[Famous snacks in Yunnan]_Dali_Species

[Famous snacks in Yunnan]_Dali_Species

Yunnan is one, and because of its unique geographical environment, it often attracts many foreign tourists. Many people think that Yunnan is more famous for its local scenery. In fact, Yunnan also has many special foods, like Yunnan’s rice noodles.There are many snacks in Yunnan, such as cold cakes and water tofu, so in addition to these, there are some snacks?


Pea flour Pea flour is a kind of miscellaneous grain products that are everywhere in the streets and streets of Yunnan. It can be cold or fried. The taste is very crispy. Everyone who eats it feels delicious.The price is very cheap, don’t miss it if you come to Yunnan!


Salt pancakes Salt pancakes are a common snack in Kunming. These pancakes usually have two flavors, sweet and salty, but most people choose salty flavors.

When the salt pancakes were just taken out of the oil, they were golden brown on the outside, and then they were crispy and tender on the outside, and they were salty, hemp, and delicious.


Bait block Bait block is a very famous snack in Tengchong. Rice cakes are also one of the eighteen monsters in Yunnan. Usually there are slices, shreds and blocks.

Very good, remember to try it in Yunnan.


Sour horn cake Sour horn cake is made by using the precious fruit horn in the tropical rain forest climate unique to Yunnan as the main material. There are no additives in it and the taste is very good. Both adults and children like to eat it. It is completely pure.Natural, called fruit juices that can be chewed and eaten, which can grind how delicious this is.


Lijiang 粑粑 Lijiang 粑粑 has a very long history. It is a national snack of the Naxi people. The taste is very delicious, and it can be stored for a long time without spoiling. It can be stored for many days.


Sand washing and cold cake washing is to boil the red beans, and then use the traditional rinsing and peeling technique to combine the sand washing and cold cake together. It tastes very delicious and is loved by all tourists.


Fried milk fans are special products in Dali area. Because Dali has a lot of ranches, they have a lot of dairy products there, fried and grilled are very delicious.You can buy and eat again.


Jianshui TofuJianshui Tofu has been on the tongue of China. Don’t look at this tofu, it is very small. It is roasted very crispy on the outside, but it is still very fresh and tender like tofu inside.


Steamer Chicken Steamer Chicken is named after steaming chicken in a steamer.

The chicken in the steamer chicken is very tender after cooking, and the chicken soup is very delicious. It is really delicious and has been popular for a long time.


Yunnan Rice Noodle Yunnan Rice Noodle is the most famous Yunnan snack we know, and it is not only famous, but more importantly, it is famous for its good taste.

The rice noodles are cooked through very fast, they can be cooked for a long time without rotten, they are very tender and smooth, and they are easy to digest.

You have eaten several kinds of snacks in Yunnan. If you have n’t eaten, you have a chance to try them in Yunnan.

[The man’s subconscious woman looked at it, the man looked at it!

[The man’s subconscious woman looked at it, the man looked at it!


He will never marry a man who easily goes to bed. Many little girls will mistakenly think that a man has responsibility for you when he goes to bed with you. In fact, this is stupid. No matter how he made you agree to go to bed with him,It only speeds up his attempts to escape from you.

Other petty women think that this kind of thing is what they need, which is normal.

Yes, you can think so, but I want to tell you.

When you get along with a man in this manner, all he needs here is “go to bed.”

So shouldn’t there be sex in love?


Thorough sex comes after he respects you from the bottom of his heart.


A man can distinguish a temporary playmate from his wife who wants to marry home.

Yes, the more mature and successful a man is, the more he has his own standards. He can even trim at first glance whether a woman is used to go to bed, to talk about relationships, or even to marry home.

If you can’t let him marry you, don’t be his temporary playmate, otherwise you won’t get anything.

No man will spend too much time on a playmate, because like you buy clothes, you always look forward to the next one in the store.


[What kind of men are the most memorable ex-girlfriends?

[What kind of men are the most memorable ex-girlfriends?

When you are preparing for a romantic day on a Saturday morning, a phone call from his ex-girlfriend or friend of the opposite sex can directly put your confidence, contentment, and pride on you.

So, for his ex, remember: the scissors are not out of your hands, you can rest assured, but the movements should be gentle.

Huaxin male characteristics: dress like flowers outside, sweet like honey in the mouth.

It is easy to be mistaken for a gentleman, but you can clearly feel his untrustworthiness in the flamboyant corners of his wandering eyes and laughter.

Countermeasure: kicked and kicked him!

With the constant effort to deal with his ex, it would be better to find another MrRight.

Even if you can’t find your MrRight, it’s better to be his ex to make him feel worse for you than to make you feel more relaxed about them.


[Can my aunt come to eat mulberries]_Menstruation_Impact

[Can my aunt come to eat mulberries]_Menstruation_Impact

The mulberries we usually eat are very fresh, and the shelf life of mulberries is very short. We must try to eat them soon after buying them. However, due to the properties of mulberries, women should pay attention to not eating too much. Then my aunt can eat mulberries.?

Menstruation is a relatively sensitive period, and at this time the body will be relatively weak, plus mulberry is cooler, so it is best not to eat, just eat after the period.

Mulberry can be eaten during menstruation. Mulberry, also called mulberry, mulberry, mulberry, mulberry jujube, and black turmeric, is divided into black glutinous rice, white glutinous rice, sweet and juicy, and is one of the fruits that people often eat.

Mulberry is a collection of most small drupes. It is oblong in appearance, usually yellow-brown, brown-red or dark purple, and milky white is relatively rare.

When picking, you should be big, thick, and have a purplish red appearance, and the sugar content is better.

It matures around April every year, and it is suitable for eating directly or after drying.

Mulberry trees are deciduous shrubs or small trees with a height of 3-5 meters. The bark is grayish white with stripe lobes; the root bark is yellow-brown or red-yellow and strong fibrous. It is usually born in hills, hillsides, villages, fields, etc.Department, now cultivated, can be seen everywhere.

Mulberries bloom from March to May and bear fruit in May to June. When they first bear fruit, they are green, and when mature, they turn black-purple or red.

Mulberry is the fruit of the deciduous mulberry mulberry tree. It has the effect of improving the blood supply to the skin, thereby making the skin white and tender, nourishing the skin, and at the same time delaying aging and eyesight.

Regular consumption of mulberry can improve eyesight and relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue and dryness.

Mulberry is a good blood supplement, it contains considerable vitamin C and iron elements, these two elements are related to hematopoiesis, women in menstrual period, often weak blood, so eating mulberry also has a lot of weight.

Can pregnant women eat mulberries? China is the first country in the world to grow mulberry and silkworms, and it is also one of the great contributions of the Chinese nation to human civilization.

Mulberry has been cultivated for more than 7,000 years.

In the Shang Dynasty, the characters such as mulberry, silkworm, silk, and tadpoles appeared in oracle bone inscriptions.

By the Zhou Dynasty, picking mulberry and raising silkworms had become a common agricultural activity.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, mulberry trees have been planted in pieces.

Can pregnant women eat mulberries?

Mulberry is rich in nutritional value, and can take in active protein, vitamin c, amino acids, minerals, anthocyanins and so on.

Pregnant women eating mulberry can promote the growth of red blood cells and prevent the reduction of white blood cells. Eating mulberry often can relieve dry eyes and improve skin blood supply.

Mulberry is available in black and white. Fresh food is made from purple and black.

Because mulberry vitamins are high in content and sweet and juicy, they are more suitable for eating.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat mulberries in moderation.

However, mulberries are cold and should not be eaten. Pregnant women should eat about 10 mulberries.

Mulberry has eyesight, moisturizes the intestines, regulates immunity and promotes the growth of hematopoietic cells.

Mulberry is rich in nutrition and contains a large amount of fructose, vitamins and various minerals, especially rich in precious “anthocyanidins”.

Anthocyanins are strong antioxidants, which can accelerate the regeneration of “rhodopsin” on the retina, thereby improving the visual acuity of the baby and thus the role of bright eyes.

[Do pumpkin add calcium?

】 _Calcium Supplement_Effect

[Do pumpkin add calcium?
】 _Calcium Supplement_Effect

Pumpkin is a very good ingredient. This kind of material is also common in life and its nutritional value is very high. This pumpkin is rich in carotenoids, because carotenoids are converted into vitamin a in the body, soEating pumpkin can promote the growth and differentiation of the skin, and it is also very good for maintaining normal vision. Many people now need calcium supplements. Does eating pumpkin have calcium effect?

Are pumpkin calcium supplements?
Pumpkin is very soft, and eating it regularly can make it better absorbed by the stomach and intestines, and pumpkin is low in sugar, and it can also supplement energy.

Pumpkin is a high-calcium, high-potassium, low-sodium food that is said to be beneficial for osteoporosis and hypertension.

Pumpkin is highly nutritious, good-looking and delicious, the best calcium supplement, make mung bean pumpkin porridge every three ingredients: mung beans, pumpkin, rice, water practices: 1, prepare ingredients: mung beans, pumpkin, rice.

2. Wash the mung beans and soak them one day in advance. You can put them in the refrigerator in hot weather.

3. Put mung beans and water in the rice cooker. Add more water and start cooking, about half an hour.

4. Diced pumpkin.

5. Mung beans are cooked. Pour pumpkin and washed rice into the pot and continue cooking for half an hour.

6. During the cooking process, you can switch the insulation key to use, mung bean pumpkin porridge is cooked, please use slowly.

Pumpkin seeds can supplement calcium Pumpkin seeds are the seeds of the annual vines of the squash family.

The ripe fruits are picked in autumn, the seeds are taken out, washed and dried.

It can be seen that pumpkin seeds, like watermelon seeds and sunflower seeds, are also a nut, and their nutritional value is similar to other nuts.

100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain 37 mg of calcium, while 100 grams of milk contains 104 mg of calcium.

People can drink half a catty or even a catty of milk every day. How much can pumpkin seeds eat?

The guideline for Chinese residents’ expectations (2016 edition) recommends an average nut intake of 50 to 70 grams per week, and the average recommended daily nut is only 10 grams.

If you only eat pumpkin seeds in the recommended amount of nuts a day, you can replace 3.

7 mg of calcium.

And pumpkin seeds are very static, 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain nearly half of the aunt, about 46.

One gram has a throughput of 574 kcal, so eating one bite of pumpkin seeds is equivalent to eating half of the oil.

In addition, fried pumpkin seeds are relatively dry and also contain high salt content.

So pumpkin seeds are not a good food for calcium.

Prospective mothers have no problem eating proper pumpkin seeds, but it is easy to get angry after eating. White fried seeds are recommended. White fried is not very hot and rich in folic acid. It is very helpful to prevent malformations in the early stage.

It is recommended that expectant mothers cook pumpkin seeds, grind them into powder, and mix them with honey to drive worms.

[How to drink fish head soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to drink fish head soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Most people will throw away the position of the fish head when eating fish, because there is no fish meat at this position, there will be many blushes and scales, which is very inconvenient to eat, but the nutritional value of the fish head is indeed relativelyHigh, in order not to waste, we can choose to make fish head soup with fish head and add some tofu in it, so that it tastes better. So, how to make fish head soup taste better?

Fish head soup loves tofu fish head soup, and must use the taste of fat fish head to be authentic.

The creamy white soup does not need to add too much seasoning. The salty and sweet flavor of the fish is melted into the soup. The smooth and tenderness of the tofu is also full of the deliciousness of the fish soup. Taking a bite of tofu is like taking a bite of fish soupsame.

I went to the market and bought the fat fish head and tofu, a handful of green onions, and taught everyone how to make a delicious milk white tofu fish head soup.

[Tofu fish head soup]Ingredients: Fat fish head, tofu, shallots, ginger Practice: 1. Wash the fat fish head, especially the fish gills, and it is best to remove them thoroughly.

2. Soak the cleaned fish head with water first, soak the fish blood, and use salt to soak better.

Soak for 30 minutes.

3. Pour out the soaked fish head, add vinegar, cooking wine, ginger slices, salt, and marinate for 15 minutes.

4, from the oil pan, not too much oil, if it is a pan, just before the bottom of the pot, put ginger.

5, a little oil fume came up, add the fish head and cook on both sides, and fry.

6, add warm water to the pot, cut the tofu into large pieces and simmer for 20 minutes.

Make sure the water is clear.

7, the soup is cooked to half the height of the fish head, you can almost put it in a bowl, sprinkle with green onions.

[Fish head to fishy bugs]1. The fish head must be cleaned up. The fish gills are the most awake part. If you can’t do it, there are many bad substances in the fish gills, some heavy metals.

2. Soak the blood with water to reduce the fishy smell. 3. If you want to make a creamy fish head soup, you must fry the fish head first. The fish head soup can also go fishy. 4. Fish head soup is the best.Add warm water and cold water to increase the fishy smell.

5. You can use rice wine for pickled fish head, but you can use ordinary cooking wine. You can also use wine and milk. 6. When the fish head soup is almost cooked, you can add a slice of lemon and stuffy for 1 minute, it is lemon fish soup.It can also reduce the fishy taste. Friends who like fish soup with lemon flavor can try it.

7. When buying fish heads in the market, they usually split the fish head in half. If not, you can also split it yourself. The whole fish head is definitely not easy to clean and fishy.

Not easy to cook.

[What kind of sauce for flatbread egg brush]_ making method _ Daquan

[What kind of sauce for flatbread egg brush]_ making method _ Daquan

Due to climate and other reasons in the northern region, people like to eat pasta, and flatbread is the most commonly used pasta in people’s lives.

But there are also many types of biscuits, one of which is the biscuits that originated in Shandong, called biscuits and eggs. It is mainly made by adding some eggs when pancakes are fried.

So the egg pancakes spread to the south and they are also welcomed by the people in the south. But when fried egg pancakes, some sauce is added. What is this sauce?

Hot sauce, sweet noodle sauce, barbecue sauce, shiitake sauce, etc., according to personal preference, egg filling cake, flour, 300 grams of eggs, three eggs, about 170 grams of water, ham sausage, 1 accessory, mushroom sauce, lettuce leaves, several slices of mustard, sliced pie, egg recipes500g flour, 160ml boiling water, 160ml cold water, ingredients, flax oil, salt, 4 eggs, and spring onion. 1. Put the flour in a bowl, first blanch with boiling water, stir while baking, and look like snowflakes. 2. Then use cold water and lumps to knead.Just a little softer than dumpling noodles.

Wake for 30 minutes 3, roll out into large pieces, pour an appropriate amount of flax oil on the surface, spread well, sprinkle with a little salt, dry flour 4, roll up, cut into sections of appropriate size 5, pinch both ends of each dough, and rotate for one weekPress flat 6 and roll to about 0.

8cm thick pie 7, cook in an electric baking pan or pan over low heat and bake 8, turn golden on one side, brush a little flax oil on both sides, and cook.

9, the practice of spreading eggs: add eggs, salt and green onions 10, add oil in the pot, a little more, heat the fire, pour the egg liquid 11, change to medium heat, once the egg liquid is basically solidified, turn the spoon,Don’t break it up, fry it until it is golden on the other side, then it will be out of the pan.

12. For the convenience of eating, you can cut into teeth and then clamp eggs. Note: It is best to eat it with vegetables and so on to supplement the lack of vitamin intake.

[Qingyang specialty snacks]_Gansu_Species

[Qingyang specialty snacks]_Gansu_Species

Qingyang is a prefecture-level city in Gansu Province. It is the only old revolutionary district in Gansu Province. This area is still a place with abundant energy sources. It is known as an oil reserve comparable to Daqing.

Qingyang specialty snacks are very ethnic, because they are located at the junction of Gansu and Shaanxi. The specialty snacks are made by combining the advantages of the two provinces.

Let’s understand that there are some special snacks in Qingyang.

1. Warm pot is one of the specialties of Qingcheng County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province.

There are sand pots, copper pots and tin pots in copper pots. Warm pots are cooked into hot food and are known for their abundant materials.

The bottom of the sintered warm pot is called vegetable base, which is mainly white radish and salted cabbage, as well as pig intestines, chicken blood slices, mushrooms, and fungus.

The vegetable base is stuffed with tofu slices, noodles, meatballs, crispy meat, pork ribs, chicken nuggets, slivers of pork, and elbow meat.

After filling the ingredients, boil the chicken broth and sprinkle a small amount of garlic sprouts and parsley to serve.

2. Zhenyuan sugar oil cake is one of the traditional special snacks in Zhenyuan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province. The production history can be traced back to the middle of the Qing Dynasty.

Zhenyuan sugar oil cake is made of flour, caster sugar, bee sugar, big oil, yeast powder, baking soda and water, etc., and it is fried into a flavored food.

Its appearance is golden yellow, the skin is thin and mellow, it is crispy and delicious, and the taste is sweet.

3. Zhenyuan roast chicken is one of the famous specialties of Zhenyuan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province.

Jinwara Roasted Chicken uses chicken as the main ingredient, cleans it after removing hair and dirt, and puts it in a long-lasting stewed broth.

The stewed and cooked chicken meat is bright in color and tastes delicious. It has a unique flavor and is loved by diners.

4. Oatmeal is one of the special flavor snacks in Huanxian County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province. It is made from oats.

During the production process, the oatmeal is cooked four times, dried, fried, ground into flour, rolled into noodles, steamed in a cage, cut into strips with a knife, placed in a plate, and mixed with seasonings and eaten.

Oatmeal contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, linoleic acid, and iron, calcium and other nutrients. It tastes soft and mellow, has a beautiful mellow flavor, and has a rich wheat flavor.

[The correct method of summer lemonade]_ practice _ how to do

[The correct method of summer lemonade]_ practice _ how to do

Lemonade is a beverage that is good for human health. Frequently drinking lemonade has a good health promotion effect on human health, because lemon can refresh the body and quench thirst, relieve heat and recuperate, strengthen the stomach and relieve pain, and can lower cholesterol and whitenEmollient and more.

Of course, there are many ways to make lemonade, such as honey lemonade, mint lemonade, and barley lemonade.

The following is a detailed introduction to the method of soaking lemonade.

First, the effect of lemon lemon is warm, bitter, non-toxic, has thirst-relieving effects, diuresis, stagnation, stomach, analgesia and other functions diuretics, regulating blood vessel permeability, suitable for puffiness and weight mm.

Smokers eat more lemons because they need twice as much vitamin C as nonsmokers.

Citrate is low and has strong contractility, so it is beneficial to reduce traces and is a good medicine for weight loss.

Lemon prevents cardiovascular arteriosclerosis and reduces blood viscosity.

Hot lemon juice and honey are very effective in treating bronchitis and nasopharyngitis.

Gandhi moisturizes the lungs, sours the thirst, appetizes and detoxifies, whitens, moisturizes, and lowers cholesterol.

Remaining brewing, can be applied on the face to treat facial spots and powder.

Second, the choice of lemons is best when you choose lemons, so that the nutritional value of high-cleaning lemons, when washing the lemon can be sprinkled with some salt so that the lemon surface pesticide residues and waxes can be cleaned.

Then use a fruit knife to cut the cleaned lemon into pieces of the same size and place in a fruit plate.

Third, the method of soaking lemon water honey lemonade: lemon slices (three to four slices each time can be), put into the cup.

Inject cold water or pure water and mix in honey (acacia honey tastes better).

Keep refrigerated for at least two hours before adding.

Mint lemonade: Wash the lotus leaves, cut them into small pieces, and soak them in 1000 ml of plain water for 1 hour.

Wash, slice and pour into mint water and soak for about 30 minutes.

Stir in an appropriate amount of honey, refrigerate in the refrigerator (add ice cubes and stir again).

Add plenty of water and rock sugar to the rice, then boil on high heat. After boiling for 1 hour, open the lid and cool the lemons, cut into thin slices, and place in the cool barley.

[To be more arrogant to be more aggressive]

[To be more arrogant to be more aggressive]

You can have your sex planned in an unusual place, or it can happen naturally in that kind of place.

Sexual sense is more outstanding. If you use it more, your passion will increase.

Once you restrict where you have sex, you are limiting yourself.

Before you try, you will never know how exciting it can be to have sex in an unusual place.

Everywhere in the world can be a place to have sex, or it can become uncomfortable or hurry, but in a car, outdoors, or in the bathroom of a banquet, the passion generated by sexual intercourse is worth more than any inconvenience.

You can also give up the bedroom and the comfort of privacy, but if you catch the opportunity, you will have an experience worth remembering.

Your lover may be reluctant to agree, or you may be caught “live.”

Don’t force her, but when you see a good place and time permits, you should not hesitate to suggest her to have sex.

Your lover may just need to get used to this idea, and let her be interested in it.