Frightened pheasant,Takeoff blocked,It hurriedly lowered its head,Drilled into the grass。Because of panic,As soon as it gets in,I got stuck by the weeds,Fluttering wings in a hurry。

Xia Jianxin Yiheng,It’s another stick。The pheasant did not move,It’s so dead。
Put on the spoils,Xia Jianxing eagerly rushed to the original place,The magic is Fang Fang did it somehow,There has been a small fire on the top of the mountain。The flame is burning,Two women are standing in front of the fire roasting clothes。
When Xi Zhen saw Xia Jian holding two fat pheasants,Couldn’t help but jump up,She seems to have forgotten that they are still in danger now。
Xia Jian started to have trouble when he threw the pheasant on the ground。This fire,Meat too,It’s a bit cumbersome just how to master it。
Fang Fang looked at Xia Jian and smiled:“This one wants me to come,You sit down and rest a while,Wait for the energy,Let’s start,Can’t wait any longer。The police are waiting,But not this waiting method”
“Oh!President Xia,You gave them your bank card, report it as soon as possible!Why did you forget about it,Isn’t Kari no money”Xi Zhen suddenly said loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Card is for them,But I didn’t say the password。These idiots didn’t ask,It seems that these people are not together,Should be put together。Brother Na Biao wants to swallow this money,So no password,Is waiting for the right time”
“Also right!You did not tell them your password,Then let them go to hell with this bank card!”Xi Zhen said,There was a bright smile on his face。
Fang Fang said nothing, digging a hole in the ground with a branch。Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“What are you doing?You really can burn?Don’t burn into coke”
“Do not worry!This is a compulsory course for survival in the wild,If you don’t even understand this,What’s my special soldier?“Fang Fang said,Smiled very proudly。
This anxious,Xia Jian really forgot about it。He laughed and said:“it is good!You two roast pheasant for us,I just use this time,Go find the way。Wait till finish,We set off immediately“
Xia Jian finished,Turned and got into the dense forest,He kept climbing to the highest point of this ridge。More than ten minutes later,A bare mountain appeared in front of you,There are no trees or weeds on it。

“This is normal,Changed me,I would think so too”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。

Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian,Stood up slowly,She smiled and said:“I thought it was a bloody investigation。I didn’t expect to follow Mr. Xia,It seems that we can do this without a weapon”
“Hard to say,With such an arrogant person like Wu Xiong,He dared to do anything in a hurry”When Xia Jian said this,,A little worried。
Bai Li smiled like a child and said:“I’m not scared anymore,Just follow you,I think we can handle everything”
Xia Jian heard Bai Li say this,He is still very happy。When he was about to say something polite,The phone in my pocket rang suddenly。He took out his phone and took a look,Luo Yi called。
More than a day,Luo Yi just made this call,Xia Jian still feels a little unhappy。Because of this,After all, it matters,Dangerous。
Xia Jian glanced at Bai Li,Connected to the phone。Luo on the phone smiled and said:“Good job?”
“What do you mean?None of us officially launched an investigation,How good is it?”Xia Jian said in a puzzled way。
Luo Yi laughed and said on the phone:“You can start from the outside,The first method is right。I can connect with Zhang Xiaodong today,The right person。Let me remind you,Zhang Xiaodong is our person,You can use it boldly,Please let him know if there is any danger”
“Ah!It turns out our actions,You know everything!Zhang Yong told you or Bai Li?”Xia Jian said,Took a look at Baili。
Luo smiled and said:“The two of them with you,Impossible to do this。I let you pass,Can’t be alone,There are people on our side,Of course,None of these people will show up before the time”
“Ha ha!Or these people,It seems that our team is not small!”Xia Jian heard Luo Yi say this,I feel more comfortable。
Luo Yi sighed and said:“I let you go through。These people will come out to help at critical moments。I didn’t tell you in advance because the time was not ripe,If it’s not possible, it will startle the snake。But your pace should be faster,So as not to have long nights and dreams”
Luo Yi finished saying this,Hung up。Xia Jian looked at Bai Li,A blank look。He doesn’t know why Luo Yi and his son did this?
Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“I know more about this than you。So let me say a few words here。Don’t have any complaints in your heart,Luo Dong and his daughter are really helpless in this arrangement。Because the owner of the branch,They can’t be sure,Who can still use,And who are no longer available”
“So Luo Dong can only let us come,Those who can continue to use,And like Li Yueming,Tag him,As the main target of this inventory”
Bai Li said so,Xia Jian slowly understood the difficulties of Luo Yi and his son。He is standing in front of the glass window,Overlooking the tall buildings in the distance,Can’t calm down。
the whole afternoon,Xia Jian and Bai Li stay together。They are discussing the next work plan,Because it’s too big,If you are careless, you will lose everything,Even life-threatening。So they are cautious,Lest there be any mistakes。
Although the two didn’t come to the scene in person,But my mind is not idle。By getting along,Xia Jian felt that the assistant Bai Li sent to him by Luo Yi,Don’t look at her age,But also a great character。
First2193chapter Wang Youcai comes out

“No,I just want to ambush down the cloud sword formation after the mountain protection formation,When this monster enters the mountain,Urged suddenly,Must catch him off guard。”

“so,You have moved the elders of the sword hall?”
The Taoist Hugh was silent,Is to admit。
“A little sure?”
“Less than two points。”
“Less than two points,You dare to bet like that?So where do you put the safety of the sect??”Taoist Baimei suddenly yelled。
“Sovereign humiliated,If my Jianzong doesn’t respond,Also talk about the safety of the sect and its future use?”
“presumptuous!”The old man with white eyebrows, beard and hair,“My sect has gone through tens of thousands of years,How many ups and downs have been experienced during this period?Don’t say the lord was humiliated,That the entire gate was captured,Almost slaughtered by the enemy’s disciples,I have had this experience more than once,But Qingyang Jianzong is still passed down to this day,What does it rely on?Is faith,Is wisdom,Is the awe of the avenue,Instead of your reckless behavior!”
“My ancestors,How long have you not joined the WTO?”
The old white eyebrows are shocked,Then sneered,“You mean to say,Ran outside with Xingjue,I thought I was knowledgeable,Can’t you look down on the old??”
“Disciples dare not。”Hugh Taoist bowed his head,“But since it talks about the outside world,Disciple courage,Because of the sudden change in the atmosphere of the world,Most sects choose to hide、Escape,Seems to be able to take care of himself,Inheritance,Or it’s called flexion and extension,Follow the time,Escapism,Dig your own grave。”
The old white eyebrow stood up abruptly,Pointing at the Taoist Hugh,But my fingers trembled for a long time and I couldn’t speak。
Hugh Taoist is unmoved,Still speak loudly,“Ancestors calm down,Vomit the old and accept the new,Fang is the way of growth and reproduction,So self-proclaimed can only become more dull and rotten,If you talk about the gains of the disciple’s trip,Just this sentence,I have recite from the beginning,Only remembered the day before yesterday,It turns out that the disciple never took this to heart。”
“Nothing more,Nothing more。”Baimei Old Dao slumped,“You are the designated future suzerain,Since the heart is settled,Let’s talk to the elders。”

Real tomb——Li Mozhen&&Little dragon girl&&Wang Yizhenjpg。

Everyone imagines the ancient tombs——Chu Deman&&Grandself&&Xiaoxiangjpg。
“Be right,The ancient tomb sent some things in mid-May。”Chu Deiren said。
“Yes……Sacrifice or burial?”Woody clear,Tomb“matter”It should be these.?
“Do not,It is a good job。”Chu Deiren shakes his head。
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:???
“match、Assignment?”Mu Yizhen is more fearful,This year, it is actually better than you.。
“Ordinary!Previously Li girl misunderstood,And self-owned teacher,Some rumors,Just, the head is 18 years old.,Maybe there is a rack of waves,I went to catch up。”Chu Deee Correcting。
I don’t know how,Ancient tomb style,It seems that everyone’s brain supplement is very strange?Where is this prejudice?!
“Li girl?Yes……Li Mozhen?”Mu Yuqing also reacted at this time,This is not the reason why you are looking for someone.?
With Li Mozhen is an ancient tomb?
“Li Mozhen’s sister?Palm?Eighteen years old?”Mu Yizhen repeats these elements,Suddenly began to suspect,The ancient tomb of your own brain,Will not be with reality?
actually……Is another level“horrible”?
“Yes,what happened?”Chu Deirers are also confused,Why is Mu Yizhen say it?,And then stare at yourself。
“What you said,She looks good.?”Mu Yuqing asked inadvertently。
As for Li Mozhen, don’t say,Although the wood is clear, I have never seen it.,However, there are many rumors of rivers and lakes.,No one knows,Actian witch,But the skin is really good.。
“nice。”Chu Debans truthfully,Caise the sound of the molar。
“Ancient tombs except Li girl,And this good-looking head,Who else?”Mu Yizhen asked with his mouth。
“Wang Yin, who takes away from Manda Mountain Villa,Also went into ancient tombs,Is it a small teacher,There is also a disciple of Li girl,Now it is natural to be a tomb disciple.。”Chu Deirers are very honest。
“The king girl is also very good.?Her mother actually is so relieved.,Let you carry a daughter……and many more!Manda Villa?”Mu Yuqing just concentrated on the strange place,Say half of the reaction——Manda Villa?
In Huashan,Chu Deirers also and Mu Qingqing,Mentioned Wang Yizhen,But did not mention Manda Villa,So she didn’t go to a lionery。
Before Li Qingluo can be sent to the old servant,Go to chase the enemy,Naturally, also includes Qinhong Cotton。
“Is Li Qing’s manda!”Mu Yuqing is irritating。
Those old,I really brought a lot of trouble to her in the first two years.。
“Be right,You are very familiar with her.,Specially let me bring a letter,Mrs. Li has seen it.,Let me take a voice from Manda Mountain.……Calculate the words and you are almost the age.!”Chu Deiren“I do not know either,What hidden stories behind this,I am just a honest Lang Jun, which will not ly.”Look。
Mu Yizhen’s original anger,Suddenly。
I still want this time I can’t see Li Qingluo.,At least you can also see Wang Yin, this little woman,I must report a hatred in time.。
However, I heard the Chu Deirers.,I have known the quality of the kind of graceful cleaning after her.,Where can I guess??
Think of the king,And your own life is almost,The fire of the wood is small.。
At the same time, I finally understand,Why did you say the Chu Deirers,You can also bring king language when you return to Dali.……
“Is that woman get along well??”Wooden frown,Unwilling to ask。
“Which one?Mrs. Li is not good.,I am afraid that she is very afraid of her words.,Phrase……See which point you said?,Some fear,I didn’t dare to say it.。”Chu Deirens explained simply。
Wang Yu’s state,Be“Have a good location”still is“Get alongr”,Then you can vary from person to person.,Just short contact,It is definitely good to get along.,Because it is easy to have any difficulties,Treating guardians is some inseparable,But from the perspective of your heart,Some are not good。

Ning Bei Zhi transferred from Gan Ning,Will take office at the General Administration。His picket position in the General Administration becomes less important,Maybe by then,He can take part in more assignments。

I just lack a handy weapon!
He sighed。
After awakening,Touched too many knives,Various materials and shapes,He did not touch the sword brought out from the abyss,But nothing can compare with the knife Gan Yifan got。
The knife that didn’t have a chance to see Zhenrong,Can bring him a touch of heart。
Why did Gan Yifan get it??
Change to someone else,He has already taken the knife as his own。
Ke Gan Yifan……He is not sure。
Just think about it,The water flow suddenly changes。He turned around and saw Ning Beizhi and Li Dachuan coming out from inside,Gan Yifan follows behind them,That knife is in his hand。
“what time is it now?”
The trio’s watch has returned to normal,But it’s not allowed,It is roughly estimated that it takes about three days to go back and forth,But the watch display is completely wrong。
“Nine fifty six。”
“What number?”
“February 1st。”
Three people have a good time,Ning Beizhi glanced outside the cave,“Has the sandworm infestation time changed?”
“not yet,About another ten minutes,They will return to the hole。”
“Three days is too short,At least continue to observe for more than half a month。”Ningbei Zhizheng said。
“me?”Chen Du said with reluctance,But Li Dachuan is beside,He can’t talk too much。

“Lee brother,What situation?

In the village?”
“Hey-hey,Leaf big brother,Looking for you live broadcast,By the way, the fermentation is fermented.!”
One listening is about live broadcast,Ye Shuangzhou is still very happy。
But I heard the news.,Also fermented,He frowned。
After all, there is not an extraordinary place in the live industry.,Some things can be broadcast live,Some things can not be broadcast live,This leaves are still clear。
“What news?
You tell。”
I immediately said that I will say that I have left the front.。
I heard this kind of murder case,Ye Shuangzhou hesitated:“You have determined that the teacher said, it is true.,I want to know how much the number of people in our lives is too much.,One is not careful, but it is necessary to crimes。”
“Hey-hey,knowledge,You come over.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Ye Shuangzhou directly packs something,With Ye Double Double, you will go to the position of Li Hui Feng.。
When he came to the ink care school,I found that I can’t go in.。
Can only live outside。
With the number of people in the live broadcast,There are also more cranes.。
“Big leaves,What situation?
How do we become a battle reporter outdoors??”
“Yup,I see those people behind them.?”
“You still have a policeman,What is this??”
Looking at the content of the barrage,Ye Shuangzhou is also answering。
“this,I will come on a doctor.,You ask him,This is a goddess, let me live alone live.。”
Chapter 909
Soon, the double boat is also called Li Hui with the wind.。
And Li Hui is coming over with Shi Yangtian.。
After all, I want to ferment this thing.,I need some parties such as Shiyang Tian.。
Shi Yang Tian faces live broadcast,It is also from the head to the end.。
At the same time, I also said that I haven’t fallen in a few children.。
“Live audience friends,I am a people teacher,Feel the heart,Refers to the dead child,Refers to your own daughter,But what I want to say is that there is absolutely no sorry that six children.。”
“I have told that six children.,The result is that it is necessary to,In exchange, kidnapping my daughter,Almost my daughter is buried in the six children in this life.。”
“Today I am in a live broadcast of the audience.,I said all this,Be serious,I am willing to bear all legal consequences,same,I also want to discuss a fair for my daughter.。”
“I hope there is a lawyer friend in the live broadcast, but I will help me.,Although the children are dead,But their death did not compensate my daughter.,No mental recovery for my daughter,These things are one yard,Now they are still in a big school。”
“One person is 500,000,These parents say that these parents will not go less than 50,000 compensation.,And also said that I have to keep it every day.。”
With the appearance of Shiyang,The audience in the live broadcast is also more and more。
Especially when Shi Yangtian, one of the explosion is thrown out.,Similar to the audience of the live broadcast。
Although most people feel that the child of 145 is a child.,Will not do something bad?。


First16chapter Siszudi
A silver figure body,Punch out,Repulse an emperor puppet with a silver-gray edge。
But the next moment,Eighteen emperor-level puppets attacked。
Eight of these eighteen puppets are immortal,Turning into eight fingers, pat the burly patriarch Fumo。
The other ten puppets are attacking from a distance,Each road contains the energy of the road, the beam of light crosses the blockade,Forcing the patriarch to fight back。
Face such an attack,Patriarch Fuma did not retreat,Jerked forward,Physical strength burst,My hands firmly grasped the eight-fingered arm,Waved up。
Eight immortal puppets join hands and do their best,Still not the opponent of this silver-clad Taoist in the fight,Was thrown aside。
And a silver-haired and silver-clad Taoist,Extremely fast,A pair of spikes between hands,Stabbed an emperor-level puppet on the periphery。
The core of this puppet was injured,Slow down,The patriarch was directly put into the storage space。
“Retreat!”With the voice of the patriarch Nongtie,Patriarch Fomo also took this opportunity to retreat quickly。
On speed,The two silver-clothed Taoists have a speed a hundred times the limit of Heaven,The emperor-level puppet is only equivalent to the subversive Daojun,Only three of the 18 imperial puppets can barely keep up with them。
The three emperor-level puppets only followed a short distance,Just stopped。
After all,The three imperial puppets are for them。
Return to a safe place protected by the prohibition and coverage of the Sith method。

Now there are two kinds of fusion of water and fire in Wright。

One is【Burst of fire】【Roundness of water】with【Power of the earth】Three Profound Fusion,The fusion of these three profound and mysterious is still one step away from complete success。
These three mysteries all involve material aspects,Wright also called the fusion of these three principles【Ground water fire·Material mystery】,The trick created is【Sunset mountain river】。Sunset mountain river trick,If day is the most important,Nature is a physical attack。And focus on mountains and rivers,It turns into a very strong material defense shooting method。
two,Then【Nirvana of Fire】【Roundness of water】with【Vitality of the earth】Three esoteric fusion。At present, Wright can only say that most of the three mysterious fusions are integrated.,Power is roughly equivalent to the degree of fusion of the four mysterious。
These three mysteries all involve life,【Nirvana of Fire】Contains the relationship between soul and life,【Vitality of the earth】Contains the relationship between matter and life,【Roundness of water】It shows the relationship between partial circulation and life。
Wright also called the fusion of these three principles【Ground water fire·Life mystery】
Marksmanship trick created,Used for material attacks【Stars are shining】,But this trick is just a rudiment。
And the soul aspect,The trick for soul attacks,Then【Green Lotus in Fire】。
E Wright’s soul power,Two hundred years ago,【Green Lotus in Fire】When this trick is just a prototype,Rely on the strength of your own soul,Easily kill Shadow Dragon Darkwalker, a powerful man close to the Palace Master。
Two hundred years later,Wright thought he was perfect,There is a certain threat to the more powerful Palace Chief level powerhouse,If you are lucky, you may be able to kill directly。of course,The other party may also resist。
And obviously,The bloody elves, the old strong, is strong enough to resist this trick,Although the soul attack did have a great impact on him,But after all it was resisted。As he quickly swallowed a pair of soul gold beads,The power of the soul quickly recovers。
“Worthy of being a bloody elf,Actually blocked my soul attack!”Wright sneered,At the same time, my eyes burst with invisible power,Another soul green lotus descends。
“Humph!”The bloody elf body burst out suddenly,Body roar,Swift direction。
The speed of the soul attack is indeed extremely fast,But once activated, it’s difficult to change direction,So the bloody elves, the one that changed direction in advance,Directly avoided this trick。
“Lieshan Wizard,I didn’t expect you to come too。。。”The bloody elves show a hideous look,Crazy instilling supernatural power into the dagger,Then slammed。

Zhang Fenglan turned around,I glanced at my daughter who was a little wayward and said:“child!I’m for your good,Let’s transfer!”

Zhang Fenglan said,Turned around and glanced at Xia Jian。Xia Jian understands the thought of being a mother,He glanced at Lei Lei and said:“You should listen to your mother!The medical technology here is definitely not comparableHK。For yourself,So as not to worry your mother,You still obey!”
“Xia Jian!What is your head?I still need this little injuryHKIs it?I understand what you mean,You are bothering me。All right,You go back quickly!I do not want to see you”
Lei Lei suddenly lost his temper,She called Xia Jian’s name,Yelled a little grumpy。The doctors and nurses in the hospital heard the noise inside,He opened the door and walked in。
“This is the hospital,What are you going to discuss outside,Don’t make a loud noise here”
The attending doctor said loudly with an unhappy face。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei,Walked out of the ward lightly。
First2658chapter Definitely fight back
In the passage outside the ward,Wang Lin’s face is gloomy,Jin Yimei stood behind her、Dragon Ball,And Xia Jian’s secretary Lin Wei,Even Xi Zhen rushed over。
“President Xia!Are you okay?”
When Wang Lin saw Xia Jian,Greeted me immediately。She grabbed Xia Jian’s arm a little gaffe,Watch and watch。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“A little injury,No problem,Don’t worry about me,Go back quickly!Do whatever you want,Right when this didn’t happen”

Chapter VIII Night visitors

Li Tianzhen suddenly felt very lonely,in the past,Whether leading the Yuxing brothers to discuss life,Still in‘Ranger’Shadow member,With companions and comrades in arms,But now such a chaotic time and space,Only he walks alone,Travel far,It seems difficult to distinguish which space is where he should go。
Sometimes he even suspected that he was always in a dream,Never wake up,Especially when I go to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,This feeling is the most profound,Looking at the crazy patients,They all live in their own world,Are living in a deformed dream,Every living person is a mirror,Li Tianzhen seems to see himself in the mirror,Wandering in the bizarre world,Trying to capture all kinds of weird pictures,But I can’t catch it,Did you really catch those pictures one day,The dream really woke up?
Judgment has been biased,Chuck did not visit,But Li Tianzhen woke up from meditation,I quickly perceive this remote courtyard outside,Coming visitor,There are seven or eight,And they are all magical,These uninvited guests did not deliberately hide their whereabouts,And didn’t spread out and surround the courtyard,Are concentrated in front of the courtyard,And grandly knocking。
“Who?Knock on the door in the middle of the night?”The question in the courtyard is the entourage who has been with Zhang Mugen,Except for Li Tianzhi at this moment,Everyone is already in the courtyard,Zhang’s father and son are particularly nervous。
“Big brother,I am the sixth,By the order of the old lady,Visit today’s expert。”
“What’s the sixth and seventh,You found the wrong place。”The entourage responded according to Zhang Mugen’s gesture,Obviously he is not willing to let the other party see Li Tianchou。
“Big brother,Don’t want small belly chicken intestines,Just call on,Never look for trouble。”
“Say it again,Found the wrong place,Stop knocking。”
“Coward,Today’s things are not over,Don’t think you can do whatever you want with new support,You can remember Laoshi’s life。”
“Gui Lao Liu,You threaten me?Have I been scared for so many years?”Zhang Mugen finally couldn’t help but sneer,“If Lao Shi didn’t make a fool of himself,,I ran to my house after hearing your nonsense,Can something happen to him?Counted on Lao Tzu’s account?Don’t be so bloody!”
“Whatever you say,If you don’t open the door again,Don’t blame me for waiting!”
“You try……”
“It doesn’t hurt to see。”Li Tianzhen suddenly walked out of the room,People from outside rank sixth in Zhang’s family,According to the family map and list compiled by him and the instructor before,This person should be Zhang Yingen,Seems to follow‘Blood shadow’Walking tight,The relationship with Zhang Zhiqiang is not bad,But in this space, he is in the same position as Zhang Mugen。
“The disturbing envoy in the middle of the night,Mugen’s Fault,Don’t pay attention to these rascals,The feast between them and me should not involve the envoy,The Zhang family has this kind of stuff,Also unfortunate……”
Li Tianzhen knows that Zhang Mugen is supporting the scene,The people outside really want to rush in,He can’t stop it,Knowingly,But to be like this,Not stupid,But for him,I want to find opportunities to tie together,This is his purpose。
“It doesn’t matter,this late,Come all the way again,It’s not right not to meet。”
Zhang Shungen died at the hands of a puppet,Actually died in Li Tianzhen’s hands,Although he hates Zhang Shungen’s personality,,But didn’t mean to kill him,Because I was quite hated at the time,The puppet, sensing the will of the gods, blatantly put a heavy hand,It shows that he can’t control the puppet as he wants,In short, he must bear this responsibility。
Zhang Mugen had to let his entourage open the door,Hula swarmed in,A chubby middle-aged man headed by is Zhang Yingen,Li Tianzhen saw him in the Unknown Mountain Palace in that world,He was with Zhang Baogen at the time,Still have a little impression。
There are seven others,All are supernatural powers with good cultivation,There are two‘Tianzhenwei’,One of them,Met during the day,This person whispers in a low voice beside Zhang Yingen,Zhang Yingen immediately turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。