“summer,how do you feel。”Rail and rightwe。

“No。”Summer shink,“It’s too much loss.。”
After the end,Amens,Grin,“I insist about approximately twenty-five interests.,In the flow of clouds, John carries more about 30% of the initial energy.,But it is purple,Different in the outer gray。”
http://www.knayt.cn “Purple is right。”
Lin Feng’s sense of knowledge,Laugh,“Due to the diaphragm blocking,Initial energy penetration into the filtration,Gray,Really the initial energy is purple,It still has a name……”
Not finished,Su Chan gave an answer first,“Hongmeng Purple!”
“Hongmeng Purple?”
Summer eyes。
When he was on the earth, he followed the master to learn the maternal.,I have seen many books and Buddha’s books.。
It is on the record of Hongmeng Ziqi.。
The rumors of Hongmeng Ziqi are the same as the horizon of the earth.,Therefore, it is called the base of the avenue。
The original absorption of god,It is actually Hongmeng Ziqi conjunctive.?
“Wait a moment.。”
Interrogate,Summer will be handed over to Gogjian in the summer,Body shape,Enter the cloud world。
At this moment,It is completely a faint purple fog from http://www.hecheng580.cn the cloud world.。
Summer carefully,But there is no slightest。
He is not discouraged,Wrist,Remove the goddess!
And activate。
God,Hundreds of more than 800 gatherings were portrayed by him,Using multi-fold folding,Space compression。
Its action is the energy of the world.。
Summer is immediately protected from chaos,And control,Specially absorbed purple fog in the cloud world。
The air in the air,The goddess bead quickly formed a whirlpool。
Half air is like time and space,Purple gas,All comes together,Didn’t enter the gods。
After a moment,A drop of crypt and transparent liquid condenses。
Summer eyes bright,Hurry and take out a jade bottle,Load this drop of god。
After a moment,Another drop of god condense。
outside world,Glare,Summer absence。
Welcome the look of a look,He grinned,“Take a total of four dropping gods!”
Narrate,Qi Qi Daxi。
Summer shake,A jade bottle appears in the palm。
Everyone is clear,There are four drops of gods in the jade bottle.,Transplanting the brilliance。
“Hahaha,summer,Good for you。”
Lin Feng heavyly patted the summer shoulder,Even if he can’t help but excite。
This can continue to swallow,Evolution of blood pulse。

But the princess of Le An is different.。

She is not only a woman with a husband,And still Gao Cheng。
This makes her a aunt.
Gao Boyi feels that this is never let me know。
“Are you gone??I last time you let you live in their swordsman,You always fight for two days here for two days.,Is it that I am too kind to you??”
“Main public,Don’t dare。”
The bamboo pole is scared.,But I don’t understand where to make Gao Bi Yi angry.。
The traitor is not you,What are you excited??高 彾 is the meaning of a high ocean,I know that you don’t want to think about Li Tanan.,But the guards like this also can’t say anything.
I am just a guard.
Both people have nothing to come to God Politics,Tianzi Rong with a pro-team is following Li Da’s Baida.,Next to a large lady,Have a good time。
People in the circle are wearing short clothes shorts,Fist on a thick holster,Quite in the future boxing player。
It’s just a pair one.。
Those people outside the circle are not like watching,It’s very like watching the chicken。Because there is also sitting on the side
“I am in the red team 3 Tianzi Li”
“I am a red team, five Helan Leopard”
“I am blue team No.1 Li Da”
“I am a red team 10 mountain roses”
“I’m a blue team 4 Murong。”
The cheers of the extreme sand carving from time to time is out of time.,Whistle,There is also a buzzing of Xianbei and Chinese。
These people are like brain control.,The expression on the face is surprisingly。
“Ugh,The military discipline is ruined,These people have a reward,I don’t even know who it is.。”
Gao Bao is sighing on the side,Self-speaking sound instantly called a sound。
Hundreds of complaints have been tied to Baibao,This hills eight high-altitude brought about the various wonderful things brought about from the other world.,Leed this is not tired。
The speed of their degeneration is simply incredible,It is estimated that people such as high and the ancestors will sigh.。
Gao Biyi is originally wanting to http://www.woniuchao.cn make them in a hundred battles.,Just like Yu Wenzhen and Yang Jian did in history.。
But now it seems,Hanhua is indeed a lot of Chinese.,But it is in the face of eating drinking.“Chinese”,These people come back from Jingjing.,The tail has been touched to the sky。
They have already seen the past colleagues,That is, the hundred feel coming back from Duan Yu,Directly called the other party“Sole”、“Sand carving”、“Second goods”Title。Um,It’s all whispered to Gao Bo Yi.,Current school。
Since Gao Bao returned to Yucheng,Lower Li Da is a number of groups in Li Da, which has taken place with other military camps in Yucheng.。
On the one hand, this is because this partner Raiders Jing Wei won too many prizes.,Years of the old colleagues。
On the other hand, this part of the people follow Gao Baoyi.,I can’t see the past colleagues.,Don’t http://www.jzjxbb.cn want to play with the soil。
These people claim“Supreme Baise”,Used to highlight identity,Different from other Baise Fighting。
“Li Da、Tianzi Li,Give you a column,I have to drum up”
Gao Boyi shouted with people in the circle.。