Blood dripping from the sword,Dripping behind Xia Chenglong,Before the black figure。

The opponent’s sword failed to damage him,It’s completely because he couldn’t think of such a trick in the world。
From the beginning,The moment Xia Chenglong casts his sword against the frontal warrior, he has already budgeted everything that will happen next.,Including the flaws he will reveal at some point。
Many people who have died,Beasts,Fengjianmen,Physical training,And these two top assassins,They are placed in the North Sea,Which one is not the supreme being,But now……
The originally beautiful Jongho Lake became a mansion mound,They ended their lives here prematurely,Become the permanent death of Zhonghu!
If anyone else walks out from here,Will be infinitely emotional,After all, it is the God of War with a sword to level the world,Adult beauty。
This principle seems to have remained unchanged for thousands of years,The result of the replacement of old and new is that some people die vigorously。
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve Danshu Chivalrous
Xia Chenglong has no worries,Damn people are dead,Then I can only go forward。
Come to the lake,The seemingly small Zhonghu Lake can’t see the end,The big reason is that the white mist on the lake obscures the realization of people。
A handsome man appeared on the lake one step earlier than Xia Chenglong,The other side is standing in front of Ah Quan’s coffin,This is very unpleasant。
Xia Chenglong just frowned,No hands on。
Whenever the other party has a bit of brain,Should not act disrespectful to the deceased。
really,The man just stroked the coffin to show respect for it,In addition, bow slightly to apologize。
Wait until all this is done,The other side looked at Xia Chenglong,There is still no hatred in the eyes,The light of hatred,But like a friend I haven’t seen in years。
“Is it Mr. Xia??”The man’s words are as elegant as his figure。

And when Lin Yaqing and Xiao Fan heard this voice together,Lin Yaqing’s face is not so good。

Because needless to say,This voice must be from Lin Yuner。
but,at this time,Xiao Fan’s conditions haven’t been finished yet,I couldn’t help but raise my eyes and glared at Xiao Fan,After noticing the promise of success in Xiao Fan’s eyes,Lin Yaqing is also angry。
Why did she say that just now,Xiao Fan is spending time there endlessly,It turns out that his thoughts are all here!
because,Lin Yoona is down now,so,She also absolutely can’t make Xiao Fan say more or something。
after all,Regarding the bet between her and Xiao Fan,Naturally, it is not convenient for Lin Yoona to know。
but,What if he doesn’t say it,Because it’s impossible for Lin Yoona to take it out of the study。
Not to mention something like the information from the Security Department。
And one reason Lin Yaqing has always been so certain,That’s because she was not paying attention to Lin Yoona last night,I have put every room up and down in the Lin family villa,All in front and back、I checked it carefully。
In the study that Xiao Fan mentioned just now,Don’t talk about the documents from the Security Department,Except for books in the study,There is nothing。
so,This is just now,The main reason why Lin Yaqing is so certain that Xiao Fan will definitely lose。
Lin Yaqing glanced at Xiao Fan triumphantly,Then he immediately changed his look,Directly at Lin Yuner who came down from the second floor, smiled and walked over。
“Yoona,You are down!”Lin Yaqing said。
“Yes,Ya Qing,You see, I’m really confused,Just look for this thing,I’ve been looking for it for so long,Made you wait too long,Really embarrassed。”Lin Yuner said to Lin Yaqing apologetically。


Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Five Crush
Chen Wenjin looked at Xiao Cui,Suspect that things have come to an end,Wang Shuai specifically said that he must come today,It’s probably going to detonate this thunder,Because Abao is here too。
Although A Leopard’s main purpose should be rose,But he who loves face should have avoided being humiliated,If there are other reasons,That’s not surprising。
“A few days after the piercings started,There will be results so soon?”
“It was just a warm-up challenge,Unexpectedly, I don’t know where my ear holes are.,Overreaction,Just move ahead and clean him up,I haven’t got the video yet,The phone told me the specific situation。Abao and my bodyguard had two supper,The bodyguard revealed this to Abao last night。”Wang Shuai looked at Xiao Cui through the glass with Martini,Her appearance changed,The smile on my face is also。
Chen Wenjin saw two people going out below,Sank into the darkness outside the house,It’s Qiangwei and Li Xiang。
Estimate,These two have many things to negotiate。
Leopard with legs up,Watching Xiaocui’s spring breeze proudly,Disdain in his eyes。
He originally came for Qiangwei,Make up your mind to watch,Don’t give Wang Shuai a chance to get along with Qiangwei alone,Li Xiang also said to find Qiangwei for a good chat。
But did not expect,Before departure last night,Got unexpected news。
Abao was going to wait for the pierced ears to come back,See what status that guy is,Find the right opportunity to expose。
but,Watching Xiaocui’s newly bought gold bracelet being watched and tried on in turn,The majestic makes him feel dazzling,A Bao felt that the envy of others was clearly affirmation of pierced ears。
‘cut!That guy only made a few money,Only a group of poor ghosts took him seriously!’Leopard is very upset,Drank some more wine,Seeing everyone still praise the ear piercing,And those who plan not to study ask Xiaocui if she can take them with her。
Xiaocui said with a smile:“Of course my piercing will remember my brother,Wait until he gets acquainted,As long as there is a shortage of people,I will definitely tell the sailor!”

“In this case……”

Chen Geng laughed,Jack·The names of the directors mentioned by Welch,Are their hardest supporters:“Then go back and hold a board of directors。”
“Ok,”Jack·Welch laughed too:“I will arrange。”
Own bigbosscame back!
Frankly,AMCThe directors are very excited and happy,And this excitement and happiness is just pretending,From the heart。
Have no idea,atbossWhen I first took over the company,At the timeAMCWhat’s the situation,Everyone is still vivid,In just a few years,bossNot only quicklyAMCThis misnomer“One of the four largest U.S. automakers”Of companies turn losses into profits,And expanded a global layout,willAMCFrom a sales area limited to North America“regional”Automakers became in North America、Central America、Central and South America、A well-known world-class car manufacturer in North Africa and Europe。
In Europe, the birthplace of cars,AMCSales have reached15Ten thousand,And last month,AMCTotal sales in Europe have exceeded20000Vehicles,Reached20681Vehicles,Follow this trend,This year’s annual sales in Europe is expected to break through28Ten thousand……
The company’s development continues to improve,So natural,Not only the company’s stock price has been rising,The annual dividends also make all shareholders smile,For Chen Geng, the big boss who can make big money with big guys,Everyone naturally wants to turn into a licking dog right away,How comfortable he has to lick……
So be jack·Welch announced the meeting of the board of directors to discuss major issues a week in advance、And big boss Fernandez·Chen will also attend after the meeting,All the directors of the group are here,Not bad,And when I saw Chen Geng in Jack·The moment Welch walked into the meeting room accompanied by,The directors stood up all together、Applaud spontaneously……
“Thank you,Thank you,”Chen Geng kept nodding to the directors:“thanks for your support……”
Chen Geng, who is very familiar with Western game rules,He was very calm about the reactions of the directors,While accepting calmly,Not high above……that’s it,I’ve made all the directors very happy,I think my big boss is really approachable。
Not so much red tape,After a few simple greetings,Jack, who is also the host of the board meeting·Welch said:“Gentlemen,This time I invited Mr. Fernandez to participate in this board of directors,Because before that,After I communicated with Mr. Fernandez,Decided to start a brand new strategic project……”
Start a brand new strategic project?
Except Dolly、Maxon、Rahm and other hard-core supporters of Chen Geng look different than usual,A summary of more than a dozen other directors who are present this time and those routines in the past、Directors who express their opinions and make inspiring remarks in the same meeting,Suddenly all of them were surprised:The company is about to launch a heavyweight strategic project?
They finally vaguely understood Fernandez·Why did Mr. Chen put down Huaxia’s investment projects、Rushed back to the United States to attend this meeting,Because of this meeting,Really very very important
Everyone’s reaction fell on Jack one by one·Welch and Chen Geng had the eyes,But Chen Geng didn’t say anything,Jack·Welch didn’t say anything,Jack·Welch waved to Frankie, assistant chairman,While Frankie handed over a pile of materials to each director,Jack·Welch continued:“This is a confidentiality agreement,The content is for the content of this meeting,No one shall disclose to anyone in any direct or indirect way,Consequences of disclosure,Cancel the annual dividend,On the other hand, directly activate the mandatory share repurchase clause,Everyone take a look,If there are no comments, sign it。of course,It’s okay if anyone doesn’t want to sign,Just ask him to leave the meeting room first。”
No one is so stupid not to sign,in contrast,Everyone understands,Jack·The more Welch takes this meeting today so seriously,The more it shows that today’s meeting is really important、Very very important,So everyone simply browsed the content of the confidentiality agreement,After making sure there is nothing wrong,I happily signed my name on it。


Chapter One Thousand and Four Doomed
Understand!”The two teams of young people answered uniformly,Loud voice。
“it is good,set off!”Ah Zhong gave the order,Then walk quickly ahead,Leading the team of fourteen people and marching forward mightily。
The lens also keeps up directly,Very professional。
at this time,The narration rang in due course:“Zhongge leads a team of 14 people this time,To deal with a man named Qin Feng,The purpose is to destroy the other party!”
Just now, Brother Zhong has found someone to investigate,This Qin Feng lives in Room 808 of Bafang Hotel,Brother Zhong rarely goes out in person,This time, let’s take a look at Zhong Ge’s style!
Song Litao saw this scene on the TV screen,The tragic scene of Qin Feng being abandoned later appeared in my mind,I felt happy。
TV screen,At this time, Azhong and his party walked to the front of Bafang Hotel,Ah Zhong told the four people in front:“You two are guarding the gate,You two to the back。”
Two of them stood beside the gate of Bafang Hotel in Yiyan,Because they are wearing suits,Not against the peace at all,Rather like the professional service staff of Bafang Hotel。
The other two left the queue,To what Azhong said,It’s under the hotel room where Qin Feng lives,This is to prevent Qin Feng from jumping out of the window。
Azhong leads people to move on,Enter the lobby,I ordered two more people to guard at the top of the stairs。
Before getting on the elevator,I asked two people to stay at the elevator entrance again。
Got into the elevator,On the eighth floor,Walk down the aisle,Azhong took a look,Take people to the door of room 808,Then he asked two people to guard the door。
at this time,The narration rang again:“so far,Zhongge has completely completed the entire layout,Corresponding personnel are already guarding each exit,Even jumping out of the window was blocked,This Qin Feng can be said to be doomed!”

Zhou Min replied:“Different circles!I heard that before they fight,All signed the certificate of life and death,The people do not raise officials and do not investigate,It’s better to give the police directly。”

“too frightening!Are we really going to find Master Star in that place??”Zhu Qiuhong frowned。
In fact, this kind of battle of life and death,Even if they haven’t seen it with their own eyes,Have heard of it,It’s just that most of those happened in the movie,No one in reality has experienced it personally。
West Kowloon neighborhood on Hong Kong Island on weekends,Hua Deng Chu Shang,Sultry night。
The legendary Kowloon Walled City,Like a behemoth,Entangled in the corner of the city。
The night here is always brightly lit,Hustle and bustle,The smell of desire is everywhere,In countless dark corners,Many unknown things are happening quietly。
Kowloon Walled City is famous for being a mixed bag,It was a land of desire that was beyond the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Island police。
The figures of the three religions and nine liu,without any exaggeration,Before the 1997 return,Sin is growing here every minute。
but,Tonight,The Kowloon Walled City looks exceptionally calm。
One after another luxury cars have entered the core area of Kowloon Walled City,Because tonight there will be a war of the century,Affects the hearts of countless Hong Kong people。
Up to dignitaries,Down to traffickers,As long as you know this century war,I’m all waiting。
Not only because they invested heavily,Also because this battle is related to the battle for status in the national arts world。
Since the beginning of the seventies,There is an unwritten rule in the martial arts circle on Hong Kong Island,Any martial artist who wants to open a museum on Hong Kong Island,Have to pass the test of various martial arts masters,Prove its strength,To open the museum。

Seeing Liu Guofeng’s posture as someone from a big country,Everyone at the conference table showed envious eyes。

At least at this stage,The Chinese military is indeed at the forefront of the world,There are very few red zones in China,This is the truth。And everyone has caught live horn flies,Gene bomb,This has completely surpassed all major countries in the world。
Even if it is stronger than the US and EU,So far it has not successfully captured any exotic creatures,At most, it’s just a fuss about the mutant creatures in the red zone。
In this comparison,The Chinese military has made a big appearance,Of course Liu Guofeng is confident。
Meeting room at the moment,Probably only Lu Menglin looked as usual,And secretly funny in my heart。
Because the horn flies in China,Basically clean it up by yourself,The so-called living horn fly,After absorbing the space energy,Handily provided。
I didn’t expect that I helped my motherland a little bit,But Liu Guofeng took it to the foreign devils to show off。
of course,After all, this is also a good thing to promote our country’s prestige,Naturally, Lu Menglin can see through it without telling it.。
After Liu Guofeng said this,,A very proud expression,Still staring at Lu Menglin with provocative eyes。
He is fighting back Lu Menglin,People just despised him as having only silly strength,Little role in the team,Can be replaced at any time,Now I have these gene bombs,With the endorsement of national strength,Who dare to say that Liu Guofeng can be easily replaced by others?
“This gene bomb looks good!There seems to be more than one?How about one person?Better than putting eggs in a basket?”Lu Menglin directly ignored Liu Guofeng’s provocative gaze,Instead, he said with a smile。
This remark,Whole place
Some people can’t help but feel hot,But they calmed down quickly,Laugh without talking。
“impossible!Playing!Impeachment killed!”Liu Guofeng stared at it,Shout loudly。
Everyone’s heart is bright,This gene bomb is China’s leading black technology in the world,It is already extremely difficult for Ken to deal with the Horned Lord of the Flies,How could it be handed over to fighters from other countries??
“Boring!General Will,There areBPlan?”Lu Menglin held his chin with both hands,Turned his head and asked。
General Will nodded,Suddenly said with a serious face:“If possible,I hope never to executeBplan。”
“Xiaojie will carry a neutron bomb,whenAInvalid plan confirmation,He will be as close to the Horn of the Flies as possible,Detonate this neutron bomb regularly。But in this case,Your retreat time is limited,Likely to sacrifice,It’s best to be mentally prepared。”

Four people go through the gate together,Entered Bairimen Great City。

A long street paved with bluestone slabs appeared ahead,There are many shops on both sides of the street,Not much different from the layout of God City。
There are still many gods and people on the roadside,Selling items to passersby,All kinds of cries are endless,It seems that the business atmosphere is very strong!
These roadside stalls and shops on the street complement each other,No interference,I don’t feel like grabbing business,The environment actually looks quite harmonious。
“The one who came in just now,You don’t need Yuyuan, right??”Liu Wenzhang asked suddenly and angry。
Zong Huaichun’s face blushes,Laughed:“business,It’s all business!Didn’t I cheat you??”
What he said,The pure-hearted beautiful swordsman can understand,This Zong Huaichun is not a good person!He was lying at the gate of the city just now,Make people think he can bring people into the city,In fact, just register at the gate of the city and you can enter at will。
People like Zong Huaichun,Just those newcomers who pit at the gate of the city,Lie to their equipment。
Of course this little trick can’t help Lu Menglin,But his perception is the opposite of Liu Wenzhang,He thinks this Zong Huaichun is not bad,At least the temperament,When I heard the name of Hongliucheng,I can’t bear to lie to them。
of course,It may also be because people look down on the ebony bracelet that they took out。
“After you three enter the city,What are your plans?”Zong Huaichun asked with a smile。
Huang Shaotian and Liu Wenzhang looked at Wu Hao together,Only he was a ranger,I know how to survive in the wild,In the eyes of these children of God City,Beyond God City,Are all countryside。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled,Tao:“Find a place to settle down first!Think about anything else later。”
He is telling the truth,The power of the light lines in my body is exhausted,Must find a chance to recover,Otherwise, it’s not just losing combat power,But there is a risk of identity exposure。
Traveling all the way to Lawton,All three are exhausted,Huang Shaotian’s strength is also greatly reduced,To protect yourself in Bairimen City,I’m afraid it’s still too late,Instead of ugly,Not as good as hiding。

He didn’t expect,Lei Ji would suddenly come on such a hand。

If Lei Ji is in front of Quanshen City,Shrouded the light of divine glory on Wu Hao,Then he announced that Wu Hao was the next pope,Combined with the miracle that just debunked the Gaia priest,Maybe everyone will actually pinch their noses to recognize。
After all, Wu Hao is the favor of Dragon God,And spoke for God again,His Majesty the Pope,Although unreasonable,But it makes sense。
And Gaia is dead,There is only one red-robed priest in the Guangming Dragon Temple in Tianzun God City,Don’t say he is crowning Wu Hao now,Even if you are on top,No one else has anything to say。
but,Lu Menglin doesn’t want to!He didn’t want to be a ghost, your majesty,Stay in the temple every day as a sculpture,Facing a group of extremely boring clergy,Want him to live such a boring life,It is estimated that within three days there will be news of His Majesty’s escape from the temple。
So there is a good saying,My honey,Arsenic·Frost,Everyone thinks differently,Some people fight for power,Beaten up,But in the eyes of other people,These are neuroses!Don’t send me!
The divine light passed through the void at once,We pass by Wu Hao, the favor of Dragon God,But it shines on another person’s body firmly。
The person who shines,It turned out to be Huang Shaotian!Everyone present did not expect,That face the power,A beautiful priest who dares to speak up,Actually won the favor of the dragon god,She is the candidate for the next Pope。
“This is the will of the Dragon God!God’s will has been manifested!Then,Who agrees?Who opposes!”The voice has not fallen,The radiance on the priest Leiji,It exudes a sacred and inviolable breath。
The clergy present,As soon as I feel this breath,Bend down immediately,So respectful that I can’t even lift my head,Because they are so familiar with this breath,This is the breath of god。
Whenever someone sacrifices to the Guangming Dragon God,There will be a broad and distant breath of gods on the altar,This is a mysterious power far beyond the recognition of the gods,It is also the source of every clergyman’s pious belief。
this moment,They don’t have the slightest doubt,The dragon god’s will has descended on the priest Lei Jizhi。
Thousands of people quickly quieted down,No one dares to voice opposition at this time,Because it will be torn to pieces by the angry crowd。
Sixth prince Mili and King Ning retreated into the crowd at the same time,Their status,It’s no longer suitable to stay in a place too conspicuous。

Everyone just needs to wait quietly for Shen Lin to wake up.,Xiao Fan thinks Shen Lin will wake up,But Xiao Fan is not sure that after waking up,Will Shen Lin remember everyone?。

Will you remember Zeng,Will Jing remember the love with Su Ran?。These are unknowns,Xiao Fan is not sure,Don’t dare to give Su Ran an answer。
So he needs to calm down,Need to give myself some time to adjust,To be able to sort out these things more clearly and clearly。
And he is also busy cleaning up those who have been coveting his necklace。Yiming and Chu Yao are also very busy recently,Xiao Fan knew they were not easy。
But currently there is no suitable manpower able to do their position,Although other people are very capable,But Xiao Fan felt that if they were to take over the work of Su Ran and Shen Lin,,They won’t do well。
There must be many disadvantages,Xiao Fan didn’t want to see a thing that couldn’t be done perfectly,So I can only put everything on Yiming and Chu Yao。
Fortunately, both of them knew the current situation and didn’t say much,Just down to earth,Deal with it a little bit。
Yiming is in charge of the company’s affairs,Xiao Fan temporarily transferred some company affairs to others,To make Yiming easier。
After all, Yiming now manages two bases,Also very busy,The time to meet Chu Yao is getting less and less。
But fortunately, the relationship between two people doesn’t care how long they meet,Both of them have bigger goals,To get better together,And they are now working hard for their future。
To protect my good friends,Xiao Fan felt that Shen Lin and Su Ran were not there,Yiming and Chu Yao will voluntarily undertake these。
In fact, Yiming and Chu Yao did it,A good brother is to have blessings and difficulties,When they were fine,Several people are helping each other,Supporting each other all the way up。
Shen Lin and Su Ran are in trouble now,Yiming and Chu Yao will never go back,They will only stand in the front to protect their good brothers,Good sister,This is what Xiao Fan wants to see most。
Every brother in the base he cultivated hopes that they can get along as a family,Maybe they used to have no relatives of their own,But under Xiao Fan’s hand,Xiao Fan hopes they can feel the atmosphere of their relatives。
This is why Xiao Fan hasn’t punished others for so many years,Because Xiao Fan thinks some things can be changed,And he believes that his brothers are kind。
I hope this world can be better,Even if they are cold-blooded and ruthless when they are on the mission,But they are also to complete the task。
The task they accomplish is to enable others to live a better life,But at this time their own lives cannot be adequately protected。
Sometimes they often do some very dangerous tasks,But they have to do,Because they have faith in their hearts,From the moment they stepped into the base,From the moment you obey Xiao Fan’s instructions。