[The practice of making pancakes]_ The common practice of making pancakes _ The practice of making pancakes _ How to make pancakes

[The practice of making pancakes]_ The common practice of making pancakes _ The practice of making pancakes _ How to make pancakes

Life is alive, short is not short, long is not long, and daily life is inseparable from eating.

If you eat well, you will be in a good mood; if you are in a good mood, your health will be much healthier.

Of course, in this healthy state, you have to cook your own food. Then, please follow me to learn how to make pancakes.


Slice the pork lean and mince 2.

12 Put the chopped lean meat in a bowl, add oil and salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and thirteen incense and marinate for about 20 minutes 3.

21 Add flour to boiling water and stir 4 times.

Wait for the dough to cool before kneading, and knead again and again 5.

Put the dough on a chopping board, knead it with a stick, add the marinated pork, and knead a few times.

Put oil in a frying pan, add the dough to low heat and fry slowly, and fry on both sides with a wooden spoon7.

I tried it for the first time. The first time I tried this kind of pancake, it was very simple and tasted pretty good. I believe that after reading the introduction to making pancakes, you will find that in fact, this dish is not difficult to prepare.

Of course, you still have disadvantages for the first time, but try a few more times to make the most delicious one.

[Olive oil detoxification liver and gallbladder]_Detoxification_Efficacy

[Olive oil detoxification liver and gallbladder]_Detoxification_Efficacy

The liver is a relatively important organ in the human body and has a metabolic effect. If the body’s liver metabolism is abnormal, it will cause many diseases in the body. A healthy liver is very important for everyone.There are many foods that help the liver to detox. Olives are a common food. The nutritional value of olives is very high. Regular consumption of olives is good for your health.

Symptoms of poor liver detoxification are mainly loss of appetite, lack of appetite, even fever all over the body, loss of luster and rosy face, and even blurred vision, facial swelling and other undesirable symptoms.

Here are the symptoms of poor liver detoxification.

The liver is an important detoxification organ, and liver detoxification is a process in which various toxins are converted into non-toxic or low-toxic substances after a series of chemical reactions in the liver.

Liver detoxification time is from 11pm to 3am.

Symptoms and manifestations of poor liver detoxification 1: Systemic fatigue is getting worse.

Symptom 2: Loss of appetite and nausea.

Symptom 3: Persistent slight fever, or chills.

Symptom 4: Concentration is not easy to focus.

Symptom 5: Sudden decrease in alcohol consumption.

Symptom 6: The complexion is dull and dull.

Symptom 7: Urine becomes beer-colored.

Symptom 8: Dizziness and tinnitus.

Symptoms of poor liver include digestive problems such as decreased appetite, nausea, and greasiness; abnormal metabolism and jaundice; abnormal bile secretion can cause fatigue and lack of diet; lack of vitamins, dry skin, acne, edema, etc .; liverInsufficient blood, eyes will feel dry and fuzzy;

Constipation: Defecation is the most important way for the body to eliminate waste and toxins, and it is usually done once a day.

If you have irregular bowel movements, or have constipation, or even have a defecation interval of more than 3 days, it means that you have a bowel movement inside.

Feces remain in the body, harmful substances are reabsorbed, which can cause neurological disorders in the body and cause loss of appetite, gastrointestinal discomfort, full stomach expansion, bitter mouth, and anal exhaust, and even cause colon cancer.

Bad breath: Bad breath is a symptom of bad smell in the mouth. It is mostly caused by the accumulation of heat in the lungs, spleen, stomach, or indigestion of food. These things accumulate in the body for a long time and become toxins.

Gluttony spicy food or overeating, excessive fatigue, depression and depression, or certain oral diseases, such as oral ulcers, dental caries, and digestive diseases can all cause unpleasant breath.

Chloasma: TCM believes that chloasma is related to dysfunction of viscera, dysfunction of qi and blood, imbalance of yin and yang, and is inseparable from liver stagnation, spleen deficiency, and kidney deficiency, which will lead to melasma due to toxin deposition.

Acne: Acne is closely related to detoxification. The most direct cause of acne is perforation of the pores. The oil in the hair follicles cannot be drained out, and the ulcers eventually form.

Dark complexion: The lungs are one of the organs most likely to accumulate toxins. Every day’s breathing will bring bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances floating in the air into the lungs.

When there are more toxins in the lungs, the toxins are deposited on the skin through the action of the lungs, making the complexion look dull.

How to detox detox food: Sweet potato: Sweet potato contains soft and easy-to-digest fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help defecation.

Mung Bean: Mung Bean has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, dehumidifying and diuretic, reducing heat and quenching thirst. Drinking more mung bean soup is beneficial for detoxification and swelling.

Kernel: Coix seed can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, exert diuretic and swelling effects, and improve edema-type obesity.

Millet: Millet does not contain gluten, it will not irritate the connected walls, it is a relatively mild fiber, and it is easy to digest, so it is suitable for eating with detox meals.

After reading the above detailed answers to the question about what are the symptoms of poor liver detoxification, I believe that everyone has some knowledge and understanding.

Poor detoxification of the liver is very harmful to our body, so we should pay attention to sleep, and it is best not to sleep more than 11 o’clock.

In addition, you should usually eat more foods that can help detoxification, such as sweet potatoes and barley kernels. These foods are very helpful for detoxification.

The best method for liver and gallbladder detoxification 1.

Eat cyan food.

According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, cyan food can reach the liver qi, which can effectively evacuate the liver, relieve depression, and alleviate emotional effects. It belongs to the food that helps the liver detoxify.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend cyan oranges or lemons, with peels forming citrus orange juice or citrus lemonade, just place them directly.


Goji berries increase the tolerance of the liver.

In addition to detoxification, the liver’s ability to resist toxins should be improved.

This food is the first to promote wolfberry, which has a very good liver protection effect and can improve the liver’s tolerance to toxins.It is best to chew when eating, and eat a small amount a day.


Inject the liver to detox the main points.

This refers to the Taichong acupoint, which is located in the depression in front of the dorsal foot and in front of the zygomatic junction.

Knead with your thumb 3?
After 5 minutes, you can feel a slight soreness.

Do not use too much force, the two are inserted alternately.


Tears detox.

Compared with men who never cry, women have a longer lifespan, which cannot be said to be related to tears.

Traditional Chinese medicine has already known this and has been confirmed by Western medicine.

The tears, which are excretory fluids, have the same biochemical toxins as sweat and urine.

So, when you are upset, when you are aggrieved, when you are depressed, just cry.

For those “lotte”, watching a sad movie in the afternoon on the weekend, letting tears flow through the plot is also a way to actively detoxify.

[Fungus Family Recipes]_Making Methods_Methods

[Fungus Family Recipes]_Making Methods_Methods

Fungus is a flour food that many people make and love to eat everyday. Fungus can nourish the lungs, improve the cough, and improve constipation. Fungus can also provide blood. People with anemia can often eat fungus to supplement blood, preventCerebrovascular diseases and other benefits, there are more home-made methods of fungus dishes, and generally easier, how to make fungus dishes?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Cold fungus 1.

Soak the fungus in cold water in advance, and scald it in boiling water until it breaks. Remove and drain the water for later use.


Chopped shallots, garlic and dried peppers for later use.

I like spicy food at home, so I chopped millet pepper again.


Put the above amount into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar, seasoning raw soy sauce (ratio of balsamic vinegar to raw soy sauce is 3: 1), then add an appropriate amount of sugar (adjust according to your taste), and add a small spoon of chicken essenceAfter mixing, pour into a fungus container and mix well. It can be eaten after half an hour, the soup is hot and sour and sweet, the fungus is crispy, and it is very tasty.


Green pepper fungus shreds 1.

Soak the fungus and wash the green peppers for later use.


Dry the bell peppers first, then put the salt in the pan and set aside.


Put the oil in a clean pan, heat the oil, add the shredded pork with starch and soy sauce, stir fry and add the fungus and stir-fry the green peppers.

The fried green pepper fungus shredded pork is very delicious.


Fungus yam 1.

Pour a little less oil into the shabu-shabu.

After the green onion is poured, stir in the pot with yam and fungus.


Put a spoonful of salt and stir fry a few times, then pour a bowl of half white water in the pot and continue frying to prevent the yam from sticking to the pot.


When the water is still, pour the peppers into sections and stir fry.

You can scent out of the pot!


Black fungus stewed chicken soup 1.

After soaking the black fungus, wash the pedicure and tear it into pieces of moderate size.


Wash the grass hen, chop it into large pieces, add water and ginger slices, add a small amount of cooking wine after the fire is boiled, and skim off the foam.


After boiling over medium heat for 10 minutes, add black fungus, cook over low heat for 1 hour, and add a small amount of salt before drinking the soup.


Note: Any side dishes can be added as you like, such as carrots, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and so on.

[Man must not do 7 things in bed]

[Man must not do 7 things in bed]


It ‘s true that you did n’t drink too much Nescafe before you had a low sex life. Nescafe caffeine in Nescafe will comfort your sympathetic nerves and help you get angry again.

Because, when you are in love 2 hours before and outside, drink 1?
2 cups of Nescafe coffee can really comfort your sympathetic nerves, help you to maintain the time of a low sex life, and also enable you to have a prosperous spirit in response to the “uncanny” in bed.

However, experts also exaggerated that the consumption of Nescafe coffee should be moderate. If you drink Nescafe coffee a few times before you love it, it will not only enhance the sexual beauty, but also cause nerve health casually, and temporarily suppress the parasympathetic nerve.It took so long that there was no risk of low sexual desire.

In summary, Nescafe has a positive response to love, but an excessive amount is not helpful, and the right amount is not harmful.


[How to make delicious leftover chicken]_How to make_How to make

[How to make delicious leftover chicken]_How to make_How to make

If the roast chicken at home is not finished at that time, if you eat it the next day, it will not only taste bad, but also the leftovers will not be good for your body.

However, it is a pity to throw roast chicken, which is not in line with the traditional virtues of frugality of the Chinese nation, so it is still delicious after re-making the remaining roast chicken.

The requirements for making leftover chicken are also very strict. First of all, we must control the heat and match the seasoning.

List of ingredients Roasted chicken, appropriate amount of soy sauce, sesame, chili noodles, white vinegar, white sugar Cooking steps Step 1 Roast chicken into strips Step 2 Deep fry in oil pan 2.

3 minutes Step 3 Leave a small amount of oil in the 3 pot, low heat, pour the right amount of sesame and pepper noodles, stir fry a few times and then add soy sauce, white vinegar and sugar.The salty taste, so you can add or not add salt. Finally, pour the chicken in oil and stir fry a few times.

Finished Tips Be careful not to fry the sesame and pepper noodles in the heat.

Grilled chicken leg rice with honey sauce, rice, rape, chicken leg, soy sauce, soy sauce, white wine, rice water, honey, garlic, ginger, salt, sugar method 1.

Rinse the rice twice, add chicken soup, 1 finger higher than rice.

The microwave rice stall is about 30 minutes.

Suffocate, cool into the bowl.


After picking and washing the rapeseed, add some oil to the hot water, quickly blanch it, the color will turn slightly green, and immediately pass cold water.

Drain the yard into the bowl.


Bone the chicken thighs and rinse with rice water for 15 minutes to remove the fishy smell.

Mix with garlic, ground ginger, sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, white wine / fenjiu, marinate for about 1 hour, then add salt.


Preheat the oven at 200 ° C for 10 minutes. Cover the baking sheet with tin foil. Brush the foil with olive oil.

Put a bowl of water under the baking tray to prevent the chicken drumsticks from drying out.

Bake on high heat for about 20-30 minutes, then remove. Brush the chicken skin side up with a layer of honey / syrup and heat for 2-5 minutes.

Lay the chicken skin and chicken skin down, and change the knife to serve as needed.


Put it in a bowl and pour the soup from the baking dish onto the chicken legs.

[Peach Gum Soap Rice Stew with Milk]_Production_Methods

[Peach Gum Soap Rice Stew with Milk]_Production_Methods

Peach gum saponin rice stewed milk, I believe many people will have heard that this is a very good health care ingredients, which contains plant gums, has a good effect of beauty and beauty, can promote skin whitening,It can make the skin more soft and supple, and it can achieve a kind of effect of internal cultivation and external cultivation. The method of stewing milk with peach gum soap corner rice is also relatively simple. Let’s take a look at its method.

Peach gum soap corner rice stewed milk Ingredients: 40 grams of peach gum saponin rice 20 grams of milk 400 milliliters Auxiliary materials: moderate amount of rock sugar, appropriate amount of water 1.

Prepare peach gum and saponin rice. These two ingredients need to be soaked 12 hours in advance, and must be thoroughly soaked without hard cores.


After soaking, the saponin rice swells a lot and has great potential for stickiness. After soaking the peach gum, the impurities in it must be removed and washed thoroughly.


The washed peach gum is put into Jiuyang peach flower pot. The peach flower pot has 2 small stew pots, one cup for the little fairy, and one cup for me, which is convenient and hygienic.


Add peach gum, saponin rice, rock sugar, rock sugar in a small stew pot according to your own taste.


Add an appropriate amount of water to the small saucepan, half of the saucepan can be used, because milk should not be stewed for a long time, so milk should be added later.


Peach blossom is an electric cooker that is cooked with water, so add water to the scale to the mark.


Put the steamer into the steamer rack, then add the small stew pot (covered), and cover the peach steamer. Is it beautiful from this perspective?


Select the peach gum function, the time can be set by yourself. The peach gum and saponin rice are thoroughly stewed and the taste is soft and glutinous, so the time is set to 2 hours. After setting the time, let it cook by itself without care.


15 minutes before the end of cooking, open the lid and add milk to the small saucepans. Cover the lid and continue cooking until the end.

The stewed peach gum is very soft and waxy, and it tastes good.


If you ca n’t eat it once, you can put it in a cup. The small stew pot can be kept in the peach blossom to keep warm. On a cold day, you can drink a cup of hot peach gum milk, which is very comfortable.

In the lower left corner is the card given by the little fairy. Not only is her stomach and stomach comfortable, her heart is warm.


While drinking peach milk, the little fairy said that the color of the peach flower was beautiful, pink and tender, and it was very suitable for girls. Take it to the dormitory, and save the money for the mask. Mother on double 11Buy another one at Tmall.

Hey, beauty and beauty really need to pay attention to maintenance from a young age.

Cooking Techniques 1. The stew pot used by Xiaobian is extremely convenient to use. This stew pot also has a nice name: peach blossom, the color is pink and cute, no wonder my little fairy wants to take it away.

2. Saponin rice is commonly known as snow lotus seeds, saponin kernels, etc. It is a high glucose, low protein, low stool food, and contains plant-based pigment fiber.

With Yangxintongmai, Qinggan eyesight and other effects.

After cooking, the saponin rice has a gelatinous and translucent appearance, and it is fragrant and waxy. It is a precious natural green tonic food that reconciles the functions of the human body.

[Learn how to make green pepper and tofu]_How to do_How to do

[Learn how to make green pepper and tofu]_How to do_How to do

Green pepper tofu is a very classic home-cooked dish, even delicious and high in nutritional value, especially green pepper, which is known for its rich nutritional elements. This practice can maximize its effectiveness.

There are many ways to make green pepper tofu, but they are very similar and easy to learn. As long as you prepare the required ingredients and complete it in one step according to the steps, you can make authentic green pepper tofu.

First, the main ingredients of the tofu bubble: the right amount of green pepper: the right amount of dried peppers: the right amount of auxiliary oil: the right amount of mushroom essence: alternative salt: change to two, method step 1, buy the tofu bubble washed with water, if it is large, thenOne point and two, if it is small, use it directly;

2. Heat up the oil in the pot, add a few dried peppers and peppers and stir-fry, add tofu and stir fry a few times, then season with salt and mushroom essence, then you can cook.

Third, the basic content of raw materials: tofu bubble (also called oil tofu), green pepper, dried chili practices: 1, rinse the tofu bubble bought with water, if it is large, it is divided into two, if it is small, directly useDiced green peppers.
2. Heat up the oil in the pot, add a few dried peppers and peppers and stir-fry, add tofu and stir fry a few times, then season with salt and mushroom essence, then you can cook.

Fourth, remind that this dish can still be owed at the end, the color will be more beautiful, this time there is no owe.

Fifth, the nutritional value of green pepper 1, green pepper is rich in vitamins, etc., can increase meals, enhance physical strength, improve the fear of cold, frostbite, vascular headache and other symptoms.

Green pepper contains a special substance that can accelerate metabolism, promote hormone secretion, and protect the skin.

Green pepper plasma vitamin C can control cardiovascular and coronary arteriosclerosis and reduce plasma.

2. Green pepper contains free radical antioxidants, which can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.

Can make the airway open, can treat coughs and colds.

Green pepper can also suppress parasites in the stomach and abdomen.

Green pepper Xin Wen can reduce body temperature through sweating and relieve muscle pain, so it has a correct antipyretic and analgesic effect.

3, the active ingredient of green pepper is capsaicin, which is an antioxidant, which can prevent the metabolism of the relevant cells, thereby stopping the cancerous process of the cell tissue and reducing the incidence of cancer cells.

The strong spicy flavor of green pepper can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase appetite, promote joint movement, and help digestion.

Green pepper can promote the metabolism of adults, prevent the accumulation of adults in the body, and help reduce fat and reduce weight and prevent disease.

4, green pepper can enhance people’s physical strength, relieve fatigue caused by work and life stress.

Its peculiar taste and contained capsaicin can stimulate saliva and gastric juice secretion, can increase appetite, help digestion, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation.

It may cause scurvy, and it is an adjuvant treatment for bleeding gums, anemia, and weak blood vessels.

Most people will feel that after eating green peppers, the heartbeat will speed up and the skin blood vessels will expand, which makes people feel warm, so Chinese medicine thinks about it like green peppers.statement.

[Nutrition Value of Young Girl Fruits]_Benefits_Value

[Nutrition Value of Young Girl Fruits]_Benefits_Value

Many people know the truth, but they don’t know what foreign girl is.

In fact, this fruit mainly grows in the north, and a small amount is planted in the south.

When it is immature, it is often used as a child’s plaything and can be regarded as a small whistle that emits pleasant music, but when she matures, it also has a very high edible value and nutritional value as a fruit.Fruits of nutritional value.

First, the nutritional value of foreign girls1.

The foreign girl is also known as lantern fruit, which is a very delicious alternative. It can be eaten as a fruit and can also be cooked as a vegetable.

The foreign girl is rich in vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin B, so eating the foreign girl can not only beauty and beauty, ascorbic disease, but also has a significant effect on the prevention of cancer.

Vitamin B has a very large regulatory effect on our digestive function and the metabolism of fats in the body, so eating more foreign girls is more beneficial to our body.


The foreign girl also contains minerals, among which the iron content is particularly rich, so that it will show a fiery red color after the frost.

Regular consumption of foreign girls can achieve a good blood supply.

The foreign girl also contains certain disinfection and sterilization ingredients, which have a good relief and treatment effect on the inflammation of our flat conductors and the cold caused by the virus.

Eating more foreign girls not only can treat arthritis, but also significantly improves our immunity, so frail and sick friends can eat more foreign girls.


Contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, vitamin C, vitamin E content is 5 times that of other fruits.

Long-term consumption can moisturize the throat and cough, facilitate urine, promote appetite, lower blood pressure, and beauty.

The selenium-enriched sweet girl has a selenium content 10 times higher than that of ordinary fruits, and its heavy metal content is zero.

It has the effects of enhancing human immunity, preventing cancer and anti-cancer.

Second, the efficacy and role of foreign girl foreign girl taste bitter, cold, clearing heat and detoxifying, expectorant and cough, soft and firm, and diuretic swelling.

Indications yellow gallbladder hepatitis, cholecystitis, cold and fever, sore throat, bronchitis, pulmonary abscess, mumps, thyroid pills, cystitis, hematuria, cervical lymph tuberculosis; topical treatment of impetigo.

[How to deep-fried skin]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to deep-fried skin]_ making method _ practice Daquan

There are a lot of things we use in our life, such as meat skin, which can be used for deep-frying, and also used for braised pork skin. You can learn a few ways you like to eat, and then learn it by yourself.

The practice of fried pork requires that we clean the pig’s hair and then hang the pigskin with a rope for more than a week, then fry the pigskin in an oil pan until it is foamy and can be removedOut.

The method of frying pig skin is very simple, just put the pig skin into the oil and fry it: First, wash the pig skin, put it in the water and boil, and then scrape off the excess fat with a knife.

Second, then string it with a rope, hang it in a ventilated place, and dry it!

It usually takes more than one week, and the finished product is hard, that is, there is no moisture at all.

Third, put the oil in the pan, and at the same time, add the pig skin. As the oil temperature rises, the pig skin will bubble. Remove it and let it cool.

Fourth, then reheat the oil temperature, put the pork skin once fried again, and the pig skin will swell, and it is successful.

The pots in the house are not large, so it is good to put one or two pigskins at a time, and some pigskins will swell.

Five, the pigskin is fried!

Before using it for cooking, soak it in water to soften it, cut it into small pieces and use it for cooking.

Efficacy of fried pigskin Pigskin can treat upsets, sore throat, anemia and various bleeding diseases. Pigskin is rich in collagen, which can be converted into gelatin during cooking. Gelatin has a reticular space structure.It can combine a lot of water to enhance the cell’s physiological metabolism, effectively improve the physiological function of the body and the water storage function of the skin tissue cells, so that the cells are moisturized, keep the moist state, prevent the skin from wrinkling prematurely, and delay the skin aging process.

The effect of pigskin is really very bright. It is not only edible, but also has beauty and health care effects.

Chinese medicine believes that pig skin has the functions of clearing away heat, moisturizing the skin, and nourishing blood and bleeding.

Indications for those with yin deficiency are upset, sore throat, diarrhea, or women with blood dryness and irregular menstruation. It is also suitable for consumption.

More suitable for patients with hemophilia bleeding.

Pig skin contains protein, trace amount and dermatan sulfate B. It has softening blood vessels, anticoagulation, promoting hematopoietic function, skin wound healing, and health and beauty. Its colloidal hematopoietic function improves Ejiao, and regular eating can increase heme content and white blood cellsIncrease and antithrombotic formation, in addition, pig skin jelly still retain collagen, eat more can also wrinkle beauty.

[Pig large intestine stir-fried onion]_ fried round shallot _ how to make

[Pig large intestine stir-fried onion]_ fried round shallot _ how to make

Pork large intestine fried onion is a very common home-style dish. It is mainly made with pork large intestine and onion as the main ingredients. The pork large intestine fried onion tastes very delicious and has high nutritional value. In fact, pig large intestineIt is also very simple to make fried onions, but for people who do n’t usually cook, it ‘s difficult to make fried onions in pig intestines. What is the practice of fried onions in pig intestines?

Ingredients for pork large intestine fried onions: pork large intestine, green pepper, pepper, soy sauce, onion, dried pepper, salt steps ① green pepper and onion slices are ready for use; ② the pig large intestine is washed and cooked, cut into diagonal strips, and fried in a wokAdd the remaining oil to the pan. ③ Add the remaining oil to the pan, add the dried peppers and peppercorns and stir-fry, add the fried large intestine, stir-fry until the large intestine is brown, add water, and boil for at least 30 minutes until the large intestineCompletely boiled; ④ Pour oil in wok, add large intestine, onion and green peppers, stir-fry, add old soy sauce and salt before frying, and fry evenly.

Who can’t eat fried onions with pork intestine?

First, the cholesterol content of the pig’s large intestine is very high. Those with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not eat more, and pregnant women should not eat more.

In addition, the pig’s large intestine is slightly cold, and it is best not to eat it during colds. Similarly, those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea should not eat it.

And if you eat too much onion, it will easily cause blisters and fever.

People who suffer from pruritus skin diseases, eye diseases and stomach problems, and those who suffer from lung and stomach inflammation eat less.

Onions are warm, and patients with fever should eat them with caution.

What is the nutritional value of pork onion with fried onions?

The pig’s large intestine has the effects of moistening dryness, nourishing deficiency, quenching thirst, and bleeding.

Can be used to treat weak thirst, prolapse of the anus, hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, constipation and other conditions.

In addition, the pig’s intestine is sweet, slightly cold, and belongs to the large intestine meridian, which is very suitable for the treatment of large intestine fistula, such as hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, prolapsed and frequent urination.

Onion is a special vegetable combining nutrition, medical treatment and health care.

Fresh onions contain crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, sodium, calcium and other trace elements necessary for the human body.

In addition, it also contains bioactive substances such as allicin, which can sterilize, diuretic, lower blood pressure, lower blood pressure, and anti-cancer effects.

Preliminary medical clinical and research proves that onion has a variety of higher physiological and medicinal values, and is respected as a multifunctional lipid-lowering and anti-cancer nutritional health food in nutritional diets, which is attributed to the “Queen of Vegetables”Good name.