Shenzhen Luohu Union Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District"

Original title: Enterprise masses are no longer "return" Luohu Joint Huizhou Zhongkai launched a government service "Bay District", after cooperation with Shantou, "cross-city" cooperation, Shenzhen Luohu District is cross-regional in government service Add new initiatives in cooperation. Around the enterprise and the masses between the enterprises and the masses in the city of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao, Luohu District jointly launched a government service "Bay District" on June 25th. This move will create a more convenient and fast, unified normative, and high-quality government service environment for enterprises and masses in Shenzhen Luohu, Huizhou Zhongkai and other regions.

  Shenzhen Luohu and Huizhou Zhongkai use "online + line" cross-regional cooperation method. Online, at the Guangdong Government Service Network site online "Bay District" service area, providing online full process network service.

Under the line, in the Entity Government Hall of the Entity Government, the "Bay District" service window is established. Through the 5G visual equipment, it is carried out through 5G visual equipment, and the innovation launch "interplay window, the pro-delivery, remote handling, postal delivery" New mode of government service.

  At present, in Guangdong Government Service Network, Luohu Zone and Luohu District Administrative Service Hall "Bay District", "The first batch of 7 departments have achieved a total of 32 Huizhou matters can be in Shenzhen Luohu" Bay District ", involving corporate establishment Register, high-frequency events such as foreign trade operators record registration, benefiting about more than 14,000 Huizhou household registration personnel living in Luohu.

At the same time, 60 matters in 11 departments in Luohu, Shenzhen, can also be in Huizhou Zhongkai "Bay District," can all have close relationships with the masses, no criminal records, etc., as well as the market main body of the business registration. Service matters.

  Next, Luohu District will further expand the "cross-provincial" "cross-city" "Bay District" "Bay District", according to "high frequency priority, should be on" "online priority, online supplement "" Realize a batch, announce a batch "principle, constantly combing increased ones. By setting the service area, open service specials, deploy a multi-channel cross-regional approach to multi-channel online, etc., allowing convenience services to more enterprises and masses.

(Reporter Feng Qing correspondent Feng Tingting) (Editor: Zhang Yuwen, Chen Yizhu).

but,For Wang Teng,Actually Wang Teng himself,It’s very indifferent。

Such a thing,Start now,How to solve it。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But then,Such a problem,How to deal with it。
Actually just like this,It’s not easy at all。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,In itself,The more I think about it, the more it feels ridiculous。
“well,Such a thing,It’s very interesting。”
“But I won’t talk about other things for now,At least here,There is still a need to solve it!”
Just look in front of you subconsciously,The more so,Wang Teng is here,Sudden increase in speed。
And those people in front of you,I thought I had a chance to win。
But now look,These people are completely dumbfounded。
These ones,what’s going on,Why and what they see,It seems a little different。
When I was thinking about this in my heart,Actually here,Wang Teng is comfortable。
“but,Your people,It looks like,It’s still a bit too bad。”
slowly,While looking at these,In fact, for Wang Teng,Wang Teng’s heart,On the contrary, I don’t even feel that,What is there to worry about about these things。
Not only that,But the more so,Actually now,Such a thing,How to deal with it。
Just these,In fact, it’s not easy already。
And looking at these,at this time,Actually watching Wang Teng,Wang Teng said directly。
“in fact,I already said,you guys,Not my opponent!”
It’s in Wang Teng,I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously。
obviously,Such a thing,By itself,In fact, it’s more direct and thorough than imagined。

“Mix,Who let you stand up?,Give me a while going back to eat。”

Nine uncle blows the beard,A female ghost has turned his two apprentices.,Fast。
Liao Wenjie did not say anything,Female ghost sound,It’s a very similar to the fox.,If it is not his mind,I will definitely be fascinated by the soul.。
“I don’t know how to live.,Dare to learn in front of me,Today, you have to fly.。”
Nine uncle takes the wood sword on the table,Anxious,Ready to rush out of Yizhuang to kill the girl。
“Don’t be excited,I will lose out you.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“Nine uncles,Care,You calm down and think about it.,A ghost area,How to dare to 捋 捋。to be honest,Her surface is hooked Qiu,In fact, it is seduce you.。”
Nine uncles:“”
The truth is such a truth,But the words come from Liao Wenjie.,How to listen to how to change。
Liao Wenjie, a boxing, in the autumn waist,Stimulate the pain in physics,Wake the ghosty autumn。
so,Ghost fans are not terrible,Terrible is that no one will wake up next to it.。
“Nine uncles,Let’s take a meal.,Let the girl continue to shout,Be a song,Have something, she is called a night,Who can’t stand it first?。”
Nine uncles:“”
Ghost scorpion,The ghost is not very good.,Qiusheng and WenQ are certainly can’t stand it.。
“Master,Xiao Yu”
Qiusheng Xiangxiang wakes up,I want to ask something,I didn’t dare to talk by Nine Uncle.,Only have to look back to Liao Wenjie:“Jiege,Is Xiaoyu really a ghost??”
“how,Gentle and fragrant,You can’t bear it?”
Yes,Can you discover again in two days later?!
Qiusheng is so thinking,Talk on the mouth:“no,I just feel that people know that people don’t know,A good girl,It turned out to be a ghost, I thought I met my life.,so sad。”
Letter you blame,When you are lying,Manage the expression。
Liao Wenji mouth,Qiusheng full face,Don’t put what is innocent。
“I am waiting for you outside the door.”
“Why can’t you still come out?”
Ghost,Fierce,Qiusheng Gangnao open his mouth,See the fists of Liao Wenjie,Immediate cold stem。
Bury,A gentleman。
Nine Uncle and Liao Wenjie are sitting in the dining hall,Equity of Qiusheng is hurting,Survival,Will not be fans,Others can be different.。
Shoungee for his grandfather and Alway,The security team team went to the gate of Yizhuang,Seeing their wretched expressions,Already in the brain tonic。
Talent and Qiusheng smiled,Alway and others will work,Ren to be an old age, I still don’t accept the old。
Nine uncle is not unreliable,I am shocked by everyone in the courtyard.,Ambiguous,Continuous tape climbing into the dining hall,Still politely on the door。
“Nine uncles,There is a ghost outside,This is how to do?”See Nine Uncle,Running is like finding the main bone。
“Demon,Ghost is to find Qiusheng,Throw him out safely。”

Zhou Ye is very serious,But just softly“Um”write。

I thought I didn’t expect the ventilator in the old-age ward that the patient came with it.!
It’s a poor acid room.……
“This is not recent,This ventilator is always faulty,He often disables ventilator,1Patients before we came to emergency because of obvious chest tightness,The emergency people are also handling,Slightly evaluated the turnover to our oldest ward,The ward is empty,I can only rely on my face.。”Ma Pianyi shakes his head,Facelessness。
In the hospital is like this,Whealthhouse rooms are empty in the ward,It is easy to be emerged as a strong plug!
The ward in the department is equivalent to the doctor’s waist,The bed is filled.,Can you have a hard waist?,There is a forcibly arrangement of an emergency.!
I heard the patient’s breathing is a failure.,Zhou Ye guess the incentive of seventeen points。
“Not ingenious, he breathed tonight.,Right?”Zhou Ye can’t laugh softly.。
Ma Chao Yi’s face suddenly gave birth to a piece of embarrassment,This is really a bit shackled.!
Zhou Ye worsen patients with this chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,After the past few days in the ward, I understand and check the room.,Already quite experience……
Most of the patients and respiratory in the elderly ward and the patients in the respiratory are not like!
How can I not smoke??The effect of the drug is still?
SuchCOPDIt is not common!
So he feels that this patient seems to be a bit,Ask:“What is the past history of this patient??”
NS33chapter Reflections on patients
Ma Chaoli recalled some。
He looked at Zhou Ye,Slowly:“Previous history is relatively simple,Previous high blood pressure20year,diabetes15year。”
Zhou Ye is also“Um”A sound。
The past history refers to the major illness he has suffered.。
If it is just simple hypertension and diabetes,That is still relatively simple。
I hope that the patient should not conceal the medical history.!
Think of Li Si Feng concealed the family history of his tuberculosis,Zhou Niwu is still afraid。
If each patient does not cooperate,The clinical diagnosis of the original is a bigger difficulty.……
Doctor is difficult。
Do a doctor who is not lie by the patient is more difficult!
Zhou Ye asked a big medical record and habits,By the way, I asked a sentence.,“What is the special history of this old family??”
Ma Chao:“Ask him that I said that there is nothing special.,I haven’t seen his straight family since the time.,Send him is the nanny at home.。”
Please also get a babysitter?
It seems that there is money.。
No wonder that there is no invasive ventilator。
Now the market is a little new version of the fish jumping card.110,000 yuan started。
Chatty,Elevator has been from14Flock18building,Short2Minute process,Let Zhao Swino have already interested in this new patient.。
“The front is our old age ward.。”Ma Chaoli starts with a tour guide in front.。
Look at,It’s really empty!
No wonder patients who are emergency phases……
This is empty, and the wilderness will also see it.。


Equity and Qiusheng exclaimed,Nine uncle saw two people,Raise your hand。
“Noisy,I am scared by him.,Have you good!”
“Nine uncles,I burned a fire.,The old man is not far from zombies,Looking at my scalp.。”
Liao Wenjie opened again,By the way,Bright, who have been flexed by three homes,The wound has not yore:“I met a zombie for some time.,Not only flying,There is also an control of the control,If it is not a brain?,My blood is sucked by him.。”
Talent and Qiusheng have a cool gas,Stay away from Liao Wenjie,Eyeness,I am afraid that he will change.。
Jiu Shi holds the arm of Liao Wenjie,I saw it up and down.,Determine that there is no depreciation,This is just a lack of:“Ager,How do you set the zombie??”
“simple,I am fighting at night.,Find his coffin during the day,Drag to the bottom of the sun,Directly coffin board。”
“Have a very right。”
“so,Tomorrow, we also give Ren Laoshu Sun Yak Sun.?”
“Nine uncles,say something。”
“Ager,I burned the old man,Indicate simple,But I don’t want to be in Renjiazhuang in the future.。”
Nine uncle shakes his head,Sigh:“Although I am、Practice、Slim,But it is inevitable that the more it is more in the red dust.,Many years,Common thing,I can’t want to do something.,Only for the birth of a lot of yin,After the death, mixed with a qi Dangdang。”
“Nine uncles,Can you say something?,Don’t play the bullry?”
“I am abolished,You still have hope。”
Nine uncle is not a good sentence,His hearts have been sent,Vehicle was won by a pot of cool water,Don’t want to talk to Liao Wenjie。
“You two,Prepare paper strokes sword。”
Nine uncle is not good for Liao Wenjie,For two stupid brothers, it is stylish.,One person and a cerebelow:“What is it?,Yellow paper、Red pen、Black ink、kitchen knife、Wood sword,Don’t you understand this??”
Know that I will take us!
Talent and Qiusheng face grievance,Trojan leaves the hall,After a while, you will be prepared.。
Nine uncle,Take the knife to wipe the living chicken neck,Waiting fresh red blood full of porcelain bowl,Pedal,Cup of handset。
He raised his hand to pick up the glutinous rice,Put on the candlelight,Red light introduces porcelain bowls with flooded chicken blood,Instant flames。
Follow,He took the ink poured into a bowl.,Stir well before the flame is extinguished,Finally, take the gossip mirror,Pour this bowl of black red liquid into the ink groove。
This Taoist is already Mao Mountain secret.,But Nine Uncle is not taboo Liao Wenjie is next to it.,Hell,There is no active invitation Liao Wenjie to watch,There is no way to steal him.。
“Be,You bomb on the coffin with ink lines,This can seal the body of the old man.,He is turning a zombie and he is lying in the coffin.。”
The first half is to say to the queen and autumn,The second half is to say to Liao Wenjie,He is trapped in the red dust.,I didn’t dare to serve my old ashes.,But not sitting in a zombie,This problem is still difficult to fall.。
WenQ and Qiusheng pick up ink,Old and old, survive around Ren Weiyong’s coffin。
“Remember,All places have to be bomb,Don’t have omissions。”
“Do not worry,Master。”
“We still have no problem with this small matter.。”
Liao Wenjie:“”
Forgive him to talk about it,Iron-played autumn,Wen Wencai,These two feeding pits are not a day two days.,Not worth trustworthy。
Not half-shaped,WenQ and Qiusheng will make the coffin to make the ink line,At least the surface is no problem.。

The third dark frenzy came more ferocious,The ancient gods do their best,Squeezed out the soul of the black dragon,Barely suppressed this attack,I can’t imagine the fourth time,Li Tianzhen can only stare and watch。

Many ancient gods showed a decisive look,Just like the moment when the gods died,Unfortunately this time,They no longer have a place to hide,Death,Should be their ultimate destination,In the process of the collapse of the universe,No one can escape。
“What kind of person is Li Xiucheng??”Seeing it will be over,Li Tianzhen’s many questions in his heart have not had time to figure out,Before the fourth dark frenzy arrives,He wants to ask one by one to understand。
“Li Xiucheng is a god,not human,Is the true god born in the day after tomorrow,He is you,You are Li Xiucheng。”
shit,Li Tianzhu secretly scolded,Then asked again,“What is Hou Tian Dao Sheng?”
“Enlighten first,Become a God。”
“Is the God Realm really destroyed??”
“As you can see。”
“You ancient gods born in the Tao,Obviously great,Why can’t save the destruction of God Realm?Why did I go to the mortal world and choose my body to hide?”
The ancient god’s face was warm and angry,Seeing to happen,The rest of the ancient gods are also angry,But with a bang,Sacred Space Earthquake,The fourth dark frenzy finally arrived。
The soul of the black dragon has become a phantom,Seeing that the six-pointed star array cannot be activated again,The ancient god in the center of the eyes sighed,Primordial spirit,It turned out to be a humanoid monster with four arms and four legs,The other ancient gods hesitated and followed suit,For a time,Various forms of primordial spirits appeared on the sky,Some are as large as a mountain,Some are as petite as a civet cat,Some resemble ancient behemoths,Some stand upright like a needle。
These great ancient gods,Every one is a creature born under the law of the Great Dao,Now they are all disconnected from the law they represent,Are intolerable in the current world,The destruction of the gods is not just a factor in the war of the heavens,The key is the collapse of the law,There must be a major problem。
Last moment,These guys have chosen to blew the soul to resist the fourth dark frenzy,This kind of thought,It can be said to be very bloody,But from another angle,Isn’t it the grievances and revenge against the divinity that cannot be hidden??Since you won’t come out,Let’s be done together!
Li Tianzhen’s eyes jumped,But I can’t condemn these ancient gods,With the screaming and screaming, breaking through the sky,Jiuying also jumped out in a panic,Do you regret getting into Li Tianzhen’s body at this time?,No way to study,It just wants to fly to the top of the sky,Find a safe way out,The worst is going to die last,Nine heads are hard to agree on。
The ancient gods showed contempt at Jiuying,Let it run around,Even rushed into the gate of the ancient temple and ignored it,In a while,Jiuying rushed out again disappointed,Also let go of the imprisoned gods in the Huoyan Temple,The god hidden space is messy for a while like the end。
Black influx,Li Tianzhen no longer does what he wants,Leave the pale blue space quickly,Fly to the direction where the ancient gods gathered,The illusory shadow looks weak and windy,The name of God of War,To practice the reality of God of War today,At least in terms of momentum, these ancient gods can’t be compared。
Suddenly a powerful energy wave came from behind,Li Tianzhen turned around in amazement,The door to the blue space that has been closed opens,The vast wave of power slammed his phantom in the air.,A golden glow,Forcing him to open his eyes,Divinity is finally out,Li Tianzhen is overjoyed,Li Xiucheng is the God of War,After all, I won’t wait for death。
Li Tianzhu’s phantom of consciousness is still rolling,A big golden hand suddenly appeared and grabbed him,He felt the surging power in it。

unfortunately,Missed opportunity,His soul is true,Was wiped out in an instant!

Yuyan World God,Fall。
Killer,Sanjiegong Shennong。
First13chapter Years of Dreams
Death of Yuyan World God,Caused an uproar in Biteng Domain。
Yuyan World God Himself,Just one world,The strength is comparable to the weakest Taoist,Never occupied a territory,The domain name does not appear in the endless border。
But his master Biteng ancestor,Is a top prince。And his master,Is Sui Meng Daojun,He is the fourth peak Daoist in endless territory strength,It is also one of the only four Dao Monarchs with the pinnacle of flow of mind。
Disciple killed,The ancestor of Biteng naturally angry,As a disciple of Suimeng Guru,Bitengzong is also a branch of Suimeng Sect,Naturally not weak。
Lian Ancestor and the fallen world god of Yuyan,There are five Taoists,The number of Taoists is no less than that of Tianqiongzong,Three Realms Palace。
Old ancestor Biteng shot angrily,Two of the three Taoists under his command also dispatched Dharmakaya,Pursuing the murderer who killed Yuyan World God。
The ancestor of Biteng himself is a top Taoist monarch,The two Taoists under his command,One is also a common edge,Another one is better than Yuyan World God。
These three Daojun Haohao went out,It also invites the master Suimeng, who is proficient in time and space, to watch the time,turn up‘murderer’,It’s to hunt down the traces of the Shennong clan。
A big battle,Shennong managed to escape by relying on life-saving wonders,And Biteng ancestor chased and killed,But hit the second strongest of the Three Realms Palace—Sui Renshi。

The old man looks back,It’s Ou Sheng,My face is wrinkled。

“Grandpa,Didn’t you say that your rheumatism is going to be guilty again in recent days,How to clean up by yourself。”
In the past, Ou Sheng snatched the chicken feather blanket in Fang Zhishan’s hand,It’s not like Fang Zhishan, but he insists on saying:“Little girl,do not move。Grandpa knows you are kind,Want to help grandpa。
But you count,From small to large,Every time you help me clean things up,How many antiques broke me!”
Osheng Laodi was ruthlessly exposed by the old man,Feint:“No return on a good deed,I don’t want to help you clean!”
After a while,Seeing Fang Zhishan ignored his own temper,Had to complain:“Didn’t you ask more than one person to help see the store?,Don’t do everything by yourself。”
“I asked a young man to help,But he only promised to work at night,Come here later。”
Fang Zhishan is looking up and down Chen Xiu,Slightly said:“Xiaosheng,Why not introduce your friend。”
“Grandpa,Hello there。I am Chen Xiu,Er Dong Chen,Monasticism!”Chen Xiu is a familiar self-introduction。
O Sheng said with a red face:“Who is your grandpa?,This is my grandpa!”
“Isn’t your grandpa our grandpa,Who do i share with you,is not it。”
Osheng’s face is even redder,Lower your head and say:“You are you,I am me,Who did you follow!”
Fang Zhishan sees everything in his eyes,The little young man in front of him actually made himself, his always unrestrained granddaughter, also have such a shy face,Look happy。
“Grandpa,Let me clean it for you。”
Chen Xiu was very familiar with the chicken feather blanket,Even more:“Actually, I also opened an antique shop,I opened a store called Tingyuxuan in Anshan。”
“Hello this mouth!”
Fang Zhishan looked at Chen Xiu’s youth and still had some doubts。

“Hello manager Wang,I came here for an internship”Xia Jian’s reaction was quick,He smiled and said。

Wang Dongping frowned and asked:“Came here for an internship?What is a good internship in a warehouse,Are you wasting your time??Who arranged you to come?I do not know how?”
“Manager Tian Dong arranged,The warehouse supervisor knows!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
When Wang Dongping heard that Xia Jian was arranged by Tian Dong,He couldn’t help but look at Xia Jian from head to toe carefully。He suddenly changed his face and said:“You come with me!”
Xia Jian was taken aback,What does this guy want to do?He doesn’t know if it is an enemy or a friend。
First2369chapter Adventure action
At the far east of the warehouse,Has a very beautiful office。And the doorway not far from this office,The guard on guard is exactly the Du Hai brought by Xia Jian。It seems that Tian Dong’s arrangements are in place。
Wang Dongping brought Xia Jian into his office,Then he turned around and closed the office door tightly。Wang Dongping’s move,Frightened Xia Jian。
“Be honest,What are you here for?”Wang Dongping glared with both eyes,Pressing Xia Jian and shouting。
Okay,There is no one in Wang Dongping’s office。Xia Jian glanced at this guy,Replied casually:“I said I’m here for an internship”
“you are lying!Our factory has been in operation for many years,No one has come for an internship yet。Moreover,One person in our warehouse,Pass by me anyway。This time Tian Dong passed me and put you in the warehouse,Don’t you want to mix up?”Wang Dongping approached Xia Jian step by step,Fire is coming out of my eyes。
What does this guy want?Why is he so serious about this??This made Xia Jian suspicious of him。It seems that he does not take any measures,This guy will ruin their whole plan。
Thought of here,Xia Jian suddenly shot,Grabbed Wang Dongping by the collar,Lowered his voice and asked:“What do you want to do?”
Wang Dongping’s face changed drastically,He probably never thought that Xia Jianhui would do something。But this person’s response is not bad,He raised his knees violently,Sneak attack on Xia Jian’s belly。

Only Xu Lihong smiled and said:“Yo!Guest here,Please sit down!“She said,Hurriedly gave way to the big kang。

When Wang Lao saw Xia Jian,,The bones in my hand can’t be chewed anymore,He fixedly looked at Xia Jian,A very pitiful look。
“Xia Jian is here,Please sit down“Wang Degui reacted,Said with a smile。
Chen Yueqin is dozing off,Sit up straight,He also moved his big ass into the Kang in a panic。Xia Jian didn’t say a word,I twisted my butt and sat down。
Wang Youcai saw Xia Jianda’s visit on New Year’s Eve,Surely nothing good,The so-called guilty conscience。He changed his old attitude towards Xia Jian,Said loudly to Xu Lihong:”fast!Hurry up and find a cup for Mr. Xia,Let’s have a few drinks“
“no need,I’m almost drinking,Come over to your house。Old Uncle is not guarding his ancestors in his own home,Came here to eat meat?Isn’t it your son who didn’t even give you meat?!”Xia Jian said,Hehe laughed。
Wang Lao tilted his hand and put the bone on the table,Smiled awkwardly:“I will go back,You drink slowly”Wang Lao said crookedly,I want to run when I jump off the kang。
“Hold on!Old Uncle,I have something to ask you”Xia Jian yelled Wang Laowai who was about to run。The old man’s face suddenly changed,He couldn’t help but peek at Xia Jian。
Wang Degui sees it,Asked with a smile:“What’s wrong, Xia Jian?What’s wrong with Lao Wei??”
“The mountain temple is on fire,Your family probably doesn’t know it, right?”Xia Jian asked coldly。
Listen to Wang Degui,Seems to feel something,He hurriedly smiled and said:“heard,But when we know,This fire has been extinguished。Burn it if you burn it!Outside the village anyway,And it won’t have a big impact on the village,After the New Year, everyone will collect some money,Just build a new one”
“Ok!I said the same back then,But some old people in the village don’t think so,They said which statue in the temple,Almost a hundred years of history,It cannot be restored after burning”Xia Jian’s voice is not high,But very hard,Several people in the house can hear。
Listen to Wang Degui,Nodded and said:“Yes indeed!This hanging statue really has a history of almost a hundred years,If it is really burned,This matter is troublesome”Wang Degui shook his head,Said with emotion。
Wang Youcai listened,A little worried,He stood up busy,Walk to Xia Jian,Took Xia Jian by the arm and said:“Hurry up on the kang,Let’s talk while drinking”
Wang Youcai’s abnormal behavior,Wang Degui couldn’t help but frown,He immediately understood the truth,He smiled and said to Chen Yueqin:“Bring Xia Jian to the Kang,We haven’t had a drink together in years”What he said is so close,They have never had a drink together。
Chen Yueqin was also taken aback,The performance of the father and son today made her feel confused。Why are you so passionate about Xia Jian,She also felt that it was not easy。
So Chen Yueqin jumped off the Kang,Hugged Xia Jian’s legs,Hugged him on the kang。Xia Jian was also shocked,For one thing, he never thought Chen Yueqin would do this,He never thought of,Chen Yueqin, who is over sixty years old, has such great strength。
People suddenly became so passionate,Caught him off guard。This has been taken to the kang,If we go on,Really sorry。