“Ha ha!Sister Cao,I don’t need any gratitude,I like something more practical!I want you to do me a favor,Repeat the task link just now。simply put,I want to enter the hive。”Major Maosen’s tone was soft and hard,Unpredictable。

“No way!It’s too dangerous to do it again!Now that we have completed the task,You should go back to safety immediately。I hope you can keep your promise,Escort us away immediately。”Cao Wen’s brows are getting tighter,Because she already felt a smell of danger,Shouted。
really,There was a mocking look on Major Mausen’s face,Smile but not smile,Shook his head:“Do not,That won’t work!This is too unfair to me!You are doneATask,I get nothing!I must enter the hive once!”
At this moment,He Bu suddenly raised his head,Seriously:“Take Major,If you want rewards,I can give you that share!You really helped us a lot,We should thank you!”
When everyone heard that He Bu was going to give the biggest reward to Maosen,Secretly deplore all in my heart,Think he is stupid,Hard adventure,Busy for nothing,Finally made the wedding clothes for others,Really unwilling。
Only Lu Menglin and Wei Xiaoxing nodded secretly.,I understand He Bu’s actions very well。
Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood!Now Major Maosen has the initiative.,And the other party is already thinking,Everyone is not as strong as him,Of course don’t pester him,Give up the benefits,Security is the first priority。
“Do not,Do not!I have already said,I am not interested in your mission rewards。I want to get into the hive to take a look。I need someone to attract the attention of the bee colony,As for how you will arrange the following links,I do not care。”
Maosen said,Raise arm,Gently stroke the blade of the sword with two fingers,Shining cold light。
Sometimes,Needless to say,some people,Not angry。
Everyone present felt a strange chill,As if as long as you don’t agree to this man,He will turn his face,Immediately incarnate into an existence even more terrifying than a mutant monster。
“This teacher Lu,You only move your mouth and not your hands along the way,Would it be too easy?I don’t want you to attract the attention of the bee colony!”Maosen pointed the tip of his knife to Lu Menglin’s chest,Hehe sneered。
The threat contained in this action,It couldn’t be more obvious。
“I?OK!This kind of thing,It doesn’t matter。”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。
Actually, Lu Menglin would be worried,How can I find a reason to throw everyone away,Let yourself dive deep into the core,Go to the space channel and turn around。

“At that time, I persuaded that old friend not to be arrogant,But his attitude is very firm,Must invest in you1One hundred million U.S. dollars。”

“Seeing his attitude so determined,I had to help my old friend,Voted for you in my name1One hundred million U.S. dollars,Helped you set up a zero fund。”
“what?Dude,You mean,The one that established the Zero Fund1Billion dollars was given by your old friend?Who is your old friend??”
Sanchez’s words seriously overturned Qiao Tianyu’s three views,Qiao Tianyu never thought that the boss of Zero Fund would have someone else?!
so,That old friend of Sanchez actually followed Qiao Tianyu soon after he was reborn,And secretly dominate Qiao Tianyu’s actions。
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu was shocked in a cold sweat,Could it be that the black hand behind Qiao Tianyu has been feeling,It turned out to be Sanchez’s old friend?
In this way,Qiao Tianyu can’t wait to know who Sanchez’s old friend is.?
“Brother Joe,About that old friend,I didn’t want to tell you。” Sanchez went on to explain。
“But now that old friend is in danger,Precarious,Maybe only you can save him,So after thinking and thinking,Today I decided to tell you all this。”
“Brother Joe,As for who is that old friend,I think you should know it by now?”
I heard Sanchez say that,Qiao Tianyu said tentatively in disbelief,“what?Dude,You mean that.That mysterious rich businessman?!”
“Uh uh,Yes,My old friend is the mysterious rich businessman who upset the entire world offshore financial market some time ago!” Sanchez nodded vigorously。“He is the big boss behind the real zero fund!”
“what the hell!Turned out to be him?!”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s mind,,Almost backed in shock。
But Qiao Tianyu has to admit,If you add the premise that the mysterious rich businessman is the boss of the zero fund,Qiao Tianyu can successfully answer many questions before。
No wonder Qiao Tianyu noticed that there was a black hand controlling him behind his back.!
No wonder the mysterious rich businessman can accurately predict Qiao Tianyu’s actions so many days in advance!
No wonder Cui Kai inferred that,The person who has always controlled Qiao Tianyu from behind is probably their mentor, Mr. Wu Wenjie!
No wonder Qiao Daye said in the letter that the mysterious rich businessman is probably Mr. Wu Wenjie!
If it seems that most of the previous inferences are correct,The black hand behind Qiao Tianyu、Mysterious Rich Merchant、The real boss of Zero Fund,And the old friend of Sanchez,All four identities point to the same person without exception,That is Mr. Wu Wenjie!
Thought of here,In order to finally confirm my thoughts,Qiao Tianyu asked Sanchez tentatively again,“Dude,Excuse me for asking,Is your old friend a Chinese?,His name is Wu Wenjie?”

and,Theirs are mid-range,And what Hu got was high-end goods with about 40% blood。

Scarlet has a distinct unique shape,It looks,It’s a bloody remnant cloud,Quite a spectacular sight。Just such a piece of material,Is it worth hundreds of thousands??
Plus carving,Tut!
In order to make up for the relationship with Brother Hu, Chen Yin,Really willing to pay for the capital。A lot of people,May not be able to get it。It seems,Apart from being so despised,,There is real courage。
In fact,Everyone who made a fortune,Courage is not small,Should invest,They won’t be stingy,That is one of the reasons for their success。
To this,No one feels wrong。Change to someone else,Will also give Brother Hu a better apologize,Definitely not the same。
Here after all,Play the most important role,It’s Brother Hu。These people,Actually didn’t help much。People just look at Brother Hu’s face,Just take care of,Everyone has a share。
and so,Received this gift,I have to thank Brother Hu。
“A little expensive。”Hu Yang couldn’t help saying。
Although not without merit,Nearly a million,The specifications are still slightly higher。
of course,Populus is very clear,The other party came with the intention of making friends,Purposeful,It’s not just a tribute。But this is what Hu Yang didn’t want,Accepted,I think I have received his love,I have to be a superficial friend from now on?
“not bad!Brother Hu, didn’t you help him save tens of millions of losses??This is nothing,Reasonable。”Huazi said。
To say receiving gifts,The most precious,It’s not Brother Zhao’s?That limited edition sports car,Nearly ten million price,Don’t you still accept it??

“Fernandez,We have been in business for so long,Don’t you believe my credit?”Jortson yelled aggrievedly:“Oh,correct,And your share,brothers,Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity,I promise you will never lose a penny……”

Chen Geng is a bit speechless,He didn’t expect Jortson to be crooked,But if you want to be crooked, you want to crook,Chen Geng didn’t correct him either,He lowered his voice and said:“I’m reminding you,If this business goes well,China will also purchase a batch of general-purpose helicopters with a high probability,Most likely‘Black Hawk’Civilian versions—70。
So dude,This time you have to perform well,Make a good impression on Huaxia people……”
uh—60“Black Hawk”Civilian version:s—70?
Qiaotson suddenly felt like a two-ton pie hit his forehead:That’ss—70what!
“I know!I know!”Jotson’s voice trembled:“brothers,do not worry,The share that belongs to you will never be less……Can you tell me roughly how many there are?I also prepared early。”
If China Contacts U.S. officials and Sikorsky through normal diplomatic and foreign trade channels,Naturally, there is nothing wrong with Jotson,If he wants to get a share of the pie, he will be kicked by Sikorsky.,But now it’s Jottson who learned the news first,Then the situation is completely different,No matter what, his share is indispensable。
As for now,Jottson thinks the six previousch—54“Tahe”It’s a test of one’s own ability,He is very glad that he passed the test。
“I won’t talk about the quantity,”Chen Geng whispered:“But there is a prerequisite,I can say if you do,If you can’t do it, you don’t have to say anything。”
“You said。”
I have a faint hunch in my heart,Jotson was shaking gently。
“price!”Chen Geng said:“I don’t care what you use,The final transaction price must be at least lower than the normal transaction price8%,If you can do it,Not only‘Tahe’with‘Black Hawk’,Huaxia will have more business to take care of you……Dude,The multimillionaire is waving to you,After doing these business,Maybe you can retire。”
Jortson said nothing,It’s just that his breathing is as heavy as a bull about to attack his opponent。

“what?”Qin Feng still didn’t understand what this person said,So I asked:“You know Lin Youwei?”

“Lin Youwei?Who is she,Your wife,This you come out to play,Still worried about your wife,Really。”Little Taimei looked at Qin Feng with contempt,But still,Not showing off。
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Five You give me down
“do not know?”Qin Feng wanted to chase this person off right now,Really inexplicable guy。But he said politely for the sake of spirituality:“This one,Little sister,Since you don’t know,Can you get off?”
“cut,Do you think i’m willing to go?If it wasn’t for playing games and losing,You thought i would do this!Faster,Don’t continue to install,You men,Not just one virtue,I do not know yet,Pretend to be less。”
“Since you are not willing,Then you can go down?”Qin Feng really wants to throw this person out。
“Hey,Uncle,I didn’t expect your brain to be so bad,I’m not saying,I and others are guessing,They are all watching me,If i didn’t go with you,Then these people don’t want to laugh at me forever!”
Little Taimei said proudly。
“This,”Qin Feng cursed in his heart:Guess you guess,Why are you getting in my car?I didn’t ask you to mess with you。
“You won’t see me handsome?So I want to find an excuse to go with me?”Qin Feng said something narcissistic。
“Just your color sample,Ugly。”Little Taimei’s look of contempt。
Little Taimei said:“Faster,No ink,If there are too many people,have been seen,Where do I put my face?!”
“You give me down……”Qin Feng immediately started to blast people。
Regardless of gentlemanliness,Because it feels like a trouble!
This is also reminded by Xiao Taimei,If Sakura sees this,,Then I can’t clean it even after jumping into the Yellow River!
But this said Caocāo),Zhao Yun arrived。
“Brother Qin Feng,What are you doing here?”
A ponytail,I see pity、Beautiful girls in school uniforms,Who’s not Xiaoying’s classmate Charlene。

Xiang Chen’s tone is suspicious,The throbbing in this heart feels like deja vu,I can’t help but think of it not long ago,I almost made myself reimbursed。

“Not bad!Kuang Tianyou is my little brother!”
Qu Tianyi changed and nodded,I am not surprised that my own skill is recognized。
Screamed bitterly,But Xiang Chen didn’t bother to make any extra expressions。
This is more explainable,Why is the dragon head of the dragon group here。Not just a matter of interest,It is also mixed with personal grievances。
“This round is a bit exaggerated!”
Xiang Chen pretending to be relaxed,It seems that Long San and Long Si are Qu Tianyi’s henchmen,No wonder only brought so many people,Public revenge,It’s really not suitable for too many people to participate,Just thinking about the brigade,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little funny,Looking at Qu Tianyi,There is also a feeling that the other party has been busy for a long time but it is too late,So Xiang Chen understood the serious expression on Qu Tianyi’s face…
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen Battle Dragon Head3
Qu Tianyi’s breathing became heavier,Long battle,The body is overwhelmed by fatigue,My hole card was exposed in advance because I was eager for success,This is the most taboo question。
Fight with people,The hole card is the most important means of life preservation,Qutian nowyyltsj.A handful of his hole cards showed up,Naturally not intended to perform。
Completed the breath quietly,Offensive again,Qu Tianyi won’t let Xiang Chen have such good luck。
Xiang Chen has been staring at Qu Tianyi’s palms,No wonder when we were fighting before,The changes in his hands are so quick,Now Xiang Chen found the answer。
If you can notice Qu Tianyi’s white palms from the beginning,Maybe find out earlier,Mo Mo wouldn’t be lying on the ground in pain like this。
Sand poison!
Thinking back to my tortured experience,Xiang Chen can roughly feel the pain Mo Mo endured。

I am not He Bu,And the spatial energy levels in the body are completely different,So Lu Menglin couldn’t help but carelessly。

but,Only one thing is confirmed now,Is the reward skills given by the system,Is a technique that can drive spatial energy,If you continue to complete the task,Get more skills,You can unlock the secret of space energy,Transform into your own power。
Gradually,Lu Menglin sketched out the simplest structure in his mind,This is based on his existing intelligence,Made a bold guess。
King of the Flies once said,There are two major races in the exotic world,The Dark Clan and God Nation,Horn flies belong to the dark clan,And the dark black wild boar hunted by himself,Mostly belong to the dark clan,Even the names that the system has given to them have the word “Dark” in them,Probably can’t run。
And what Lu Menglin saw before,Those foreign lives that drilled through the cracks in space,Those strange snakes that move strangely,And chickens and dogs,The power of these alien beings is weak,Very low wisdom,So we can safely pass through the space channel guarded by the human face spider,They don’t have much wisdom and memory anyway.,The dream-making ability of the human face spider,For them,Has no effect at all。
That’s why these alien low-level beings can continuously pass through the space channel,Those who are truly wise,Powerful alien life,It’s hard to cross。
You can basically make a bold conclusion,These bodies contain space
energy,Exotic creatures that like to live in the red mist,Is the dark clan。
If this judgment is not wrong,Then He Bu’s true identity is about to emerge。
can be used《Basic tactics》,Drive the space energy in the red mist to fight,But it is completely free from the pollution and transformation of the red mist,Is this the characteristic of the Shenmin clan??
It turns out that the appearance of the Shenmin clan looks exactly like humans,Will their ancestors also be human,Just living in a foreign space,Influenced by the environment ring,Opened another branch of evolutionary mode?
How strong is the Shenmin clan?What is their attitude towards the human world?All this is still unknown。Lu Menglin suddenly fell into thought。
Actually these problems,He shouldn’t have thought,Those high-level people in the human world should be troubled by such things,It’s just coming,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but think about it。
Two parallel worlds have begun to blend,What is the future of mankind?Is to win this plane war,Get the infinite resources of a new world,Still no match for alien life,Enslaved,Even wiped out,No one can tell this kind of thing!

“but,this matter,Do you count?Don’t come,You lost the bet,By the time,Lin Feng,His daughter is fine,Don’t recognize the bet you made,Then am I losing a lot!”

Xiao Fan sneered,I haven’t had time to reply Lin Yang,I heard Lin Yuner’s voice coming from nearby。
Just listen to Lin Yoona:“of course,He can call the shots!Just rest assured!”
Lin Yang heard what Lin Yuna said,Sneered directly,Said:“Lin Yuna,You called me uncle,I suggest you think about it clearly!otherwise,I’m afraid it will be too late for you to regret!”
Even though Lin Yuna’s eyes are on Xiao Fan,,But what he said was to Lin Yang:“I believe in him!”
Chapter One Hundred and Forty One bet
“And you don’t have to pretend to persuade me,All this is what you want,Isn’t it?And my words are the same as Xiao Fan’s words,No matter what bet we placed today,None of us will lose,and so,We have nothing to worry about。”
“but,I want to ask you something,Since it is a bet,Then it can’t just be our family,Such betting is not fair,right?”
After Lin Yuna said something like this,,Staring at Lin Yang。
And Lin Yang?
After listening to Lin Yoona,I also got a little stunned in my heart,Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan are so swearing about this bet.,Could it be that the Lin family really has an unknown relationship with the Qiao family?。
But then Lin Yang changed his mind again,I immediately dismissed this idea of myself。
What are you thinking about here??When Qiao Ming played that recording just now,I heard it by myself。
Since it’s the news from Qiao’s family,How could there be fakes?
Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan didn’t expect to be bravishing even now,Really enough!
and so,After Lin Yang sneered,I said to Lin Yuna:“Oh?What kind of bet do you want?,Since I, Lin Yang, I want to bet with you,Of course you won’t do anything like not taking a bet。”
Lin Yuner glanced at Xiao Fan,And Xiao Fan?But only gently said to Lin Yoona:“Just say what you think,That’s it!”
Lin Yoona nodded heavily。
Subsequently,Lin Yuna turned her head,Said to Lin Yang:“If we lose,All the properties of the Lin Family in Yun City are given to you,But if you lose,You must lead all the heads of the Lin family in your provincial capital to publicly apologize to my father,And don’t bother us from now on!”

“Yes!You say evil is not evil!Obviously it should be in place!”A Bao is very upset,Chen Wenjin is too lazy to say。“It’s useless if you call me,Wait, then,No chance to come out tomorrow,The day after tomorrow should be fine,Maybe it can still play。I am eating breakfast,No more。”

Phone hung up,Leopard is very depressed,Hit again。
Chen Wenjin just picked up the chopsticks,Put down again with a helpless look,Ask when connected:“What are you doing again?”
“I mean,Waited out,Can you take care of my account in the future??You see I’m so miserable,Urgently need your special care!”A leopard pleading。
“Forget it,No show。You can come whatever you decide,Can you think about it first before mentioning it to me?Your itchy hand,Big guy will bear it for you?Isn’t this the logic that you eat alone and others pay for you if you don’t eat??”Chen Wenjin said again:“Nothing else hangs up。”
“Then you help,Talk to Xiao Xiao about accommodation,Isn’t it okay??Anyway, Xiao Xiao is not bad for this money,You are not bad……Hey?Isn’t it?Hung up directly?”Abao put down the phone depressed,Li Xiang said disappointedly:“Gold doesn’t agree to help?Why is he like that!He has so much money,Xiao Xiao is so rich,Can’t save you?Not enough friends!”
“Forget it,Gold has always been like this。Say nothing,It’s not like this,I didn’t expect him to agree,It’s just a dead horse。”Leopard said,Sigh:“What is your friend!Also inside information!Smashed!”
“……I don’t know!My sister said the person she knew was really good!How could it be wrong。”Li Xiang is also very upset,She heard the gossip,Just tell Abao,She doesn’t understand,I think I can make money,Anyway, gold doesn’t operate for these two days,Then they have news,Of course it’s a good thing to buy some money!Who ever thought,None of the news is reliable!
A leopard smoking a cigarette,Very depressed,At the end of the holiday, the remaining money is far less than ideal,But now I lost a little bit more,There will be less left!
Chen Wenjin hung up,Xiao Xiao also said silently:“Leopard this temper,I can’t help you。”
“the holiday is over,I do everything according to plan,Won’t be in the securities department every day。How much he has left is his life。”Chen Wenjin said,Again:“Actually don’t need to feel bad,Because in the end he will make a wedding dress for whom,Don’t know yet。”
“You are not free after the holidays。”Xiao Xiao thinks Chen Wenjin’s words are strange。
“……I plan not to continue reading。”Chen Wenjin only remembered,I haven’t mentioned it。
“why?”Xiao Xiao was surprised,Feel incomprehensible。
Yes,Normal really shouldn’t。
But Chen Wenjin’s situation is special,He doesn’t want to read it again。
“No motivation to continue。”Chen Wenjin looked at Xiao Xiao’s face,Ask again:“You think it’s important?”

“Go to Jizhong to drink water。”Di suggested,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but look at him,Di stroked her hair,Just say:“Then I want them to know,I don’t know people who can’t help me,I don’t want to make a big deal。”

Chen Wenjin doesn’t say anything,Just drove past,Since this is the help Di needs,Since he is here to help,Just respect Di’s needs。
The car parked on the roadside outside the school gate,Di went to buy a glass bottle of coke,I bought two bottles for Chen Wenjin directly,Two people talked,When Jizhong’s bell rang,Di got out of the car,Drinking soda by the car,Looking inside。
Chen Wenjin got out of the car too,Ask him while drinking water:“Then you might as well stop letting Abao and the others go。”
“Red hair is so perverted,Dare to hack someone!He can’t do anything big here?Leopard likes to pretend,It’s a big deal to get up and hurt people seriously!They hurt people,They ran away,How do i run?That girl and some of her friends know me!You don’t like messing up,There is another car town,Stop here,Even if they don’t know you, they won’t dare to fuck you!At first glance, it looks like a big brother, OK?!”Di thinks a lot,After all,He just wants to use the least risky way to earn some face with the girl he likes,And let others cast a rat avoidance device and dare not beat him next time。
“If the girl you like will come out soon,Help you blow a wave of character。”Chen Wenjin knows that this is what Di expects,It’s just that the girl will come out but not sure,Not only should you have a good impression of Di,You have to have a little courage。
“The ghost knows if she will come out。”Dee biting the straw,Also a little nervous,Secretly calculating time,I think if the girl will come down,Should be downstairs after class,The time between classes was short,Shouldn’t be delayed。
Di looked at his watch several times,More desperate,I guess that girl won’t come out……
“Forget it,No fate,I’m not in time。”Di was disappointed,Said again:“There are many beautiful women in Pengzhong,Either you can’t catch it or you have a master!Qiancao can’t meet,Amei used to be Wang Shuai’s girlfriend,I’m not going to chase after breaking up,Terrible!Do I want to learn from Abao?,I want to give it to the hair salon for the first time?”
“Abao blew with you?”Chen Wenjin is not surprised。
“Blowing in the sky!So cool to say,Add a pill and play for a few hours,All three of them were paralyzed by him, begging for mercy……”Dee is a little eager to try,But more is not reconciled to ruin the first time,He still hopes to have a beautiful love,Then the two are willing。
Chen Wenjin saw three girls coming out together,Just ask Di:“It’s that?”
Di took a closer look,Immediately refreshed,Surprised and happy,Stroked her hair quickly,Pretending to be cool,The three girls who pretended not to see,Just looking at Chen Wenjin and said:“still have a chance!She didn’t care about me!I’ll rely on you to save me!”
After the three girls came out,Two went to the store,Di Chai’s figure is symmetrical,Real people look better than photos,No hair dye,No small accessories,Not out of dress。
“Are you OK?The teacher was delayed for two minutes in detention。”That girl caring,And explained the reason for being late。
“Nothing,What is this injury?”Di said,Introduced again:“Haru Haru,He is gold,One of my best brothers。”
Qingqing said hello,Looking at Di’s swollen goldfish eyes again and said:“Really okay?”
“Nothing!”Di looked disapproving,Men of this age are ashamed of shouting pain。
Chen Wenjin is almost done,Just say:“Qingqing, help persuade Di,I said I would avenge him,Di Fei refused,I guess he is worried that the escalation of hatred will cause you trouble,But actually not at all,Can’t be beaten for nothing, right??Besides, it’s not Di first,dont you agree?”