Wang Xi’an didn’t say a word,The eyes of the men next to him were straight。

Another thousand dollars,This kid is so rich!His card is like a cornucopia,Seems to always have money。
Have a thousand dollars,In the Red Zone Arms Exchange,At least you can buy a big guy,Have a big guy,It’s much safer for everyone to get into the jungle。
but,Wang Xi’an didn’t think so,Because he checked the bottom of Lu Menglin,Although nothing was found,But the more so,Instead, he faintly guessed the identity of the other party,These outsiders are not only very powerful,And it has a great relationship with the military outside。
A strong team like them,If you really want to do something in the red zone,I’m afraid I’m going ten times better than my own small organization。
But they seem to be waiting for something,Do nothing in the red zone,Stay in the room every day,This in itself is extremely abnormal。
And the one in front of you is even more abnormal,He seems to be afraid that others will not know that he is rich,I swagger every day,The smell of nouveau riche radiated from all over。
If it weren’t for myself in this area, I can still cover it,Fat sheep like this,I’m afraid I’ve been chewed long ago so that there is no more bone。
“If you really want to go to the edge of the jungle to see,Bring your companions,Should be more reliable than us。”After Wang Xi’an pondered for a moment,Speak out。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“They all have to practice,How can you take me around。It’s better if you take me to see and see。correct,In this city,Who has the furthest distance into the jungle?”
Wang Xi’an shook his head,He feels instinctively,It’s better not to take that kid into the jungle!So said:“No way!I haven’t received your balance yet!If you die in the jungle,I lost!”
Lu Menglin didn’t expect this person to learn how to calculate economic accounts,This reason is really irrefutable!
at this time,There was a rough voice coming from the side,“Want to go into the jungle?Okay!I take you in,I only charge you three thousand dollars,Keep you safe。”
Hear this rough voice,Wang Xi’an was surprised,Turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound source。
In a roadside pub separated from them by a curtain,I don’t know when a group of people are sitting,The headed person has only one eye,Laughs extraordinarily oozing。
“King,What are you doing on my site?”Wang Xi’an suddenly became nervous,Frowning and shouting。
His men put their hands on their waists,It seems that the man sitting in the tavern is not a kind person,And it’s a tough character to deal with,Otherwise they would never be so nervous。
Lu Menglin came to the red zone for three days,I’ve never seen Wang Xi’an’s subordinates so vigilant,It only shows that the people in the tavern are extremely difficult to mess with,Even the people who cover this neighborhood are deeply jealous。

First0381chapter Gunshots in the palace

“Haha,Brother Joe,Last time we met,Didn’t you say that you have never eaten our Saudi roasted camel?I know I can see you in the British Virgin Islands this time,So I specially sent a whole roasted camel by air,Give your brother Joe a taste!Hahaha.Come here,Roasted camel!”
I don’t know if it’s because of a guilty conscience,Prince Sartu did not continue to answer Qiao Tianyu’s questions,But quickly changed the subject,And when Qiao Tianyu saw this, he stopped talking,Otherwise it would be impolite。
Qiao Tianyu、Prince Harita、Prince sartu,Three people have ghosts in their hearts,So eating this dinner can be as embarrassing as it is,A large table of delicacies is also delicious!
I can’t bear this embarrassing atmosphere,Qiao Tianyu took a few bites,Claiming to be full,Just got up and said goodbye。
And Prince Saltu seems to have no appetite,Said something“I see you off”,And followed Qiao Tianyu out of the castle。
After the baptism of strong wind and rain in the afternoon,In the evening, the city of Deloitte is particularly cool and pleasant,Coupled with the fresh earthy smell permeating the flowerbed after the rain and the sound of frogs in the pond,It is indeed a delightful sight。
So after coming out of the castle,Qiao Tianyu was attracted by this pleasant scenery,Didn’t get in the car and left,And Prince Sartu is even more old,It’s a good time to come up。
“Brother Joe,My manor is the largest tropical manor in the British Virgin Islands,There are countless rare and exotic plants inside,I don’t know if Brother Qiao is willing to give him some guidance。”Prince Sartu gave Qiao Tianyu a pious face“Ask for instructions”Tao。
“Also good!Also good!Is it such a comfortable weather,It’s a pity to waste,Prince,You and I play alone in the manor,Can?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“understand!understand!”Prince Sartu waved behind him,The entourage behind him retreated one after another。
“please!”Prince Sartu took Qiao Tianyu into the back garden of the manor。
“Dude Sartu!”
Wait for the two to come deep in the garden together,Qiao Tianyu looked around,Seeing other people didn’t follow,Qiao Tianyu stopped suddenly,Looking at Prince Sartu seriously。
“Brother Joe,Finally you are willing to call me‘Dude’Up。”Prince Sartu also stood down,But the tone is full of grievances,“Brother Joe,Is there any misunderstanding between you and me?”
“Prince sartu,I want to know what happened to Prince Harita?This time, isn’t your man supposed to preside over the petro-dollar system?,How come Prince Harita?”Qiao Tianyu asked puzzledly。

“Usually very fast,Why don’t you feel anything today,The actual operation is so different from Wangmei’s thirst quenching?”Butterflies find that they don’t understand themselves,I always think she thinks strongly,I imagined that three or five times a day would be all right and no problem,It turns out now,Doesn’t seem to be the case。

“……This issue……”Chen Wen thinks back today,But don’t remember,I have the impression that it will be soon at first,But it seems to recover quickly,So I can’t be sure,Have to say:“May vary from person to person。……Why are you changing the DVD?Not reconciled?”
“Nah,Feel owed,Find a plate and learn now,Then serve you。”Butterflies are quite interesting,Chen Wenjin is also interested,Just lie down and say:“I’ll sleep first,You can do it anytime after you find it,You are so full of learning spirit,I would be happy to help you。”
“Get cheap and sell well,I really want to electrocute you!”Butterflies act viciously,Chen Wenjin didn’t speak,When the butterfly looks at the screen,He directly touched the electric shock device and pepper spray,Moved a place,He didn’t doubt that the butterfly did it。
At dawn,Chen Wenjin opened his eyes and woke up,Look outside,It should be late,Look at the time,Push the butterfly to say:“Time to go to school。”
“So fast?”Butterfly opened her mouth,Pinch his face and say:“You slept soundly last night,I will try to practice by myself,Thinking you will wake up,I never wake up。Here、I’m so sour, I’ll take a break and continue,Repeatedly exhausted,And you are still sleeping,I’m so sleepy,Just fell asleep。Come back in the afternoon,I think I learned something from practicing last night。”
“You rest for two days。”Chen Wenjin feels too difficult for her,No practical experience after all。
“Nothing!you forgot,I said,I think very strongly,Definitely no problem!”Butterfly vowed,Chen Wenjin laughed:“I guess you may have misunderstood yourself,otherwise,This should be you wake me up。”
Butterfly winking,A little dazed,Thinking about the facts in front of me is really wrong,She used to console herself early in the morning,Today this is……what happened?
Is the actual difference so big??
Chen Wenjin thinks the contrast between butterflies is quite interesting,While he was washing,Butterflies also get up,Suddenly came over and dragged him out,Pointing to Abao’s room,With head attached to ear door。
Chen Wenjin heard the sound inside,Gesturing to leave,Stop eavesdropping。
When washing and brushing teeth,Butterflies are very angry:“how can that be possible?How can I be worse than a small fish?I、I……Hey,Don’t tell anyone about this,Shameful!I’m so disgraced!I think it must take time to adapt,Two days later, the true power will definitely be awakened!Hum——Then I’ll change you and beg me to let you go!”
“Ok,I am looking forward。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to hit her anymore。

D-18TWhat is the life of the engine?

Say it to scare you:in1987Years ago,only500Hours。
First875chapter fishing(4000word)
500Hours,Contrast Rawls·RoyceRB211Ten thousand hours,20Times the gap,How to compare?
of course,D—18TThe life of the engine is so low,There are many reasons,Among them, there is indeed a vice that the Soviet military system does not pay attention to life.,But the Soviet Union did not develop such200Thousand-Niu level large bypass ratio、The experience of high-thrust aeroengine is also“Contributed”(from80The continuous deterioration of the Soviet economy since the 1970s also prompted the Soviet government to focus on equipment“Economy”A big reason)。
But no matter what the reason,The Soviets themselves knew,equipmentD—18TEngine safety—124Strategic transport aircraft is not a MiG—21、MiG—29That can be fast、Mass manufactured“Battlefield consumables”,Is strategic equipment,Engine only500An hour life is definitely not enough,Too wasteful!Must extend life!
and so,D-18Tin1982After years of successful research and development,1984In the year,Ivchenko Design Bureau received an increaseD—18TEngine life“Three steps”task:Within three years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to800hour;Within five years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to at least1500Hours;10During the year,D—18TThe life of the engine must reach300Hours。
Obviously,This is given by the competent department of the Soviet aviation industry“Three steps”The task can also be seen,The Soviets themselves felt at least in terms of engine life,I can’t catch up with my European and American counterparts in a short time。
The order is down,The Ivchenko Design Bureau had to accept,at the moment“first step”I’ve gritted my teeth,Material preparation started last month、The batch is expected to be officially completed by the end of the yearD—18TThe life of the engine has reached800Hours,But here comes the problem,From the current500Hours increase to800Hours can be considered as a step to climb,How can I800Hour climb1500hour?How to get from1500Hour climb3000hour?
The Ivchenko Design Bureau is having a headache for this order.,Fernandez·Chen is here,Then his secretary said that Fernandez·Chen got andD—18TThe engine is at the same thrust level、But the British Rolls with an engine life of up to 10,000 hours·RoyceRB211All engine technology、Patent and production materials。
Go directly to the British、Ask if they can“Learn”a bitRB211How does the engine achieve a life of 10,000 hours?,You don’t have to think about it,Kelly·Hicks“Inadvertently”When the revealed news is placed before our eyes,Yuri·The people of the Ivchenko Design Bureau headed by Kravchenko suddenly realized a possibility:
If we can“Learn”、“Borrow”a bitRB211Craftsmanship and production materials,Dare not say easy willD—18TFrom the present800Up to1500Hours or3000Hours,But at least we can know what our western counterparts do。

When Lin Chongshan was talking,I’m in a downturn。

“speak!Can’t scare me!”
Cang Fuxue snorted。
Wanghai University’s famous families are not rare,But those in the army are not always people with their tails between them?Hurry up in the barracks,There is no fearless background,Cang Fuxue didn’t believe it。
Chapter Thirty Four Countermeasure
Yang Yang Huaxia,Powerful。This is an unchanging truth,Even if there are occasional unfamiliar children coming into the room,It’s hard to escape the short-lived ending。This situation did not change slightly until modern Chinese history.,But with the efforts of many revolutionaries,It barely managed to maintain the balance between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat。
No one knows how much work the older generation of revolutionaries have done,How much brainpower was spent,Like no one knows,Why are there so many family members from ancient times to the present?。
If you say that there is still hope for the poor family,The troops are the only hope,At least here,As long as you work hard, you will have a certain chance to see the scenery higher up。
“Speak!My guts are still there,You can’t be scared of the news!”
It took a while to calm my mood,Cang Fuxue looked at Lin Chongshan who was standing motionless beside him,Snorted coldly,But the voice sounds lazy。
“Then I really said?”
Lin Chongshan approached Cang Fuxue and confirmed again,When I saw Cang Fuxue staring at me,Lin Chongshan stood at attention immediately,Narrate the information in hand to Cang Fuxue。
“Xiangyang,Female,The information shows that she is from Huaxia,But our information officer found traces of changes in her profile。”
When reporting,Lin Chongshan has been paying attention to the changes in Cang Fuxue’s face,There is not much emotion to see the latter,Dare to continue speaking。
“Our information staff found,This Xiangyang is actually not a Chinese,Origin of birth unknown,But all the signs indicate,This sun comes from Paradise Island,It seems that those who changed the information of Xiangyang did not intentionally hide some traces.。”
Lin Chongshan controlled his speaking rate rhythmically,So that Cang Fuxue has enough time to accept his own narrative information。
“Paradise Island?”
Cang Fuxue squinted suspiciously,The name Paradise Island sounds familiar,But for a while, Cang Fuxue can’t remember where I heard it。

Chapter Seven Hundred and Four A rough one

“Sorry,excuse me!Something was delayed on the road,Everyone has been waiting!”
When Lu Menglin said this with a smile,All present were silent,It’s so quiet that you can hear a needle clearly。
Liu Yi came out without hesitation,Striding to Lu Menglin。
Fatty didn’t move,Just tilted his head,Staring at Lu Menglin with piercing eyes,And secretly guess in my heart,This guy looks a lot stronger,So how strong is it??
The relationship between Fat Dun and Lu Menglin,There is no need to come forward,How many brothers can a person have?No matter what the other party did,All the same are good brothers!
And because Liu Yi is the leader of the first combat team,Public or private,He should represent the army,Take the initiative to come out to meet。
His move,The other team leaders,And five captains,All stand up,The group greeted Lu Menglin mightily。
These captains,The position is higher than the leader of the combat team,But they are only responsible for administration,The real battle is not involved,So in the special force of Iron Lion,The actual influence is not as great as the leaders of these five combat teams。
Five team leaders,Except Liu Yi,Zhang Qingtan,Beyond Gong Hu,And the leader of the fourth and fifth combat teams,Luo Yifan and Miaoping。
But I don’t know why,Luo Yifan suddenly left the army,Walked with him,And more than half of the fourth combat team。
The remaining Miaoping team leader,His identity is a bit special,I never participate in these discussions。
Because before he entered the army,Is actually a monk。And not just him,exactly,The members of the fifth battle group are all bald monks,They are monks and soldiers from the Zen holy land,Joined the army specifically to deal with the secret medicine group。
So Zhang Qingtan and Gong Hu didn’t expect Miaoping to be on their side.,Oppose this unreliable chief instructor。
“You finally came!”Among the crowd,Suddenly there was a clear and sweet voice,The tone is slightly excited。

“Goldman Sachs says,Since the U.S. Treasury Department does not allow them to sell‘Diplomatic bond’,but‘Diplomatic bond’The capital space taken up is too big。”

“So in order to clean up the funding space,They suggested that the representatives attending the meeting will hold‘Diplomatic bond’All are packaged as collateral,Jointly issued by various investment institutions including Goldman Sachs GroupDBLPBond。”
“Despite theseDBLPBonds are issued by a group of investment institutions such as Goldman Sachs,In the category of corporate bonds,It stands to reason that the credit rating of bonds will not be too high,Issuance may be hindered。”
“But due toDBLPThe subject matter of the bond was issued by the U.S. Treasury Department‘Diplomatic bond’,Guaranteed by U.S. National Credit。”
“and soDBLPBonds are in credit pre-assessment,Standard & Poor’s、Moody’s and Fitch International’s three major credit rating companies also rated the highest credit3ABond,In a secret meeting, Goldman Sachs presented a pre-assessment certificate。”
“In other words,as long asDBLPOnce the bond is issued,Such a high credit rating will surely makeDBLPSold out,Most of the funds can be returned by selling bonds at that time,To make up for the‘Diplomatic bond’Capital space taken up。”
“And considering‘Diplomatic bond’Will expire at the end of this year,So willDBLPThe bond repayment period is set for this year6month,Then as long asDBLPOnce repaid,Bundled‘Diplomatic bond’Will be released。”
“In other wordsDBLPThe issuance of bonds not only solves the problem of the occupation of funds of major institutions,And it doesn’t hinder‘Diplomatic bond’Repayment,And now we use‘Diplomatic bond’Contain America’s problems。”
“DBLPBonds are simply perfect,Took care of everything,So at that meetingDBLPOnce the bond idea was proposed,I immediately got the support of most of the participants。”
“And I am carefully analyzingDBLPAfter the bond,I also think this bond is indeed too suitable。”
“To know,‘Diplomatic bond’Took up our Gundam7000100 million US dollars of funding space,Over the years we have also been severely restricted,And in order to prepare for this world offshore financial market war,We are indeed too short of funds。”
“So at that time, my uncle and I studied carefully and decided to take all7000One hundred million U.S. dollars‘Diplomatic bond’Take it all outDBLPBond withdrawal。”
“Later, under the leadership of Goldman Sachs Group,DBLPThe bond issuance process went very smoothly,Unsurprisingly, the three major credit rating agencies gaveDBLPHighest bond3AGrade rating,And the bonds were sold out immediately after they were issued。”
“The whole process of Goldman Sachs is almost voluntary labor,Did not withdraw any issuance fees,So most of our funds were successfully withdrawn,It’s indeed a happy situation。”
“Please wait!”Hear here,Qiao Tianyu stopped Wu Minghao again。
Not right,Is Goldman Sachs designingDBLPDidn’t you plant mine in the bond??When did Goldman Sachs become so benevolent?This is not like the style of Goldman Sachs!

In fact, this is an example of opening one eye and closing one eye in normal life.,Still at work,Even in some high-end business practices,That’s almost something everyone knows well,but,This time,It seems that it won’t work。

Because everyone doesn’t recognize it。
Even if they respect the old chairman,,They won’t sit still,and so,They met in his office to make trouble。
“Wu Guodong,Your kid is amazing,You actually offended that King Xiao Yan。”
“Yes,It’s not good for you to offend,You dare to provoke that King Xiao。Do you think your life is too long??”
“I still dislike your grandpa’s company, which is so good,You guys don’t have much brains。”
“Yes,When you say you do things,Don’t you think?Who is Xiao Fan??Even old guys like us will give him three points of face。”
“You actually relied on your grandpa to help his grandpa,So disrespectful to him,I see how you end up this time。”
“Yes,We can’t control you,You just need to solve this problem perfectly,”
“Don’t leave the company founded by the old chairman himself.。”
“I tell you,We can’t control how you want to toss,Don’t want to manage,but,You must give us an explanation today。”
These people are filled with righteous indignation,All of them are at war,At first glance, it seems that today I will not give up unless the problem is solved.。
These people are the veterans of the Wu Group,They themselves have opinions on Wu Guodong,I think this kid has no ambitions,So happy。
Little Tripe Chicken Intestine。
Doesn’t look like someone who can do great things。
but,The old chairman is very stubborn,Insist on letting Wu Guodong be the chairman of the company,I told him to exercise,If it really doesn’t work,And then removed his chairmanship。

This idea has been in Chen Geng’s mind for a long time,But there has never been a suitable opportunity,but now,With the strengthening of cooperation and mutual trust between the two parties,Chen Geng feels almost done,be honest,Lao Maozi’s technology in the industrial field is still very good,If you can pull the hair into the water at this time,Chen Geng thinks this business is worth it。

Nicholas·Malinkov stopped talking,He started thinking quickly,a long time,He finally spoke:“I can’t answer you,But I can help you test the above attitude……But it’s better if you come to Moscow,Let’s talk about this face to face。”
Nicholas·Malinkov breathed a sigh of relief。
First996chapter PretendX
Since I’m here, Ivchenko Design Bureau,Of course it’s impossible to just talk about business,Chen Geng will definitely want to see the staff of the COMAC Design Bureau in Ivchenko。
“Chen Dong……”
“Hello Chen Dong……”
See the boss,Everyone is very excited,Line up consciously、Say hello to Chen Geng enthusiastically。
“Hello everyone,”Chen Geng shook hands with everyone,Concerned question:“I know,For the development of the company,Everyone paid a lot,I don’t represent our COMAC,Just on my behalf, thank you all,Thank you for your hard work and hard work for the company in a foreign country。”
“Dong Chen, you are too polite……”
“These are what we should……”
“The living and working conditions here are a bit better than in China,We are not dissatisfied……”
Everyone said in a rush。
It seems that everyone is very satisfied with the living and working conditions in the Soviet Union。
People in this era are still highly enlightened,Chen Geng listened,While nodding secretly in my heart,Wait for everyone to finish,Chen Geng asked again:“Let me ask again,Everyone lives here、Have you encountered any difficulties at work?Tell me if you have something,No matter what the problem,I try my best to help you solve it;one more,Are we being bullied?If there is,Please raise a hand……There’s none?”
Finished,Chen Geng paused,Observed everyone’s reaction,What surprised Chen Geng was,There is no one who raises his hand to say that he has been bullied……Strange,Lao Maozi is so polite、Is it so gentle and frugal??

After Qin Feng’s side,I found out that Jiang Yan was by Qin Feng。

The few security guards were scared and greeted Jiang Yan immediately。
“Or you are sensible,I came early in the morning,Then you haven’t gone to work yet,okay,Hurry up,See you next time。”Qin Feng gave the security guards a look。
“okay,Feng Ge,President,Have a nice evening。”Few security guards,I nodded intently,While grinning at Qin Feng。
“Want me to say it,Your group has insights on these security guards,Will come,You said the people upstairs,Don’t you know me or can’t see me?,Never say hello。”Out of the group Qin Feng is still complaining。
Along the way,Jiang Yan has limited words,Just listen to Qin Feng talking there all by himself。
Because of time,Qin Feng didn’t rush to open,To stay alone with Jiang Yan like this,Is a very happy thing,So the two came to heaven and earth,It’s already five o’clock in the afternoon。
After coming,Qin Feng wanted to park the car in the parking lot outside,But I found a sign in front of the parking lot outside,No parking。
While leaning against the wall,Set up a stage for competition,There are a lot of spectators sitting densely below。
Qin Feng originally thought it was just a small cooking competition,Just a few peers,Used for advertising,I didn’t expect them to be so grand。
no way,Qin Feng can only ask someone to park the car in the underground parking lot。
After getting off,Qin Feng saw a lot of reporters,Under the table,Four chicks with cameras,And a few photographers,Have been debugging the lights,Special effects,And things like audio。
There is also a guy dressed up like a director,Holding a slap toy,Interacting with the audience,dress rehearsal,Practice clapping and screaming。
Seeing this Qin Feng frowned,A culinary contest,It’s like a concert,What the hell is this Xiao Wu doing?。
And from below the neon signs in the hands of the audience,Can be seen,Most of these viewers are advertisers,There are supporters of various chefs。
at this time,The employees in heaven and earth are busy smoking,Those waitersmmThey,Are getting water for them one by one,Even the opponent’s supporters are no exception。
It seems Xiao Wu is for this,Didn’t work hard,At least he left a good impression on opponents’ supporters before they even started。