“Isn’t he trying to confess??Is this crazy?”

“Haha,This kid is upset!Even the eyes are not right!”
Classmates whispered in class,Talk a lot。
Teacher Liu also found something wrong,He frowned,Said with disdain:“Toad wants to eat Swan meat,Toad will always be toad,If you want to eat swan meat,Practice English first!”
This remark,The classmates are laughing again。
Su Xuehen was so angry that she buried her head low,Be even more angry at Lu Menglin’s bold and ignorant behavior。
Amidst the laughter,Lu Menglin finally recovered,Realize that I am now in 1998,Su Xuehen is just a high school girl,My gaze just now seemed too direct。
“Lu Menglin!Did your parents pay the tuition to make you daze??Rubbish like you,Actually, there is no need to be in a daze in my class,Go to the playground to play basketball,Is it good to exercise??You can’t get into college anyway,Why waste time?”Teacher Liu sneered。
Don’t wait for Lu Menglin to speak,Teacher Liu continues to open the mocking mode:“The future is an era of internationalization,Can’t learn English well,Trash!If you are like him,In the future, I can only go to the factory to carry big bags,Coolie!”
After saying this,The laughter in the classroom suddenly dropped by half。
Most students suddenly felt that Lu Menglin was quite pitiful,Old Monster Liu was used as a model of negative teaching materials,No mercy。
Especially those students with poor English scores,It was even more frightened,Don’t even dare to get out of the atmosphere,For fear of catching fire,Indiscriminately attacked by Old Monster Liu。
Lu Menglin heard these words,Just frowned,Shows an indifferent expression that does not match the age。
If it was the boy Lu Menglin 20 years ago,,Humiliated by the teacher in public,Might be ashamed,Too nervous to speak,I just want to have a seam in the ground。
In fact,For high school students at this age,The teacher’s influence and provocative is too strong,If the teacher does not like which student,Everyone will isolate him like nothing,And he himself will be under tremendous psychological pressure。
but,For Lu Menglin who has an adult soul,But you can ignore it。
If you look at it according to the standards after leaving society,The teacher Liu in front of you is just an ordinary high school teacher,And it’s the kind of poor character,It’s really not a great person,His vicious attack can’t shake Lu Menglin’s mind,It just feels a little ridiculous。
Many have personality、Talented student,It is under the lewdness of those trash teachers,I lost my spirituality and self,Become an obscure crowd。

Now Su Jing carries Su Yi out,Just to make Su Yunlei alert,Don’t want to mix with them again。

I don’t know that Su Leilei’s reaction is quite strange,Actually giggled。
“Aunt Su Jing,You are not too old?Why are you so confused?You said he is not worthy of being my friend?Ha ha!If he is willing to be my friend,I even wake up from a dream!”
After Su Yunlei said this sentence,The pretty face turns red,Looked at Lu Menglin with a guilty conscience。
This remark,Su Jing was struck by lightning immediately,The whole person was stunned on the spot。
Not only her,The Su family guards present were all shocked on the spot,Staring at Su’s most precious lady with a surprised face。
“Leilei,Stop kidding,Do you know what you are talking about?”Su Jing still refuses to give up,Reluctantly smiled。
Su Yunlei sneered with disdain:“You don’t know what you are talking about!Don’t you watch tv?He is the hottest topic in Jinling City recently!”
“TV?He is a star?A little star,You don’t need it”Su Jing hesitated,Bitterly。
She learned from Su Yunlei’s words,I heard a vague meaning,It’s just that this young man may not be a scumbag,But a star who can be on TV。
but,In Su Jing’s opinion,This kind of star is in front of Su’s wealth,It’s just a small and insignificant role,Only a little girl like Su Yunlei will chase stars,Uncountable。
At this moment,Many Su family members have passed by the gate one after another,Seeing Su Yunlei, the little princess of the Su family, seems to be arguing with her third aunt Su Jing,Stop and watch,More and more people。
Su Yunlei saw all the family members gathered around,I’m afraid Mr. Lu feels uncomfortable,Hurriedly stared angrily:“Who is the little star!Auntie, you are really old,do not understand anything!”
“This is Mr. Lu Menglin!He is the chairman of Menglin Group,The first leader in the domestic game industry,The youngest billionaire!
He is also the youngest visiting professor in the history of Jinling University,Just donated a building to our school!
Do you think he is qualified to be Su Yunlei’s friend?,Enter the gate of our Su’s house?”
Su Yunlei’s words,Speak loudly,Straightforward,Even a little secretive。
Able to be in front of so many family members,Calling Mr. Lu Menglin a friend,For her,It’s a very face-lifting thing,The girl’s vanity was greatly satisfied。
now,She’s not Su’s baby eldest,But a loyal little fan of Mr. Lu Menglin,A little girl。