Jian and Song Fang met at Long Mingxuan Tea House,Both of them are naturally very happy。They ordered a pot of Longjing,And then closed the door of the private room。
“what happened?Xiao Xiao said someone attacked you last night”Fang Fang asked Xia Jiandao puzzledly。

“so,True god,No matter what you practice,Are hard for us to look at!”

Huo Shangjun put away Ziyunlong、Golden Dragon。
He should be the most dazzling person today,Now it has become the green leaf of others。
“Thank you for your mercy。”Huo Shangjun finally chose to give up,And suppressed the anger in my heart。
I wish Minglang the sword,It can actually split into the body of the Golden Sky Dragon,Instead of tail。
If Huo Shangjun can’t see that the other party has kept his hand,Is the real stupidity。
He doesn’t need to deceive himself anymore,Not an opponent or an opponent。
“But your shepherd’s skill,I don’t recognize。What you rely on is the rare sword spirit dragon in this world。”
“Humph,Even if you only rely on this sword spirit dragon,Not long,I will surpass you。”
Huo Shangjun said to Zhu Minglang。
Finished these words,Huo Shangjun turned to leave the Mausoleum Mountain。
He lost,The brocade box in the tomb of the Ninth Army no longer belongs to him。
“and many more。”Zhu Minglang stopped him。
Huo Shangjun stopped,I thought Zhu Minglang would also say something impassioned,But his next sentence,But Huo Shangjun’s entire face turned blue and purple。
“People can go,The brocade box you got left。”

“Hit~”Feng Yiwen seemed to be happier than Shi Muluo himself。

“I am not blind!”
“Oh,Next target,distance420Meter。”
Shi Muluo stopped refuting,Do whatever love is,Anyway, it has not caused any bad consequences。
After a few rounds, all hits,Shi Muluo feels pretty good,As the captain said,Although this gun looks badly damaged,But the accuracy is still very high,As long as the click is appropriate,It is more than enough to deal with targets within a few hundred meters。
“knock off。”Shi Muluo just whispered,Feng Yiwen got up immediately,Clean up the surrounding area as quickly as possible,Show one“Little brother”Style。
“Eh?I remember it was written in your information,You this year26Years old?”Feng Yiwen cleans up his mouth while making a nagging speech。
“none of your business?shut up。”Shi Muluo habitually picked up the cartridge case and put it in his pocket,I don’t feel that my ear is quiet for a moment。
“What a coincidence,I am also this year26”Feng Yiwen completely ignored the warning,Keep talking,“Speaking of which month were you born?”
“……”Shi Muluo didn’t want to answer,Quietly sorting things。
“The information says September,I guess you will not write real information if you write on fake information,Is it true this time?If so,I was born in October,A month younger than you,wrong,To be precise28day。”
“I can call your sister?Or keep calling‘you’It feels weird,Adding a prefix makes it more comfortable,and many more,You won’t be upset by calling you sister?I didn’t mean sister’s age,Pure habit,Or just call‘Little sister’?Will it sound better?”
“Sister Mu Luo’s marksmanship is really good,As good as my brother,BeforeSIn the market,Hehe,At that time, sister, you went directly to the scene,No chance to show,We were almost fooled by you,be honest,If it weren’t for our three brains to analyze together,Will definitely fall into your hands。”
“But it’s weird,Isn’t that Yu Zhe’s boyfriend??How he……”
Click,It was a crisp sound of a bullet being loaded,Followed by“boom”A gunshot。

The man in black directed the murderer to beat him again, and then he was about to turn around and flash.,But when I got to the gate, I was blocked by a sturdy body facing me.。The man in black smiled and looked up,But all of a sudden I feel cold,A black hole barrel is pointed at his forehead。

The person here is Wu Fang,He just hurried from the Internet cafe on Yutang Street,But it’s still a step too late。He frowned and looked at the mess in the hall,Some regret that it took too long to deal with the hooligans in Yutang Street,Fortunately, it didn’t become like this。
“move back,Raise your hand。”Wu Fang coldly ordered。
“What do you mean by brother?Who are you?”The man in black is willing to give in easily,But under the deterrence of the barrel, I had to take a step back,He accepted the word while thinking about how to throw him down instantly,By the way, make a hole in his body again。Even though Wu Fang is very hanging with a gun,But the man in black didn’t really put it in his eyes,He has a bad name on the road,Don’t think the opponent dares to shoot,He even suspected that the big guy in Wu Fang’s hands was a fake。
But where is Wu Fang the second gangster in his imagination,Didn’t give him a chance。Strong wind,The man in black suddenly felt a flower in front of him,A fist with a big mouth appeared before my eyes,And hit him hard on the cheek,He didn’t even react and flew out with a muffled snort。Wu Fang’s power is extremely strong,And the fast action makes people around have an illusion,The man in black suddenly hit something and fell down。
The murderers in the back panic,Wu Fang raised his muzzle and shouted,“Squat down for Laozi,Hold head with hands!”
The murderers were fucked down when they saw the boss,Fear,Although Wu Fang is only one person,But with a gun in hand,And the aura exuding from the whole body,Some people are gradually overwhelmed。Hesitating,Even one or two with guilty conscience have slowly begun to bend down,The other three moved a little slower, and Wu Fang rushed over and punched them to the ground.,He doesn’t have so much time and patience。
At this time, the customers in the bar ran away completely,Even the band disappeared,The outside of the door was full of people watching the excitement,Among them are many guests who just ran out。Two waiters came out tremblingly behind the bar,Was seen by Wu Fang,He beckoned to both,“come。”
Although the two are bad,But dare not neglect,Why slid a few steps and came to Wu Fang,“Big……Big brother。”
“Ok,There are people?”Wu Fang quickly put away the big guy in his hand,look around,I saw hidden service staff crawling out one after another,So greeted,“Hey,All come”
The waiter and other staff stood in a row,The only one who didn’t see Yuxing。
“In charge of?”Wu asked loudly,Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads,A little girl suddenly pointed to the backcourt and said,“I just saw Manager Zhao go back。”
Wu Fang nodded,Tell them to find ropes to tie up all the squatting murderers。One of the waiters suddenly looked terrified and horrified,Because he accidentally saw the man in black lying on the ground slowly pulling out the dagger from his waist。
Wu Fang smiled,The body moves sideways quickly without warning,Stepped on the back waist of the man in black,Leaned over and picked it up。Unceremoniously broke the opponent’s wrist,And slapped the man in black with a dozen big mouths,Broken teeth and blood drops flying around,The other party actually fainted。“The second force of the grass mud horse,You ungrateful animal。”Wu Fang dropped the opponent,I’m tied up,I walked quickly to the back hall。At this time, the sound of police sirens was heard in the distance,But he turned a deaf ear。
The scene behind is much stronger than the front,How to smash without passing,But the two people lying on the ground made his heart sink。One of the boys was very badly injured,Multiple fractures,The stick on the forehead is the worst,The skull is sunken。Wu Fang naturally recognized each other,This is Yuxing’s Xiaohuo,Trouble now。
Three hundred and sixty one visit
Touch Xiaohuo and still have a tone,Wu Fang didn’t dare to delay,Leaned over and picked up the opponent carefully,Back to the front hall quickly。I didn’t expect it to be noisy again,There were two murderers who had not had time to tie up and ran away while Wu Fang was not there.,But before they got to the door, they bumped into Ahuang and Lanmao who came in a panic。
Waiters are timid,Naturally dare not stop。But Ahuang and Huang cried out when they saw the horror of the bar,Regret shouldn’t hide from Zhang Wen,Something happened in the bar but not there,Isn’t this a shame for Big Brother??Lan Mao immediately boldly drank,“What?stop!”