It is the nine avenues under the water of heaven。

The Three Realms of Heaven is Nine(Not chaotic),There are many avenues in the eighty-one avenues that are completely covered by heaven,Some avenues are partially involved。
Ruyuanshui Avenue、Drip Avenue、The roads of flowing water are purely subordinate to the road of water。
Ice avenue、Snow Avenue、Xuanshui Dao is somewhat related to the Yin Tian Dao Yang Tian Dao。
Foggy Avenue、Bloody Avenue、Sea Avenue is even more complicated,Involve all aspects。
“Compared to the destruction of heaven,Shui Xing Tian Dao seems to be slightly more comprehensible~”Li Ming has a faint feeling。
But it’s normal to think about it。
Yin Yang Tian Dao、Birth and death of heaven are both two heavens opposing each other,Only the five elements of heaven are the five ways of heaven,In order to achieve mutual growth and restraint of the five elements,Great strength。
Although the Five Elements are the foundation of the Three Realms,But in fact, in terms of a heaven alone,The birth and death of yin and yang are higher than those of the five elements alone。
When comprehending the destruction of heaven,Li Ming spent three hundred years,In fact, under the opportunity of the mirror of the universe, it was only one step away from the understanding in no less than 300,000 years.。
And the water goes to heaven,If Li Ming is devoted to understanding,I’m afraid it will be close to the complete heaven in 20,000 years。
Fight against the Bull Demon,Comprehend that the moves that contain water and travel to heaven are naturally far inferior to the double chance in the space of the universe mirror。
but,Li Ming also feels that water travels to heaven,And keep learning。

He suddenly remembered the famous sentence these days“The swordsman who keeps cutting everything”。

Because he faintly feels that he has touched this state。
“I thought it was a joke,But I didn’t know the horror of this sentence until I reached this state!”
He feels that he should have walked a short while on the road of Jian Hao,But only this“Cut constantly”The state of。
Nothing else,Can make a piece of paper swing dozens of times in the world’s top swords、Hack and cut to stay undamaged,What a horror is this。
That’s a famous sword for blowing and breaking hair,Just being close to the blade can make the paper shatter,And someone can cut dozens of times without destroying the paper,This level is quite high。
“So my second step is towards‘Keep cutting everything’The state of?”Leo gradually realized something。
He has no shortage of strength,He feels that because of the pressure of the sea,Very good at controlling power,But still far from reaching the state of Koushiro。
“I still have a long way to go from the great swordsman!”
Leo walked on the road slowly converging his thoughts,No delay,I quickly went to the Navy Branch。
At this time, the atmosphere of the branch obviously changed greatly。
how to say,Become serious?
Walking on the road,Many branch navies greet Leo,Leo smiled in return。
He still maintains an attitude of being kind to others in this past life,As long as it doesn’t threaten his life,He is still very talkative。
Ok,At least he thinks so。

Such a hypocrite,What else to pretend to be peacemaker?

“I wish the strength of the donor is worthy of recognition,But your temperament and temper,Should still be changed,There is a day outside,Do you really think you are invincible?!”Wu Zong’s monk Yang Hua said。
“Monk,Don’t test me,Be bolder,Come forward and fight with me,Bring out the courage that a mighty Wu Zonglin should have,Don’t be like a weasel,Pointlessly careful。”Zhu Minglang said with a smile。
The monk Yang Hua remains silent,But there was a resentment in my heart,Was said to be in the mind。
“I just want to simplify things,After all, if everyone can get the brocade box they want,Why bother to fight again,But since I wish the donor to be so stubborn,So aggressive,The little monk had to do it。”Yanghua continued。
He Qingqian snorted coldly。
This monk,Obviously taking advantage of others,I have to speak so boldly,Hypocrisy to the extreme。
Is nothing more than waiting for warmth、A strong man like Huo Shangjun goes to lay the knife first,He goes up again。
Disgust is disgust,He Qingqian does not want the brocade box to be monopolized by Zhu Minglang alone,She pinched a few fire charms again,Staring at Zhu Minglang,I plan to find a good opportunity to throw it towards Zhu Minglang。
“coming!Humph,Zhu Minglang,I want to see how you resist!”At this moment,Pu Hanrong has a smile on his face,He looked at Zhu Minglang。
He Qingqian is a little confused,I looked at the broken tomb of the Ninth Army,But see on the tomb hill,A large cloud of blue-black thick fog is drifting towards here quickly。
The dense fog is getting closer,He Qingqian can finally see the creatures in the dense fog,It turned out to be a huge bee monster after another!!

and many more,Is this old man saying he is a god?Li Tianchou laughed blankly,Throughout the ages,There are many rumors of Fei Xian,But no one has seen a real god,But this old man’s outfit and the current scene are a bit bluff,Could it be that I was caught again and that organization was working as a guinea pig,He immediately recalled the scene of life and death tossed by that research institution,Every day after the injection, there are some strange scenes in my mind,Some are more celestial than what you see。

Chapter six hundred and twenty seven Xi Lao Secret Realm(2)
“Not bad,Feathered Flying Fairy。”The old man nodded,There is a little more pride in his eyes。
“so,The old man is a god?”This made Li Tianchou wary,The old man’s not much different,Although he is so beautiful,Spiritual,It’s also a bit of a fairy style,Comparable to the white clouds of flowing clouds、Qingyun is not much stronger,Say something old god,That’s a polite compliment,Living conditions are good now,There are many people who know how to keep healthy,It’s nothing unusual for a hundred-year-old old man,From this perspective,The old man wants to make a joke with himself, but I don’t know。
“Haha,Do the dolls do not believe?”The old man laughs。
“Old gentleman misunderstood,Gods may have,But i haven’t seen。”Li Tianchou is honest,Didn’t say enough,On the one hand it hints that the elderly should not fool others,On the other hand, I really want to hear about the emergence of a fairy,Most of the records in the Liuyunguan classics are vague,Mysterious and mysterious,Is there really a fairy in the great world??
Far away,Many wonders that happened to Li Tianchou himself cannot be explained by science,Although he has never seen a god,But the god bird has seen one,It’s the same-named bird in the Purple Garden,The bird of ancient legend,He still carries a feather of the same name in his arms,Has become one of his life-saving methods,The energy contained in feathers,The colorful light field excited made him experience miraculous things,It’s fake to say it doesn’t itch in my heart。
But when I think of feathers with the same name,Li Tianchou’s mood immediately fell,do not know why,It and the linden leaves have turned into coke,Like I burned myself,Until now, my chest still aches。
“Have never seen,That’s all。”The old man’s look suddenly became weird,suddenly“what”The sound of,His eyes immediately turned to Li Tianchou’s left chest,“what is that?”
The old man’s eyes suddenly brightened,Li Tianchou immediately took a big step back subconsciously,But it makes no sense for him to retire,The distance between him and the old man is still two or three feet away,Hasn’t changed,Suddenly realized,This is the old man’s place,Weird everywhere,Just like when he first entered Ziyuan in Liuyunguan,I was struggling to pass the bamboo forest at first。
Could it be that this old Secret Realm is as magical as the Purple Garden?The more Li Tianchou thinks about it, the more likely it is,Suddenly feel cold,The yellow silk that had been hiding next to his body flew to the old man in a swaying volley,He is very anxious,Quickly reached out to catch,But suddenly the body can’t move as if nailed to the ground,Can’t help being surprised。
“You old man,Rob people for nothing,What intent?”In a hurry,Li Tianchou reaches out to touch the pistol at his waist,I lost a hand when I fell into the cave,But don’t have a handful。
“The old man hasn’t cured you of trespassing in secrets,What’s not to look at with a little outside?”The old man looked cold,The smile just now became so domineering and arrogant,An invisible coercion is coming,Li Tianchou suddenly felt that he had hit an invisible huge rock head-on,dizzy,I can’t help but want to do my best to resist,But it was in vain,His insignificant power is like a moth to a fire,Sink into the sea,The bones of the whole body began to creak due to the tremendous pressure,There was a chill in my heart,Secretly, how terrifying this not amazing old man is?
The old man slowly stretched out his hand to catch the flying yellow silk,Spread it in the palm of your hand and carefully checked the appearance,Look surprised。
Huang Jian has actually been burnt into a black pile,Stick together,I can’t tear it,The outer edges of the feathers are carbonized,Bodhi branches and leaves are naturally even more needless to say,But even so,Li Tianchou was not willing to throw it away,Thinking about handling the matter between him and Zhang Zhiqiang,After he rescued his family, he returned to Yunguan,I believe that the answer to the problem will be found in the purple garden。
But this kind of thinking doesn’t have much confidence,Because the two babies were burned inexplicably,Li Tianchou felt that the connection and induction between him and Ziyuan was much weaker,I don’t know what happened to Liuyunguan,I’ve been anxious。
The old man seems to be preoccupied,After peeling off the yellow silk carefully,The whole person seems to freeze suddenly,like a statue,The invisible pressure on Li Tianchou’s body at this time has been reduced a lot in an instant,Rao is so,The big bead of sweat still rolls down from his forehead like opening the gate。
I don’t know that the old man is worse than Li Tianchou at this moment,When his hand touched the feathers under the yellow silk,It’s like being burned by the coals,The pain reaches the bottom of my heart,The old man almost hummed out involuntarily,There was a voice in my ear,Anger in majesty,“brat,Take your dirty hands away!”
The sound rang like a bell in the old man’s heart,The old man’s complexion changed several times in an instant,Quickly take a closer look,Can’t help being surprised,“Forgiveness,Xiaoxian had no intention of offending,All because of the hairy boy in front of him breaking into Xiaoxian’s former forbidden place,Xiaoxian is afraid that he will be unpredictable,So stepped forward to investigate……I didn’t expect this baby to be bold,Dare to wear the seven flames of the immortal……”
“lie!It’s obviously your wrong heart,Countering false accusations,Could it be that I can’t get there,Want to occupy my treasure?”The majestic voice in the ear of the old man became more and more angry,The volume suddenly changed from hitting the bell to thunder,Aftermath,Momentum。

Sorry,do not know,never seen it,Who are you!

now,Swordsman Wu Lao Xing felt myocardial infarction,Sloppy,I didn’t expect Leo to be so shameless。
“it is good,I go to the Warring States,I’ll see what you say!”
“Find you numb,You have the ability to find it,I really thought I was a five-star!”Leo scolded again。
The other side is not talking,Only the phone bug lowered his head shyly。
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First172chapter Warring States Call(6/10)
Troangoth stood a little dazed,He thought about countless possibilities,I never expected Leo to curse directly,Put the bloody head of the scolding dog,Then retreat。
This trick has no time to play。
“Boss,Your hand is great,This way, the five old stars can’t help you!”Tlangote admires。
“Don’t lick,Do you know that licking the dog has nothing?”Leo gets up。“You think too simple,Wu Lao Xing won’t just count it like that,I must trouble me!”
but,Just a little trouble,After all, Sengoku and Karp won’t sit idly by after knowing this.。
And the Gang Bone Kong, who has never seen it before, will not let the five old stars convict Leo.。
and so,No problem。
“I guess within three minutes,The Marshal of the Warring States Period will call me!”

A strong man with a javelin stepped on the void,Take two steps to the outside of the temple,Looking ahead at Wright。

The breath of a strong man holding a javelin,Wright is very familiar,Full of oppression like the breath of my teacher。
This is the breath of god!
“God’s projection clone,Just an energy aggregate,Won’t have the godhead。Energy limit,It’s just the limit of the sanctuary。”Wright’s voice sounded:“You think you can beat me?”
Although Wright’s face is solemn,But not panic。
In the original,The protagonist Lin Lei has also faced this projection clone,Although defeated,But it’s not the overwhelming advantage of God level to Sanctuary。
On strength,Do it yourself【Water and fire compatible】Fusion of water and fire elements,The power is no less than the power of the Dragon Blood Warrior。
On Xuan’ao,Lin Lei and the projection clone are just normal sanctuary limits,Wright’s law of fusion,In fact, the degree of mystery has surpassed a single complete mystery。
As long as the projection of this divine power does not have the law of fusion,I have no reason to match!
This thought flashed through Wright’s mind,At the same time the spear in his hand is already raised。
And the strong man holding a javelin glanced over Wright:“Stupid defiler,You don’t even know the difference between God and you。I,Third Ranger under Lord Prequel‘Balsese’,Just let you know our gap!”
Between discourse,The javelin in his hand passed through the space instantly,Arrived in front of Wright。
Chapter 29 Beirut
“Qian!”The sound of weapons clashing came from where the two collided。
Display【Water and fire compatible】Wright blocked the shot。But the body recedes steadily under the power of this gun。
“This product is absolutely fusion of law and mystery,How did Lin Lei escape from this guy?!”Wright shouted inwardly。Fortunately【Water and fire compatible】Offensive and defensive,It can withstand his attack。

“You really are the best dad in the world,I’m going to learn knowledge first,Ensure compliance with the law。”

Love·Dracula is in a state of extreme anxiety。
Anxiety stems from uncertainty about the future,He received a video in his mailbox,Although there is no clue from the sender’s address,But of course he has reason to believe that this video was sent by Lu Yuxin。
Because this is the video inside the quantum computer laboratory of Yuxin Technology。Of course it is impossible for ordinary people to get these videos。
And he happened to receive that Lu Yuxin seems to have had some disputes with the security department,But Wang Yufei stepped forward and forced the matter down,And expressed his absolute trust in Lu Yuxin in public。
Sad young man,It’s always too easy to believe in the erratic things like love。
Love·Dracula sighed for Wang Yufei deep in his heart。
Of course it only took a minute to sigh for Wang Yufei,He started to struggle。
Because the content in the video is too shocking。
Although it’s just a few words of dialogue,But if the video is not fake,The content is too amazing。
This is more than the height that a simple quantum computer can reach?This is the pioneer of artificial intelligence in the future!
He didn’t bother to care about the soul torture of the voice in the video。
Now for the World Quantum Alliance,The most terrible thing happened,It turns out that Huaxia people have not officially disclosed their quantum computer technology for so long.,It turned out to be holding a big move。

D-18TWhat is the life of the engine?

Say it to scare you:in1987Years ago,only500Hours。
First875chapter fishing(4000word)
500Hours,Contrast Rawls·RoyceRB211Ten thousand hours,20Times the gap,How to compare?
of course,D—18TThe life of the engine is so low,There are many reasons,Among them, there is indeed a vice that the Soviet military system does not pay attention to life.,But the Soviet Union did not develop such200Thousand-Niu level large bypass ratio、The experience of high-thrust aeroengine is also“Contributed”(from80The continuous deterioration of the Soviet economy since the 1970s also prompted the Soviet government to focus on equipment“Economy”A big reason)。
But no matter what the reason,The Soviets themselves knew,equipmentD—18TEngine safety—124Strategic transport aircraft is not a MiG—21、MiG—29That can be fast、Mass manufactured“Battlefield consumables”,Is strategic equipment,Engine only500An hour life is definitely not enough,Too wasteful!Must extend life!
and so,D-18Tin1982After years of successful research and development,1984In the year,Ivchenko Design Bureau received an increaseD—18TEngine life“Three steps”task:Within three years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to800hour;Within five years,willD—18TThe life of the engine is increased to at least1500Hours;10During the year,D—18TThe life of the engine must reach300Hours。
Obviously,This is given by the competent department of the Soviet aviation industry“Three steps”The task can also be seen,The Soviets themselves felt at least in terms of engine life,I can’t catch up with my European and American counterparts in a short time。
The order is down,The Ivchenko Design Bureau had to accept,at the moment“first step”I’ve gritted my teeth,Material preparation started last month、The batch is expected to be officially completed by the end of the yearD—18TThe life of the engine has reached800Hours,But here comes the problem,From the current500Hours increase to800Hours can be considered as a step to climb,How can I800Hour climb1500hour?How to get from1500Hour climb3000hour?
The Ivchenko Design Bureau is having a headache for this order.,Fernandez·Chen is here,Then his secretary said that Fernandez·Chen got andD—18TThe engine is at the same thrust level、But the British Rolls with an engine life of up to 10,000 hours·RoyceRB211All engine technology、Patent and production materials。
Go directly to the British、Ask if they can“Learn”a bitRB211How does the engine achieve a life of 10,000 hours?,You don’t have to think about it,Kelly·Hicks“Inadvertently”When the revealed news is placed before our eyes,Yuri·The people of the Ivchenko Design Bureau headed by Kravchenko suddenly realized a possibility:
If we can“Learn”、“Borrow”a bitRB211Craftsmanship and production materials,Dare not say easy willD—18TFrom the present800Up to1500Hours or3000Hours,But at least we can know what our western counterparts do。

In fact, this is an example of opening one eye and closing one eye in normal life.,Still at work,Even in some high-end business practices,That’s almost something everyone knows well,but,This time,It seems that it won’t work。

Because everyone doesn’t recognize it。
Even if they respect the old chairman,,They won’t sit still,and so,They met in his office to make trouble。
“Wu Guodong,Your kid is amazing,You actually offended that King Xiao Yan。”
“Yes,It’s not good for you to offend,You dare to provoke that King Xiao。Do you think your life is too long??”
“I still dislike your grandpa’s company, which is so good,You guys don’t have much brains。”
“Yes,When you say you do things,Don’t you think?Who is Xiao Fan??Even old guys like us will give him three points of face。”
“You actually relied on your grandpa to help his grandpa,So disrespectful to him,I see how you end up this time。”
“Yes,We can’t control you,You just need to solve this problem perfectly,”
“Don’t leave the company founded by the old chairman himself.。”
“I tell you,We can’t control how you want to toss,Don’t want to manage,but,You must give us an explanation today。”
These people are filled with righteous indignation,All of them are at war,At first glance, it seems that today I will not give up unless the problem is solved.。
These people are the veterans of the Wu Group,They themselves have opinions on Wu Guodong,I think this kid has no ambitions,So happy。
Little Tripe Chicken Intestine。
Doesn’t look like someone who can do great things。
but,The old chairman is very stubborn,Insist on letting Wu Guodong be the chairman of the company,I told him to exercise,If it really doesn’t work,And then removed his chairmanship。

Xiang Chen looked at Li Tianxing and said,But the latter has not had time to be moved,Xiang Chen’s sentence“You stay and serve as a shield for me”Directly made Li Tianxing have the urge to draw a gun and shoot。

“If it’s as dangerous as you said,So why should I distract my staff,Protect you?”
Zhou Ziyi asked with a smile。
“Because I will stay and help you block most of the people!”
Xiang Chen looked at Zhou Ziyi, Then he gave a stiff laugh,“If you think this deal is a loss,We’ll go our own way。”
Look up to the ceiling,There is darkness behind it。
Xiang Chen’s tone returned to laziness,As if the world has nothing to do with him。
“Indeed used your four bodyguards,But they are nothing more than four drivers in my eyes,Four meat shields,Or something else,None of this matters,No matter what honor they have at least received,Can’t stop the bullet from passing through their bodies。”
When Xiang Chen spoke,Like an old man who is getting older,Voice slightly lower,It takes Zhou Ziyi’s attention to hear clearly。
“I’m still a little curious,Why did you choose to help me?”
Zhou Ziyi frowned slightly,He is still very curious about Xiang Chen’s behavior,After all, I just made a big unpleasant,Now Xiang Chen doesn’t fall into trouble?
Non-self race,His heart must be different。Zhou Ziyi can’t convince himself,The Xiang Chen in front of him will be the same enemy!