Su Ran hasn’t returned todayabase,Stay at the new base for now,Because she knows it herself,Maybe Xiao Fan needs to punish her,If you don’t punish her,How can the brothers of the new base be stable or not distracted。

Because after all, Shen Lin is their eldest brother,Is also the one who teaches them,People who train them。Shen Lin happened such a big thing,Su Ran is responsible。
So Su Ran is not afraid of punishment,She felt that she did something wrong。
And I think Xiao Fan really punished her,She might feel better in her heart,You won’t be guilty forever。
Although Shen Lin is awake,But she has always felt guilty,So I hope to take this opportunity to better adjust my mentality。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Two Questioning
Xiao Fan entered the hall of the base,I saw Shen Lin and Su Ran burying their heads on the table, sorting out some documents,These documents are the work they need to take over in the near future。
Before that, Yiming and Chu Yao managed,I know that the two of them will be back these two days,The two of them kept all the files okay last night,Or work information,All sorted out,Put on new base。
Wait for them to come back,In this case,Actually, Shen Lin and Su Ran also saved a lot of heart,If the two of them read these materials,I was very moved inside。
Because I think there are such good brothers,It’s really hard not to be moved,So in fact, sometimes the relationship between people is managed by heart。
Like Yiming and Chu Yao,They will treat Shen Lin and Su Ran with their heart,Really treat Shen Lin and Su Ran as good friends,Otherwise I won’t get so much heart。
I won’t be so diligent to help them organize all the work materials,Normally, these things don’t need them to deal with。
Shen Lin and Su Ran should come back and organize them by themselves,But both of them have been sorted out for them。
And Su Ran heard that Chu Yao was also completing a task recently,In such a busy situation,And helped them organize these things in such an orderly manner,Who can’t be moved by it?。
Xiao Fan also knew that the things they two looked at were arranged by Yiming and Chu Yao,So Xiao Fan stepped forward and flipped through the documents。
Finally tell them:“What do you two feel when you see these files?”
Shen Lin raised his head and said:“Fan,Thank you,Although Yiming and Chu Yao are innocent these days, they don’t stay with Su Ran and me all the time.,But they all use their best efforts to help us。

Everyone is not offended,Many men work,Especially for this kind of physical work,I like bare shoulders,Can’t say that people’s behavior is uncivilized,Even offended everyone。

The boss is almost fifty,And Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin is a smoker and a drinker。
Don’t look at the boss,But usually off work,I also followed the workers in my factory to eat and drink,call each other brothers,Not a boss at all,And the consciousness that is almost fifty years old。
Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin used a supper,Got the boss’s consent,The equipment inside can be used at will,But if you break it, you have to pay,There is nothing to say。
and,The boss also came to observe,Meet Hu Yang and others。
to be frank,The boss also heard of stone betting、Cut stone,After all, he is dealing with stone,But never dared to play,Because my friend was hurt by gambling。
Lessons learned,He naturally dare not get involved。but now,Can watch for free,Naturally will not miss。
“Yixing also sells gambling materials?”The boss was surprised。
He has been here for many years,I haven’t heard of anyone playing rock gambling in Yixing!and so,He saw Populus and others come to the door with the jade rough stone to cut the stone,Just a little puzzled。
“We got it by accident,I have to use the boss’s machine next。”Hu Yang smiled politely。
The boss nodded:“use,It’s ok!I happen to be able to see it。”
That rock is not big,About the size of a plate,Slightly flat。One of the locations,Because it is often used to sharpen knives,Already wiped out a hole,I saw what Jade said“fog”,That layer of fog is very thin,Populus euphratica was irradiated with strong light from a mobile phone,Everyone can see the green light。
therefore,This piece of material cannot be cut,Can only rub slowly,Is rubbing with abrasive tools,Wipe off that layer of stone skin。
have to say,The equipment here is pretty good,Rubbing,There is water to clean on one side,Wash away the stone dust,Keep the piece of material clearly visible at all times。

Ding Zhen waved his hand,Replied impatiently:“Ok, Ok,Do what you do。”

“Do you have anything else to discuss?”Ding Zhen’s lazy eyes,Too lazy to take a look at her,Want to end the conversation early。
Chen Limu has won the battle,Laughter,Tao:“You have to remember what you promised。”
“Know know,I am leaving。”Ding Zhen shook the voice,Tune up and leave。
Chen Limu stood on tiptoe and deliberately held back his voice and shouted open his throat:“You have dinner at home。”
“I still have something,Eat it yourself。”When Ding Zhen uttered these words,Have walked a few meters。
A triumphant smile appeared on Chen Limu’s face,Joy to the heart,Ding Zhen, who really stays away from home for dinner,I have become accustomed to him not eating in the apartment once he comes back。
riverside,Wind blowing willow,Swaying,Like the rhythm of declaring a winner,Make Chen Limu playful like a girl,Wickedly crooked。
Racing club。Racing club to develop,Must actively participate in major events to increase influence。
The club just received an invitation to the Asia-Europe racing event,Will participate in three months,but,There are several trials before the official competition,Outstanding selection。
“Can help Ke Lan compete and win,How high he should be,Eun, I must get this award。”Ye Xingkong looks at the high-standard and perfect track,Talk to yourself,“This time,I must practice harder。”
Talking,He changed into practice sportswear and went to the track,Drove the car out of the garage,Master the car skillfully。
Combined with his magical ironware,The car will spin in the air several times before returning to the obstacle area in seconds,Play various actions with new speeds and new tricks,Easy to use。

It’s almost certain!

Although the existence of the journalists’ union has helped journalists gain many rights,But tell the truth,Reporters are not a minority when they scold their union,Necessary supervision of the management of the journalists’ union?
Of course it’s a good thing!
Look at the reporters at the scene, look at me、I see you,Heartbeat look,Little Bill smiled inwardly。
Little Bill’s statement can be regarded as the attitude of the U.S. government on this matter.,When this attitude spread to millions of households in the United States with the advanced and developed media system in the United States,The whole U.S. and the whole world is a sensation,Countless people started to think about one thing:What are the Americans going to do?
They don’t think that the reason for this and everything is that Chen Geng wants to block the North American Auto Workers’ Association.AMCOutside of the car,They think this must be the first mover in the United States,Then the problem is coming,What is the next big move for the Americans?
For a time,The occupancy rate of international flights between countries and the U.S. instantly increased by at least10Percentage point。
And in the U.S.,Unions in all walks of life are starting to sit on the wax。
Not just because of the White House’s attitude towards this,The more reason is the attitude of these union members toward this matter:In any industry,There have been groups of members breaking into the union,Asking loudly why the management of the union is not willing to accept supervision、Are they afraid that the government will find evidence of corruption?。
And support the government to establish a law to supervise trade union management,Even more。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Little Bill’s statement can be regarded as the attitude of the U.S. government on this matter.,When this attitude spread to millions of households in the United States with the advanced and developed media system in the United States,The whole U.S. and the whole world is a sensation,Countless people started to think about one thing:What are the Americans going to do?
They don’t think that the reason for this and everything is that Chen Geng wants to block the North American Auto Workers’ Association.AMCOutside of the car,They think this must be the first mover in the United States,Then the problem is coming,What is the next big move for the Americans?
For a time,The occupancy rate of international flights between countries and the U.S. instantly increased by at least10Percentage point。
And in the U.S.,Unions in all walks of life are starting to sit on the wax。

First of all,Qilin says,Death is not actually the most terrible thing,When your confidence is destroyed,You will feel that death may be a relief。

While she was training,Xin Zhao lost her in a proud sniper,And her mentality collapsed。
Although I am recovering now,Then I can just watch what happened at the time,But that feeling at the time,You guys would never want to know。”
Su Xiaoli:“Terrible,I still want to find a male god,Didn’t you say that the male god is in the male army?Why so long,Never came。”
Li Feifei:“All right,This is not the time to think about male gods,But think about how to be under the hands of this devil,Survive。”
Wei Ying:“Sisters together,Its profit!”
He Weilan:“This is just the most basic,And I heard Qilin said something,Our training time is running out。It’s just that a few people in their team have now used to promote,Because of alien invasion,Most people are panicking now,do not want to work,There have even been many vicious incidents such as robbery and theft.!
Call us over this time,Time is tight,This training is not only for others,Also for ourselves。
The strength of aliens,We all know,In order to survive the aliens’ hands,Even anti-kill,We need to exercise the spirit of not being afraid of death。
After all, no one wants to die so early, right?。
And we are much better than ordinary people,At least we still have the power and potential to resist,Ordinary people in front of those aliens,It is said that the power of the hand is about the same。”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five Lian Feng He Yu Qin
Juxia Command Room
Xin Zhao came in comfortably,Looks very casual,But when I meet people,He should be polite。
Then he sat down on the table in front of Lianfeng。
“So this is what you call polite!”Lianfeng looked at Xin Zhao in front of him,Want to get up and scold him,But Xin Zhao directly reached out and pressed his shoulders,And can’t stand up。
“Don’t be so angry,Pitiful beauty,You were in my room that day,It’s not like that,At that time, our two men were in love,Tenderness,Honey oil,That’s……”
Lian Feng directly took out a gun that looked very technological,Then open the insurance directly,Aimed at Xin Zhao’s head“talk,Why don’t you go on!”

“Help!Killed!Help!”Huang Mao suddenly screamed in fright,Unspeakable grievance in the voice,Obviously they owed themselves money first。

“Stop yelling,I’ll pay the money for Aunt Qin!”
Lin Yu said coldly,Since I am resurrected,Then these debts should be paid by themselves。
“Young man,How can this work,You and me for the first time,How can you pay me back?”Lin Yu’s mother looked at Lin Yu with some doubts,do not know why,This guy gave her a feeling of deja vu。
For Lin Yu knowing her surname,She is not surprised,Many netizens know that the son has given his life bravely for righteousness,Her name and contact information were also stripped,Many kind people will come to see off their son,She declined。
“it is good,This is what you said,Then you give us the money。”Huang Mao doesn’t care why Lin Yu pays others back,As long as you can get the money,Even if his task is completed。
“Give me three days。”Lin Yu said。
“”Huang Mao is a bit speechless,So awesome,I thought I could get the money right away。
“how?you do not believe me?”
Seeing Huang Mao did not speak,Lin Yu frowned,A bit cold tone。
“Believe,Believe,But elder brother, you have to tell me your name?”Looking at Lin Yu’s cold eyes,Huang Mao couldn’t help shivering。
first name?
Yes indeed,Hurry in the morning,I didn’t even have time to read this person’s name。
“do not worry,I promised you will do it,such,Three days later,Still here,Just come here,I’ll pay you back with the profits。”
Lin Yu is so confident,All on my own body。
He thought that since he could live in the nursing center,This young man is ordinary at home,At least you can get a hundred or two hundred thousand.,First use,Wait till I make money,Go back again。

Lu Menglin walked to the door of the classroom,Glanced,Make sure you don’t know anyone。

“Who is looking for me?Problems?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
One of the boys in a large jersey smirked:“You are Lu Menglin?come out,Someone looking for you。”
Lu Menglin frowned,Still walked out of the classroom。
As soon as he came out,The ones blocking the door smashed,All scattered。
Only one tall and thin girl was left。
This woman grows pretty pretty,But the skin is slightly dark,One meter six eight,It is considered to have developed earlier at this age。
It’s just that Lu Menglin doesn’t like the girl’s dress,Young,I want to make myself mature,Whether it’s the eye shadow on the face and the blush on the cheeks,It’s still the yellow streak of dyed hair,I don’t like all of them。
“Is there a problem?”Lu Menglin expressionless,Lightly。
That high school girl hesitated at first,Looking back at the one who has been hiding far,And my friends who are laughing,Xiao Nizi confessed,Bit his lip:“Lu Menglin,I watched you play in the afternoon!I,I like you!”
Girl’s voice is not loud,But whether it’s on the corridor,Or everyone at the door of the classroom can hear clearly。
Many people listened with enthusiasm。
“This,Is this the legendary public confession??Too awesome!”
“My goodness!The kids in high school are too fierce, right?!”
“old,old!Really old,It’s not better than the younger brother and younger sister!”
The classmates in the classroom were full of emotions at the same time,They also looked curiously at Lu Menglin,I want to see how he will face this sudden confession。
Will he accept?Still be like the male god in idol drama,Come with a cold rejection?
For a time,Sophomore(One)The class’s classroom was quiet for some reason。

Although Su Xuehen is wearing headphones,But the other half of the ear can hear the conversation between Wang Shaoxiao and Lu Menglin clearly。

“it is good!But I have something to do this Sunday,I won’t give you tutoring this week。”The squad leader said lightly,Hear someone’s heart straight,Are you jealous??
but,Of course Lu Menglin wouldn’t say it,Just wrong,Nodded:“also!There are some questions,I’ll ask you again on Monday。”
Su Xuehen blinked,Bury your head,Refuse to speak anymore。
Saturday morning,Lu Menglin went to the market to finish breakfast,Walk along the boulevard of the park,Go to the Gaogan guest house hidden deep in the green shade。
He knew that Jiang Jinghong and the three of them lived there,Strange,Since I saw Jiang Jinghong there last time,Su Xuehen will never go again,Not even mention that place。
Lu Menglin knew that the squad leader was at the same table, although he didn’t say anything,But it’s clear in my heart,She doesn’t seem to like to deal with Jiang Jinghong,And in fact,The three of them have a natural gap with Liufang’s teenagers.,Maybe never approached。
Although Jiang Jinghong helped him once,But Lu Menglin didn’t think that was the reason why the girl liked him so much,Just because I still have some value in the eyes of the other party!
unconsciously,Lu Menglin walked to the door of the small courtyard。
A white truck parked outside the courtyard,Before Lu Menglin approached,Suddenly black smoke came out of the bottom of the truck,Then suddenly left。
Lu Menglin steps into the hospital,Just walked a few steps,I heard someone calling his name on the second floor。
“Lu Menglin,Come early!Come up soon,Show you a good thing!”It was Jiang Jinghong’s brother Jiang Jingchuan who was calling,Although he has always been very easygoing,But there is still something incompatible with Liufang’s personality.。
Lu Menglin said,Upstairs,As Jiang Jingchuan came to a side room on the second floor。
The side hall at the end of the corridor is empty,Except for an arcade machine and a girl who plays games seriously,Nothing extra。
“No way?This also works!”Lu Menglin couldn’t help but let out an exclamation。
He found that he still underestimated Jiang Jinghong’s obsession with games,To practice the king of fighters97,I actually made an arcade machine and put it at home to play by myself?
Hear the footsteps coming from behind,Jiang Jinghong didn’t look back,But frowned:“what?The joystick is not working,It’s parallel imports at all!”
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Seeing Athena Asamiya on the screen of the game hall was beaten back and forth by the computer,Can only take off in vain。
“Character can’t move forward?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Jiang Jinghong glared at him,Angrily:“Yes, it is!I didn’t let anyone debug it when I unloaded the cargo.,be cheated!”

Vent happily,Become another self in the eyes of the world,Don’t extricate yourself from the infinitely magnified sin。

Or escape,From one side of the mountain to the other side of the mountain to the other side of the mountain,Seal yourself in a fantasy world and don’t face all the red dust in this world。
“Shit,Did you forget how i died?You forgot that someone is still in the cold lake waiting for you to pick him up,Or if you are busy, what your brother told you before he died?”
Old Bai’s voice echoed in his mind over and over,These are the memories he doesn’t want to accept,Is his unfinished mission。
this moment,Xia Chenglong remembered a lot of things,Dark Lord,Dragon Guardian,Aquan,flourishing,Murong Qianxue……
He can’t stay here anymore,Have to leave,Back to where he belongs。
Xia Chenglong stand up,Body becomes straight,Started to walk towards the mountain in front。
It’s just a mountain far before,Can arrive at this moment,Now the top of the mountain,Greet the sun shining in the distance。
this moment,There was no warm light before, with a hint of warmth,This is different from the previous existence。
The old man dragon guard appeared outside the bamboo house instantly,Looking at Xia Chenglong on Lianxin not far away,There is a relieved smile on the corner of the mouth,He knew,The other party will be able to come out。
outside,Above the green lake, green auras from the essence of lotus poured into Xia Chenglong’s body,Finally turned into an invisible lotus,The body supporting him slowly hangs in the air。
“Good boy,Heart so big,In that case, the old man will help you。”The old man dragon guard nodded,After laughing and waving his arms。
At the top of the mountain,He looked at the light in the distance and took another step,This step is no longer a continuation of the previous wasteland,Step into the ink world。
The difference between the fourth and fifth products,In addition to the storage of aura,The most fundamental is the level of artistic conception,Xia Chenglong has his own artistic conception,So when he comes into contact again,Felt it。

“Your room is402room,Room for two,There is another guest who is living with you。”The round face girl said,While still looking at Lu Menglin curiously。

Because the age of this teenager still looks too young,If his name is not on the list of participants,I checked my ID again,It’s hard to imagine,This student-like boy,It was actually an invited guest。
After the round face girl left,Lu Menglin opened it with his room card402room。
This is a standard double room,Two beds,There is a wooden bedside table in between,Opposite the head of the bed is a hemispherical TV,The old-fashioned central air conditioner above is making a whining sound,The room can only be said to be ok。
Lu Menglin put his schoolbag beside the bed,I went to the bathroom and rinsed briefly,Then lie on the bed,Put the schoolbag under the pillow,Close your eyes,Decided to sleep beautifully。
Seven or eight hours on the train, although there are girls with me,But sleepless night is still tiring,Now it’s a rare opportunity to rest,Of course he has to regain his strength。
Anyway, Lu Menglin had already read the conference agenda before going to bed,The first morning is mainly for reception and guests signing in,The time when the conference was officially held,Should be after two o’clock in the afternoon。
And Lu Menglin didn’t think people invited him to the conference,Can prove how big he is,I don’t know anyone here anyway。
Besides, guests like myself,It is estimated that there is no one hundred and eighty,It’s basically a small transparent existence,So just rest assured to sleep。
As a result, I slept very sweetly,I don’t know how long I slept,Until I heard someone calling。
“Hey!Young man,Wake up!Wake up!about there,Don’t sleep!”
Lu Menglin opened his fluffy eyes,Somewhat blankly looking at the man sitting by the bed。
This is a dark-faced middle-aged uncle,About forty years old,Honest looking,But those little eyes are shining,Looks extraordinarily energetic。