Huo Yunhe,Can only be hers!

The phone on the desktop rang,Huo Yunhe glanced at the screen,It’s that nasty woman again,Pick up impatiently,Not a gentleman,“What’s the matter?My Miss Lu。”
Lu Xin deliberately ignored the impatience in his tone,Said cheerfully:“Yun He,You haven’t got off work yet?this late,You must have not eaten,I will treat you to supper?I’m at the door of your company,You won’t come down,I went up。”
Not waiting for Huo Yunhe to agree,Hang up the phone,Huo Yun and the phone looking at the black screen,Very speechless。
Take a look at the time,already20:40,The brightly lit general manager can’t see the day and night,And outside the window,It’s already thousands of lights。
It’s so late,No wonder I’m hungry。
Take a look at the empty coffee cup on the table,That woman should be off work now?I really don’t know how to wink,Boss hasn’t got off work yet,She left first,No future!
Have a certain talent,Temperament is also gentler,The coffee is also good,If it is more beautiful,Can score seven points,Can barely take it out for entertainment。
Huo Yunhe’s eyes flashed with a black framed old-fashioned glasses,In a fat uniform,Woman wearing big mom shoes on feet.Full of excitement,Such an ugly woman,The overall appearance of the secretary room has been lowered by her,Also take it out for entertainment,Is this to make the outside world question that Huo is no one??
I’m crazy!
Forget the thoughts that just came out。
When coming out,The whole big office is empty,Only Yang Liu is still working at the desk,Huo Yunhe suddenly felt warmth in his heart,Cough slightly。
Willow raised his eyes,Saw the boss coming out,Stand up hurriedly,“Mr. Huo,What’s matter?”
“Nothing,It’s late,You get off work early too,Girls walking at night is not safe。”
Huo Yunhe has entered the elevator,Yangliu was still immersed in his sudden concern and never recovered,This,Is this still the cold-hearted man??So he cares about people too。
Obedient employees follow the boss’s instructions,Let people leave after get off work,Never waste a drop of water or electricity on the company,I packed my things and ran away。

Andre·Nikolaevich was shocked:finally come!

See you!Different from history,in history,General Shaboshnikov, Chief of the Soviet General Staff, is accepting《Red Star》During the interview,Said it“If China wants to acquire MiG-29High-performance aircraft,The Soviet government believed that there were no political obstacles”These words,But this time,Gorbachev is receiving《Red Star》I said this during the interview。
Isn’t it just to tell China:We even Mig—29This most advanced fighter can be sold,What else can’t be sold?Hurry up and take a look。
and《Red Star》What is your position in the Soviet Union?
That’s China《Mass daily》good or not。
The head of the Soviet Union in the Soviet version《Mass daily》Made such a statement on,If this does not represent the attitude of the Soviet government,What can represent the attitude of the Soviet government?
What disappointed the Soviets was,After General Shaboshnikov made such a statement on behalf of the Soviet government,There hasn’t been much movement in China,This disappointed Gorbachev, who had hoped to use it to consolidate his position.:You Chinese, come here and buy it quickly。
Fortunately,Huaxia finally spoke up。
“of course,”Andre·Nikolaevich nodded immediately,The whole person is a bit more enthusiastic than before:“Although we have some misunderstandings in the past due to some differences,But history has proven,Although the socialist road taken by China is different from the socialist road taken by the Soviet Union,But the socialist road taken by Huaxia’s comrades suits China’s national conditions,The Soviet government and Comrade Gorbachev are willing to join Comrade Huaxia,Let go of past differences,Join hands again,Be a good brother of socialism,Arms sales,Of course it’s not a problem……Ding,What are you going to buy?”
Andre·Nikolaevich was already looking forward to what Ding Haijun would propose to purchase.。
“this one,”Ding Haijun, who had already prepared, immediately opened the folder,Pull out a newspaper from it and pass it to Andrei·Nikolayevich:“This is it,‘Scalpel over the Barents Sea’,We want this‘Scalpel’。”
Andre·Nikolayevich’s eyes fell on the newspaper Ding Haijun spread in front of him,Eyes are condensed。
Although he doesn’t understand Norwegian,I don’t know that the newspaper Ding Haijun is spreading in front of him is the newspaper with the largest circulation in Norway.《World road》Report,But the photo in the newspaper is too familiar to him:Scalpel over the Barents Sea!
On the photo,On that huge towering tail,Huge“36”Tell Andre clearly·The identity of Nikolaevich:Pride from the Sukhoi Design Bureau,SU—27Twin-engine heavy fighter。
Andre·Nikolayevich did not expect that the Chinese people have such a big appetite,I just watched“Scalpel over the Barents Sea”,But no doubt,This handle“Scalpel”Cannot be sold,He nodded immediately:“Oh,You say mig—29what,Of course, no problem,Comrade Gorbachev has already said,MiG—29Can sell,no problem……”
Ding Haijun smiled,He interrupted Andre·Words of Nikolaevich:“Andre,You are not friends enough,‘Scalpel over the Barents Sea’Not a MiG—29。”
“Why not mig—29?”Andre·Nikolayevich’s nonsense and heart beat:“Look at this towering double vertical tail、You look at the bubble cockpit,This is our MiG—29……”

Duan Siming pointing not far away,Tian Dazhuang wanted to speak a few times,But all the way,Made his heart beat in his throat,Except for the first half sentence,It’s not even the pronunciation completely。

not long ago,Those who had been taught by Xiang Chen before found Tian Dazhuang and asked about Xiang Chen’s whereabouts,This question doesn’t require education,But normal people can make judgments,These guys are here to seek revenge。
I can’t remember how many punches I got,Tian Dazhuang finally rushed out,Only now I see Duan Siming standing opposite Xiang Chen,Tian Dazhuang only feels that he silently bears everything for Xiang Chen,It’s wasted!
Pointing to Duan Siming, the group couldn’t say anything for a long time,But in exchange for a short blouse that Xiang Chen threw over。
“What are you doing!”
Bai Lu was a little mad by Xiang Chen’s actions,Tian Dazhuang is also unknown, so he looks at Xiang Chen,I don’t know why Xiang Chen suddenly threw himself a piece of clothing。
“I’m afraid that the scene will be uncontrollable after a while,Splash your blood。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is very calm,But Duan Siming, who stands opposite Xiang Chen, is very restless。
Ordinary people see their posture,I was so scared that my legs became weak,But Xiang Chen still looks very ordinary,As if none of these people exist,In the end this exhibitionist showed himSSmall vest。Such people,It’s really impossible not to fight!
Actually there is no need for Duan Siming to encourage anything,With Xiangchen’s own efforts,The look he showed is already very awkward。
I don’t know who shouted in the crowd first“beat him!”Then a group of people swarmed。
“Get dressed,If i didn’t call you,Never open your eyes。”
Xiang Chen’s voice rang in Bai Lu Hetian’s ears。

When Tu Chuming heard these words,Suddenly came the spirit,Because he found his strength,Found a support point for self-confidence。

“Everyone has different physical strength,The heat generated is different,The quality of the gas is of course different。Just like you,Even if you have learned the qi,Energize,Can’t kill me,And I can kill you with one punch!It’s because the total amount of qi in our body is different。
It’s like two battleships meet,I have more ammunition than you,My defense is thicker than you,You are naturally defeated。You want to practice gang energy,There are several ways,The first is to breathe,Convert external energy into used,You have learned good vomiting,I don’t need to teach you this。”
“It’s just that the effect of breathing out and raising qi is too slow,Unless you find a treasured Feng Shui with plenty of vitality,If in an ordinary city,You won’t be able to keep a lot of qi after a hundred years of practice。”
Tu Chuan stretched out his arms,Void pushed a few times,Keep saying:“This second method,Just take medicine,Improve physical fitness,Improve physical strength,Just like those martial arts who eat the treasures of heaven and earth,Natural power rises。
But this kind of good stuff can be met but not sought,And if it is not handled well,The hidden danger is not small。as far as I know,There is only one drug,Is the most conducive to the martial arts。”
Speaking of which,Tu Chuping stopped suddenly,Staring at Lu Menglin with piercing eyes,Smile on his face。
A thought flashed in Lu Menglin’s heart,Can’t help but blurt out:“Secret medicine?Is it?”
“Ok,You are not too stupid!The secret medicine of Heino Lab,It is indeed the fastest medicine for martial artists,And the secret medicine is graded,The higher the rank, the more expensive the secret medicine is,But the less negative effect。”Tu Ching Chu carried one arm behind him,Speak slowly。
“The secret medicine is also graded?”This is the first time Lu Menglin heard of this kind of thing,Information on Hainuo Lab and Secret Medicine,Has always been extremely confidential,It’s hard for outsiders to understand。
“There are high and low secret medicine samurai,Of course the secret medicine is also graded。But these things are not something you should know。You should concentrate on martial arts first,Let’s talk about it after this month!”Tu Ching chuckled。
Only then did Lu Menglin remember the identity of the other party,This one-armed monster is the top master of the secret medicine samurai,Asking him about this kind of thing is like asking blindly,How could he tell himself?
“You have learned the mystery of Gang Jin,From now on,You start practicing!Bodyguard first,Practice hitting again。But you remember,With your current physical strength,Play up to nine gangs a day,More will damage itself,Master it!I’ll see you again in three days。”
After speaking,Tu Chuming turned around and left,Disappeared deep in the dense forest in a short while。
Lu Menglin stayed alone in this clearing,Silently remembering every word Tu Qinqin said。
After a long time,Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Closed pores all over,Staring at the stone wall in front of you,Sudden punch。

Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng,I said it out of my head,But Qin Feng vaguely felt jealous,Feelings Bai Shiling kindly,This woman actually thinks that Bai Shiling is better than herself,For fear of Qin Feng cheating。

“It’s fine,It’s fine。”
Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief,Go over and get Jiang Yan’s pulse immediately。
“Your pulse is weak,Definitely caused by overwork,Must have a good rest,And drink plenty of hot water。”
Qin Feng’s instructions caused Jiang Yan to roll his eyes。
“I knew I would drink more hot water,Steel straight man,You are not as good as the nurse in the hospital,You all know to buy me fruit for me to eat。”
Jiang Yan said and took a bite of the apple,Several black lines appeared on Qin Feng’s forehead。who are you,The dignified lady of Jiang’s family,Young is the general manager,You know your father Jiang Hong even if they don’t know you。
“Although I don’t know what it means to be a steel straight man,But Yanyan,You have to take a good rest,I think there are so many things in the company,Stacking for a few days is not a problem,Just push it first”
Yan looked at Qin Fengzheng’er and was too embarrassed to make fun of Qin Feng,Can only nod。
Immediately afterwards, Qin Feng took out the body-protecting pill he carried with him from his pocket and handed it to Jiang Yan。
As a result, Jiang Yan immediately shrank onto the bed with a look of disgust。
“what,What is this。”
Qin Feng is speechless,Put the pill on Jiang Yan’s palm。
“You don’t know me yet?This is what I brought down from the mountain,Good stuff anyway,And I will refine some,You took this medicine,After a few days of rest, there will be no problems。”
Qin Feng poured Jiang Yan a glass of water,Although Jiang Yan knows Qin Feng has this ability,But this black pill still makes Jiang Yan a little hard to swallow,Looking helplessly in Qin Feng’s eyes,Jiang Yan could only bite the bullet and stuffed the pill into her mouth and swallowed it。
“Be a layman quietly from now on,Don’t push yourself so tight all day。”

“I mean,This money is lent to me personally,It has nothing to do with Zero Fund。”

“Lend you personally?”David was shocked,Look hard。
This is not compliant。
As usual,It is common for financial institutions to borrow funds from each other,But generally require bonds and other collateral。
For example, the most common securities repurchase loan between banks falls into this category。
Even if the fund borrowing time is short,Too late for mortgage,At the very least, it is guaranteed by the credit of financial institutions。
And like Qiao Tianyu just proposed to lend funds to individuals without any collateral,Is a taboo in the financial market。
Qiao Tianyu knows that this requirement is a bit difficult,But he has no other choice,I can only count on my relationship with David。
The frowning David took out a cigarette and lit it,I got up and walked to the window and sucked for a long time。
Qiao Tianyu knew that he was doing a strong ideological struggle,Didn’t bother him。
Until the cigarette was completely smoked,David seems to have made great determination,Turned and walked back。
“Joe,I believe you!I will arrange to call you the money immediately!”
Call the CFO immediately after speaking,Arrange6000Ten thousand funds were all transferred to the account designated by Qiao Tianyu。

The original loan contract,Say no to execute,And gave out a bunch of reasons to prevaricate,In fact, Lu Youshan’s heart is clear!

This is someone from above greeted the bank executives,Put pressure on。Someone wants to move Menglin Group,To push the legendary game to a dead end。
If the game gets pornography,There is naturally no need for this theme park to exist。So those banks are afraid of losing their money,Naturally he started Tai Chi。
Lu Youshan didn’t sleep well these two nights,That’s not happy in my heart!He doesn’t care about money,I’m worried that my son’s wish will not be fulfilled,I was delayed in my hands。
Now I see so many people at the door of the project,Although Lu Youshan feels a little flustered,,But his face is very calm,Not showing the slightest timidity。
What a joke!Lao Tzu is Lu Menglin’s father!Son, hero, father, hero,What scene I haven’t seen!
Lu Youshan kept cheering himself up in his heart,Hold your head up,Stood in front of the noisy crowd。
“Lu Youshan!”Some people in the crowd recognize Lu Youshan,Yelled immediately。
This shout,The crowd at the door moved,All rush forward,Scared Lu Youshan。
“Comrades!Don’t mess!Speak slowly!My Lu Youshan is here!Is here to help everyone solve the problem。”
Lu Youshan,One lunge jumped up three steps,Waved vigorously at the crowd in front of you。
The crowd suddenly calmed down,Plain faces,They all cast their eyes on Lu Youshan。
“Comrades,Our theme park project has encountered a little difficulty temporarily,The bank’s loan funds are not in place!But rest assured,I promise you Lu Youshan,Is to sell iron,And I will never owe you money!Won’t even owe a penny!”
“I am also a worker,Know everyone’s difficulties!Actually I am embarrassed to say this,But the truth!My son is rich!Really rich!Except for game companies,He still has many ways to get money!Don’t worry, everyone!If you can’t get paid,Just come to my house to find me!”Lu Youshan is cheeky,Plausible。
The old man said this,All around was laughter。
This laugh together,Lu Youshan suddenly felt relieved,I know today’s pass is over。
At this moment,A great guy came out of the crowd,I walked to Lu Youshan。
As soon as the representatives of the masses stood up,Lu Youshan straightened his chest quickly,Treat in the best state。
“Director Lu!You got it wrong!We are not here to ask for wages!”The great guy laughed loudly。
“Yes,It’s my fault!what?What do you mean?”Lu Youshan heard the second half,Can’t help but froze for a while。

The Destruction King A Chung Yoyo replied:“I will be stronger than it!And the boss you will get an invincible army!I will build on the original foundation of the Dark Race,Optimize and improve,Create more suitable units for combat,Including those ghost giants outside,Zuma、Demon Dragon、Three types of units。”

“If you are willing to keep me on this plane,Stay in this red zone battlefield,It only takes a month at most,You can get these loyal soldiers!”The Destruction King Ah Chun said with a slightly excited voice。
“One month?How much can be produced?”Lu Menglin is very interested,Can’t help asking。
“The Golem Giant has been added to three hundred,More than 1,000 warriors,Three thousand Zuma fighters,Demon insects can be tens of thousands。”Ah Chun, the king of destruction replied。
Lu Menglin was startled,I thought I really deserved to be the king of destruction!Nothing else,Those ghost giants,Each has a combat power of about forty-four,Even if it is placed in Shenmin Continent,At least it’s a master of guarding one side。
Just one month,Can produce 300 rank forty-four combat power,This can be said to be crazy,Not to mention there are a lot of Zuma lines、Demon Dragon and Demon Warrior。
In other words,Just put the Lord of Destruction on this plane,One month later,Lu Menglin will have a truly powerful army,Enough to challenge Tianzun God City without falling into the wind。
“These creatures you created,Do they have the characteristics of the dark race??”Lu Menglin asked。
“Of course there is!But what does it matter??They all follow you,Have the highest level of loyalty,Even you Let them die,They will execute without hesitation!”The king of destruction says。
Lu Menglin nodded,indeed so!Even if we bring such a powerful army back to Shenmin Continent,As long as they don’t actively attack the gods,I believe that not many gods will be stupid enough to provoke such an army,And I can make it public,These are units that mimic the Dark Race,Biological weapon,Is used to fight against the dark race。
Anyhow, this Wuhao master,Also known as the favor of the dragon god,There is also such a small name,The problem shouldn’t be big。
“Clone One can return to Shenmin Continent with you!With these divine crystals,Its strength will increase again,And will not be considered a dark race!Congratulations!”The rare king of destruction, Ah Chung, actually has a little humor,Said。
Clone One nodded,Although it failed to get the body of the evil god,But now this plan,For it,The risk is much smaller,The income is okay。
After all, it’s just wishful thinking to become a fat man.。
“Give me enough divine crystals,I want to break through to level 46!”Doppelganger 1 flicks its long tail,Said。
“can!Then give you a divine crystal that breaks through to level 46,Leave the rest to the boss!The boss’s strength needs a breakthrough!Back to Shenmin Continent,You are responsible for protecting the safety of your boss。Only through him,We have the opportunity to continue to grow。If you are not honest,I will recycle you。”
The words of the king of destruction,Clone One immediately caught its tail,Much more honest。
Lu Menglin suddenly felt,The king of destruction, Ah Chung, is the real life of high wisdom,Don’t look at it, it’s been nesting in the wilderness and never moved,But it’s about every move of Clone One,Know well,And after showing up, I got the most benefit,Even more than my own master。

Sister Fang and Wen Wenhao are not embarrassed to grab,Pan Long and Jin Hua stopped talking,Xiao Gao looked at Hua Tsai。Inside,The two of them are the smallest,I know this is the opportunity that Brother Hu gave them。

Hua Zi thought for a while,I actually have a lot of opportunities,Didn’t speak。
Xiao Gao is very happy,Give Hua Tsai a grateful look,I feel I must invite Brother Hua to dinner。
“I come,I need to!”Xiao Gao excitedly said。
Xiaowen sees a stone costs 10,000,Secretly smack,If you don’t believe Brother Hu,She will scold someone。
Several guys with colorful hair are overjoyed,Secretly think:It’s easy to cheat this group of people!Where did Lao Zhou find it??Just that,Can be divided into 1,000 yuan。
“Good!Do you want to calcite??I can help you find the machine。”Huang Maoxian courteous。
Populus euphratica waved his hand:“Forget it,Go back and solve。”
This is the answer Huang Mao wants。
“So much!I will help you get a box,Pretty。”He immediately ran away。
“boss,Are you fancy anything else??These are very good,Such as this……”Zi Mao started to introduce again,A rare opportunity,Should not be missed。
however,Hu Yang still ignored him,Did not see what he introduced,Hand reaching for other stones。
That is a piece of stone the size of a sea bowl,diamond,Too much dye,Populus euphratica even smelled the dye,This is very speechless,Can you be professional?
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Xiao Fan paused,He didn’t expect Lin Yoona to say so much at once,In fact, he also knows that he is also responsible for this incident,But thinking that Liu Chunlan would definitely continue to blame Lin Yoona。

So Lin Yoona felt aggrieved in the middle。Then Xiao Fan told her:“It’s ok,These things will be resolved after I go back,Take a good rest first,Do whatever you want,Don’t think too much。
Mom is for our good,sometimes,May not care too much,Don’t be angry with him。”
Lin Yuna said:“Got it,You can rest assured to do your job well。”
Then hung up,Xiao Fan has been lost in thought after the call,Don’t know how to deal with this tricky thing,After all, the relationship between Liu Chunlan and Lin Yoona has always been very good。
They never quarreled between mother and daughter,Lin Yoona has always been a good girl,But now because of such small contradictions,There was also friction between Lin Yuna and Liu Chunlan。
Xiao Fan thinks these family trivial matters are really tricky for him,Compared to being in the mall,Maybe family chores can bother him more。
But now he has come out to work,Then put work first,Don’t affect your work because of other things。
Then he called Yiming and Chu Yao two people,Order them to give them some tasks they should do。
And then told:“No matter what you two do, the original sentence,Safety first,If you can’t guarantee your safety,There is no point in doing anything,This time the boss opposite is also an experienced person。
If he knows that many things are not as simple as we seem,I will come up with some other solutions。”
Yiming and Chu Yao nodded,In fact, the one that allowed them to stay loyal to Xiao Fan,Another reason is that Xiao Fan always puts their safety first。
Treat them as real friends,To my own relatives,Instead of treating them as a subordinate,Or just help yourself,This is what moved them most。
In fact, Yi Ming and Chu Yao don’t pay much attention to too many details.,But Xiao Fan will consider a lot of details for the two of them,So that the two of them can complete their tasks in peace。