[What is the practice of Yunnan clear soup fish]_How to do_How to do

[What is the practice of Yunnan clear soup fish]_How to do_How to do

Fish is a very amazing ingredient. There are various methods. In Yunnan, many people like to drink fish soup, and they have their own unique methods.

Clear soup fish, there is another nice name called live water live fish, everyone can make clear soup fish without going to Yunnan, so how exactly do clear soup fish make it?

Let’s take a look together.

(1) One main catfish, a large amount of mint, and one piece of tender tofu.
(2) Procedural steps of white pepper powder, salt substitute, chicken essence, ginger slices and peppermint soup.

First of all, in the new year, we will start the festive music, then prepare the materials, the catfish will be washed and sliced and waited (I do n’t know how to cut the fish, and the knife is also very short, so the cut is a bit ugly). Mint should be picked a little and removedOld, leaving the tender part; tofu boiled water to fishy slices; ginger slices.


Boil a pot of clean tap water and throw the ginger slices in. This is a fishy artifact.


When the water is a little hot, about 50% of the time, get the fish head, because it takes a little longer.


When the water is almost 80% hot, fillet and tofu. The fillets are easier to cook.


Then season with salt, chicken essence, and white pepper. If you feel too vegetarian, add a little oil, and wait for about one minute for the water to boil.

(Feels like hot pot) 6.

Line the mint flat on the bottom of the large bowl, and then pour the hot soup evenly over the mint.


In this way, a wonderful cocktail waste mint clear soup fish is prepared, drink hot, delicious to cry.

This is the method of delicious clear soup fish, and because the mint is already in it, you don’t need to put onions when it is out of the pot, and you need to pay attention when you put the mint, just put the mint before turning off the heat.Just go in. If it is too early to cook, it will affect the original cool taste of mint.

[Mushroom and Egg Soup]_Method of Making_Methods

[Mushroom and Egg Soup]_Method of Making_Methods

Mushrooms and eggs are two common ingredients, both of which have their own nutritional value. Mushrooms contain more trace elements and can lower blood lipids. Eggs contain more protein.

If these two kinds of ingredients are put together to make better use of the nutritional value of both, then the practice of shiitake mushroom egg soup is recommended that everyone can make some for consumption in life.

[Baby zinc supplement therapeutic mushroom mushroom egg flower soup]Ingredients: 3 shiitake mushrooms, 1 Pleurotus eryngii mushroom, 1 Flammulina velutipes, 1 egg, 1 carrot, 1 parsley, accessories: the right amount of oil, the right amount of salt, steps:1.

Reference month age: more than 12
months, Po 2 that is not allergic to mushrooms.

Bring the water to a boil, add shiitake mushrooms for decanting.


Cut the Pleurotus eryngii into pieces and place a piece of water in the pot.


Flammulina velutipes in water.


After all the fungus simmers the water, cut the dices according to your baby’s chewing degree, which will make it easier for your baby to chew and digest.


Carrots are finely chopped.


Heat the pan and brush with a thin layer of oil. Add the diced mushrooms and stir fry.

Add diced mushrooms and stir fry.


Add enoki mushrooms and stir fry.


Finally add minced carrots and stir-fry evenly.


Pour boiling water into the pan and add salt.


After the fire has boiled, turn to medium heat, simmer for 5-10 minutes, and drizzle with egg flower soup.

Put some coriander leaves before leaving the pot (babies who do n’t like coriander can leave it), the super delicious mushroom soup is done!

The nutritional value of Flammulina velutipes 1.

Flammulina velutipes has nutritional characteristics of low trace, high protein, low feces, glucose, and multivitamins.


Flammulina velutipes is particularly high in lysine and zinc.

Edible effect of Flammulina velutipes 1.

Promote metabolism to enhance biological activity in the body and promote metabolism.

There are benefits of absorption of nutrients.


Decreasing blood lipids suppresses the rise of blood lipids, reduces plasma, prevents hyperlipidemia, and thereby reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease.


Anti-fatigue baby zinc supplement diet mushroom mushroom egg flower soup antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, eliminate heavy metal toxins, anti-tumor.

Prevent allergies Prevent allergies such as hypertension, rhinitis, eczema.

[Pumpkin Seed Kernel Metabolism]_ Impact _ Harm

[Pumpkin Seed Kernel Metabolism]_ Impact _ Harm

Pumpkin seeds are the fruit of pumpkins. The nutritional value of pumpkin seeds is relatively high, but there are some precautions you should know when eating pumpkin seeds, that is, you should not eat too much, because its trace content is relatively large.Too much to eat can easily lead to temporary accumulation. In addition, you must understand that pumpkin seeds have a small poison. Too much to eat will affect the function of the liver. Let’s take a look at this.

Pumpkin seed kernel terrier 1, getting fat Pumpkin seeds are rich in aunts, so eating too much can easily make people fat.

2, small poison pumpkin seeds have small poisons, which will affect liver function.

3. Don’t eat raw pumpkin seeds with poor effect. Raw food not only has a bad taste, but also has little effect on health after eating.

4. Don’t eat pumpkin seeds that have been oxidized and rotten. It is easy to cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain after eating.

5. Nauseous pumpkin seeds will be disgusting after eating too much. That’s because pumpkin seeds are too greasy and your liver can’t stand it.

Therefore, for patients with chronic hepatitis and adult liver, pumpkin seeds should not be consumed.

6. Don’t eat pumpkin with mutton, otherwise it may cause abdominal distension and chest tightness.

Effectiveness of pumpkin seeds1, detoxification pumpkin seeds contain vitamins and pectin, pectin has good adsorption, can replace and eliminate bacterial toxins and other harmful substances in the body, such as lead, mercury and oxide elements in heavy metals, canPioneering detoxification.

2. Protect the gastric mucosa and help digest the pectin contained in pumpkin can also protect the gastric mucosa mucosa, slightly rough food stimulation, promote ulcer healing, which is beneficial to patients with gastric disease.

The ingredients contained in pumpkin can promote bile secretion, strengthen the body’s peristalsis, and help food digestion.

3. Diabetes, lowering blood sugar The rich cobalt in pumpkin, cobalt can activate the body’s metabolism, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the human body. It is a trace element necessary for human micro island cells.Gains.

4. Eliminating the carcinogen Pumpkin can eliminate the mutation effect of the carcinogen nitrosamine, has anti-cancer effect, and can help restore liver and kidney function, and enhance the regeneration ability of liver and kidney cells.

5. Promote growth and development Pumpkin is rich in zinc and participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the human body. It is an inherent component of adrenal cortex hormones and is an important substance for human growth.

6. Insect repellent The earthworm experiment proves that the ethanol extract of pumpkin seed has the repellent effect.

Cats with pumpkin seed concentrated preparation 100-300mg / kg once intragastrically have obvious deworming effect on roundworms, toxocara and other.

[How to ferment fast flour]_Fermentation time_How fast

[How to ferment fast flour]_Fermentation time_How fast

When the weather is cold, it will immediately enter a special stage. At this time, some people will have a lot of problems. How to ferment the dough becomes a concern for everyone, because in a cold environment, the dough is veryIt is difficult to ferment, and it takes a long time. It takes a few hours to make the dough almost once. It is not as fast as the hot weather. How can the flour be fermented to recover?

How to ferment cold weather flour 1. Yeast is activated first. When the weather is colder, the yeast must be activated first.

If you use fresh yeast, you can dissolve it in warm water, then add it to the flour in proportion to neutralize it, place it in a warm place, and wait for it to ferment.

It is best to use warm water at 35-45 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes.

2. Warm water and noodles should make the flour ferment normally. Attention should be paid to the temperature of the water, and warm water at about 30 degrees is more suitable.

You can also add some sugar to promote yeast fermentation.

3. Cover the dough with a wet cage cloth and cling film.

After the noodles are made, cover the dough with a cover cloth, and then cover the basin with plastic wrap, then proceed to the next step, put it in a warm place and ferment.

4. The most important thing in hot temperature fermentation is temperature, as long as it can reach the temperature.

Can take the following ways: (1) balcony, bottom of the building.

For the dough to ferment, the temperature must be reached, otherwise it will not be released or it will take too long.

According to their respective conditions, choose the warmest place in the home.

When the sun is good at noon, you can put a balcony under the mansion; if the floor is warm and the temperature in the room is high, you can put it on the ground.

(2) Microwave oven and oven.

Pour water into the bowl, heat it, put the basin in, and close the door.

After some time, heat the water again until the noodles open.

(3) Air-conditioning blow.

With the air outlet of the air conditioner facing the basin, rely on the heat from the air conditioner to ferment the dough.

This method of fermentation time is relatively speaking.

(4) heating sheet, electric blanket.

It is also feasible to place the basin on a heating pad, or lay a hard paper and heat it on an electric blanket.

(5) Put in hot water.

Add water to the pot, heat it, and sit the basin in hot water until the dough is fermented.

This is an old method. Although it is troublesome, it is easy to use and the noodles open quickly.

Note that the hot water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the yeast will be burned to death, under 60 seconds.

(6) Heating bag, hot steamed bun.

This is the most practical and reliable traditional old method.

But most of them don’t have this condition now.

It is the raw coal stove in the countryside. The heating package is covered with cement porcelain tile barriers, and the temperature above it is absolutely up to standard.

And the one that burns, just put the basin on a hot bun and cover it with a quilt.

And the steamed buns cooked in a large iron skillet are very fragrant.

How to adjust kidney cancer better

How to adjust kidney cancer better

Nowadays, people are fully aware of the treatment methods that are ill, and they are even more worried about the symptoms of various common diseases and the causes of the occurrence, as well as health care and nursed back to the body.

Today, I am telling you about kidney cancer disease in cancer diseases. Here is a question about how to nurse kidney cancer better.

How is kidney cancer better?

First, avoid smoking, try to stop drinking and control weight.

Avoid overweight, overweight or obesity can easily lead to the contralateral kidney burden.

Limit red meat, including pig, cow, and mutton substitutes. Try to eat high-temperature processed meat products such as red sausages, canned food, etc. It is best to replace red meat with fish and poultry.

Second, generally should avoid hot air, hot food, diet, preferably cooked, steamed, fried food.

Avoid grilled foods, especially grilled fish, and avoid succulent scorching when roasting.

Fish, meat and barbecue that are grilled directly on the fire can only be eaten occasionally.

Limit the intake of salt, especially for patients with renal dysfunction with renal insufficiency, no more than 3 grams per day.

Pickles, kimchi, mustard, etc.

These foods eat more, which is equal to the increase in salt.

Third, eat a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole wheat food and beans.

If the kidney function is normal, you should eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement the extra vitamins.

If the patient has renal insufficiency, they should selectively consume vegetables and fruits.

Because vegetables, fruits generally contain more potassium, and patients with kidney disease and oliguria, serum potassium levels are elevated.

Among the fruits with higher potassium content are watermelon, banana, pineapple, mango, jujube, cantaloupe, etc.; vegetables with high potassium content include leeks, spinach, celery, carrots, bamboo shoots, potatoes, etc.

If the kidney function is normal, there is no such restriction.

Fourth, whether patients with kidney cancer should be taboo, the folks are called different.

Some think that you should not eat, you can eat anything; some think that you can not eat chicken, crab, beef, meat, squid and so on.

Do you want to avoid it?

Chinese medicine is not blindly discriminating, or discerning appropriate taboos.

Western medicine recognizes that the relationship between diet and disease is not against taboos. For example, food contaminated with aflatoxin cannot be eaten; charred foods tend to denature proteins, pyrolysis and heat accumulation are prone to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds,Harmful rather than eating, smoked fish, bacon should not eat too much, wine can reduce the body’s detoxification function and biotransformation function, so that immunity is reduced, wine increases carcinogen activity in the body, and has cytotoxicity, so it is classifiedDrinking alcohol.

What should I pay attention to when using drugs for the elderly?

What should I pay attention to when using drugs for the elderly?

Because the elderly are weaker in body resistance, they will suffer from some minor illnesses if they are not well protected in the winter. Many elderly people will be eager to recover, often without taking medical advice.The dose and the number of doses have led to exceptions that should not have been made.

Older people whose function of organs is gradually weakened should be “less expensive” when using drugs.


The dose should be reduced.

As the saying goes, “The disease is like a mountain, and the disease is like a silkworm.” The drug also needs a process to exert its efficacy.

Moreover, compared with younger people, the digestive function of the elderly is weakened, and the absorption of drugs may be slowed down; the production and activity of liver drug enzymes are gradually reduced, which makes them more sensitive to drugs and prone to adverse reactions; the excretion function of the kidneys is reduced.It is easier to accumulate poisoning.

All of the above indicate that the medication for the elderly should vary from person to person, starting from a small dose, adjusting the medication regimen according to age, gender, weight, and degree of illness.


The variety is small and refined.

The memory of the elderly is declining, and may be unconsciously misunderstood. If you miss or take more drugs, it is more likely to occur if you use too many drugs.


The medication should be moderate.

The treatment goals of the elderly for the disease should not be set too high.

Sometimes over-treatment may be a risk indicator than the disease itself.

For example, hypertension in the elderly is mostly accompanied by atherosclerosis, blood pressure is increased by about 135/85 mm Hg, and blood pressure is too low may induce stroke.

  Here, I will give my old friends a trick. When I use the medicine, I should do “four, three, and two”: that is, to take medication according to the doctor’s advice, to inform the doctor of the drugs used, to save the medical information, etc., to check regularly, pay attention to drug interactions,Pay attention to changes in the body, pay attention to the choice of diet; do not change the medicine by yourself, do not hear the way, mistake the health care products as drugs.

Shaoyao Gancao Decoction can effectively treat acute pain

Shaoyao Gancao Decoction can effectively treat acute pain

Chinese medicine believes that excessive acute pain (non-organic), convulsion syndrome is often associated with insufficient liver yin and zinc deficiency.

Peony licorice soup is a good way to detoxify the liver and fight the pain.

This side consists only of peony (white peony), licorice and two herbs, white glutinous acid, nourishing yin and soft liver, reconcile the camp; licorice is sweet, relieve pain, and can make up.

Sour and yin yin to nourish the liver, the liver is soft, and the urgency is flat, so it can relieve pain.

Pharmacological studies have shown that the ingredients of peony and licorice have the effects of calming, analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing smooth muscle.

It has been clinically proven to improve the efficacy of various acute pain disorders, especially those caused by contraction of slight tendon.

The following are listed as follows: calf cramps: manifested as twisting muscles of the calf muscles, or accompanied by soreness.

60 grams of raw white peony, 6 grams of licorice, decoction, the juice is concentrated to about 200 ml, served 3 times a day, and even served 5 doses.

  Migraine (vascular headache): manifested as convulsion pain, especially in the afternoon, often accompanied by upset, dreams, redness, tinnitus and other symptoms of yin deficiency and liver disease.

45 grams of white peony, 12 grams of licorice, decoction, and even 6 doses of pain reduction, headache can disappear after 12 doses.

  Trigeminal neuralgia: manifested as a paroxysmal paroxysmal pain in the side of the chest. When the pain is closed, the eyes are closed, and the mouth is gnashing. It can be stopped for a few seconds, and then immediately.

White peony (wine fried) 30 grams, licorice (candied fruit) 12 grams.

Shuijianbi, 3 times a day, and even served 5 doses.

  Hiccup: It is manifested as sound in the throat, short and frequent, not self-made, often accompanied by unbearable hypochondriac pain, reduced diet, night can not be paralyzed.

30 grams of white peony, raw licorice 15 grams, fried soup frequently served.

Generally used 1?
3 doses, hiccups can stop.

  Stomach cramps (acute patients with acute gastric ulcer): manifested as paroxysmal paroxysmal pain, especially at night, happy to press, diet barrier-free.

30 grams of white peony, 9 grams of licorice.

Decoction takes 150 ml of the medicinal juice and takes it twice.

After the first service, 3 hours later, usually 1?
2 doses can relieve pain.

  Hematemesis (peptic ulcer bleeding): patients with peptic ulcer are prone to seizures due to depression or eating too much, showing stomach cramps and blood stasis.

15 grams of white peony, 9 grams of licorice, white and 30 grams, thick fried, frequently relieved.

General continuous service 1?
3 doses, effective for moderate to moderate vomiting, but should not be used for critically vomiting.

  Acute anal fissure: manifested as dry stool, feeling anal pain and a small amount of blood after each stool.

50 grams of white peony, 12 grams of licorice, Shuijianbi.

Can also add 24 grams of fire hemp to enhance the moisturizing effect.

  Biliary colic: mostly cholelithiasis.

White peony, licorice each aliquot, research into fine and evenly mixed, each time take 15 grams of water to make a thin paste, simmer boiled a few boiled, air-cooled and take.

15 minutes after the general service can relieve pain and no complications.

  Primary dysmenorrhea: 50 grams of white peony, 5 grams of licorice.

Decoction twice, concentrate the liquid solution about 50 ml, and take it twice in the same day, even 3?
4 days.

Adolescent girls who are not properly weight loss may lead to sexual dysplasia

Adolescent girls who are not properly weight loss may lead to sexual dysplasia

A diabetic, a woman who loves beauty naturally thinks of obesity.

It is undeniable that in the case of overnutrition and under-exercise, it is an indisputable fact that recovery of a slight excess is most likely to make people fat, causing obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Therefore, for adults, it is necessary to moderately control the budget to prevent excessive ingestion, but for girls who are in the growth stage, it is not necessary.

  They are the necessary components of many tissues and organs in the body. Human health is inseparable from cockroaches. All kinds of edible cockroaches contain more than 40 kinds of fatty acids, most of which can be transformed with each other, but three kinds of fatty acids cannot be converted by other fatty acids.Provided directly from food, called essential fatty acids.

Once the body lacks essential fatty acids, it will affect health and disease.

For example, fat-soluble vitamins (including vitamins A, D, E, and K) must be absorbed and utilized in the presence of a slight amount. If a trace is lacking, a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins may occur, resulting in a corresponding disease.

As in the development of vision, the lack of necessary value increases the development of vision.

  Adolescent girls are in the growth stage and need a lot of aunts. Special sexual development requires a father.

Harvard University Public Health Research Center, Ross?

The Arist study found that from the day of the newborn, the baby has a sex-controlled gene in the body. Before the puberty comes, the micro-reservoir reaches a certain amount before the genetic code is transmitted to the brain, thereby producing sex hormones., monthly menarche and the formation of ovarian function.

When the body’s metabolism is 17%, menarche will not form. Only when the body’s trace content exceeds 22%, can women maintain normal ovulation, menstruation, conception and lactation.

Domestic research has also confirmed that the lack of temporary girls can lead to female diseases.

Shanghai Medical University surveyed 87 female dancers and found that over-temperance resulted in 20 people who had no menstrual menstruation during puberty. Among the 20 people, 11 were 14-year-old, 11 were over 18 years old.
Among those who have had menstrual cramps, 27 have periodic menstrual cycles and 13 people have irregular menstrual interruptions.

  Adults are also essential nutrients for maintaining skin health. If adults are lacking, the skin will become dry and prone to eczema, and the wounds will not be easily cured.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have done such animal experiments: they supplemented rats with trace amounts of feed, resulting in “essential fatty acid deficiency”: stagnant growth, central nervous system dysfunction, loss of reproductive function, eye and retinaSevere, renal failure and abnormal platelet function.

  Therefore, the girlhood period is a special period of physical, intellectual and sexual development. It should ensure that adults can supply enough, and it is not possible to limit the absorption of adults as adults, affecting the physical and health of girls.

These 10 kinds of psychology must learn to grasp

These 10 kinds of psychology must learn to grasp

In life, we will do some natural things. Before we encounter special reminders, we will not think about whether it is right or not, or that we follow the feelings (this feeling is not necessarily our own).

In fact, this is very dangerous. If you do what you think is right, you never reverse it. As a result, your mind is not being kidnapped or gradually moving to a deeper abyss.

I think we have to learn a certain psychological analysis. When we find that we are doing something wrong (can be compared with a good person), we can analyze why this is.

Here are 10 kinds of psychology, and learn to better analyze people’s behavior.


The bird cage logic hangs a beautiful bird cage in the most conspicuous place in the room. After a few days, the owner will definitely make one of two choices: throw the bird cage away, or buy a bird and put it back in the bird cage.in.

This is the bird cage logic.

The process is very simple, predicting that you are the owner of this room, as long as someone walks into the room and sees the bird cage, you can’t help but ask you: “What about birds?

Is it dead?

“When you answer: “I have never raised a bird.

People will ask: “So, what do you want for a bird cage?”

“In the end, you have to choose between two choices, because this is easier to do than an endless explanation.

The reason for the bird cage logic is simple: most people take inertial thinking.

So it is obvious how important it is to cultivate logical thinking in life and wor