Chapter VIII Night visitors

Li Tianzhen suddenly felt very lonely,in the past,Whether leading the Yuxing brothers to discuss life,Still in‘Ranger’Shadow member,With companions and comrades in arms,But now such a chaotic time and space,Only he walks alone,Travel far,It seems difficult to distinguish which space is where he should go。
Sometimes he even suspected that he was always in a dream,Never wake up,Especially when I go to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,This feeling is the most profound,Looking at the crazy patients,They all live in their own world,Are living in a deformed dream,Every living person is a mirror,Li Tianzhen seems to see himself in the mirror,Wandering in the bizarre world,Trying to capture all kinds of weird pictures,But I can’t catch it,Did you really catch those pictures one day,The dream really woke up?
Judgment has been biased,Chuck did not visit,But Li Tianzhen woke up from meditation,I quickly perceive this remote courtyard outside,Coming visitor,There are seven or eight,And they are all magical,These uninvited guests did not deliberately hide their whereabouts,And didn’t spread out and surround the courtyard,Are concentrated in front of the courtyard,And grandly knocking。
“Who?Knock on the door in the middle of the night?”The question in the courtyard is the entourage who has been with Zhang Mugen,Except for Li Tianzhi at this moment,Everyone is already in the courtyard,Zhang’s father and son are particularly nervous。
“Big brother,I am the sixth,By the order of the old lady,Visit today’s expert。”
“What’s the sixth and seventh,You found the wrong place。”The entourage responded according to Zhang Mugen’s gesture,Obviously he is not willing to let the other party see Li Tianchou。
“Big brother,Don’t want small belly chicken intestines,Just call on,Never look for trouble。”
“Say it again,Found the wrong place,Stop knocking。”
“Coward,Today’s things are not over,Don’t think you can do whatever you want with new support,You can remember Laoshi’s life。”
“Gui Lao Liu,You threaten me?Have I been scared for so many years?”Zhang Mugen finally couldn’t help but sneer,“If Lao Shi didn’t make a fool of himself,,I ran to my house after hearing your nonsense,Can something happen to him?Counted on Lao Tzu’s account?Don’t be so bloody!”
“Whatever you say,If you don’t open the door again,Don’t blame me for waiting!”
“You try……”
“It doesn’t hurt to see。”Li Tianzhen suddenly walked out of the room,People from outside rank sixth in Zhang’s family,According to the family map and list compiled by him and the instructor before,This person should be Zhang Yingen,Seems to follow‘Blood shadow’Walking tight,The relationship with Zhang Zhiqiang is not bad,But in this space, he is in the same position as Zhang Mugen。
“The disturbing envoy in the middle of the night,Mugen’s Fault,Don’t pay attention to these rascals,The feast between them and me should not involve the envoy,The Zhang family has this kind of stuff,Also unfortunate……”
Li Tianzhen knows that Zhang Mugen is supporting the scene,The people outside really want to rush in,He can’t stop it,Knowingly,But to be like this,Not stupid,But for him,I want to find opportunities to tie together,This is his purpose。
“It doesn’t matter,this late,Come all the way again,It’s not right not to meet。”
Zhang Shungen died at the hands of a puppet,Actually died in Li Tianzhen’s hands,Although he hates Zhang Shungen’s personality,,But didn’t mean to kill him,Because I was quite hated at the time,The puppet, sensing the will of the gods, blatantly put a heavy hand,It shows that he can’t control the puppet as he wants,In short, he must bear this responsibility。
Zhang Mugen had to let his entourage open the door,Hula swarmed in,A chubby middle-aged man headed by is Zhang Yingen,Li Tianzhen saw him in the Unknown Mountain Palace in that world,He was with Zhang Baogen at the time,Still have a little impression。
There are seven others,All are supernatural powers with good cultivation,There are two‘Tianzhenwei’,One of them,Met during the day,This person whispers in a low voice beside Zhang Yingen,Zhang Yingen immediately turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。

Wright flipped through:“This God of Rong looks really mysterious。”

“indeed,Even though I have known that there is such a man for so many years,But I always thought he was a normal seven-star elf。。I didn’t expect to be a Palace Chief level powerhouse,And it may be the messenger of the main god!”Igo also sighed:“correct,Didn’t you ask the blood elves??These years, the bloody elves are chasing down the god Rong。Although the blood elves are stronger,But God Rong did explode with the strength of the palace chief,So I barely got killed。”
“So it seems,God Rong and I are still friends!”Lei Feature nods:“It seems I have to help,Anyway, I want to kill this bloody elf and then hurry up。”
“Then you be careful!”Igo says:“You know the strength of the blood elves,Much better than normal palace lord。Are you just a god clone now??Are you sure to deal with him??”
“Not sure now,However, there is certainty in signing up,Besides, my current practice is still in a steadily improving stage。。。Maybe waiting for me to find them,The strength is almost enough to kill the bloody。”
“Longshan,What’s your expression!”
“Wright。。。”Longshan Elf’s tone was full of resentment。
“what happened?”Wright feels his goose bumps are all up!
“Fortunately, you are a powerful palace chief,Otherwise I would have been beaten to death。”
Chapter Four Four Mythical Beast Family
hell,Blood Peak Continent,Youlan Mansion。
Skyline Mountains,Tens of thousands of meters high,Divided into four regions。
In the southern mountains,There is a huge statue no less than the height of the mountain。

A big pool of blood at the gate,All the guards at the gates fell in a pool of blood。

“Shield death row,capital offense!”Yan He holding the whip said ruthlessly。
Guards of those gates,Except for the previous two who were handcuffed in a cage,The others were all killed by Yan people。
It seems that once the hidden prisoner was found,They just did it。
Anyhow, the guard at the gate,I was killed just like that,The style of these people is really no different from the gangsters。
“also……Fortunately, we go fast,The Yan people are too scary。”Hong Hao said with lingering fear。
“Somewhat frantic。”Nan Ye said。
“Ugh,The guard is stupid,How to hide a death row in private,Now they don’t even have a place to redress。”
“Yes,Fortunately, this matter has nothing to do with Huangye City,Are those who guard themselves,Otherwise use the strict means of acting,Our whole Huangye City is going to be bad,The executioner of the Yan clan has already opened up to us。”
on the street,Some ordinary civilians talked with fear。
“Is that death row inmate Zhou Liang?,Used to be the chief guard,Follow Master Cheng Shou to the outside,It seems that the act of selling spiritual grass privately has been exposed,Then he brutally killed the city guard and others,Is also inexcusable,Why did Ge Zhong help him?,Ended up killing others……”
Huangyecheng was panicked because of the wandering lizard water monster,This will be another tragedy at the gate of the city,It was even more chaotic for a while。
After the arrogant group of Yan clan caught the condemned prisoner Zhou Liang,Left immediately,Leave a place of blood,Corpse in one place。
Hong Hao、Chen Bai and the others are obviously afraid of the strict people,I can see that those people are good,It’s not something that these students and students can compete。
Found an inn,Everyone stayed。
At rest,Lu Wenye sees Zhu Minglang with a heavy face,So came,Apologetic:“I shouldn’t talk nonsense,Sorry,Almost caused everyone trouble。”

“Do not swear to leave treasures within three breaths,dead!”

Three ancestors,Even the first-class ancestors in Feizhou trembled。
“I swear。。。”
“。。All treasures that do not contain tokens and abilities。。”
“。。。To this senior。”
The four ancestor gods and ancestors made the vow,So he gave the magic weapon to Li Ming。
See these magic weapons,Li Ming is also overjoyed,Into the cave。
First12chapter Sell magic weapon
In chaos,Li Ming’s face is a bit ugly,Then suddenly divided into four clones。
Li Ming’s second soul clone,It’s twelve avatars in one。
One of the strongest clones,One by six clones,Just carry most of the treasures before,And the deity deity,Drive your own flying boat and leave quickly。
The other three clones,Each one is two big clones in one,Mana is slightly higher than the second-class Jindanzuxian。
One of the clones,Carrying and binding the four ancestor gods and ancestors with the magic treasure,Drive the shadow flying boat that you just acquired and fly in one direction。
Another clone,But the many magical things that the person just got,Fly towards the blue star。

Wang Lin,Hurriedly asked:“You mean raising the sales price now?“

“Yes!Not only now,And it will be raised every month,I see who else wants to check out?“ Xia Jian said very decisively。This idea of him also came into his mind just now,But he thinks it is very good。
Wang Lin may have slowly understood Xia Jian’s intentions,She smiled and said:“it is good!I understand,I hold a high-level meeting as soon as I go to work in the afternoon,Convey your instructions“
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I called you,Don’t tell anyone yet, But you can tell Mr. Xiao secretly,Just let him know,I’m afraid he will worry about me“
“Ok!I understand,Take care of your body,Hurry back as soon as possible,I miss you”Wang Lin’s last sentence is very weak,But Xia Jian can still hear clearly。
He took a breath and said:“This time,I will call you at noon,You have to keep the phone,Understand?”Xia Jian finished,Without waiting for Wang Lin to answer,He has hung up the phone。
Long Lu saw Xia Jian hung up,Hurriedly took out a hundred-yuan bill from his pocket,In front of which man。Who can take a look,Couldn’t help laughing:“Too much!“
“not much,He played for a long time“Long Lu said,Chong Xia Jian shook his head。Xia Jian hurriedly followed Long Lu out,It’s too dark too!I said no money at the beginning,How can one collect one hundred。
Long Lu glanced at Xia Jian,Can’t help but ask:“You are calling your girlfriend,Still arrange work,How can i not understand“Women are sensitive,She can even guess something like this。Actually Wang Lin is Xia Jian’s girlfriend,But at work, she is Xia Jian’s subordinate。
So Xia Jian smiled and said:“arrange work,Of course this subordinate has been with me for a long time“He was sloppy。
“Can hear it,Should be a woman“Long Lu said,Smiled。
Xia Jianyi listen,See Long Lu brought the topic to this,He hurriedly asked:“The phone charges of your village committee are too high, right?!100 yuan in ten minutes”
“Humph!He didn’t want to offend my grandpa to give me face,Ordinary people go,He won’t let him fight no matter how much,He is the emperor,What can you do to him”Long Lu said,Can’t help but laugh。
arrive home,Long Lu started cooking,It stands to reason that she lives in the city,A woman her age,Generally not many people cook,I didn’t expect she was very good at it。
Watching her familiar movements,Xia Jian couldn’t help leaving the kitchen,Squat on the ground to help her set the fire。Long Lu can burn fire when he sees Xia Jian,She couldn’t help but rise up,She smiled and said:“How about we pull a phone line to my house,You can live here and work,I don’t go to work anymore,Cook for you every day”

Xia Jian sat down again,He frowned and thought for a long time,Finally smiled and said to Jin Yimei:“look,I pull up my Hongjian,Bundled with startups to bid for this bid,Do you think it is okay?”

“sure!I thought about it then。Let’s hire a very powerful legal counsel,Make a detailed division of responsibility,There should be no problem with this”
Jin Yimei seems very confident。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Miss King!You are an entrepreneurial veteran。The entrepreneurial building we built is still in the hands of others,Actually I also know,You are as unwilling as me”
“President Xia!Xiao Xiao doing things is chilling,But you can’t be angry。Mr. Xiao is kind to us,At the very least it is the grace。Human life,The most precious thing is the grace。So you and I have a responsibility to take back the entrepreneurial building”
When Jin Yimei said this,,Very emotional。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I’m back this time,Was broken by a few words by Zhang Teng,I should try harder。So I am here to tell you solemnly,I want to rebuild the entrepreneurial group,Recapture Venture Building”
“it is good!I fully support you。How to do it,Your arrangement is”
When Jin Yimei said this,,The voice is trembling。
Xia Jian took a breath,Glanced outside and said:“This thing must be done in secret,Can’t let anyone know。Catch it yourself,We will use my Hongjian company and startup company to bid together,Do this work in advance,Of course, we have to ask about the strength of our opponents”
Jin Yimei nodded,Whispered:“it is good!”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“You quickly hire an assistant,Hand over your work,After that, your job is to run outreach,The point is this bidding”
“Good manager Xia!It’s not difficult,I’ll do it right away”
Jin Yimei said,Smile on my face。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“I’m going back to Pingdu now,Will be back in two days,You take the burden of the company first”
Xia Jian finished,So he hurried upstairs。He simply tidied up his things,Then I lay on the bed and closed my eyes。
This time Pingdu City will take four hours to drive,And driving a bit sleepy in the afternoon,He doesn’t want to drive tired。But what I didn’t expect was,As soon as he lay down,Actually fell asleep。
When he opens his eyes,Found it’s already more than two o’clock。Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,I ran into the bathroom and washed my face,Then I carried my bag and quickly went downstairs。
He walks,While calling Ma Yan。One call,Ma Yan on the phone asked a little unhappy:“What are you calling?Do you still know there is this home?”
“Damn!Don’t be angry,I went thereGZ,Now in Bucheon,What do you need at home,Bring you when i come back”

“After she quarreled with her dad,Just keep making trouble,It’s useless for everyone to persuade,You have a try。”Wu Ma briefly explained the situation。

Yu Ge holding flowers,Heavy heart,Just nodded without speaking,Follow Wu Ma to the third floor,Entered Zhao Qianqian’s room。
“You go out。”There is also a little girl watching Zhao Qianqian,Yu Ge told her。
“I’ll leave it to you here。”Ma Wu went out with that little girl。
Yu Ge saw that the whole room was broken,Prop up the chair that fell to the ground,Put flowers on。
116 In trouble
“What are you doing,You get out too。”Zhao Qianqian saw him,Still said angrily。
“Stop making trouble,good or not?”Yu Ge slowly approached Zhao Qianqian。
“You come again,I jumped downstairs,Believe it or not。”
Yu Ge looked at the window,Obviously locked,Zhao Qianqian can’t open it,So I’m not worried about her jumping,Keep walking towards her。
Zhao Qianqian really wants to dance,But I can’t open the window no matter how hard,Just hit with your head,Blood began to bleed on the head,There are new and old injuries on the forehead,Nowhere is the skin good。
Yu Ge jumped up and hugged her,Zhao Qianqian struggled desperately,Struggling out of Yu Ge’s arms,After running a few steps, I was hugged by Yu Ge,She cried hysterically,“You let me go,Let me die。”

“What a pity,I thought this kid would recruit him if he reached Chaotic Source Life,Bring inXXX(Black here)of。”

“I have to let a trace of his true spirit go directly to the next universe,That way he will grow faster。”
“Go you!”
Ignorant,Dark arms that look like ordinary mortals,Take a shot,Press on Li Ming’s head。
Just like Li Ming, human,It’s just that some illusory true spirit with closed eyes is taken in,Then beyond the continent of origin,Even beyond the power of the void in this multidimensional universe,Form a channel,Just thrown out。
And when the trace of true spirit entered the void passage,That trace of real spirit suddenly opened his eyes。
Because of being bound by the whirlpool,He didn’t see‘Behind the scenes’Looks like,But instinctively sensed this energy。
“This is,Let me travel from the Panlong universe to the energy that swallows the starry universe!”
In Panlong universe,Even the transcendent main god,But at the time he knew in his memory,I have not yet fully become the body of Xuanhuang,Become the master of Hongmeng。
The whole process of crossing can be said to be unconscious,Judging from the memory of the recollection, there is no crossing,Only the last one‘soul’Suddenly appeared in‘Earth’On the body,Forced to seal self memory。
But devour the starry universe,He, the eternal true God, is far stronger than him at the time,Although I still can’t understand the mechanism of this traversal,But at least the process of traversing itself can be observed。
Sense one’s own deity,He faintly relieved。
If it was the same in Panlong Universe,Explain that what passes through is only one’s own‘Part of’,Panlong Universe will not be because of its own‘Traverse’Disappear and undergo a malignant change。
“I don’t know where I crossed afterwards?”
Li Ming’s true spirit thought so,but‘body’But can’t move,I can only walk along this endless void channel。
As if for a moment,Like a billion epoch。
Li Ming‘see’A universe!
Do not,Countless universes。
Each universe itself,Its power is slightly inferior to the original universe,But it’s far beyond his small universe。

“so,True god,No matter what you practice,Are hard for us to look at!”

Huo Shangjun put away Ziyunlong、Golden Dragon。
He should be the most dazzling person today,Now it has become the green leaf of others。
“Thank you for your mercy。”Huo Shangjun finally chose to give up,And suppressed the anger in my heart。
I wish Minglang the sword,It can actually split into the body of the Golden Sky Dragon,Instead of tail。
If Huo Shangjun can’t see that the other party has kept his hand,Is the real stupidity。
He doesn’t need to deceive himself anymore,Not an opponent or an opponent。
“But your shepherd’s skill,I don’t recognize。What you rely on is the rare sword spirit dragon in this world。”
“Humph,Even if you only rely on this sword spirit dragon,Not long,I will surpass you。”
Huo Shangjun said to Zhu Minglang。
Finished these words,Huo Shangjun turned to leave the Mausoleum Mountain。
He lost,The brocade box in the tomb of the Ninth Army no longer belongs to him。
“and many more。”Zhu Minglang stopped him。
Huo Shangjun stopped,I thought Zhu Minglang would also say something impassioned,But his next sentence,But Huo Shangjun’s entire face turned blue and purple。
“People can go,The brocade box you got left。”

“Hit~”Feng Yiwen seemed to be happier than Shi Muluo himself。

“I am not blind!”
“Oh,Next target,distance420Meter。”
Shi Muluo stopped refuting,Do whatever love is,Anyway, it has not caused any bad consequences。
After a few rounds, all hits,Shi Muluo feels pretty good,As the captain said,Although this gun looks badly damaged,But the accuracy is still very high,As long as the click is appropriate,It is more than enough to deal with targets within a few hundred meters。
“knock off。”Shi Muluo just whispered,Feng Yiwen got up immediately,Clean up the surrounding area as quickly as possible,Show one“Little brother”Style。
“Eh?I remember it was written in your information,You this year26Years old?”Feng Yiwen cleans up his mouth while making a nagging speech。
“none of your business?shut up。”Shi Muluo habitually picked up the cartridge case and put it in his pocket,I don’t feel that my ear is quiet for a moment。
“What a coincidence,I am also this year26”Feng Yiwen completely ignored the warning,Keep talking,“Speaking of which month were you born?”
“……”Shi Muluo didn’t want to answer,Quietly sorting things。
“The information says September,I guess you will not write real information if you write on fake information,Is it true this time?If so,I was born in October,A month younger than you,wrong,To be precise28day。”
“I can call your sister?Or keep calling‘you’It feels weird,Adding a prefix makes it more comfortable,and many more,You won’t be upset by calling you sister?I didn’t mean sister’s age,Pure habit,Or just call‘Little sister’?Will it sound better?”
“Sister Mu Luo’s marksmanship is really good,As good as my brother,BeforeSIn the market,Hehe,At that time, sister, you went directly to the scene,No chance to show,We were almost fooled by you,be honest,If it weren’t for our three brains to analyze together,Will definitely fall into your hands。”
“But it’s weird,Isn’t that Yu Zhe’s boyfriend??How he……”
Click,It was a crisp sound of a bullet being loaded,Followed by“boom”A gunshot。