Spielberg participates in an online movie club and recommends to watch The Wizard of Oz

Spielberg participates in an online movie club and recommends to watch “The Wizard of Oz”
Sauna Night News Recently, the American Film Institute organized an online movie club (AFI Movie Club) event to recommend classic movies to netizens.Director Steven Spielberg appeared first and recommended the first movie-“The Wizard of Oz” (1939).Spielberg said he knows that many audiences have already seen this classic movie, but it does not prevent him from watching it again.His reason for recommendation is: “What information is more suitable for the present than ‘There is no place to compare with family’ (classic lines in the film)?”The Wizard of Oz” is a fairy tale film produced by MGM, adapted from the fairy tale of the same name created by Lyman Frank Baum.The film starred Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger and others, and was released in the United States in August 1939.”The Wizard of Oz” tells the story of the little girl Dorothy of Kansas who was brought into the magical world by the tornado, and finally went home safely after experiencing various adventures in “The Oz”.In 2008, the American Film Institute held the selection of the best films in ten categories, and the film ranked first in the fantasy film category.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun

Affected by the LPL, the League of Legends LMS will have to thigh again next year

Affected by the LPL, the League of Legends LMS will have to “thigh” again next year
Today, the League of Legends agent Garena of the LMS Division announced that the original LMS Division will merge with the Southeast Asian LST Division in 2020 to establish a new league.The LMS League is the top league in the League of Legends competition in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It was included in the GPL region in Southeast Asia when it was first established.However, the teams in the LMS region have outstanding capabilities, and the TPA team won the S2 Global Finals in 2012.In 2015, Fist Company decided to separate the LMS region from the Southeast Asia region. A total of 8 teams became the fifth largest region after LPL, LCK, LEC and LCS.In 2015 and 2016, the traditional strong team FW of the LMS division, AHQ has remained in the top 4 position in the mid-season invitational tournament.FW team member “Lightning Wolf” is called “Anti-Han Qi Xia” by the team, and has defeated the giants of the LCK division SKT many times in the mid-season championship and the global finals.However, since 2017, the results of the LMS region have become worse and worse. In the S7, both FW and AHQ have stopped the group stage. The FW team has not missed the global finals for the first time this year.With the rise of the LPL region, players and coaches of the LMS region have joined the LPL, such as the original FW hit wild Hong Haoxuan (ID: Karsa) to join RNG, mid-list Huang Yitang (ID: Maple) and auxiliary Hu Shuojie (ID: SwordArt) to join the SN team, Coach Zhou Luxi (ID: Steak Steak) joined RNG as head coach, coach Chen Ruzhi (ID: Warhorse Warhorse) joined FPX, and led the team to win the annual LPL Summer Championship.In addition, the number of people watching offline in the LMS area has also greatly reduced. Moving from large venues to venues where only 120 people can sit now, tickets are still difficult to sell.For these reasons, the LMS division will be merged with the Southeast Asian LST division next year. After the establishment of a new league, there will be a high probability of playing online.

Bear Infested · Wild Continent ushered in the biggest evolution in years, bald and strong become handsome

“Bear Infested · Wild Continent” ushered in the biggest evolution in years, bald and strong become handsome
On the evening of January 18th, the film “Bear Infested · Wild Continent” held a national premiere. Chief director Ding Liang, directors Shao and Qi joined hands with “Xiong Qiang Group” to airborne live interaction.”Bear Infested” has accompanied the growth of Chinese parent-child families for seven consecutive years. The pre-sale has been fully opened. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat will continue to accompany thousands of family viewers through the happy holiday of family reunion.At the premiere ceremony, Director Ding Liang took the stage to share the behind-the-scenes creation story of “Bear Infested · Wild Continent”. He said: “This year’s bear infested film ushered in the biggest evolution in the past years.A completely different world from the past, in this world, humans can freely transform into various animals through genetic technology, and on this basis, a step by step to build a wild, joyful, relaxed and free madWild continent.And, in this part, the bald head becomes more handsome!”Shao and Kirin thesis:” All the time, the bald head has longed for strong power and amazing speed. This one finally makes the bald head strong and realizes a dream, transforming into a variety of animals at one go, in order to make the bald head strong and the animals after the transformationIn one, we make extensive use of the internationally-leading Xgen hair system and the self-developed Fangte character binding system to make the bald head flexible and flexible.The main team of “Bear Infested · Wild Continent” continues to follow the family fun route. In the cheerful and funny story, the audience’s favorite Xiong Qiang combination begins the adventure of danger and danger again.In essence, the touching and sincere affection is also touching.Behind the intertwining of joy and warmth, the film also deeply explores the theme of “what is the true meaning of happiness”, and presents a Chinese New Year gift for the family reunion of the Chinese New Year of the Rat.”Bear Infested · Wild Continent” will be released nationwide on January 25, 2020, and the pre-sale of the film will be fully opened.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wang Xin

1 trillion!This year, the scale of the special national debt is determined. How special is the special national debt?

1 trillion!This year, the scale of the special national debt is determined. How special is the “special national debt”?
In the morning of May 22nd, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council said in his government work report that the deficit rate for this year is set to 3.With a plan of more than 6%, the scale of the fiscal deficit increased by 1 trillion compared with last year, and at the same time, 1 trillion special anti-epidemic bonds were issued.This is a special reconstruction of a special period.All the above 2 trillion will be transferred to the locality, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established. The funds will directly reach the grassroots of the city and county, directly benefiting the enterprise and the people, mainly used to protect employment, basic people’s livelihood, and market participants, including support for tax and fee reductions, and rent reduction.Interest rate cuts, expansion of consumption and investment, etc., and the strengthening of public financial attributes, can never be retained for embezzlement.As early as March 27, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee once proposed that the macro policy should be strengthened and a package of macro policy measures should be introduced.In terms of fiscal expansion, three major arrangements are made: increasing the scale of local government special debt, appropriately increasing the fiscal deficit ratio, and issuing special national debt.Special treasury bonds are regarded as a violation of “special means in a special period”, and the variable has only been issued twice in history: in August 1998, the Ministry of Finance announced the issuance of a $ 270 billion special treasury bond with a maturity of 30 years.In 2007, a total of 8 issues were issued, with a scale of 1.55 trillion special national debt.What is a special national debt?Huatai Gushou Zhang Jiqiang’s team introduced that it is divided into general government bonds, and special government bonds are government bonds issued to serve specific policies and support specific project needs.Special treasury bonds part of the central government treasury bond balance management adjusts the treasury bond balances at the time of issuance, but the mutual central government fund budgets are not included in the fiscal deficit.Regarding the issuance process, the special treasury bonds first need the State Council to request the National People’s Congress Standing Committee to point out the issuance of special treasury bonds, adjust the balance of the year-end treasury bonds, and then the Ministry of Finance decides to issue special treasury bonds based on this decision and use them according to specific investments.Special national debt has many advantages.The team’s name, including issuance for specific purposes, is more in line with the current policy goals of responding to demographic sentiment; a direct means of leveraging the central government can prevent local government debt from rising too fast; and the use is more flexible.Japan, South Korea, Chile, Argentina and other countries have cases of special national debt issuance, mainly used for post-disaster recovery in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hedging of financial crises or sovereign credit crises.In the current history, only two bonds issued twice in history, and two bonds issued in history in 1998 and 2007 respectively. Among them, some of the special bonds issued in 2007 were sequelized after maturity.Specifically, in August 1998, the Ministry of Finance announced the issuance of a $ 270 billion special treasury bond with a maturity period of 30 years. It was issued to the four state-owned banks of industry, agriculture, China, and China to supplement the capital of the four major banks and resolve the badAssets to increase the capital adequacy ratio.According to public information, in 1998, the proportion of non-performing assets of the four state-owned banks reached 20%. In order to dispose of non-performing assets, the Ministry of Finance also established four major asset management companies to dock with four banks.Sauna, Ye Wang read through the four major financial reports, and can also find records about special national debt.For example, both ICBC’s 2008 financial report and ABC’s 2010 financial report listed special treasury bonds as “restructuring bonds” in asset projects.The CICC solid income team weighed in that the issuance of special national bonds in 1998 played an important role in preventing systemic financial risks, promoting the reform of the Chinese banking industry, and enhancing the international recognition of the Chinese financial industry.The second issuance of special government bonds was in 2007. At that time, the background was an increase in the base currency caused by the continuous increase in foreign exchange earning, and reform of foreign exchange reserve management.There are 8 issues in total and scale 1.55 trillion special government bonds, with maturities of 10 years and 15 years, of which 0.2 trillion yen will be issued to the public for the previous purchase of equity in cash and Huijin companies, and capital injection to establish CIC.Lou Jiwei, the former Minister of the Ministry of Finance, used to mention “special national debt to buy foreign exchange reserves” in many public speeches.At the “Local Debt Market Construction and Development Symposium” at the end of December 2019, Lou Jiwei also mentioned that the government bond liquidity is lacking, and the government bond issuance mechanism is not distorted, and the liquidity is better.Large-scale issuance of special treasury bonds may be considered. For example, the issuance of special treasury bonds to buy half of the current foreign exchange reserves can release about 10 trillion treasury bonds to the market. Treasury bonds with sufficient liquidity can provide tools for monetary policy operations.Except for the 0 issued to the public.2 trillion yuan, and 1.The $ 35 trillion special national debt was issued to agricultural banks that were not listed at the time.According to the “People’s Bank of China Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the transition may not overdraft the government’s finances, and may not directly subscribe to or underwrite government bonds and other government bonds.This pen 1.The 35 trillion special national debt is reflected in the consolidated balance sheet.Sauna and Yeewang saw from the 2007 annual monetary and monetary balance sheet that year that the “debt to the central government” was extended from about 0 at the end of January.28 trillion, increased to 1 at the end of the year.63 trillion.In 2017, some special national bonds due in 2007 were targeted for sequel, terminated in February 2020, and the balance of “claims to the central government” in the reorganized balance sheet was 1.53 trillion yuan.The CICC solid-revenue team weighed in that the issuance of special government bonds in 2007 was believed to be conducive to restraining excessive economic growth and responding to liquidity hedging pressures. It was coordinated with monetary policy and coordinated with macro-replacement measures.This issuance may be more used to promote consumption. At present, the macro economy has been strongly impacted by the new crown epidemic. Recently, the market has begun to increase discussions on special national debt.Liu Qiao, the dean of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, believes that under the impact of the current epidemic, there is uncertainty in conducting economic growth.If the economy is severely damaged, it is necessary to increase counter-cyclical adjustment to stabilize the economy.In order to cope with declining government revenue expenditures and increasing fiscal gaps, especially the scale of national debt, the long-term feature is a variety of ideal ways of financing the fiscal revenue and expenditure gaps.Li Qilin, chief economist of Guangdong Development Securities, said that the role of issuing special national bonds may be used more to promote consumption, and to hedge consumption by expanding foreign consumption to the economy.In order to promote consumption, not only can the choice of expenditure be handed over to the residential sector and the market, to better utilize the efficiency of market allocation of resources, but also to effectively cut off the “normal overseas enterprises ‘production and household consumption obstacles-greatly weakened external demand-residents’ income decline—Decrease in domestic consumption expenditure—Increase in corporate income for domestic demand—Enterprise layoffs—increased unemployment—gradual reduction in domestic consumption—the vicious circle of “utilizing the leverage effect of consumption, driving demand in upstream and downstream industries, and better stabilizing growth andGuarantee employment.Why should we issue special government bonds?Zhao Xijun, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Securities at Renmin University of China, analyzed Sauna and Yewang that the issuance of special national bonds is a special method in a special period.This time, in order to deal with the epidemic, government expenditure is huge.First, direct expenditures for controlling the epidemic. Certain hospitals, personnel treatment, testing, and centralized isolation are all paid by the government. Second, the epidemic has a series of impacts on the economy. The government has adopted measures such as tax cuts.It leads to a decrease in income and further affects government expenditures. The third is to increase some subsidies for residents and enterprises. In particular, some residents ‘unemployment relief problems caused by no income during the epidemic are government expenditures.”Even if the domestic epidemic is over, the international may not be over yet, so the long-term gap in revenue and expenditure is considered.In addition, during the epidemic, shortcomings in public services were exposed. The state proposed to increase the construction of the medical and health fields and the production reserves of protective materials. This is also a expenditure.These additional expenditure burdens and income reduction gaps need funds to make up.”Zhao Xijun said.Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and Hue Color, Associate Professor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University also said in a report that under the impact of the current epidemic, economic growth is uncertain.If the economy is severely damaged, it is necessary to increase counter-cyclical adjustment to stabilize the economy.In order to cope with the fiscal gap in which government revenue declines and increases in expenditure, especially its national debt indicators, the long-term feature is a variety of ideal ways of financing the fiscal revenue and expenditure gap.Due to the rising demand for long-term rapid economic development and inflation, it is possible to consider issuing about 2 trillion special national bonds if necessary.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao editor Wang Jinyu proofread Chen Diyan

High-yield fake structural deposits are at your fingertips, and special loans for supervision and prevention of epidemic prevention are arbitrage

High-yield fake structural deposits are at your fingertips, and special loans for supervision and prevention of epidemic prevention are arbitrage
“Strictly prevent enterprises from obtaining standardized rediscount and re-loan funds to buy structured deposits to achieve arbitrage.”Recently, when talking about special loans during the epidemic, a supervisor warned.According to the latest data released by the highest level, the actual financing cost of the special anti-epidemic refinance loan received by the enterprise is only about 1.About 27%, and among the long-term banks consulted by Sauna and Yeewang in the past week, the maximum annualized return rate of structured deposits being issued is reachable7.5%, the highest rate of return of many products also exceeded the average rate of return on financial management over the same period.In recent years, structured deposits have become a “magic weapon” for banks to take up deposits, reaching a scale of 10 by the end of February 2020.82 trillion, about 60% of which came from small and medium banks.With the rapid expansion, some of the hidden deposits of “converted vests” for structural deposits, disguised high interest rates, and other problems also surfaced. As a result, financial regulators have repeatedly launched since the second half of 2019, and the scale of structural deposits is almostWith zero growth, banks are becoming more and more standardized in product design and risk warning.However, a reporter’s investigation found that “fake structural deposits” still exist on the surface of the city. One of the performances is that banks have set multiple easings on embedded derivatives scenarios, and it is easy to achieve the highest rate of return.Another bank employee, while promoting structured deposits, said that historically he has hardly received too low interest rates, and there was a suspicion of implied earnings.Trigger conditions are suspected of “walking through”. Ping An Bank, Nanjing Bank have the highest yield. The reporter has consulted Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Bank, Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, Bank of Beijing, Industrial Bank, Bank of Nanjing and other institutions found that the trigger condition for the maximum return rate set by some structured deposits was suspected of “walking through the field” and could be easily achieved.For example, the structured deposit of Ping An Bank has a 98-day 0111 product, with a starting purchase amount of 10,000 yuan, with an interest rate from April 1, 2020, an investment period of 98 days, and an annualized product yield range of 1.1% -3.8%, the pegged interest rate is the three-month London interbank borrowing rate (3M Libor).If in these 98 days, 3M Libor is between -2% and 3%, the structured deposit can get 3.8% yield.Nanjing Bank’s structured deposits with multiple maturities and different maturities related to the interest rate starting on March 25 are also linked to 3M Libor, and the condition for triggering the highest rate of return is also that the 3M Libor interest rate is less than 3%.According to wind statistics, since November 2008, the 3M Libor interest rate has not exceeded 3%.”Some structured deposits are linked to derivative products, but it artificially sets the conditions of exercise as an event with a minimum probability, enabling customers to obtain a high rate of return with a probability of nearly 100%. This is a false structured deposit.Li Wenhong, the former director of the Innovation Department of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, clearly classified products with such characteristics as false structured deposits.Some bank employees are “hearted” in selling products, focusing on historical revenue performance rather than risk. When reporters consulted on structured deposits, several bank employees in Dublin highlighted the good performance of historical revenue of products.A financial manager of Bank of Nanjing is competent. Structured deposits do not guarantee income, but only protect the capital. However, the probability of setting a low interest rate is particularly small. Our bank has not had a structured deposit since its establishment.”As the consultation was at the end of the quarter, the manager also stated that the bank ‘s structured deposit yield is higher than some wealth management products. If it is a new customer, the funds will be transferred to the Nanjing bank card before March 31, and there are gifts.Give away.The reporter learned that many banks have given employees the task of “rushing to the point”, and some bank account managers have to draw 3 million personal deposits by the end of the first quarter.A wealth management manager of Huaxia Bank also mentioned the historical revenue performance of the product when introducing the bank’s structured deposit “Huiying No. 939 R”.According to the product manual, Huiying No. 939 R-linked gold futures (AU2012) has a period of 92 days and the expected annualized return rate is 1.1%, 3.93%, 4.03% third gear, “95% of the history is according to 3.93% paid.The manager said.The method of calculating the rate of return of this product is relatively complex.The manager introduced that assuming the closing price of AU2012 on the day of establishment is 370 yuan, the barrier price is 370 yuan x113% = 418 yuan, the execution price 1 is 370 yuan x110% = 407 yuan, and the execution price 2 is 370 yuan x80% = 296 yuan.Take 3.There are two essences of 93% redemption: one is to observe that the initial AU2012 price is less than 418 yuan, and the settlement price is less than 407 yuan; the other is to observe that the AU2012 closing price on any trading day is greater than or equal to 418 yuan, and the settlement price is greater than or equal toIt is equal to 296 yuan.Wind data shows that the price of AU2012 has not exceeded 418 yuan in the past ten years, and the price fluctuation during the past year was roughly between 283 and 385 yuan.”From the article, there is no problem in product design, but the financial manager reminds the customer that 95% of the product’s history can reach 3.93% of the income, this is wrong.”Dong Ximiao, a special candidate of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, told reporters.A brokerage expert also said that the product cannot be seen as a genuine or fake structured deposit, but the bank staff ‘s recommendation is obviously not standardized.Enterprises are the largest buyers of structured deposits. Regulatory tips indicate that arbitrage risk is the largest buyer of structured deposits compared to individual customers’ subscriptions generally in units of tens of thousands.According to the bank credit statistics released on the preliminary official website, by the end of February 2020, the structured deposits of large Chinese-funded banks plus small and medium-sized banks will reach about 10.82 trillion yuan, of which 6.37 trillion as unit deposits, accounting for 58%.87%.This 6.Of the 37 trillion yuan in structured deposits, 4 are.77 trillion came from small and medium banks.From the announcements of many listed companies, you can also see the dynamics of companies purchasing structured deposits.If Beijing Enterprises Medical and Health issued an announcement in early March, the affiliated Shanghai Chongyuan and the affiliated Lugang International had pre-determined structured deposit agreements with SPDB respectively.Shanghai Chongyuan agreed to purchase structured deposit RMB1 with internal resources.56 trillion; Lugang International agreed to purchase structured deposits of RMB 30 million with internal resources.Another example is Shuangxing New Materials’ announcement in late March. The company purchased the structured deposits of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank on January 16 with 200 million yuan of idle, which expired on March 25, replacing the principal of 200 million US dollars and gaining 143.750,000 yuan, the actual annualized income increased by 3.75%.On March 25, Shuangxing New Materials continued to purchase 200 million Pudong Development Bank structural deposits.It is understandable that enterprises use their own funds to purchase structured deposits.However, a reporter recently discovered from a supervisor that during the epidemic, there was a problem of concentrated excessive credit granted by the same customer within a short period of time. It is necessary to strictly prevent enterprises from obtaining re-discounted and re-loaned funds and then buy structured deposits to achieve arbitrage.According to the data disclosed by Vice President Chen Yulu at the press conference of the State Council Office on March 22, 300 billion special anti-epidemic loans were gradually established, supporting a total of 5,000 key enterprises. The loans obtained by enterprises have exceeded 200 billion yuan.Financing cost 1.About 27%.Among the banks consulted by the reporter in the past week, Ping An Bank has a single link to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 bullish structural deposits of shark fins, and the highest annualized yield accessibility.5%, the highest annualized return on structured deposits issued by many banks has reached 3.7% -4.5%, more than general deposits, and even more than many wealth management products.According to the monitoring data of the Puyi standard, last week, 271 banks issued a total of 1,713 bank wealth management products, of which the average income measurement of closed-end expected-revenue RMB products3.96%, unchanged from the previous period.Supervision issued multiple “regulation orders” in the past six months, and the scale of structured deposits has barely grown. The time for structured deposits to “become popular” is not long.In 2018, new asset management regulations were implemented, requiring wealth management products to be transformed from capital-preserving to net-value, which means breaking the cash.Afterwards, the structured deposits took over and became the “celebrity products” promoted by banks, with a scale of about 4 from the end of January 2018.4 trillion, which has risen to 10 trillion in about a year and a half.It is also called “deposit”, but the income of structured deposits is linked to the volatility index such as currency exchange rate, bank interest rate, financial derivatives, etc. The index is not covered by insurance.At first, a large number of users recognized, and many small and medium-sized banks did not qualify for ordinary derivatives trading business, and also issued structured deposits.In the process, the financial regulatory authorities such as the banking regulatory system and Yanchang issued multiple “regulation orders”.In September 2019, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the “Notice on Regulating the Implementation of Structured Deposit Business”, which indicated that the product design was not in compliance, the risk measurement was inaccurate, the business volume did not match the risk control ability, and the promotion of sales was not standardizedFour types of violations; in October last year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a “Notice on Further Regulating the Structured Deposit Business of Commercial Banks”, proposing that structured deposits should not be “listed” and set a 24-hour cooling-off period.The bank has been implementing one after another.For example, when the Bank of Beijing mobile banking client enters the “Structured Deposit” interface, a prompt will pop up, which reads: After the subscription period ends, the Bank ‘s structured deposit will add a 24-hour cooling-off period before the start of the interest rate.The right to cancel the order of the purchased product.The China Banking Regulatory Commission also proposed a 12-month transition period, during which commercial banks can continue to issue restructured structural deposits, but properly and strictly control the overall size of the stock products, and orderly compression decline.Since then, the growth of structured deposits has decreased significantly.According to preliminary data, by the end of September 2019, the structured deposit size had reached 10.8 trillion, there was almost no growth by the end of February this year.At the beginning of March of this year, a notice on strengthening the interest rate management of deposits was gradually issued, further subdivided, replacing the guaranteed yield of structured deposits with the scope of self-regulatory management, and dividing the provisions on the management of deposit quotas and self-regulatory requirements by the macro-prudential assessment (MPA).Senior financial person Bi Yanguang analyzed that this will restrict the bank ‘s high interest rate lending behavior. Although the red line of the deposit-loan ratio assessment has been cancelled in recent years, some small and medium-sized banks are still relatively under financial pressure.Scrambling to raise interest rates in Latin American deposits is still common. The notice is to regulate this behavior, otherwise excessive exposure will cause vicious competition.Banks’ high interest rates will also cause their own costs to rise.With regard to how to reduce pressure, in the context of the current monetary policy focus on reducing the financing cost of the real economy, the initial discussion about whether the benchmark interest rate of deposits should be reduced is very lively.Wen Bin, chief analyst of China Minsheng Bank, believes that what really affects the cost of banks is the deposits of residents and enterprises, which account for more than 60% of the bank’s entire debt, and it is necessary and urgent to reduce the deposit interest rate.In the interview, some bankers recommended buying 3-year or 5-year time deposits, and the interest rate also reached more than 4%.Regarding the reasons for buying as soon as possible, bankers said: “Now interest rates are being spread, maybe the interest rate will drop when buying next month.”Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao edited Yue Caizhou proofreading Li Ming

Tucson and ZF jointly develop mass-produced driverless truck systems in the future

Tucson and ZF jointly develop mass-produced driverless truck systems in the future
On March 27th, Tucson announced the establishment of a partnership with car supplier ZF (ZF) to further promote the technology development and commercialization of driverless trucks.The partnership will begin in April 2020 and cover the world’s largest markets, including China, North America and Europe.  It is reported that Tucson and ZF will jointly develop mass-produced driverless truck systems, including fusion cameras, lidar and millimeter-wave radar sensing technology, driverless control technology, and vehicle-level central processing platform “ZF ProAI “.In addition, in the future, Tucson will work with ZF to promote the front-mounted configuration of unmanned driving systems.  In this cooperation, ZF will provide engineering support to integrate Tucson’s future driverless system into mass-produced driverless trucks.  Tucson Future Chief Product Officer Chuck Price stated: “Working side by side with ZF to improve and integrate our mass-producible technology and optimize our hardware capabilities will allow Tucson to further focus on the development of driverless technology in the future., Making the mass production of driverless trucks really possible.”Tucson Future was established in September 2015. It is a domestic startup focused on driverless transportation services. It has already realized the automatic driving of trucks in trunk logistics scenarios and semi-closed hub scenarios.Last September, Tucson announced that it won 1.200 million USD D2 round investment, and the total amount completed is 2.$ 1.5 billion in Series D financing.Reporter Lu Yifu edited Sun Yong proofreading He Yan

SMIC’s Q1 revenue hits new record high to meet demand

SMIC’s Q1 revenue hits new record high to meet demand
In the evening of May 13, SMIC International Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (00981.HK, hereinafter referred to as “SMIC”) released on March 31, 2020 to review the performance announcement.The announcement showed that the first quarter revenue was 9.$ 0.5 billion, an annual increase of 35.3%; the net profit attributable to the parent company is 6416.40,000 US dollars, an increase of 422 in ten years.8%.The announcement shows that the first increase in the budget in the first quarter is the increase in wafer replenishment.Initially, the cost of sales increased due to the increase in replenishment volume and changes in product mix22.8%, and gross profit increased by 91 in ten years.4%.The gross profit margin was 18 from the same period in 2019.2% increased to 25.8%, also higher than 23 in the fourth quarter of 2019.8%.Zhao Haijun and Liang Mengsong, co-CEOs of SMIC, said that market demand and product structure expect that revenue in the first quarter will hit a record high in quarterly revenue.Revenues related to communications, computers and consumer electronics are increasing every year, gradually increasing market share.Probably, in terms of technology route, 14nm revenue accounted for the previous quarter.0% rose to 1.3%, 28 nm also increased to 6.5%, however, is expected to remain at 0.15/0.18 microns, mainly 55/65 nanometers and 40/45 nanometers.From a regional perspective, revenue from Mainland China and Hong Kong increased from 53 in the same period in 2019.9% increased to 61.6%.In terms of fab capacity, the capacity of Tianjin 200mm fab, majority-owned Beijing 300mm fab and majority-owned Shanghai 300mm fab have increased, while other fabs remain the same as the fourth quarter of 2019Capacity.29.1%, reaching 98.5%.Zhao Haijun and Liang Mengsong said that mature technology platforms have full capacity: camera, power management, fingerprint recognition, special storage and other related applications have strong demand.Advanced technology research and development and business progressed smoothly, and continued to expand communications, mobile phones, automobiles, consumer electronics related fields.SMIC has decided to increase its capital expenditure by US $ 1.1 billion to US $ 4.3 billion to fully meet market demand.The capital expenditure for the first quarter was 7.7.7 billion US dollars, compared with 4 in the previous quarter.$ 9.1 billion.Regarding the upward adjustment, the report stated that the increased capital expenditures were mainly the ownership of the machinery and equipment of the Shanghai 300mm fab, as well as mature process production lines.For the second quarter, SMIC’s forecast guidance is that quarterly revenue will increase by 3% to 5%, and gross profit margin will be in the range of 26% to 28%; non-international financial reporting standard operating scale will be in between.$ 400 million to 2.Between $ 4.5 billion.In the above report, SMIC announced that it will hold a performance conference call on the morning of May 14.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Li Shihui

Director of Black Swan: Clown was the ideal candidate for Batman in my mind

Director of “Black Swan”: “Clown” was the ideal candidate for Batman in my mind
Sauna Night News Recently, director Darren Alannovsky (“Black Swan” and “Dream of Dreams”) discovered in an interview with foreign media that Warner had invited him to direct Batman more than ten years ago”” Movie, but because the two sides disagree on Batman candidates, this project eventually failed.Jacques Phoenix.The picture comes from the network Darren Alannovsky said that the ideal candidate for Batman at the time was Jacques Phoenix (“Clown”), but Warner wanted Freddie Pritz (the real person in 2002)Version of “Scooby” actor) to play.”I remember thinking at the time,‘ oh, we wanted to make exactly two movies.’This is the real thing, the situation was completely different then.The “Batman” I wrote is a completely different type and style, so they ended the project.It is reported that the film began to be formulated as early as the release of “Batman and Robin” in 1997.Darren Alannovsky’s conception is based on the comic “Batman: The First Year” by Frank Miller.He wanted to make a realistic, faithful original film with a tribute to “Raptors”, “French Drug Dealer” and “Taxi Driver”, and even planned to let Frank Miller himself write the script.After the project stopped, Christopher Nolan directed the new Batman trilogy.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wu Xingfa

Domestic wine meets the “adjustment period + epidemic situation” exam, the industry accelerates the reshuffle

Domestic wine meets the “adjustment period + epidemic situation” exam, the industry accelerates the reshuffle
On March 13, Tongtian Wine, a Hong Kong-listed wine company, released a performance report saying that it will recover 81 in 2019.30,000 yuan, even if the budget is significantly reduced, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic may cause the domestic wine market to significantly reduce sales in the first quarter of this year.On the same day, Dynasty Wines also said in the performance warning that the epidemic will have a certain impact on the Group’s financial and industry in the first half of the year.In fact, since 2016, domestic wines have once again entered a period of adjustment, and listed companies have generally been weak in growth, and wine merchants have bluntly said that the market is difficult to do.Now that the epidemic has hit again, terminal consumption is almost stagnation, and domestic wines can be described as new diseases that have not recovered from the old injuries.It was initially believed that Chinese wine is “not optimistic in the short term but not pessimistic in the long term”.The epidemic situation will accelerate the reshuffle of the domestic wine industry in the period of deep adjustment. The entire industry will further develop towards branding and quality, and some small brands that do not have advantages in brand, quality and channel will be eliminated.The short-term market is facing a big test. “I didn’t buy in large quantities this Spring Festival, because I have foreseen that the market is not good.”The owner of a smoke hotel in Fangshan, Beijing told the sauna, Yewang. According to the law of previous years,” red wine + moon cake “is the standard for the Mid-Autumn Festival consumer market, but his wine sales fell nearly 60% last year.The backlog of products was delayed until the Spring Festival this year, and there was no pressure on inventory and cash flow, which just let him escape the impact of this epidemic situation.However, many wine merchants are not so lucky.According to Hebei distributor Liu Nan (pseudonym), affected by the economic environment and other factors, both domestic and imported wines were not easy to do last year. “Especially for low-end products, they are not doing well in the Hebei market.”” The low market in the previous period and the lack of consumption scenes have caused the low-end wine brands to be almost completely damaged in the epidemic. “Although it has not yet expanded to the extent of dumping, some small businesses and distributors have been unable to withstand cash flowStressed.”In addition to small wine merchants, big brands are also affected.In response to investor doubts, Changyu recently said that the company has resumed full work on March 2, but affected by the epidemic, the market is currently in an abnormal situation and it is difficult to judge the short-term prospects.Great Wall Wine mentioned in a letter to distributors on February 1st that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic coincided with the peak season of alcohol consumption during the Spring Festival, and alcohol consumption scenarios such as parties, banquets, visiting relatives and friends were severely restricted.Liquor business development is facing serious tests.Tongtian Wine Cellar.Figure / screenshot of the official website of Tongtian Wine Industry On March 13, Tongtian Wine Industry said in its 2019 financial report that the epidemic affected the upstream and downstream of the wine industry and terminal retail. Traditional marketing activities such as exhibition promotion are difficult to achieve in the short term, and residents’ consumption is reduced.These factors may lead to a significant decline in sales in the domestic wine market in the first quarter of 2020.To help dealers get through the difficulties, domestic wine “troikas” are all looking for ways to cope.Changyu appropriately lowered the distributor’s annual sales task. Great Wall Wine actively promoted the destocking of various channels. Weilong Wine also stated in its open letter that it would protect the delivery needs of partners. At the same time, it encouraged distributors to use WeChat, Douyin and other methods to sell hard.opportunity.Combining consumption characteristics such as home epidemic prevention, Great Wall Wine has also adopted “0 expenditure, 0 risk, 0 inventory” as a preferential condition, and has recruited “community partners” since the beginning of March.In this marketing network, tobacco and liquor stores and distributors are the main players, and community partners are responsible for promotion among community members and WeChat friends.Partners can get corresponding rewards as long as they provide community group purchase orders to distributors.However, a senior person said in an interview with Sauna.com that e-commerce and community group purchases can drive some sales, but “the significance of advertising is greater than the significance of bringing goods.”The main consumption scenario of wine is in hotels, and the core consumer group is government affairs between the ages of 30 and 60. Business people, if there is no need for entertainment, sales in the short term cannot be boosted. “Extended deep adjustment period of epidemic situation” 2019 is the deep adjustment period of China’s wine industry, and it will encounter a sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020. The superimposed effect of it will have a serious impact on the wine industry in the short term.On February 24, Li Guanghe, General Manager of Dynasty Wine Brewing Co., Ltd., participated in a webcast on the theme “Self-defense and counterattack of Chinese wine through the epidemic.”Judging from the market situation in recent years, domestic wine is obviously more self-protected.According to the report of the China Wine Industry Association, the domestic wine industry has entered an adjustment period since 2013 after undergoing an accelerated development phase from 2001 to 2012.In 2014, after a short-term recovery in 2015, since 2016, production, output, profit, and indicators have fallen for three consecutive times, especially in 2017, a cliff-like decline occurred, and output fell by 35.73%.According to national statistics, there are 212 wine production enterprises above designated size in 2018, with a total wine production of 62.910 thousand kiloliters, down by 7 every year.36%; sales revenue 288.5.1 billion, down 9 every year.51%; 48 possible companies, 22 potential companies.64%, the expected amount is 2.2.6 billion, an annual increase of 77.97%.In terms of corporate performance, since 2011, affected by the impact of imported wines, distribution reforms have led to a decline in sales in East China’s main markets, etc. One of the once domestic wine “troika” dynasty wine industry performance has been consistent, profit after taxIt has been negative for 8 consecutive years.As of the end of 2018, the dynasty wine industry’s flow resistance has exceeded current assets1.25 billion US dollars, business activities decreased by 7924.30,000 destroyed.Wangchao Liquor stated bluntly in its annual report, “This shows that the Group has serious doubts about its ability to continue operations.”Even Chang Yu, the head of the “troika”, has grown weakly in the past two years.From 2015 to 2018, the net profit growth of Changyu shares was 5 respectively.36%, -4.62%, 5.01%, 1.06%.Changyu shares said in its annual report that the overall sales of the domestic wine industry remained stable in 2018, but the sales of imported wines and domestic wines showed a “double drop.”As imported wine continues to eat into the market space, competition in the domestic wine market is fierce; and the cost of raw materials and packaging materials has increased, further increasing the pressure on profit growth.In addition to Changyu and Dynasty, the performance of other listed wine companies is not satisfactory.As of 2018, Sino-Portuguese shares deducted non-non-net net losses for 14 consecutive years. Cross-border e-commerce and lithium battery attempts have also been unsuccessful. In 2016 and 2018, the revenue of Tongpu shares decreased by 37.62%, 38%, under estimation, the company ‘s combined e-commerce business mainly operating in liquor has accounted for 94% of revenue; since 2016, Mogao ‘s wine business has continued to perform poorly, while the company ‘s pharmaceutical businessRevenues are growing, but “brewing” is not as good as “selling medicine.”The future trend of branding and boutique China Wine Industry Association believes that the reason for the decline of domestic wines is one of weak competitiveness and the second is statistical data “squeeze water”. The data after 2017 is more consistent with actual production.Some distributors believe that domestic wines have been competing in the low-priced segment for a long time. Except for Changyu and the Great Wall, which can take some high-end wines, the unit income of most products does not exceed one hundred yuan. The manufacturers can not make any money and leave consumersUnder the impression of “low-end” of domestic wine.This view was also confirmed by a German and German wine importer. He believes that domestic wines are concentrated in the price band of about one hundred yuan, the profit is very thin, and the company’s performance is naturally not up.Although domestic wines are not optimistic in the short term, they are still generally regarded as “not pessimistic in the long term”.According to the report of China Wine Industry Association, the wine industry is still in the stage of expansion growth, and all brands have opportunities.With the adjustment of product structure and brand strategy of Changyu, Great Wall and other head enterprises, they will gradually lead the industry to break through; while the personalized and extreme Loulan, Canaan Midi, Rongzi and other “small and beautiful”The winery will also be a catalyst for the development of the wine industry.At present, Changyu has implemented the “three focus” strategy focusing on mid-to-high end, high quality, and large single products; COFCO Great Wall has also proposed to adhere to the five single product strategies of “mulberry”, “five stars”, “gift”, “China”, and “coast”.No change, at the same time start the “downsizing” plan, clearly “focus on the characteristics of the production area, focus on the core price segment, focus on strategic single products.””Alcohol will consume a lot after the epidemic, but it is unlikely that performance that wants to recover losses.”Liu Nan believes that the wine industry will accelerate the reshuffle under the influence of the epidemic. Some small brands in the northeast and Shandong regions will become increasingly difficult to make, and large brands and special wineries will rise steadily.In 2019, Liu Nan visited five or six wine regions in China and was very impressed by some western wineries.”I think experience-based economies such as winery tours will increase consumers’ brand loyalty, and the traditional management ideas should change.”Tongtian Wine Industry also said in its latest financial report that in 2019, China’s wine industry is still undergoing industrial restructuring, coupled with the impact of imported wine, resulting in shrinking domestic wine production and sales, gradually reducing market profits, the overall scale of contraction is slower than in 2018Increase speed up.Factors such as structural adjustments in the domestic economy and uncertainties in the global trading environment have further forced the Chinese wine industry to upgrade, market concentration has increased, resources are gradually concentrated to brands and boutique brands, and companies are also accelerating the shift to mid- to high-end product layouts.Sauna, Night Net Editor Guo Tie Peng Yali proofreading Li Xiangling

Net Red Home Brand NǒME Withdraws from Ningbo?Reply: Never had this idea

“Net Red” Home Brand NǒME Withdraws from Ningbo?Reply: Never had this idea
It will take more than 1 year to enter the Ningbo market?Recently, it was reported by media that the three online stores of “Net Red” household brand NǒME Nomi living in Ningbo will be closed, meaning that they will withdraw from the Ningbo market.On May 8, the person in charge of NǒME Nomi Life replied to the sauna on this issue. Yewang said that the news was not true and caused: “NǒME Nomi Life never thought of withdrawing from the Ningbo market.Large investment in the Ningbo market is expected to have at least five stores in Ningbo in the future.”Sauna, Yewang learned that NǒME Nomi Life entered Ningbo in 2018. It has set up three stores in Tianyi GUGO shopping center, Jiangbei Raffles City and Mingzhou, but the official website currently only shows GUGO shopping center.Sauna and Yewang learned that the GUGO shopping mall and Jiangbei Raffles City are currently closed.According to media reports, the store in Mingzhou was closed years ago.The person in charge of NǒME Nomi Life explained that the current situation in the Mingzhou Li Store is not a “retreat store”, but because of the differences in commercial terms between the mall and the franchisee, the mall party has not reached relevant promises in the contract, the two parties are proceedingIn order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties and the safety of the goods, the store is currently closed.In addition, the above-mentioned relevant person in charge said that many other stores are based on strategic needs, with reference to the daily operation of the store, changes in the business circle, market performance, and dynamic optimization adjustments. The current operating status of most stores is expected to furtherOperational adjustments to optimize operations.”We have maintained a high and friendly consensus with the franchisees of these two stores. At present, both sides are looking for stores with better area flow, better flow of people and return on investment for deployment. The latest developments will also be disclosed at any time.”Sauna, Yewang learned that there are currently more than 500 NǒME Nomi stores in the country.According to reports, in 2020, NǒME Nomi Life will carry out limited expansion under the replacement of ensuring the quality of management.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Jie editor Peng Yali proofreading Wang Xin