Complicated as the same person,Three Walt sector is almost,Both boasting yourself with your strength。

But the three hobbies,I can see them in a glance.。
This Walt is wearing a red green dress,There is also a glowing yellow hair on the head.。
In short, Hanjiang does not understand this style.,This is probably called the trend.。
“Hey,You two,I have heard it.?”
Speech,Copy people Vatt have rushed over to Hanjiang two。
Han Jiang and Yuhua one left one right,Inch heart boxing simultaneously,Tens of rice will be quickly retracted by Valter。
“Come to Santa Feria School,Looking for death??”
Han Jiang waved,Red dragonfly in hand,Pointing copyman Valter。
Walter felt that he was humiliated.,A few machines around me:“Don’t do it,See me to crush these two bugs!”
The replicant Valt shouted and released the gravity field.,Run again again。
“Let me be given here.。”
Fu Hua made a look at Hanjiang,Let him go back first。
Hanjiang nodded,“good。”
“Hey Hey hey!You are not can’t see this uncle.!”
Han Jiang did not pay attention to copying the 体 尔 嚣 嚣,Turned and returned to the dormitory。 Dormitory Needana has already been built to rush out,“I want to violent the guy outside.,Don’t stop me。”
Scholar Praise Kana said:“Don’t impulsive,We have other tasks!”
“Qi Yana should not be excited,Next we have more important things。”
Han Jiang also pulled Qi Yan’s arm。
“Next,Fans Wings,Blood hug,Lili,cold,You follow the eight heavy cherry to find the long convergence of Disa Academy。”
“I still have a bud,Hibiana,Bronia,Find a teacher for the teacher。”
Originally Han Jiang is planning to call Shangqua,But she wants to leave the copy of the copy of the copy. Walt,There are more than ten machines.。
After allocation,Everyone went to the back door。
A team of people to find D’Lisa,Enter Santa Feria,Han Jiang, they go to the airport,Find Ji is ready。
Has also dragged the attention of the replica Valter,Han Jiang quietly left the dormitory。
San Fu Aiya Underground Central Church,Dresis and reverse entropy two doctors have negotiated,Both sides。
De Lisa needs to stay taking care of others in Santa Raoya School,Tesla and Alistan need to take the Houburya,Find a secret base of Canaryian。
“Two doctors are good evening。”
Houburyian,Ji Zi greeted two doctors。
Two people nod,Tesla looked at the big screen of the bridge,Walt replica with the Fuhua battle showed doubts。
“Canoliana guy,What is it done??”
Ai Yestein shook his head,“unknown,This is the technology we have never been mastered.。”
Hanjiang four people,Houburya officially promoted。
Inquiry“Incomprehensible”Walt replica wipes the blood of the mouth corner,Look at the Houbury An Number of Very Sky。

Easily attacked a checkpoint,Here are five fighters,Unfortunately they only had time to see a vaguely dark shadow,It’s all bad,Zhang Zhiqiang’s soul search method is extremely domineering,While holding the opponent with magic,Drill into the human body from six clones of blood,Forcibly pull out their souls,This is the cruelest way to attack the soul,That kind of lively feeling will make the human body experience extreme pain,At the end of life, it’s like entering hell early,Scorched by Hellfire。

The blood demon old demon was frightened,Every time I want to look carefully,But the blood body moves too fast,And ugly,Reborn as a starving ghost,So I can’t see clearly,But even though Zhang Zhiqiang’s method of constraining the soul has the shadow of magic,But more of a ghostly style,Clean and neat,Cruel,Does this guy still know the ghost domain?
After refining the soul,Zhang Zhiqiang has become more energetic,For the first time in two days, I felt the strong growth of magic power,But not enough,So he ran to the second goal,After staying for a long time, I found the third target,It’s not just his almost hungry need for the soul,Blood body even more so,Six heads are arguing for food。
Something went wrong when approaching the fourth target,Maybe the other party is too alert,Or maybe Zhang Zhiqiang’s right leg is still not flexible,Accidentally made a noise,Then I was questioned and warned,At this time, Zhang Zhiqiang’s magic power has recovered more than 60%,The bloodthirsty and soul-sucking magic is getting heavier,The previous cautious mindset has long since disappeared,So I didn’t answer,Rush to the checkpoint,The blood body has penetrated into a soldier’s body like lightning,However, someone disconnected the gun,There are undoubtedly huge noises and alarms in this quiet mountain forest。
Suddenly exposed,Zhang Zhiqiang simply let go of his hands and feet to massacre,The deep mountains and old forests suddenly boiled,The gunfire like popping beans continues。
“This beast finally came out。”Not far away,Temporary command shed,Sheng Guangda yelled and jumped up,I jumped out with a spear,Guo Yuxi can’t stop it,After thinking about it, I took the gun and rushed out。
bad!Li Tianzhen, who was running wildly, naturally sensed the movement directly ahead,So intense?Although it’s still miles away,But the continuous gunshots still surprised him,It’s been a few days,Is Zhang Zhiqiang still so difficult??
“he came。”Zhang Zhiqiang, who was in a frenzied battle, was taken aback by the sudden warning from the old blood demon,This one‘he’Naturally refers to Li Tianzhi,Is this kid not dead yet?How could it appear at this time?
Bang,Bang bang,Brief distraction,The eight clones that Zhang Zhiqiang cracked were all killed by the surrounding gunmen one by one.,He himself was shot in the shoulder,Although the wound is not very serious,But was really scared into a cold sweat。
This bastard,It’s nothing good to hear this person’s name,Zhang Zhiqiang gritted his teeth,The right arm suddenly turned into a long whip and threw it out,There was a crash several feet away,A rock and the soldiers hidden behind were shot to pieces。
Zhang Zhiqiang in the irritable state is even more fierce and unusual,He decided to run away immediately,Six to seventy percent of the magic power has no chance of winning against Li Tianzhen,It’s a pity that so many souls are too late to enjoy,But after escaping the encirclement,,The world is naturally vast,He just grabbed it,Another soldier a few meters away was picked up by him from behind the tree.,The blood avatar immediately detained the soldier’s soul,Chew,Although mortal eyes can’t see this tragic virtual image,However, the situation of the soldiers struggling in mid-air made the surrounding comrades stunned.。
Just at this time,Zhang Zhiqiang’s heart palpitations suddenly,A strong danger strikes,Straight through the eyebrows,He whispered badly,Immediately sacrificed six blood bodies and recalled their clones,Flint Room“Bang”A dull loud noise,Zhang Zhiqiang flew out in response,This is a big sniper/The roar from the shotgun,Sheng Guangda behind the rock in the distance almost roared out,One shot,You bastard!
The six bloody bodies of Zhang Zhiqiang in mid-air gave out strange smiles,The body drew an arc and fell into the grass and no longer made a sound。
“All units pay attention,Surround the target immediately,keep distance!”Guo Yuxi is not far from Sheng Guangda,I can see the whole process clearly,But suddenly there was the scene in Baoqian Street when he rounded up Li Tianzhen,The vitality of mutant creatures is extremely powerful,According to this kid afterwards, it was a blood nucleus,Can escape and regenerate,But didn’t say if it could hurt people,So command loudly,Be vigilant。
“Focus all light sources,Illuminate the target point!”Sheng Guangda also ordered。

But his hand is not slow,Since I can’t stop,I see how you block my knife.。

Grass root sword,Take the head of the spring。
“Ah,Reaction is very fast”
The average person is afraid that it is not coming.,Just killed by the spring。
Looking at the cut grass sword,Spring is not nervous,Quickly collect one vertical,The knife is blocked before the grass sword,Alert。
Then the spring is powerful,Friction sound,Corrugated grass sword,Then the momentum suddenly。
“Good knife”Don’t surprised。
At this time, Sasuke has been dodgeously,The grass is not coming back at the grass.。
His chest is directly exposed to the spring。
But his other hand has moved quickly.。
A flame is flashing in the spring。
“Water breathing,Waves”
Blue Chakra rushed out from the spring of the spring,Instantly cover the gap,A water blade。
Shui slightly 回,A quick,The flame is blocked instantly,There is also a water curtain to block the flame on the gantry.。
Flame gradually disappeared,Faint water mist,Periphery around the springs。
“Single-handed print,A little thing”Spring。
And Just now Sasuke,Now I have already retired.。
“really,What is the most powerful is a knife?,The same year”Sasuke half,Support with grass swords on the ground,Panting two sighs。
Just now, if he used to use tolerance,I am afraid I will be spiked.。
Spring is looking at the grass sword in the ground, a distressed。
MD,I have a good knife,Don’t mention more about it.。
Even if you cover the armed colors,You can’t be transferred to Chakra on the gap.,But Spring is still unswerving to protect their own knife。
You look at this,Just cut it, don’t say it.,Just inserted on the ground,I don’t know if I don’t know.。
“I say,Will not use a knife,Don’t use it.,The knife is not brought to you.”Spring, a convulsion。
“you。。。。”Sasuke is not working in an instant。
“Don’t think that your knife is good.,It is very powerful.,Everything you are in front of me is not”Sasuke stand up,I also learned the spring hand grip。
Write the wheel eye in his eyes constantly rotation。
“cut,Don’t win, don’t win”心心 中 道。
However, the eyes of Spring are still serious.。
Write the dynamic visual,But not a joke,The movement of Quan Wei just should be completely seen.。
Just Sasuke is not familiar with the Spring Knife.,I will get out of the flaws by Spring.。
The writing of the three hooks is already the limit of the current preparation.,Have a variety of functions,Every item is very metamorphosis。
Sasukes rushing out,It’s a little in front of the spring.。
“Nima,Is this not the action I just?”Spring is blocked。
Then Sasuke’s knife also passed through the sword of the spring.,斩 向 泉。

Exactly,Is Gario station,Starting stupid。

Among the perspective of God,TLWild excavator,Has been switched into a stereotype,arriveTLLower the position of the triangle grass。
He didn’t dare to pass the river,IGThe current field of view is very powerful。Once he enters the river,Then this wavegankIt is very likely to fail。
And after clearing this information clearly,Gario is just after a few steps,A unfair way goes forward。
Then……Just in the excavator has been approached.IGAt the extreme area of the field of view,Gario has finally there is a next action.。
His footsteps are trying to,Before this wave,Gario will have such a test action。
But this wave,Before and before,A bit different。
next moment,Gario has crossed the moment of the soldier line,I directly pressed my ownESkill。
Golden Wings on both sides of Gario,After this, the glory was shining.,Go backwards。
Then,in hisESkills being pressed,His body also started to fly。
Whizzed,Gario is close to his goal……Cloud。
This wave of choices are very clear.,It is necessary to directly open the streak.。
His idea is very clear,If it is the words of the group,Luoqiang’s escape ability and flexibility,It’s enough to make him on the spot。
so,He chose is even more inclusivegank中 的 的。
existEAfter the skill shift is close to enough distance,Gario decisively opened its ownWSkill。
Gario’s body,Beginning this after this,The whole body muscles are in the moment.。
Along with his movement,His movement has also dropped。
at the same time,His two sides of golden wings,Also with his half a move,Slowly start gathering,A invisible pressure begins to be filled in this battlefield。
not only that,Arrive with him,There is also a sense of compulsive feelings in his weeks.。
This field looks transparent,But but also caught it clearly。
And after the field of this time,The whole body is full of colorful wings,Well。
This field,It is the core role of the skill of Gario.。
After the release of the release action,People still in the field,It will be directly ridicpeled by Kario。
At this time,I have already caught in this embarrassing situation.。
In GarioESkills while,The excavator has dug a tunnel close to the battlefield。
In the process of increasing the field in Cali Olympics,Excavators have also come to the front battlefield。
Then next moment,A scarlet was suddenly lit up in the field.TPArray energy,The turbulent magic is almost shrouded in this battlefield.。
at the same time,Different sides corresponding to,A blueTPArray,Also brightTLA small soldier。 TwoTPRemote,The invisible camera is beginning to be filled in this battlefield.。
but……Not so。
Almost in these twoTPLight after the moment,Another scarletTP,Suddenly lit up in this battlefield。
FourTPStunned,The four volts are directly filled with the raging energy falling from the sky.。
FourTPAt the same time,This picture is seen in the past,People feel the crisis,There is another inexplicable beauty。
But this also makes the momentum inside the field,It has become very tightened in a moment.。
Then,It is also these fourTPConstantly,Pork girl’s figure,AlreadyIGBlueBUFFThe explosion of the wild area,Arrived in the river grass。
Instant,The ten people on the field began to assemble!
The front battlefield,After a short period of time, after a short period of time,GarioWSkill,I finally pressed the second http://www.025blog.cnparagraph directly by him.。


Summer smiling,“That is called,Although the killing is strong,But every time you shoot to a critical moment,He will deliberate strength。”1t
Paused,He is obliquely dry cloud,“if not,The last sword,I really thought that you can save him??”1t
Dry cloud mouth,Actually don’t say。1t
And in the summer, I nodded toward Jiang Luo.,Laugh,One short body drilling a taxi。1t
After getting on the bus,The smile on his face,Heavy doubts between eyebrows。1t
He still has a lot of things that did not want to pass。1t
Looking at the direction of the taxi,Dry clouds and sigh my mouth。1t
He also has many unsolves。1t
“Let’s go too.。”1t
When dry clouds are left,The corner of the street slows down two people。1t
It’s just a long to leave the old woman in the old man before。1t
“Still let her run??”Woman whispering。1t
Middle-aged face,Hurry,“It is unfavorable,Ask adults to punish。”1t
“This has nothing to do with you,This is too embarrassing.。”1t
Women slightly shake,“But it is not that all failed,At least all of her hands in Beijing。”1t
Pause,She sighed,“The woman wants to provoke the hatred of the summer and the old home.,Then use the guardian to kill the summer,And we will count,I want to completely pull out the abyss in the capital of the capital.……I thought that the woman would secretly come to the ancient family.……”1t
She didn’t say it,But slowly transferred。1t
Middle years also turned around。1t
Inadvertent figure slowly appeared in the field of view。1t
Go to the past,His face is respectful and smashed,“grown ups。”1t
“well done。”1t
The woman’s tone is very fast.,Although the veil,But in a pair of scorpions, it reveals a touch of smile.,Ask,“How much strength do you make??”1t
“Uh……”No one is a one,Joint a bitter laugh,“all。”1t
Narrate,Women slightly。1t
The robe is even more attractive.,Even,“all?”1t
Nothing again,“grown ups,Summer and you are expected,Lack of life and death,So he broke through,but……He even breaks two realms,It has reached the later period of time,I……”1t
The robe is also surprised by middle age,And the veil is coming again from the heart.。1t
“very good,very good……Thus,He participated in the killing conference,It should not be too dangerous.。”1t
Pause,She converges smile,Positive color,“Recently watching the ancient town river,correct,Don’t let him notice the same,I still use this person.。”1t
Woman looks to middle-aged people,“You find a chance to talk to dry clouds.。”1t

NS2440chapter:Lu Weijun is ready to marry

Yue Lingxi looked at her,Deliberately surprised:“Summer Director,How can you wear my clothes??”
Summer is full of body shaking:“you……Yue Lingxi,You design me?”The sound is also a trembling and fear of can’t rest.。
Yue Lingxi:“You are not always saying that you and 俊 are one pair??Do I grab your boyfriend??Are you like this love??”
She has more difficulties,How hard is the summer,More is embarrassed,No land。 Good and evil spirits,Summer must be self-sufficient。
Summer looks at the anger of Lu Yujun Yingjun’s face,The whole person has shrinks.。
Yue Lingxi also said:“During this time, the company,You are constantly destroying my reputation。Summers,If there is a mirror now,You should look at your present,Your ugly face has more disgusting。”
Yue Lingxi Public Revenge,Yes,Publication,She is nodd by those passers-by,I am particularly uncomfortable in my heart.。
Although I know that some people have bad,But it is still very sad。
Summer fierce,Yue Lingxi at this time,She has no more than anything.。
Lu Weijun stands on the side,Not think,Places he can’t see,Xixi actually suffered such a grievance。
“What did you do to Xixi??”His cold tone makes the summer heart, and some breathing is difficult。
“President,I……I http://www.lamamai.cndon’t do anything.…”She is intermittent, I can’t say anything.,The trembling body highlights her more fear at the moment.。
Lu Yujun looked at Song Yu,“Song Yu,Let the people of the Legistence,Summer Director steals the company secret,There is also the same person in the monitoring room.,Hand it to the police together,Other parties in the company,If they provide the same person,Can be punished。”
“Neither,no,President,you listen to me,What is I always threaten me?,sorry,President,You will give me a chance.。”Summer crying and praying,She really can’t go to jail,She still has a lot of dreams without completion.。
Her good life has just begun,How can I spend it in the iron window??
“threat?”Lu Yu Jun was dim, she glanced at her.,Ridicule:“What have you taken a lot of money?,Is this threatening you??”
“Summers,Don’t deceive others,This time is my eyes,You also gave me a lesson.,Find someone else instead of your design,And I didn’t see it.,This time is my mistake。”
Summer is crying here.,I can only look at him in a surprise,How do you know this??She and He have signed a confidential agreement,He said that this life will not leak this matter.。
Lu Weijun took down,I will answer her doubts.。
“He always can use money to buy people,Why can’t I give the design for the design of your clothes, what is your money??He explained all the things.,I have been going on these days.,But more importantly, putting your tumor tumor.。”
“cancer?”Summer is soring about these two words,Her eyes blinked,It seems that I can imagine that Lu Yu Jun hates her.,Can you say that this disgusting word is coming。
at the same time,The people called the bodyguards and the Ministry of Legal have come up.。
The bodyguard took away the summer solo.。
Song Yu followed the past。
There is only one left in the office and Yue Lingxi.。
Lu Yujun turned,The fierce is in the arms,The head is buried in her shoulder.,Gently smell the fragrance of her body,Familiar atmosphere,Floating,All my thoughts were released at this moment.。
“Xixi,I miss you so much。”His sexy voice with a strong thoughts。
Yes,He has already left for many days.。

“You have been praise in the summer before I am.,How do you not optimize him now??”

Master is silent。
Half,She only,“Summer still young……”
Five words,Tao, everything。
Luo Water Road is naturally clearly clear。
For them, they live in the end of the endless years.,Summer is not as simple as young。
Such achievements less than two hundred years,This talent,It is the two mains who have to admit it.。
“Yes,Summer is too young,This genius,Should not waste here。”
Luo Water Road mainstream is deeply color。
Be right。
In her plan,Those people selected,Future is used‘Waste’of。
Including eight pole holy king,Including the peak of the god。
“But I am still curious.,Yinchuan’s skill,Summer has learned a few,Yanchuan should shoulder the front of the world,He inherited a few points。”
Bloody world。
Summer can slow down。
He squatted,Staring at the front。
Slowly pull a steel sword。
Both sides have not spoken。
No need nonsense。
Only one battle。
The bloody world is blown up.。
to be exact,So-called 红毛,Be suffocating,Condense together,Form a swirling windcloche,Take a swirl。
Elephant in an instant,Dischable two people。
Just at this time,Wu Hao is flattening。
His action is not fast,That knife is slowly promoted,But strong oppression is like a quarter。
Tie Wu faces that are not far from watching,Sneaky and then refunded。
Wu Hao’s knife made him a kind of sweat-like horror。
“It turns out that Wu Hao’s war has reached this horror.。”
Tielu dark self-surprise,Face change。
“This is the five-line knife?”
The cloud of the clouds of the cloud is very interested,“Very strong combat experience,Head with a golden knife first,Unborn,Nothing,Summer is difficult。”
The master of the east reveals the color。
Long before a long knife,Knife,Golden knife is like waves,Layer stacked slap in summer。
This knife seems to be slow,Really strong,Magnificent,unstoppable。

Genius,Heaven and earth spirit、Fire、Phytorate、The drug and even even the medicine is refining。

He decided to try it.。
Immediately,First converge in the power of chaos in vitro。
The body of the body is infected with a layer like a semi-fluid substance.。
Take a look,Like some kind of water,Take a closer look,More like flames。
This is the form of the fire of chaotic。
From a certain aspect,Already separated from a simple flame。 More like being unreserved, stacking,It is also as if the law is。
Its inside contains unable to describe the pure。
He took the initiative to take the surrounding blood color suffocation,甫 甫 触 混 混 混,Immediately。
Summer is originally better to refine these suffrage,But he knows,At this moment you are do,Nothing to look at,Can’t be seen。
The energy substance of the uppermost surface of the squad is constantly refining after chaos in vitro,A little cumulative。
I do not know how long it has been,Summer eyes suddenly smashed,Converge。
The heart has set off a huge waves.。
His idea is verified。
Sure enough, it is a trace of vitality.。
Although it is just a trace,It can contain extremely pure energy,No wire impurities。
Crazy destroyed countless person world,I don’t know how many vitality。
His outer body is broken,Or after being erased by the Langkawa Lord,These outer body constitute this endless suffocation。
Where even one is a vitality,It may be a certain world,Countless creative crystallization。
Summer recrypting the suffocation,Very fast。
Not in a moment,He feels that the skill in the body is in the same way.,All the way。
Until growing to the realm of the realm,This momentum is slowly stopped。
Take a jade bottle in summer,Pocket,Control in the inscription,Incorporate。
This is the Tianshui Dan, who is in the east.。
A Shen Dan who is self-reliant,After taking,Can be restricted by the realm。
Ling Dan entrance is instant,An energy flowing through the whole body。
Between,Summer whole soul is a shock,Throughout the sea。
His vision,The whole world seems to be different.,More realistic,What happens to be more vivid, even in this bloody world。
Just a short message,He seems to have heard some kind。
Water system,Break through the bottleneck。

Some people say he is a murder,Some people say he is proud of,Some people say that his mood is not usually different.,No one knows which one is true。

One side looked at the girl who was squeezed to himself.,But didn’t say anything,It is still in the end of the last.,It seems that it is completely incompetent.。
“Thank you.”Look at the side,The panic color in the eyes of girls gradually dissipate,Pretty face, red, courage to say。
I didn’t look back in one party.,It seems that I haven’t heard the same,Inversely, it is the final turn,Laughing at girls。
“Oh, this guy。”Sitting in a window of the long-point teaching building,Qing Palace looks at the following party,Can’t help but get a smile,“It is much more than before.。”
“never mind,Don’t read。”Qing Palace is jumping down the window,Laugh,Direct disappeared in the crowd,And the crowd also does not have a fluctuation.,I didn’t seem to have happened.。
When the Qing Dynasty is leaving,One of the people in the crowd slightly smashed,Do not look back,No mouth, no hook。
NS577chapter Dirt
At the first step of being taken by his own school life,The Qing Palace is falling,Fly in the direction of the seventh school district。
“Chairman?”In half-air,The face of the Qing Palace is somewhat,“How is this going?”
“We are not clear。”Yunchukiya’s voice sounded from the mind of the Qing Palace,“Just the board of directors,Sent to the base,Let me notify you that you will catch up as soon as possible.。”
“I rely on”Qing Palace can’t help but turn over the eyes,“Will not be a lag back??This is too fast.??”
“I don’t think it is like。”Yunchukuia is also a bit worrying,However, it is still stable in the tone.,“If this is this,I am afraid‘group’It should be the most unlucky,After all, the analysis of the lag is returned.groupThey do,We just know the information.,I can’t make the first come to find us.。”
“It also makes sense。”I thought that when I was in the hospital today, the latter was like.,Qing Palace is not a nod,“I just saw the Royal Gate today.,If it is really dangerous,I am afraid he will not be so leisure.”Speaking of which,He can’t help but frown,“Can not be this,What else is that the chairman is looking for me??”
“never mind,I went to see it.。”Seeing Yunchuki Yama also can’t answer this question.,Qing Palace can’t help but sigh,“Anyway,I am too fast.。”
Slowly lift the head,The building of the dark towering without windows has been in the eye。
Falling in front of the window,The Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the road to the road, the interior of the building,Looking at the few decades, soak in the liquid,When wearing a green surgical jacket,The Qing Palace always can’t help but sigh in the heart.。
Yarestak Lali,What do he want to do??
Magician who used to be magical and strong,Why suddenly abandon all your own,To establish this scientific city?And as the most expensive magician,Now why do you want to have a crazy try to destroy all magic??Another plan that flows from his cold mechanical brain,What is it to achieve??
neither knows。
He seems to be a mysterious prophet,It seems to be a educator who will be public.,He talks, the tone is gentle, and the sacred sacred sacred,The means of doing things is sometimes more like a mob as desperate.。Such complex and contradictory elements,That is, this man is in front of this。perhaps,Really only human words,Can describe all kinds of complexity on his body。
“Your thoughts seem to have sports。”The Yaresta soft mechanical sounds slowly sounded in space.,“Is it thinking about something??”
“It’s just curious.。”Qing Dynasty did not cover up,Lightly,“Do you have anything to find me??”
“what,Also count,But more is just a reminder.。”Yaresta laughed,Procedeware in the blood red liquid,“Prevent you from wrestling on the muddy ground。”
“I don’t think I will commit this mistake.。”Qing Palace is slightly frozen,Looking up at the Bureau of the Aresta,“What happened??”
“In the day before yesterday,Member of the right of Rome,The water in the rear is officially issued to the UK Qingjiao and Academy.,With a very gentleman way,Announcement to us,Plan to snipe you and the upper。”Yaresta smiles,“Although it is polite,But in my opinion,This notice is more like a war post。”
Rear water!The Qing Palace is suddenly a shock,When he did a moment, he thought of what he had forgotten.。
No wonder the Yaresta will find yourself!Golden Mang,Frowning conscious frightened。
think carefully,This time point,Isn’t it just that the rear of the water came to attack the upper strip??
Although I don’t know which day, which day it happens.,But the dark department is now saving,The enemy that is mainly dealt with,Still from the right of the God of Rome.!
The goal of Rome orthodoxics is only one person,I didn’t expect it to bring myself now.,This makes the Qing Palace can’t help but,Laugh,Also consider the countermeasures。
“Although I don’t care,But the water in the rear is directly told the goal.?”Qing Dynasty,Aresta,“After all, I am also considered a side of the science.,Isn’t he doing this to cause war??”
“While giving us a chamber of the British,,Ded to the British Clearings,There is also the body of the left side。”The mechanical tone of the Asaresta is as usual,It seems to be just a strange little thing.,“From this matter,I want to probably guess the determination of Rome orthodial education.。”
“The left side is dead.?”http://www.sphhjt.cnThe Qing Dynasty reveals a surprised and a licking look.,“This is really a good thing.。But then this is the hand of Rome.?”
“The reason is to hurt the Vatican Tourists。”The sound of the Yaresta has a touch of sarcasm.,“But I guess is the hand of the water behind.。”
“Yes,It’s so embarrassed to yourself.,I have no wonder if he will make this choice.。”Qing Palace nodded,“but,This is indeed like a matter of rear.。”
Although the hostility of each other,But the Qing Dynasty is still quite admired on the quality of the water behind.,He is a real saint,The idea of the knight is deeply rooted in his heart.,Let him always in the status of orthopedics in Rome,Whether it is with him or an enemy,It’s a comfortable thing.。

“Small leaves should now be sleeping,May soon wake up,Yao Lao goes with us to see it.。”Yun Qin proposes。

Small leaves really like sticky clouds,And the cloud can now appear in this,I want to come to the small leaves.,Take a small leaves and fall asleep。
And once the cloud leaves the small leaves time a little longer,Small leaves seem to be inherently induced,Absolutely you wake up。so,Only Yunqin is now said so。
“good,Let’s take a look.!”
Quantity is very happy,I still can’t wait to see the small leaves of this granddaughter.。I don’t know if I am old and discover the true‘face’Later,Can you still want to have this granddaughter?!
A group came to the South Youth Palace,Sleeping small leaves,At this time, I have woke up.,Lying on the cradle bed,咿咿 Yeah, in the soft mat, move it.,It seems that I want to get up。
The people around them are helpless,Stretch your hand wants to pick up,Some people don’t dare。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS462chapter demon‘cotton’Full moon2
Yunqin knows why these people will like this。Because small leaves have this person in addition to them,Who has only one next place,It is a small and smart fist that is looked at yourself by the small leaves.,Play a fight。
Don’t say,The fist of little girl looks soft,Play a person,Still very painful。
Fortunately, I feel that Yunqin is very glad.,Blocking is a big name to the small leaves is‘cotton’。
Although she is not very hoped, it is a delicate and weak.,Zhili,Weak Wicker-like weak woman,But I don’t want my own small leaves, I only like the female man who solves the problem with fists.。
Sealing, such a soft name pressure,Just right!
certainly,The old man is not clear about the small leaves.,I saw the small leaves in the cradle climbed.,Vivid look,I only feel cute。
“Oy,Small leaves are really cute!It’s so viable so small.!”
“Come,This is the ceremonial gift for you.!”I said,I took out a little girl in front of the small leaves.。
That is a small silver longevity lock,Long life lock,What seems to be put something。
Settled,Yunqin surprised found,It turned out to be the seed of recovery leaves。
Recovery leaves, such as its name,Its leaves have a role of restoration of vitality,It is the effectiveness of death。
and,The recovery leaf seed grows very fast,Once the earth is buried,Time,Can root root,Leaf。
therefore,The recovery leaf is very sought after,But due to the difficulty of recovery leaf breeding,I have only opened a flower almost a hundred years.,Ahead,A seed,so,Few people can get recovery leaves,What’s more, recovered leaves。
I don’t think there is one in my hands.,Let Yunqin are very surprised。Dart Lao Choose the seed of the recovery leaves to the small leaves,Undoubtedly, sending a life-saving means to the hand of the small leaves.。
“Darthous this is too expensive!”Yun Qin Road。
Dilestive to pinch the long life lock,Swinging long life lock,Tease small leaves,Looked at Yunqin,road:“What is expensive to say?!”
“Not a long life lock!You look at the little leaves I like it.,Don’t refuse!”
Yun Qin looked at the small leaves of the long life lock,Helpless shook head,Can only choose to accept。
Probably‘Meet’like very much,Small leaves are still very good for grandfather who have just met.,Will not be like other people。
When you want to tease her from time to time,Will be lazy to give a response as a response,Although it is just a little reaction,But every time I can’t laugh.,Very happy look。
Another two days,Closed customs,On the day before the small leaves,Put off。
There is a Changyuan handheld,The full moon feast of the small leaves starts as scheduled。
Full moon banquet,Sealing can be given together with Xiao Jing。Anheng is a matter of Northern,Not followed。
I saw a little sister for a long time.,Wake up for Xiao Jingyi or welcome。
but,Small leaves today’s small protagonist,It’s not so welcome to this little sister than her big month.,Attitude,I feel like Xiao Jing, I’m coming to grab her brother.。
This is not,Sealing is just in the spacious cradle bed,I want to make a small guy who have two peers.。
Xiao Jing is looking at this small leaves that seem to be almost as much as they look like.,Probably I feel that intimate feeling,I will climb the little leaves.。
result,Just climbed to the small leaves,It is a small leaves.,The hands and feet are not very stable, Xiao Jingyi,It’s so embarrassed that I’m so weak.,Take a circle directly。
It seems a bit awkward,Xiao Jingyi is lying in the four feet,Foolishly‘Ah.’Twice,Not really understand,How did she be‘similar’Dislike?!
Yun Qin saw,Face,I took a small leaf head.,“Small leaves,Can you so polite?!”