Chapter Seventeen Choice of domain master level clone
Wind Beast—The legendary beast god of stroke fell behind,Part of the blood evaporates in the air,Born creature。。。The wind beast has extremely high sensitivity in the law of wind and the law of time—Is now an ordinary race in the Thorns Alliance。”
“Time bug!”Extremely sensitive to the law of time,Although it looks ugly,Genetic level is also very low。。。But the virtual universe company’s treasure trove is not sold,Even the application for purchase was directly rejected—reason—It turns out that this kind of life only appeared in the early stage of the birth of the universe,There is no。
“Destroy the behemoth,One of the twelve pinnacle bloodlines of Star Behemoth,Good at lightning and time,And there is a talent that has time to stop。This talent has a great auxiliary effect—But the talent in terms of time is not high enough。Destroy the behemoth is the darling of thunder and lightning,But time can only be considered relatively strong—May not be comparable to my current human body。”
“world Tree,World Tree naturally controls time and space。The http://www.zhpjc.cn ability to sense time and space is naturally very strong,However, the world tree is also an extremely rare special life in the universe,And it is a natural life!”
“Sand of time,Seems to be ordinary items,Actually a kind of rock—Or it’s a life made of sand!Ability to have a limited lookback time—weakness is,This kind of life actually doesn’t have much intelligence,It is difficult for this kind of rock life to become cosmic life。”
Full1097Different types of life,Looks like a lot,But compared to the vast universe,It’s a rare mess。
no way,Although the two laws of time and space are juxtaposed,But time is much more ethereal than space。
Nothing else,The number of Space Masters also far exceeds that of Time Masters。If Li Ming finds a spatial aspect,Life forms with special talents,You can find hundreds of thousands without saying。
That’s http://www.shuatuliao.cn it1097A life gifted in time,Of which more than 80%,They are all similar to ruining giants,Although talented,But the talent is not extremely dangerous。This doesn’t make much sense to Li Ming。


Concession face,Turn it back,Grudge,“Small hybrid,You really dare to come,Several brothers,superior,kill him,His Dao Li I don’t have a drop.,You are divided。”
The other four http://www.snshucai.cn nodded。
No extra nonsense,Shaping,Interlace,Like a race that is entangled together,Welcome to the summer and Li Chong。
It was originally movable by Qing Xuan, which was surrounded by them.。
But not to manage five people one direction.,But it is drawn from an arc。
All this is like electricity。
I hope to go from top.,The two sides are like the meteor in the universe in the collision to each other.。
“It’s him!”
The woman hiding behind the boulder was shocked,“Brother,Is that person,The person we have http://www.yifeitea.cn encountered before……”
The look of the man has gathered。
Both sides have collided together,The thorn light is like a meteor shower.。
Watch from the height,Collision,One party gathers,Become one,One five people done,Be like an integration。
Their in vitro is connected to a piece,Outstanding light,It’s like a hanging on the Galaxy.,Instantly run through the number of rounds。
Happen,Gorgeous light is not good,The battlefield was blocked in a moment.。
Knife light、Sword、Fist、Mounting。
Among the horrible energy,The collision between the two parties is like two disturbances in mutual biting.,Constantly impact。
The terrible breath out of the two is sharp in this area.。
A male and a woman hiding behind the boulder。
The earth has trembled,Native stone fried,Dust,A large crack continues to http://www.sure-56.cn spread,Full of violent energy。
璀璨 光华,Both parties continue to collide with array。
“The five people lost。”
Men suddenly open。
Women stood。
Sound falls,I saw the cold light shine,Gloomy sky,The bright light will be shrouded in the summer.。
They have formed a huge juncture,Continuously constrained,The comments are getting brighter,Increasingly。
finally,The comes like the volcanic eruption.,Blazing radiant。
Also pierced into the other five people’s array。
Ray is more。
Regardless of the ground or sky,The knife is flying in the proliferation.,Another example is the mesh in the world。

The collapse of this side is more intense.,A lot of refugees who have worked hard from the people from the world。

Gatekeeper,Both are all armed female Wu Shen squaders。
“What are you doing here??”
The female Wu Shen, who is responsible for the door, refers to Hanjiang asked with a gun.。
Han Jiang http://www.qmxsg.cn Raise raised his hand,Not talking,Douglas’s voice。
“fine,This person is my name.,Responsible to act as my start,East。”
Say,Douglas threw a package to Hanjiang,Han Jiang Lima。
Chapter 403 Shameful superiority
Douglas is very satisfied with Hanjiang’s performance.,I think that he suddenly is sad.。
Why can’t you directly order the little scorpion of Hanjiang,Bullying someone here。
never mind,Bully,I am happy.。
“Hit it in these days,Double the wage when you come。”
Hanjiang Raimei dog leg runs in the past,By the way, see which step in the remainder。
The remains have been digging from the rough scale of the base here.,The portion of the periphery is probably some factories,Production line。
In addition to mining artificial,There are also many full equipped female martial arts coming back and forth patrol,Special care several locations。
Even very far,It can be found to be a rich collapse.。
Douglas is greeted by Hanjiang to go to the outside,He has come to understand the affairs around the base these days.。
“Will you write??”Going on the road to Douglas suddenly asked。
Han Jiang immediately answered:“Can,know a little。”
This answer makes Douglas lose their feelings.,Will not have no difference in him。
After the two came to the external circle,Douglas starts writing paintings,Things I have lost directly to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang took a look,Probably the basic layout of the periphery,Number,There is also a process of relic excavation,It is some basic information that cannot be found.。
Reason,Douglas’s identity,Casual and which person in charge,The other party will give it.,Why do he have to relative,Yourself。
“Do you understand?”
This sentence is coming out.,Douglas is full of superiority。
Then he keep it while“Han Jiang”Excellent sense,Side more sad,Feeling yourself is a waste。
It is like playing a game, but hell mode,Switch to simple mode to go to abuse。
I don’t want to admit that I am a vegetable chicken.,But indulge in the pleasure of abuse。
The peripheral data record took a morning time,After lunch,Douglas is ready to enter the center area of the remaining。
He http://www.yiefa.cn is a little worried about the hardship of Has’s body.,Han Jiang immediately replied as a senior service,I am no problem.。
Douglas thought for a long time,Give Hanjiang to the anti-collapsed drug,He felt that he felt it.,That horses,Don’t delay。
Has is not Hanjiang,Douglas he keeps that stupidity“Pleasure”Enough,Still don’t go harmful。
In the afternoon record data,Douglas seems to feel borus,Active and Hanjiang chatted。
“Do you know why I came back this place??”
Han Jiangimo does not work,Not to answer。

The people around me see the bumper guys,I can’t help but I can’t help it.。

“The little tree is so good,It must be as a martial art.!Should take that little sword!”
“”Yun Qin。
I don’t know how it will be‘nice’and‘http://www.339aabp.cn Martial arts’Associated。
“Be wrong,As so well-looking,Have a good time,That golden ingot is very good,In the future, the small tree will definitely be very interesting.!”
“”Yun Qin。
She only has heard a good-looking girl to take care of it.,Is the small section of the small tree have reached the degree of confusing personality?!
“Humph,shallow!Yun Line is so unfolding,Her son,The small tree will definitely have to go out of the mountain.,Should take the book!read more books,Can open the horizons!”
Yun Qin:Yo,This idea is still normal!
“I want to see,Still take that seed,There is a skill,I am not afraid of being hungry.!”
Yun Qin:I am afraid that the seeds have not been hungry.!
See so many people with your own,Dartment is not happy。
“Noisy?!Your opinion is not important,The most important thing http://www.planetflower.cnis to look at our own choices.!”
Everyone has a sound,Qi Qi looks in the middle‘Eating melon’Cloud wake up。
In the face of cloud,Yao Lao is also a kind。
“Small tree baby,Do you want to choose anything??If you think about it, you will catch you in your hand.,It is yours.。”
Finish‘melon’Clouds of the old god in the people surrounded by a circle,And sweeping the eyes of the table,Under the eyes of everyone,Decisive,Directly standing next to Yunqin extended two chubby little hands,and,Tutuzzies clearly:“mother,mother”
He is not selected,So much thing,Have a mother,All can be his。so,The fool is the same.!He is smart‘little sapling’,He got a girl!Whee!
“”Be old。
“”Yun Qin。
so,This is the election or not choose?!
Seeing the adults staring at her own mother,Don’t come to him,Awake http://www.ynlccg.cn anxious。
Shake the sky climbed on the side of Yunqin,On the side of Yunqin stretched a small hand。
do not know why,Yun Qin feels,I am so strange to understand the meaning of the little guy.。
I don’t know if I am so trusted to trust her ability for a little guy.,Still, for the little guy, the elf is crying.。
I have to climb to the edge of the table.,Yunqin reached out and took the man in his arms.。I still have fun.。
Um,Herbal old man,This kid was born so long,She is a mother.,When you need to feed breast milk before one month,Almost very little time。

The last Tianzun http://www.zzplot.cn fantasy,I have seen the summer.,Do not hesitate to fly away from the distance。

he……I took the initiative to retreat.!
See this,Summer picking your eyebrows,After all, I didn’t chase it.。
He also arrived at the end of the strong。
Square, the cost of hard-hit,Kill one person,Viscies have suffered heavy。
But for him,Nothing。
Average life and death experience,Let him develop this habit of injury。
In exchange for each other life,Very cost-effective。
A deep breath,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,Shake hand taken out number plate,Five fingers,Hoe,Shaped。
Fifth floor in Shenhuo,There are still few people still insisting。
But they insist,It’s just ahead of the top ten.。
Does not affect the first place in the summer!
When the shape of the summer appears outside,Millions have http://www.365yuan.cn sent a cheers of the earthquake。
Celebrating the birth of a new generation of leading characters。
especially139Palace,Tens of thousands of people happy and called,Like venting, you will have a constant cheering.。
NS3996chapter Position
139Taoine is just a tangible palace。
Yuan Mao’s main high-rise is the biggest wish,It is possible to cultivate several seed players.,Enter the front of the fire list。
This gods list,He and a high-rise arrangement a series of extreme special training。
Hard work pays off。
The three people in Yan Qingzhu finally rushed to the top two hundred,This makes them happy。
And now,Happy,Or unexpectedly。
Another disciple is rolled up。
Directly become the most dazzling existence,I have won the list。
Since then,139Taoine must be accompanied by summer names,Become a legend。
Taoist disciples,No longer need to wait like the previous one, etc.。
They can be straightforward,Enjoy the eyes of others envious。
The palace master Yuan Yi several high-rise, it is difficult to suppress excitement and excitement,All have brought together with the disciples。
No need to wait until later。
this moment,Nearby Nearby Other Powers,It is full of envy。
Main peak ghost,No matter what is willing,I can only accept this fact.。
Although many people are uncomfortable,But there are also a lot of long and old-faced and excited.。

The world said that the family is the old man.,Be unrestrained。May be such a person,I encountered my http://www.allwcm.cn own son,Seal,Then it became very easy to fry.。Liu Ma is here,I have already seen more。

Feng Dad although black face,A pair of right things,But the action,I have not lift it.,Go upstairs。
Feng mother smiled,Stand out to fight。
“alright, alright,You don’t know your son’s temper.,Let Liu Ma went to Xiaoyu.。We are parents,how come‘Flexion’Go to my son personally,It is definitely what you want to take the initiative to see us.,Right?!”
Say,The mother gave Liu Ma secretly made a eye.,Pulling Dad to the living room sofa walking。
Liu Masson,Poard your mother put it in your grateful sight,The across the upstairs of the Major is sealed.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS140chapter The younger brother is not too violent24
soon,A smart lazy sealed inserted a pocket。
“Humph!”Aspect,Feng dad hurts,Take this to express your strong dissatisfaction。
It’s faint to look at the eyes,And the bluffled bluff,Sitting on the sofa opposite the Feng Dad,road:“mom,Eating guns when I came?”
Feng mother is serious,Glance,road:“Ai,Do you talk to your father with your father??”
Finish,The mother is slightly stiff,Some nervous views。
Oops!What she just said is too heavy.?!Xiao Yi will not be stimulated,Come on?!
Feng Dad silently,Also follow the sea,Although I agree with the mother’s words,But it is your own son.,How to say,It is more care about his health problem.。
The seal of sitting on the other side is also sealed,Extraordinary,Is it really better to control your emotions?。
Have three people or nervous,Or curious look at,Seal,It means that the depression of the eyes exploration,The slightly tiened the mother’s words。
“alright!Not http://www.wmcyw.cn talking to you,Don’t you come here??”
He knows what it should be perceived.,but,This matter,Nothing is known,Know if you know。
‘No fire?!’Feng Dad is surprised。
Blurred in the eyes。
Really good?!
“son,You haven’t felt angry?”Sealing mother tested。
Seal the lips smile,Use it to answer the problem of the mother。
“No need to be angry,Why do I want to be angry??”
Feng Mom’s heartbeat,Breathing slightly,Now stand up,Go to the face,Pull up the hand,Seriously look at the sea,Confirmation:“You are really not angry?”
The Daddy who is sitting at the end is also tight.,A pair wants to know the answer。
“Really not angry。This episode,The meridian of the gamble here,It seems that it is completely opened.。”Seal refers to his own head,Nodder。
Feng Mi suddenly stood up again,Excited I can’t help but http://www.sdzygb.cn confirm:“Really good?!”
Feng Dad’s serious scorpion,I also poured a bit of nervous viewing。
Enclose the eyes,I don’t tire the slight okay to determine it again.:“I really feel a lot of transparency。”
“what!”The mother is excited.。
“It must be good!Absolutely good!just,Just, I repeatedly asked you a question several times.,You have no sign of temper,It must be good!”Feng mother pulls the hand,Excited is a bit wrong。
Pull the sealed,I ran over and pull Dad,“Old seal,Did you hear it?Did you hear it?Our son,he,He is really good.!”
At this time, Feng Dad also opened a smile.,Helpless, looked at the mother,Nodes,“Yes,Yes。you’re right,Well!”
Looking at the excitement mother and Dad,Microphilic capacity in the heart。

“Luo Gong……”Yan Yan father has never seen the idea of Lu Hui inner,He didn’t know what to say a http://www.jlcmy.cn few days.。

Lu Hui saved Sun Yan,But down to her,Just not succeed。
More than forty years of sex,Can’t resist a jealous。
“Every time you see you,I am very uncomfortable.。”Lu Hui stared at Yan Yan father,“What!”
He is like this,Let the people present, relax and vigilance,Next second Lu Hui’s light gun,Have your own head。
When everyone does not respond,Zuo Luohuan played in Lu Hui,His shot shift,Wipe your face。
“Because of your betrayal,Losing so many people’s life,This account is not finished,I want to commit suicide?”Zuo Luoi is ahead to make Lu Hui,“not that simple。”
Lu Hui is pressed on the dead grass,Crazy struggle:“Hahaha,Who let you come over??As soon as I heard silver,Every one is coming than anyone else.,I haven’t seen someone for 20 years.。”
Zuo Luohuan looked at Lu Hui,Hit a gesture,Annone http://www.gps116.cn immediately dizzy。
“……I didn’t think that Lu Gong would think so.。”Yan Yan father is not looking at Lu Hui,Sigh in your heart,“377The army is actually eliminated by the winter army.,Just, we will keep the name of the Winter Army,I am willing to come to the West River.。”
The competition in the winter army has been very intense.,Because the North District has always been a place where gamlu people focus on,The strength is not strong enough,Only white sacrifice in the border line。
“heard about it。”
“Luoguo Positive,I have never thought of him will drill the horns.,”Ten years ago Lu Hui wife accidentally,Yan Yan family is always with you,After half a year, Lu Hui returned to normal,Everyone thought it was fine.。“We all know why there is no group army in the North District.。”
The North District border line has never stopped war,Nothing is a size problem,Where can I put it out?。
“Lu Hui we will take away。”Zuo Luohuan looked at Yan Yan father,“I remember that377The army has passed the transaction,Can go back together。”
Yan Yan father nodded,Some somewhat。
Two people sitting on the opposite dining,I was stopped after hearing the other party’s voice.。
“What’s wrong?”Zuo Luoyuan asked first。
Oki, let go of chopsticks:“You have no rest last night.?”
Zuo Luo Huan,I didn’t expect him to ask this,Nodded:“Not very sleepy at night。”
She transferred the topic:“We have to go back to the capital tomorrow.。”
When they have been in Xijiang, the star is treated with the three generations of machine dogs.,The capital is not too flat。
After the news from the Ji Xixiu and the Seventeen Army, Xi Xi Rong Dynasty,The capital is moving,But very quickly,No playback,But Ji Xiu, etc., it is to show the spider silk mart.,A series of bans once again ambush in the federal nails。
“Um。”Ji Yong,“I’m going back。”
Waiting for him to walk over the table,Zuo Luoh suddenly reached out to pull the coming。
Oki’s migraine,Two people look,No one is going out first。
In the end, Zuo Luo http://www.nanninglianlv.cn was standing up.,But did not release his hand,Her face is always hanging, and it has already disappeared,So looks a little cooler,It is serious。
“I am not awake when I am,I said last night, I said because I helped you.,So help me once。”Zuo Luoisheng’s hand,But not leave,Instead,,Conquer his fingers。
Two people ten fingers,A palm is cool,A heat temperature,Inuting the moment,Everyone is everywhere。
之 之 眼 眼,All the sounds around disappear,Only left the opposite person,His observed that she is going to say next?,I am afraid that I don’t think about it.,The fingertips are extremely tight。
“You are not in the hot period today.,Nor I owe me。”Zuo Luo gently pressed his finger,Continue,“So now I want to ask you one thing.。”

The two have been drinking milk tea and still sits for a while.,Zhou Zhiwei gave Yin Le in the http://www.maxotv.cn contact information of Mr. Jiang,It’s all left.。

He still mentally heavy。
He feels that this mechanism is really a big problem.。
Hundreds of years of change,Qing army,Two World Wars,What is the full saving of the six families?
Even if you save it.,It is also very likely to appear unexpected。Six people can’t be like Yin Leo.,Just in the forehead of the times,For example, if the seal is in the problem of half a year,At least six of the Jiang family can’t stand up。
Is it really a consideration for ancient privileges??
Zhou returned to the home。
Nan Ge is sitting on a small short pants leg,Put in the TVLOLEvent,She holds a bag of potato chips,Send a piece from time to time,Top of a cluster of antennas pointing to the ceiling,Snow white tender long legs are also very eye-catching。
Zhou Zhiji with a cup of http://www.susongdanbao.cn milk,Left and right look:“Group?”
“Trash can。”Nang Guo nuts。
“How do you throw her into the trash can?。”Zhouzhi is a bit of distressed,Enjoy the trash can,“The group is not a small garbage。”
“I didn’t throw it.!She runs in,I can’t understand what she said.。”Nan Ge is a bit dissatisfied。
The group is in the trash can,And hide the face,She should have heard the voices of Zhouzhi,Hide in this way。It may be that she thinks that she can see the chance of being discovered by it.。
Trouble head,Eye round,Stare at him,And put it as a look:“Zhouzhi you come back!”
“How to run a trash can??”
“The group of people likes in the trash can。”
Zhou Zhou really wants to give yourself a slap,But he is afraid of pain,I have to hose a group,Say:“The big people got into a small。”
“The group http://www.baiyunpj.cn is not a big talent!”
“Then I can’t enter the trash can.。”
“Do not!”
“You gave a group of milk tea.!”
“I give Nan……right,But the group of people can’t drink such a big cup.。”Zhouzhi changed port,“Pienny is a little bit good?In this way, the group is an adults of a generous group.。”
“But she is not good for the group.。”
“That’s it,The group of people did not care about it.,It is more important.!”Zhouzhi。
The nanong on the side is oblique to their eyes.。
I only see the Zhou Zhi to take the milk tea.,Give a group poured a little bit,Then say that put the rest of the thing,Make she a little crying,But when I handed her to her, she still took it down.。
Zhouzhi gives her eye color。


Luo Water Road is not too late to prevent,Energy is crazy again。
Summer,To use this pound of energy,Break through the road of water!
Luo Water Lord lifted his head。
There is no http://www.zyxwq.cn suppression of energy leakage。
But quietly look at the summer,The corner of the mouth evoked to a touch of faint gratification。
“summer,I said,As long as you get my recognition,I will help you.……”
She turns again,Huanglong Dao, the main and Jin Ding Dao owner rushing to the look,Like a little bit。
Smile,Full of regret,Also fully understood。
pity,Summer in the drawing has not been noticed at this scene.。
He is completely immersed in his own space world。
Pounds of energy is almost endless,
not only that。
This pound of energy,Also have your own energy,There is http://www.szcrogkvrgfuqj.cn a qualitative change。
All fire,Black,All water energy,White。
Black and white blending,Naturally, a natural Taiji map is formed.,Allelopathy,Endless life。
at this time,Exterior,One of the heights of the heavens in the http://www.hackersha.cn core layer of the heterogeneous space。


“How do you run this??”Zhou。
“This way.。”
“How about Nan Ge?”
Nan Gong gave him a punch,Bite the teeth,It seems that inexplicably:“I haven’t seen it for two or three days.,You don’t want to be nanong?”
“Then you don’t come to me.!”
“Today is not!”
“Estimated in the afternoon。”Zhouzhi looked up and watch the sky,“The weather forecast also said that there is rain today.。”
“……If you don’t rain in the afternoon, we will go out.?”
“Do not go!”Nan Ge left。
“Go back。”
“Do not go!”Nan Ge right。
Zhouzhi slightly,Catch http://www.guang618.cn the arm of Nange,Also shaken:“Go back,If it is raining,Just find a place that can hide。”
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 325 Hair ring
Outside, I have a heavy rain.,Just ginger and the old week did not go to the entrance of the examination http://www.lijibangbangji.cn room, waiting for the double.,Just say that I have finished driving and picking him.。
Zhouzhi half lying on the bed,Quietly look at the book quiet。
Recently, he seems to have been used to it.,Take a look at the book learning spell every day,He also read the habit of reading the book every day before graduating from high school.。This matter has become more relaxed after developing habits.,But still not interesting,on the contrary,These things are still boring。
Slap in。
The book has been turned over again。
The group is careful and hidden in the dark,Only half a small head,The eyes are staring at him.,ready。
Zhouzhi will return the line from the book,Tangle。
The group of people,good chance!
“喵 喵!”
She quickly drilled from the quilt,Straight,Four foot is hugged,And torn bite。
Zhouzhi ignored http://www.honghaibo.cn her,Pick up your phone and watch,By the way, she also got her.。
Li Daishi:Waiting for the rain to stop going?
ten minutes later,Rain has not stopped yet。