So Dao Ke and Xin Na quickly inferred what the three people will do and their purpose.,It’s like a group of wild dogs on the wasteland facing a formidable opponent,Entangle the opponent,Non-frontal attack,Just take a bite from time to time,Then broke up,But soon they gathered together and adorned far behind,Take another bite,Until the opponent’s blood is drained。

“Drain the blood of the blood?”The knife man laughs up to the sky,There has never been a race that dared to let go of the blood of the blood,And he is very narcissistic,I dare not even have this idea,No race dare,Because they fear the power of ancestors,They don’t understand what ancestral power is,That is the river of blood deep in the galaxy,The river of blood that has been flowing for thousands of years,With indescribable power,It is the root of the blood,Its source is……Even Swordsman and Sinna don’t know,But Fei Yu successfully found it,And created the Holy Blood Array,Make the blood family and the river of blood have a real connection again,This is the whole blood race to avoid destruction,The foundation of revitalization。
The current blood race has once again reached the threshold of reincarnation,Nirvana with the help of ancestral power again is also the inevitable way for race continuation and even rebirth.,Who dare to destroy,Must be retaliated by the whole family,The most terrifying revenge。
“Let’s burn blood again。”The knife man stared at the cloud hole high in the sky,In the dense snow,The dark hole looks very gloomy,He has a very uneasy feeling,I always feel that the sky has passed his hands and feet。
Several elders around heard this,Face changed drastically,But Sina has no objection,One by one,And the knife man doesn’t care about these eyes,The huge praying mantis knife swept into the air,Several powerful supernatural powers came to him immediately,Among them is Shen Wenyu。
“Take me to see the world of mortals。”The knife guest gave Shen Wenyu a blank expression,Then the body soars into the sky,One by one light and shadow lift off,Soon submerged in the cloud。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Can no longer burn the blood of the people,Three times before and after,I think every corner of this world has clearly heard your call。”An elder persuaded。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Should stop the swordsman,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,We must make sure that we are not paid attention to by the entire mortal society。”
“Is Lord Zhehong still dreaming??Once the large-scale blood oath sacrifice to heaven is launched,Is it possible not to be noticed by Fansheng??”The elder who was hiding in the shadow asked coldly。
“It’s better than being so impulsive?In case there is a twist in the middle,Our race will fall into the vortex of siege,I will regret it then。”
“Siege?You mean being besieged by ants?Orihiro,I am ashamed of your thoughts。”
“Mortal individuals are indeed as fragile as ants,But they have taken another strong road,Easy to be ignored by us。”Elder Zhehong shook his head,“The deceased live in the mortal world for a long time,A little bit about this,They call this powerful technology,Powerful firearm,There are other powerful magic weapons,Not lost to powerful magical powers,Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu are more familiar,They have many records,Not as weak as we think。”
“Ambition,Destroy our clan……”
“enough!”The high priest Sina who had never spoken interrupted the quarrel of the elders,The complexion is even colder and terrible,“The knife man makes sense,Prepare for the fourth blood oath。”
Chapter nine hundred and eighty four Anti-sneak attack
When the blood light rushes to the sky again,Li Tianzhen completed his second sneak attack,Still escaped dangerously and dangerously from the col,This time,The high priest and the elder hiding in the dark still didn’t make a move,Because they are presiding over the intricate totem pattern on the base of the altar。
Even so,Li Tianzhen is still injured,Did not meet the swordsman,But under the attack of two priests and an elder,It’s not easy to escape,This stalker sneak attack will become more dangerous every time,Because no one else cooperates,Every sneak attack is equivalent to jumping into a trap。

This system,Yu Xian is no right,even,He doesn’t know how it works.。This is the rule foundation of Yu,No person is not allowed。

“Are you stupid?。I don’t touch me these days.,You don’t have any other woman,What is I think??”
Amina’s dissatisfaction。
If there is really other women, it is good.,During this time, Yu Xian is like a disease.,Getting in a map all day,In addition to the most basic life demand,Really, I don’t eat the fire.!
“You go to the bedroom first,I will wait for it.,You make me quietly。”
Yu Xian’s tired swing。
A Shiza jade hated hateful,Turn away。Why did she have suffered such an gas?,Hateful,Wormful!
After she leaves the study,Jian Xian, touched a letter from his arms.。He put the letter paper to the table,Recent reading of a word。
This is Wei Xiaowan before going to,Some of the insights of this attacking Luoyang。Urchochemical combines yourself,And some zero scattered messages heard,Got a very terrible conclusion。
if there is not“reinforcement”,This time Yu Yuyu,Not good,Will die in Luoyang!completely annihilated!
Qi State,Most likely,Already in Luoyang cloth!
Northweight attack Luoyang,Looks on a road to Shaoguan,In fact, it is not the case.。Army,It’s all walking from Shaoguan,But it is not stupid, all the way to Luoyang。
Wei Xiao width predicts in the letter,Key points to the battle of Luoyang,How much energy is good in high piety?,as well as,What is he?。
Only with high filial piety and his army,It also sees Zhou Jun,This kind of fight is there.。
otherwise,The rear path is easy to be broken。
Luoyang is often in Go.“Robbery”,It is still。Only the battlefield of the other party,Constantly winning here,Consume your opponent,Can get the last victory。
Wei Xiaoxuan first thinks that you can’t play Luoyang。
However, he said that Yu Yu。
Since you want to play,Then let Gao Xiaoyang attracted the firepower in front of the North Qi.,Let Qi Boun,When playing almost,Zhou Jun Renewal。
But there is a problem here.,If they can’t get up??This possibility is still very big。
So Wei Xia widen for Zhou Jun“Admit”Be very worried。
Yiyang in the south of Luoyang,Heyang three towns in the north,All closing“Iron lock”。If Zhou Jun wants to rest assured that he is bold and Gao Bao is in Luoyang’s wrist,These two places,Be sure to guarantee!
This is still in Luoyang wins。
If it is transferred,That really wants to bring the big army back to Shaoguan。
Under the suggestion of Wei Xia width,Yu Yu wrote a letter to Wang Lin,Let him do not move,Don’t help Gao Bifai to play Luoyang。To know,Now Wang Lin is the name of the court to serve in north。
Wang Lin wants to help Gao Bao to give Zhou Guo hammer,Tell it。
What is it??
The more I want to be more afraid!
Yu Xian feels,Now that Yu Yu feels that Luoyang is a matter of his capsule.。
In fact, this is that Yu Xian wants to be bad.,Anyone is stupid,Will not think that Qi State is very bullied?,Can be pulled freely。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Where is not to eat,You’re welcome”Ma Yan heard Xia Jian’s words,So he called home quickly。

The two talked until dinner,It seems that Ma Yan’s question hasn’t been finished yet。While eating,They paid back a lot。In short,Ma Yan was in a good mood when she went back。
Closed the door,Sun Yuejuan said to Xia Jian solemnly:“son!Your age is indeed quite young。Your dad and I don’t ask you to be rich,It only requires you to have a complete home。We have been confused for the past six months,Can you talk about your situation?”
My mother is right,There are so many things happening this year,It can be described as two or three consecutive。Think of it,Xia Jian is upset,He really doesn’t want to speak。But Sun Yuejuan asked like this,As a son,He has no reason not to answer。
“mom!I don’t want to mention the past。What I want to say is that everything starts from scratch。I started a company by myself,In Pingdu。After the Chinese New Year, it will officially operate,Can be considered as doing it for myself”Xia Jian’s understatement,There are some things he really doesn’t want to talk about。
Xia Zecheng listened,Took a breath and said:“Also good!You’re right。Good and bad,Do it for yourself,Never look at other people’s faces anymore”
“Crow’s mouth!What is good and bad?Do it for yourself,It must be done well”Sun Yuejuan shouted at Xia Zecheng。
Xia Zecheng laughed loudly:“You dead old woman,When talking about your son,You are so passionate。Count me wrong!We can only do well!”
“it is good!What you just said was about work,Then let me ask you something,When will you get married?Must give us an answer tonight”Sun Yuejuan said,Changed face。
Xia Jian is most afraid of answering this question,I didn’t expect my old lady to let him go。He smiled awkwardly and said:“What home,Now there is not even a counterpart”
“nonsense!Are there few girls around you?I think either one will do”Sun Yuejuan said,Glanced at Xia Zecheng,Xia Ze established Ma and understood what his wife meant。
He coughed and said:“If you can’t figure it out,Let us introduce you?”
First2279chapter Wang Youcai’s strategy
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up quickly,He waved his hand and said:“do not!Don’t!I’m most afraid of you messing up the mandarin duck book,This arranged marriage doesn’t work for me”
Xia Jian finished,Turned around and ran out of the room。Xia Zecheng’s curse came from behind:“You bastard,I see when you can escape?”
Go back to my room,Xia Jianlue sat for a while,Go to the next room,Put a stick of incense on Zhao Hong’s tablet,And then burned a lot of tickets。He does this every time he comes back,He hoped that Zhao Hong would not suffer wherever,At least don’t worry about spending money。
He gave Zhao Hongli a tablet at home,Not only did my parents disagree,Even some old people in the Xia family disagree。they think,Zhao Hong and the Xia family are not related,Where is the standing tablet。
Xia Jian is a reasonable person,He knows that he is just giving himself a psychological comfort,Actually has no meaning。He thought about it too,Wait until this year is over,He burned Zhao Hong’s tablet,Missing for her can only be buried in my heart。
The twenty-eighth of the twelfth lunar month in the countryside,No longer peaceful,Some kids have started setting off firecrackers。Xia Jian lying in bed,Listen to the sound of firecrackers from time to time,There is an unspeakable attachment in my heart。

“good,Because this intelligence is very important,Once the devil is intercepted, we will have a significant loss.。”

“Jiu Ge is rest assured,Just protect you,The password I contact with the boss is double encrypted.,The devil is impossible to decipher。”Zhuang Xiaoman said,
“Such a big grasp?”
“Do not believe you can take a look。”Zhuang Xiaoman told the secret code,
After reading it, it is indeed high.,This secret code is that Chen Jiaying is not necessarily deciphering.。
“it is good,Then I personally report,You look at it。”Rui Rui is a telecom master,I have learned in the Central An School.,
Qi Rui sent a telegram waiting for a while,Also simple words,That is, he will immediately start arrangement.。
What?Rui is to make the news of the true print version in Chongqing’s news.,Such a Japanese will not continue to find in Shanghai.,It will reduce the pressure of this to the true print version。
It is easy to believe in Japanese in Chongqing.,Because this is very important, how can I fall in Shanghai?,It should be shipped to the safe place.,It is very few people who believe in this news in Shanghai.。
Green Muwu really let the devil’s printing mill lead to a batch of counterparts to Watanaba,The counterfeit banknotes of the hundred yuan are still very like true.,Especially in the dark,Because the paper is a special print paper,So touches can’t touch it.,Such a counterfeit side is quite satisfactory。
In this way, he is still not at ease.,Put some of the real money above,Wait until the agreement, according to the requirements of the kidnapping,Ji Yunqing’s wife came to trading with two people and money.,Fate Border personally with a team of special classes。
But what made him didn’t expect that the kidnapper is very experienced.,Place a letter on the floor of the transaction location,Above it writes people to go to another place,If someone follows, torn immediately。
Watanabe saw letter anger,But he did not follow the letter.,But with people continue to follow,Because the big island organs of the shirts can not let inferior fake banknotes into the market.,This will let the Chinese preparation in advance,He wants to do it.,Only in this way can you make this fake currency war。
The second location is where the water is not far away.,Mrs. Ji saw the back of the street lamp with a personal shadow,She hurriedly asked:“I am going to redemption,Are our veterans??”
“Small phoenix!I am here?,Give them money。”Rui Rui imitating Ji Yunqing’s voice shouting,
At this time, Su Wenqian said with the scorpion.:“Seasil!You still have people.!Don’t you want to live??”
“no,No one is following,Money is in these boxes,Let people put people.。”
“As long as we determine that the amount of money in the box is right.,People we will put!”A masked black man came to the box,After opening, take a few counterparts from the box.,Then throw the money into the box back to the dark。
“You dare to use a false banknote.!It’s too bad.!”I heard a whistle.,
“Do not kill me!They will not take counternuarnotes,Take a closer look.……Do not kill me!”
“Thud……”Someone lost the sound in the water,
“do not……Do not kill me……what……”Ji Yunqing’s wife was screaming.,
Watanabe Maldo listened to the immediate order:“Give me a must to catch the kidnapper here!”
Watanabe Xiongtao took a quick turn of the river,But I found a movie.,What are you doing on the shore?,Watanabe calling speedboat searching the river is also found。
The mids of the season are crying in the Huangpu River water.,Because she heard the scream of Ji Yunqing and Xiaoxiao.,They are torn, it is right.,Just now she also looked hard to be almost fake.,But she dares to blame the Japanese,I can only use big cry to vent my own grief.。
In fact, there is only two people in Rui and Su Wenqian.,Rui Rui, when the season Yunqing,Su Wenqian jumped into the river,After that, he has worked hard to learn a wife.,Two people swim to the safe place,This bold ticket is over。
I want to find the body in the Huangpu River is not so easy.,This thing will not let the devil associate with the family.,This plan is very perfect.,The lack of beauty is not possible to take the counterfeit banknote.,If you can take it, you can do some articles on counterfeit banknotes.。
“Joy,you are awesome,Not only learning men’s voice,Learning women are so like,It’s too god.,How long do I need to learn how long??”Su Wenqian asked,He found that this killing seems to be omnipotent.。
“This is a hard work,If you want to learn me to teach you,When you are fine, you can do it.。”Ritual。
“OK!I am nothing more.。”
“How can I nothing?,Next, your assassination target is Zhang Xiaolin,Study hard to assassinate the program!After study, tell me。”
NS131chapter I live this tonight.
Rui Rui and Su Wenqian are separated after replacing dry clothes.,Rurg back to pharmacy,I didn’t expect Blue Carriers waiting for it for a long time.。
“rouge,Is it important to happen??”
“Ritual,The real print version is really in the Golden Bank of Jincin Bank,But I want to take it very difficult,Unless someone has a valuables in it……”Blue blush,

Zhao Hong cleaned up the water in the house,So I found a pair of slippers and put them on,Only then climbed up the Kang to find Xia Jian clothes。She climbed up like this,The skirt moves up,Her white snow almost reached the roots。

Xia Jian couldn’t help taking a look,He slammed the door shut,So wet, he jumped on it,Climbing Zhao Hong on the kang。
“do not do that!Change clothes quickly”Zhao Hong said softly,But she did not refuse,Even my breathing became quick。
Xia Jian at this time,Like a hungry wolf that hasn’t eaten meat for a long time,He swooped down,I set off Zhao Hong’s short skirt,Lifted to the waist,Showing her attractive red inner.pants。
When Xia Jian’s hand was about to tear off Zhao Hong’s last fig leaf,Suddenly,There was a loud noise,Even the house was shaken。
“earthquake!”Xia Jian shouted,Got up from Zhao Hong’s belly,Opened the door and rushed out。Zhao Hong tidied his clothes,Also chased up from behind。
In Xiping Village,Messed up。Vocal,Barking,Mixed into one,Listening to Xia Jian can’t help but think of the flood a few years ago。Is it the end of the good life of Xiping villagers??He dare not think anymore,But ran towards the gate of the village committee,Because there seems to be a lot of people together。
At this moment,Chen Erniu ran over from the entrance of the village,Mud all over him。Once he arrived in Xia Jian,Shouted loudly:“Oh no!Beishan landslide,The vegetable shed is all crushed underneath”
“what?“Xia Jian shouted,Let go and run towards the entrance of the village。Behind him,A large group of people followed。
The Beichuan River roared and turned a big wave high,The flood drain at the mouth of the village has overflowed,Turned into a small river。Xia Jian ran to the river,A little helplessly stopped。Because of such a big river,He can’t get through anyway。
“How to do?All underneath“Zhao Hong charged up,Pulling Xia Jian’s arm,Crying loudly。
The villagers all followed,But facing the big river like a beast,No one can do it。Look around,Beishan feels almost gone,The rushing mud spreads out black,Crushed hundreds of acres of vegetable greenhouses and disappeared。
Xia Jian asked in a trembling voice:“Is anyone in the shed?“
“nobody,When it rained,Everyone ran home“Some villagers shouted loudly。
Xia Jian turned around,Patted Zhao Hong on the shoulder and said:“Just don’t overwhelm someone,The rest is not important“
“Nothing,Our greenhouse is gone,Isn’t there a breeding plant??“Chen Erniu’s voice came from behind。
Xia Jian quickly turned around and asked:“Is the farm okay?!Where you have a lot of workers,Don’t make mistakes“

“I am your father……”

“I am your uncle!”
The security door was closed again……
“Ding Dong!”
“Ding Dong!”
“Ding Dong!”
15Minutes later,The door was knocked open again。
“are you crazy?!”
“I am your father……colleague……”Wei Wei finally explained it。
Yang Yin really can’t laugh or cry,Turns out this person who looks dumb,Is actually his father’s colleague,The key is his unique accent,Still have some stuttering,It must not be a counter position in the bank!
“Speak?looking for me?”The young man said impatiently。
“Manager Yang……Let me take you……You go to the restaurant to eat……eat……”
“Not going!”Yang Yin refused on the spot。

I wish Minglang is a little bit careful,Take this dragon armor that looks like nothing but pure whiteness in your hand,Then let the Bingchen Bailong with bright eyes try it on。

good or not,I know after wearing it。
Dragon armor,Are connected to the soul,Not like those soldiers、Put on like a war behemoth。
Confirmation completed,I wish Minglang let Xiaobai turn into a battle form,And call out this Feather Dragon Armor!
Bingchen Bailong unfolds feathers and dragon wings,The noble fluff on his body also flutters gracefully,With Bingchen Bailong raised his head,A sun-like sacred flower appeared on its body,Zhu Minglang almost couldn’t open his eyes!
Followed by,It’s extremely gorgeous again,One piece after another Fei Bai Shengyu was born from the Shenghua,Like the purest snow silver,The most perfect diamond crystal,Dazzling,Attached to Bingchen Bailong’s body,Embellished with layers of secondary feathers,It also modifies the body of Bingchen Bailong to be majestic and majestic,There is an aura dominated by a sub-glacier!!
Zhu Minglang slowly widened his eyes,Open your mouth slowly。
I really have the light to blind my eyes,There is really a gem,This means that the inscription was successfully injected,And wing、feather、claw、tail、At least one of these five parts of the body has an effect!
Mr. Koi, who was talking on the side, was also attracted by this Feather Dragon armor,I feel that its fish eyes are mapped as bright as pearls。
“Little saint!”
“Is it really good luck for Yu Ye??”
“Why is a half-caster,Can also forge little holy goods?”
Mr. Koi looked around and wished you clarity,Then I looked at the really amazing sacred armor dragon suit on Bingchen Bailong。

The blue BMW stopped behind Wang Youcai’s car,Wait for the window glass to be down,Hu Huiru, wearing big sunglasses, poked her head out and said:“Lead the way ahead,I have a lot of things today,Can’t delay”Hu Huiru’s voice is a bit cold。

Wang Youcai wanted to walk over and shake hands with Hu Huiru,But when I saw that they didn’t mean it,So he quietly put the hand that was about to reach back into his pocket。
Hu Huiru saw that Wang Youcai was touching,Raised his brows and asked:“Wang Youcai!I’ll let you lead the way, let’s go quickly!what do you mean?”
Wang Youcai heard Hu Huiru’s tone,Then I realized that I was no longer the king of wealth。In the past, Hu Huiru would call him President Wang no matter how bad,The youngest is also Boss Wang,But today is really called by name,And there is no enthusiasm in my voice。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly,Hurriedly got into the car,Lead the way in a jeep。Hu Huiru followed closely behind in a blue BMW。
After more than an hour of bumps,The car finally stopped in front of the river in Chenzhuang。Wang Youcai jumped out of his car,Ran quickly to Hu Huiru’s car,Opened the door for her,Got her off the car。
Hu Huiru got out of the car,Looked up and looked around,Can’t help but frown:“Wang Youcai!Really have you,You can find it in such a remote place?“
“This place is good!look,I have already taken over 30 mu of land by the river,If you plant economic trees here,Is it connected with the original mountain forest?,Is this convenient for operation?“Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。
Hu Huiru’s frowning brows slowly stretched out,She took a few steps forward,Built a pergola with my hands,I looked at it for a while and said:“Thirty acres is too little,Just a fraction of me,At least you have to get me 300 mu,And the lease term is at least ten years,You must know this too”
“300 mu!It’s really hard“Wang Youcai said,Can’t help but look embarrassed。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Work hard,I believe this is not difficult for you,If it’s done, just call me“
Hu Huiru finished,Got into his car。Only whine,The blue BMW took a spin by the river,And flew away like an arrow。
“Stinky girl,What a shit,Someday,I will press under my body“Wang Youcai scolded,I still made a move with my hand。

“Then resign!You can’t take both ends!“Wang Youcai didn’t even think about it,So he said his thoughts。

Song Fang took a breath and said:“Also good!I wanted to insist on moving to the factory。It seems that Qin Shuifeng doesn’t believe us,This time,Brought several people,It looks like I want to take over our work“
“All right,All the formalities must be completed tomorrow,Leaving Huafeng Electric,It’s best to let the news out,Let Xiping Village know that you are no longer working in Huafeng,This is good for your campaign“Wang Youcai finished,Also learned his boss’ domineering,So I hung up the phone in advance。
Just wanted to go to bed,The phone on the desk rang again。Wang Youcai quickly picked it up,Feng Yan’s voice came from inside:“Wang Youcai!What are you doing?The phone is always busy“
“Just answered a call,You have something to say“When Wang Youcai heard Feng Yan’s attitude towards his leader,Can’t help but get angry。
Feng Yan smiled and said:“Didn’t fix you during this time,Good temper!I ask you,Why don’t you come to the city to find me?Doesn’t you recognize people when you lift your pants??“Oh my god!Is this woman drinking too much?,Say everything。
First1823chapter Emergency call
? As the saying goes,With whom to learn art。Although Feng Yan looks charming and charming,But after all, people from big cities,Even pretending in words and deeds,She also pretends to be civilized,Can not,She has become like this now,This makes Wang Youcai still a little unacceptable。
“Damn!Have something to say,Don’t be foolish”Wang Youcai said to the phone without getting bored。
Feng Yan,Yelled on the phone:“Good you are rich,Are you annoying my old lady now??I can tell you,If you have this attitude,See me next time,Don’t think about touching me”
“Not grandma,Someone on my side,You hurry up and talk business!”Wang Youcai made a move,Lied quickly。
Feng Yan said coldly:“Mr. Hu just called,Let me buy a batch of electric fans for your construction site。You do the math,See how many units are needed,Hurry up and report this mathematics,I will go through tomorrow,You can also save a few days of heat”
Turns out to be this,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but feel happy。A kitchen must be,Although Liu Ying said she lives alone,But her house is small,Hotter inside,So where she lives, she also needs one,It’s about seven or eight stations.。Wang Youcai turned his eyes and said:“Then come to ten!Floor shaking head fan”
“Then you are right,I’ll send it to you tomorrow”Feng Yan finished,Hung up。
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai thought that he had to go to Xiping Village again if it was not light the next day,So I went to bed early。 He slept very soundly this night,Because several things made him happy。
Xia Jian and Song Fang met at Long Mingxuan Tea House,Both of them are naturally very happy。They ordered a pot of Longjing,And then closed the door of the private room。
“what happened?Xiao Xiao said someone attacked you last night”Fang Fang asked Xia Jiandao puzzledly。

Zhu Huiwei shouted:“He wants to use the secret method of burning longevity to increase his combat power!”

Mo Taicong directly raised his left arm by one gear,Zhu Huiwei’s sword spirit was broken by him,Only a light red mark is left on the arm。
Chen Xiu knows how sharp the sword qi urged by Zhen Qi is,That is, ordinary steel plates can be cut,It shows how powerful Mo Taicong’s arm is。
Mo Taicong screamed at Zhu Huiwei:“Zhu’s,Where is my third brother?”
Zhu Huiwei wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and said:“He has entered my stomach with your brother,Soon you can reunite with them!”
“I will kill you with a life span of 400 years!”
Mo Taicong’s muscles exploded again,Every muscle is like armor on the body,Zhu Huiwei repeatedly issued a sword gas,It’s just that these swords slashed him like a child scratching it。
“Zhu Huiwei,Die for me!”
Mo Taicong suddenly violent,It hits Zhu Huiwei like a humanoid tank。
Zhu Huiwei can’t avoid it,Arms close to the chest to protect the vital organs of the heart。
“Bang!”The sound of。
Zhu Huiwei was directly knocked out,I broke three trees with waist thickness in a row before it fell,Green blood spurted out of my mouth。
“Old Zhu,You are too full of blood sucking and overflowing!”Chen Xiu said in surprise。
“by,This is Lao Tzu’s own blood,I broke three ribs!”
Chen Xiu looked at his chest,The position of the left rib is really concave,Quavered:“This guy is powerful now、Invulnerable,How to do!”
“He burns his lifespan to increase his strength,Can only last for five minutes,It takes five minutes!”