Cerebral hemorrhage diet guide cerebral bleeding diet considerations

Cerebral hemorrhage diet guide cerebral bleeding diet considerations

What is good for patients with cerebral hemorrhage?

What do patients and their families know?

Patients with cerebral hemorrhage must strictly follow the scientific and standardized diet in their daily lives, so they should eat more light foods to promote blood circulation.

The following is a guide to cerebral hemorrhage. The diet of patients with cerebral hemorrhage can be based on this, which helps the recovery of the disease.

Cerebral hemorrhage diet guide 1, if the acute phase of the patient is given high protein, high vitamin, high blood sugar (2300-2800 calories / day) diet, such as eggs, fruits and vegetables.

2, should eat light food, limit sodium intake, because sodium retention will increase brain edema.

It is preferred to incorporate 3 g of the sodium salt per day.

3, and for those who can still eat, when feeding food and drink should not be too hasty, in case of vomiting or ruminating should stop rest, to prevent food into the trachea caused by asphyxia or aspiration pneumonia.

4, if it is possible to cause coma can not eat the nasal feeding fluid 4-5 times / day, 200-300ml / time, such as milk, soy milk, lotus root starch, steamed egg or mixed homogenate, etc., the liquid should be boiled and disinfected and then fed.

5, the body fat should be appropriate to reduce weight, because the body fat is very likely to be high blood fat, high blood fat and high blood pressure, it is easy to cause many other diseases, so the body fat should reduce intake, avoid eating pure sugar.
6, for the surgery, in the recovery period patients should remove light, low salt, low fat, moderate protein, high vitamins, high fiber foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, keep the stool smooth.

Cerebral hemorrhage diet precautions Patients with cerebral hemorrhage should pay special attention to the diet. The following are foods that patients with cerebral hemorrhage can’t eat: 1. Limit animal feces, such as lard, butter, butter, etc., as well as cholesterol-containing foods such as egg yolk.Caviar, animal offal, fat, etc., because the lipid concentration in the blood caused by the saturated fatty acids contained in these foods is significantly increased, promoting arteriosclerosis.

2, avoid eating cold food, because, excessive cold food and beverage into the dialysis, will suddenly stimulate the stomach, so that the blood vessels contract, blood pressure, aggravate the condition, and easy to induce cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Limit adult intake.

In the daily diet, the total amount of feces should be reduced, animal droppings should be reduced, animal oil should not be used for cooking, and vegetable oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc. should be used to limit the residue in the diet, which should be within 300 mg per day.It is equivalent to eating 3 egg yolks per week.

4, avoid high salt.

Patients with cerebral thrombosis should have a small amount of salt. Use a low-salt diet with 3 grams of salt per day. Add salt and mix well after cooking.

5. Limit refined sugars and sugary sweets, including snacks, sweets and beverages.

Adjusting Qi and blood can practice Tai Chi

Adjusting Qi and blood can practice Tai Chi

Chinese medicine believes that qi and blood are the basic substances that constitute the human body, and are the material basis of the human body’s organs, meridians, and tissues and organs.

Qi is blood handsome, blood is a gas mother, and the harmony and smoothness of blood is the key to human health.

Taijiquan focuses on the practice of fineness, qi, and gods, especially when it is required to use the conductors to guide the body, so that the blood runs smoothly and calms.

Therefore, it is common for people who practice Taijiquan for a long time. Even if they are fighting outdoors in the winter, there is no need to wear gloves. After practice, the hands are still warm.

This only shows that practicing Tai Chi can promote the operation of blood and blood only.

Traditional Chinese medicine sums up the gas into: vitality, qi, camp, and qi; among them, vitality is the driving force of human life.

The qi is a mixture of the subtle gas of the water valley and the natural air, which is accumulated in the chest to supplement the vitality.

The camp is in the veins, raising the five internal organs and the limbs.

Wei Wei is outside the pulse, with the role of meat, fat, and opening and closing.

Their synergy ensures the smooth flow of blood and maintains the function of all parts of the body.

Taijiquan divides vitality, qi, and qi into internal gas, and categorizes qi as external gas. Through cultivation, storage, and transportation, the four aspects are used to practice qi and health.

In particular, Wu Toutnan’s master’s prophecy and cultivation of vitality.

Running camp gas and developing Weiqi is the key to Taijiquan health care.

Love to eat snacks, not fat, there are tricks

Love to eat snacks, not fat, there are tricks

Studies have found that eating a good snack or eating more meals a day is good for losing weight, because eating some food every few hours can effectively prevent overeating, which is very beneficial for weight loss.


hzh {display: none; }  健康的零食是最好的   选择零食最重要的是注意选择健康的零食,才能够帮助减肥。But in people’s impressions, snacks are often high in sugar, sorghum food, potato chips, candy, biscuits, ice cream, soda, and so on.

In fact, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products are better choices.

Remember, the smartest way to eat smarter snacks is to choose healthy snacks that will help you burn your aunt and control the amount of food.

  For those who love snacks, I will take 1.

A good rule for snacking is that the conversion of snacks is controlled between 100-200 calories.


It is important to mix different foods, some proteins with accessories, and to combine foods.

For example, eating an apple with a small amount of peanut butter is more conducive to weight loss than eating some biscuits.

This is because eating protein and protein at the same time can slow down the digestion time and keep your satiety longer.


When eating a meal, eat less and you can leave some calories out for snacks.

  Remember that all foods can be added to your diet, what matters is what they are.

So if you want to eat sweets and sorghum snacks, some fried doughnuts, then you must arrange your meals reasonably so that you can add some calories to eat sweets and snacks.

  Snacks Recipes Here are some practical snack recipes to make sure you can eat snacks that are both healthy and nutritious.


Choose an alternative dessert.

Try to replace the biscuits with dried blueberries or dried cherries, or eat some fresh grapes.

Drink a glass of tomato juice, which has a low transition and tastes good.

You can eat a small amount of baked potato chips or biscuits, whether it is honey mustard or vanilla.


Give yourself healthy cornflakes.

On the toasted cornflakes, you can eat healthy and delicious.


Make a sweet potato fries.

The sweet potato is peeled, then it is initially cut into strips, some olive oil is added to the surface, sprinkled with salt, and then baked in the oven for 20 minutes.


Delicious biscuit snacks – the production of graham crackers with mango sauce.

  Ingredients: flour, white sugar, white sugar powder, shortening, wheat bran, salt, eggs, butter, water.

The surface of the biscuit is coated with palm oil. The amount of palm oil is 2% of the weight of the biscuit?

  Step: uniformly mix the raw materials, stir to form a dough; roll the dough into a biscuit shape and bake; spray palm oil on the surface of the biscuit.

Finally, apply the mango sauce.


Production of low-fat iced coffee.

Add skimmed milk, sugar substitutes and ice cubes to the coffee.

  6.Make the rice cake delicious.

Add some low-fat cheese, mustard and some tomato slices to the rice cake to make the monotonic rice cake delicious.


Make a fresh fruit salad.

With a salad, vanilla yogurt, oatmeal, and dark chocolate, you can enjoy a delicious, low-fat fruit salad.

Living habits can affect the length of life

Living habits can affect the length of life

Smoking to reduce life, exercise and life is a well-known health theory, but in fact there are many factors that affect people’s life.

Then let us assume that our average life expectancy is 70 years old, and see how the addition and subtraction based on this number is related to anything.

  1 “The room with a view of the scenery” Two years of research and development showed that patients living in a ward with only one wall to see, live, and discharge earlier.

Beauty can also help people improve their mood, eliminate depression and become optimistic.

If it’s hard to call “beauty” outside your window, decorate your room with your favorite pictures and photos.

  2 chores are entangled in life for a year, whether it is too much wealth to take care of, or overlap huge debts to be debt-collected, complicated things will make most people feel depressed, the consequences of this is naturally the heart rate, blood pressure rise, and the pressureHormonal adrenaline and cortisol can also cause damage to the human body.

  3 People who keep pets for one year and keep pets are less likely to see a doctor than ordinary people, and they are not vulnerable to depression.

Keeping a pet with you will reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

A US hypertension study showed that when a stock broker with different genders was subjected to stress tests, the pet’s heart rate and blood pressure were significantly more stable than those of other testers.

  4 Higher Sex Life Life 4 years of men who often enjoy orgasm (at least twice a week) have less than half the chance of premature death, especially cardiovascular death.

Higher ejaculation frequencies can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Because of the partner’s premature ejaculation, the risk of heart disease is higher in women who are impotence instead of enjoying pleasure.

  5 Noise pollution The life expectancy of 3% of coronary heart disease deaths is due to long-term placement in the traffic noise environment.

The stress hormones produced by noise reach the human body for a long time, even in sleep, which causes changes in the heart and blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, high blood pressure or stroke.

  6 Women are life-giving for 10 years. Women in almost any country live longer than men, and are about 10% longer than men.

In addition to environmental and genetic factors, men’s short-livedness is also associated with androgens. Androgens determine men’s aggressive and competitive behavior, making them more likely to experience premature deaths from violence, accidents and adventures.

Androgens will lower the level of plasma that is beneficial to the heart, while estrogen in women can increase the level of beneficial plasma.

My health nine characters

My health nine characters

I am 76 years old this year. I have been retiring from my teacher position for 16 years, but I can still write and paint, walk and enjoy, and sleep well.

People who don’t know me think that I just retired.

In fact, this has to be attributed to the nine-character health regime that I have adhered to over the years. “Let your legs open, keep your mouth shut, and drink more water.”

“What do you mean, and listen to me slowly.”


hzh {display: none; }  我们常说树老先老根,人老先老腿。The health of the elderly is important to keep the legs active.

I keep walking, jumping ropes and climbing stairs all the year round.

A simple walk, the exercise results are not small.

Walking can not only strengthen the bones, promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, increase lung capacity, accelerate liver peristalsis, and promote digestion and absorption.

Climbing is an aerobic exercise that not only increases heart and lung function, but also exercises the lower back muscles and lower limb joints to maintain the joint posture.

The elderly should climb the building in a slow step, with a step of one or two seconds, the speed is even, and the pace is steady, to prevent wrestling and sudden rise in blood pressure.

I have to go up and down the building more than ten times a day, all of which are intentional.

The advantage of skipping is the supplement of exercise capacity and footwork, which is beneficial to the physical health of the elderly.

  Keeping your mouth shut is not indulging yourself in your daily life, always paying attention to your diet.

I strictly control my daily total speed supplement, keep impurities, protein, traces of reasonable structure, never eat fried foods, and do not eat all kinds of sugary drinks, preserves and so on.

For the sake of health, even the best food and delicacies have to endure love.

  I only drink a small glass of red wine every day at dinner, and the white wine I used to give up when I retire.

In the past 10 years, my blood sugar has been kept in the ideal range due to my mouth, and my blood pressure is normal.

  Drink more water.
Water is an important part of the human body.

When people reach old age, they have to live longer and have many health care methods. Water conservation is one of the most important methods.

Drink more water, prevent cardio-cerebral vascular disease, protect kidney function, relieve cough and phlegm, promote digestion, prevent constipation and other effects.

I drink a glass of boiled water every morning and night.

Keep two liters of water a day.

  On the basis of drinking more water, I still insist on washing my face with cold water.

Washing your face with cold water can improve your skin’s blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, refresh your mind, refresh your mind, and exercise your willpower and cold tolerance. It also has a preventive effect on colds, rhinitis, and frostbite.

I have been sticking to it for many years and it works very well.

This is the highest state of TCM health care.

This is the highest state of TCM health care.

The highest state of Chinese medicine is to maintain health, and the highest state of health is to raise the heart.
Man is the most perfect structure in all living things. A healthy body is full of life. The adjustment of human health is done by the body’s own adjustment and repair system, not by external factors.Can play an auxiliary role.
The root of health is at heart.
Everything is born from the heart.
The heart is pure.
So get sick, don’t ask for it, rely on your own repair system to repair your disease.
Health, starting from regulating heart.
To adjust your mind, you need to learn the great wisdom that the sages have given us.
The right concept is far more helpful than the expensive drugs and dangerous surgery to help patients eliminate the disease.
Because you have the right ideas, you will have the right decisions, and you will have the right behavior to prevent many diseases.
All medicines are palliative to the treatment of diseases, not a cure, whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine.
Because all diseases are wrong because of the wrong results.
If the error is not removed, the wrong result will not be rooted.
Instead of believing in drugs, I believe that the data to be examined is worse than believing in your own feelings and believing in your own ability to adjust yourself.
But this needs to be able to distinguish it all under the premise that you have the wisdom (wisdom opened).
The golden mean is the fundamental principle of health.
Adapting to nature is the highest state of health.
So how can people find out if they are natural?
In fact, this is too simple, you are sick, you are not comfortable, you are not comfortable, then you are against nature.
To be able to follow the nature of nature outside, and to follow the nature of your inner destiny, these two are indispensable.
Most of people’s illnesses are manifestations of the human body in regulating and cleaning up body waste. It is the state of the body’s automatic adjustment of balance, so they should be regarded as normal physiological phenomena, and should not be regarded as the cause.wipe out.
Therefore, when a person is sick, he must not have resentment, his heart should be stable, his heart will be smooth, his breath will be smooth, and his blood will be smooth.
The most taboo in life is a chaotic word. If you are upset, you can be irritating to the outside world. You can disturb the blood and make it out of normal.
Anyone who is angry, sorrowful, sorrowful, and sorrowful is a chaos. It is the root cause of short illness and longevity. It should not be chaotic when it is cured, that is, it should be troubled when living in peace.
People violate the rules of health, although they may not get sick immediately, but once they form a habit, they will greatly increase their chances of getting sick.
This is the same as the traffic rules. You violate the traffic rules and do not necessarily have an accident, but the danger is obvious.
“The main hair is the machine”, the part that is in charge of the launch is called the machine.
The arrow is going to be sent out on the string, and the machine must be moved.
Everything else is like this. There is a machine. Only when you touch this machine, things will happen, you won’t touch the machine, there are more other conditions, and there is no way to trigger an event.
The machine is such a thing, it is the most critical factor in the occurrence of things.
It is a point, not a face.
But when you touch this point, you can drive the face.
Therefore, the pathogenesis is the most critical factor in the occurrence, development and change of diseases.
It can also be said that once the pathogenesis is opened, the human condition will appear, and the person will enter the vicious circle of “illness.”
The opposite of the pathogenesis is “living”.
When the vitality is opened, people will enter the virtuous circle of rehabilitation.
In fact, the pathogenesis and vitality are two aspects of a thing, a pair of yin and yang.
When the disease machine is opened, the vitality is turned off, and the vitality is opened, and the pathogenesis will naturally begin to close.This is dialectics.
The modern hospital is similar to the court, and the patient is given a death sentence.
In many cases, the death penalty is imposed on those who should not be sentenced to death.
Why do you say that?
Take “cancer” as an example, cancer is now in people’s mind = death penalty.
In fact, if we don’t call it cancer, then for the patient, it is equivalent to leaving hope to the patient, which is equivalent to leaving a vitality.
In fact, there is no cure for the disease, but whether your heart can be put down, all diseases are born from the heart, and all diseases are treated from the heart.
As long as you are alive, you will have life.
Found this vitality, cure the disease and you will recover.
There is a very important thing in health care, that is, you can’t be afraid of death.
Afraid of the yang of the deceased, when the yang is insufficient, the god of death will find you.
This is what Taoism says. The cultivator must have the temperament of a hero.
Ren, Zhi, and Yong are indispensable.
There are only a few reasons for serious illness or terminal illness: hate.
When this hate is gone, the disease will disappear together.
The most difficult thing to understand in this world is the endless hate, the hate that can’t be solved, and the disease that can’t be cured.
People’s health can not be separated from two major elements: First, enough blood; Second, smooth meridians (including blood vessels and channels for excreting garbage).
The blood in the human body is also a pair of yin and yang, the blood is the yin body, and the gas is the yang.
Blood is the mother of Qi, and Qi is the handsome of blood.
Insufficient gas, easy to get silted diseases, such as tumors, blood clots, etc.; gas is too much, easy to get cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.
Therefore, only when the blood and blood balance, people can be healthy.
Life is mainly based on blood flow, qi stagnation can block blood, blood resistance can be poisoned as sputum, and cancer is a tumor, all of which are blood circulation.
Qi is the main, and the blood is smooth.
All diseases are caused by qi stagnation, qi stagnation inside, and liver injury.
The law of salvation is to get rid of it.
And to eliminate the need to have two: First, find its roots, its roots in the heart, the heart is all self-chemical.
Second, the use of medicine stones, massage to help them get rid of, help blood circulation.
When people are short of gas, they can’t blindly qi, otherwise it will affect their health.
If it is because of insufficient blood, you need to first supplement the blood, because blood is the mother of the gas, otherwise it will become a dry burning utensil, burn the internal organs; if it is because of stasis, you can increase the blood and blood.
This can achieve the effect of qi.
There are two taboos in exercise: First, you can’t exercise when the blood is insufficient; Second, you can’t exercise in a dirty environment.
The role of exercise is twofold: first, increase the running speed of blood and blood, and promote the excretion of waste in the body; second, open the pores of the skin and absorb the essence of the earth.
Gas to blood, blood to qi, two and one.
For a long time, a mortal person will suffer from blood, long-term injury, sedentary injury, long-standing injury, long-term injury, and seven emotions and six desires will hurt the heart and hurt the heart.
More than hurt the liver, more lascivious kidney, eat more and hurt the spleen and stomach.
If you have thoughts while sleeping, you can’t be safe. Don’t turn your mind on your pillow. This is the most consuming.
At noon is the heart, at this time you can take a walk for a quarter of an hour, close your eyes and raise your spirits, then your heart is strong.
Retreat method: sit down (sleeping) on the bed, put the body and mind down, and melt yourself into the bed. It is not allowed to use a little force, as if there is no such body.
Breathing goes with the flow, and the heart does not allow it to use a little force. It is hard to use it together.
Put your heart under the soles of your feet. This is to ignite the fire downwards and divert the water upwards. Naturally, the whole body is smooth and bloody.The nature of the environment is self-evident.

This is why people in the deep forests of the fresh air will raise the truth of dysentery.

Because the subtle matter (negative ions) in the deep forests and old forests will be absorbed into the human body through the deep breathing of people in the relaxed state, thus nourishing the internal organs and rejuvenating.

There is also an important point that ordinary people don’t know. It is that people breathe through the mouth and nose. Every sweat pores of the human body can breathe, and it is they who absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth.

Under the loose state, slowly breathing deeply can understand the exchange of human and heavenly and subtle gas: when inhaling, in addition to the lungs inhaling, the whole body is arranging the body’s gas, that is, the person’sThe gas is released to the heavens and the earth; while the lungs are exhaling, the actual person is absorbing the subtle gas of the heavens and the earth through the pores of the whole body.

Remember, we occasionally diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. are all our own body repair system at work, do not abuse drugs as soon as these symptoms appear, otherwise these drugs will destroy your own repair function, once yourIf the repair function is weakened or lost, then you will give your fate to these drugs.

As long as the symptoms are not serious, the best way is to calm down and calm down and let your own repair system to complete the repair of the disease.

Therefore, each of us must use drugs with caution and restore the function of our own repair system. This is the true way of health.

When people have mastered a healthy approach, they will really enjoy the confidence that they don’t have to worry about the disease at all. It feels so good!

I hope that you can have this confidence and be healthy and happy all your life!