“cut,Isn’t it a dark attribute?,Look at your frown,I happen to know a way,Since you don’t need,Then I do not talk about it”Long Yuan deliberately hung his appetite。

“Really?I want”Fuming’s eyes light up,Can’t wait to ask。
“Don’t,I am making trouble,You are business,How dare I say”At this time, Long Yuan proudly don’t want it。
“I。。。Can’t I be wrong?”Fuming tone immediately softened,I can’t help laughing。
“Humph,Since you begged me,I’ll tell you”Long Yuan’s voice suddenly became mean,Angrily gritting his teeth secretly。
“I met a dark guy before,That guy also came and went without a trace,As long as there is a little shadow,This cargo can get in,I suffered from him many times,Later I invented a combat technique,Actually it shouldn’t be considered strictly speaking”
“Ok。。。It’s to quietly spread my lightning attributes over all the surrounding objects,This is equivalent to setting up a warning net around me,As long as he steps into my range of perception,Then he can’t run away!”
Fuming showed Mingwu’s look,It turns out that attributes can also be used like this“Then as you say,Is the lightning attribute the nemesis of the dark attribute?!”
Long Yuan shook his head“You think too much,All things grow together,The only thing that really restrains him at the source is the light attribute,So this lightning attribute can only be perceived,Can’t give him a fatal blow”
Fuming nodded“That’s enough,Just know where he is,I can kill him!”
“Mr,Lianfeng Town is here”The driver driving ahead yelled,Brought back the fuming who was thinking,Look through the window,The town says Lianfeng Town。
The car slowly entered Lianfeng Town,There are not many pedestrians in the whole town,Even if there is, it is cautious,no way,The name of the evil eater is too scary,Everyone is afraid that they are the next goal。
The car stopped slowly,Get out of the car and go straight to the mayor’s house in this town。
Set foot in the mayor’s yard,A man with a hunchback came up“who are you?”
“Hello,I am a student of Bailian Academy,I received the wanted order for the lore,This is my information card”Fuming explained,Handed his student information card to the man。

First0052chapter Beauties tender

The meeting broke up,When back to the office,Xia Jian discovered,Just kicked,Hurt myself too。
Black leather shoes,Also wiped off a piece of skin,Take off your shoes and have a look,Ouch,Inner forefoot,Also got a big swelling,It seems that I can’t leave my mouth,Fist,It really makes sense,This time,I really haven’t practiced much on my feet。
Door opened,It’s Secretary Wang,She’s handy,Closed the door。
“I scared you just now!”Xia Jian hurriedly put down her feet in her hands,Tolerate pain,Asked with a smile。
Wang Lin nodded,Sat down in the chair opposite him,Took a breath and said:“So risky!Thanks to you,I was careless,Did not listen to Mr. Xiao’s arrangement”
“How to say?”Xia Jian looked puzzled,Does this Xiao Xiao have the ability to reach the sky?,I knew there would be no today。
A small bottle in Wang Lin’s hand,Put it on Xia Jian’s desk,I trimmed my messy hair,Settled,Just say:“Yan Zhengsen and Zhang Chenglin are friend friends,Support each other within the group,Did a lot of detrimental activities,Mr. Xiao already knew,she is not here,These two will definitely jump out and make trouble,When I moved Zhang Chenglin,prepare in advance,But I was in a hurry,I’m busy with this”Wang Lin shook her head regretfully。
I didn’t expect the company’s boss to do it so hard,It seems that not everyone listens to the boss,But Xiao Xiao’s arranging trick to kill the chicken to show the monkey,Which Yan Zhengsen will be honest for a while at least,It’s best not to make trouble when you are in office,Xia Jian thought,Can’t help but shook his head。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“I never thought Mr. Xia was so young,With such a good skill,It seems that President Xiao chooses,Generally not wrong,Today this,If you change someone else,I don’t know where I lie now“
Mature woman smile,More lethal,Wang Lin was shocked just now,She is now,Like a wounded bird,Be caring for everywhere,Xia Jian suddenly felt like a hero,The one in front of you is the beauty,Hero saves beauty,Why not。
Xia Jian excited,Ha ha smiled:“I have no other skills,Just can’t get used to other people’s rampage,Especially bullying“Talking,Great heroism is here,The right foot moved involuntarily under the table。
“Ouch!“Xia Jian couldn’t help but yell。
This is shameful,I was talking big just now,It hurts right now。
Wang Lin,Stood up immediately,Grab the small bottle on the table,Bypass the desk,Walk directly to Xia Jian’s side,Say warmly:“Come,let me see“
Which look,Which tone,Even a piece of steel,Will also be melted。Xia Jian immediately made a voice in his heart,Bastard,who are you!Dare to think,You are now the acting boss of the group,I’m your secretary,Xia Zhima sat up straight,Said with a serious face:“Nothing,Go busy with you!“
Wang Lin doesn’t listen to Xia Jian at all,Squatted down,Grabbed Xia Jian’s foot,Oh my God,I’m Xia Jian in his twenties,Except for my own mother,This is the first time I have been like this by a woman,And still such a beautiful woman,Xia Jian’s body is soft。
When he reacts,Shoes and socks,Has been taken off by Wang Lin,Xia Jian reluctantly squeezed out two words from his mouth:“No need to“

A suffering of suffering,I don’t forget to pull the Chu Deirers.。

Chu Deirers feel,Just pack different and wind,Far away from yourself“Not talking about the rules of the rivers and lakes”Degree,Naturally, there is no meaning and other people,Trailing:“Three strokes?Also,This is the place of Murong,You don’t have to lose,Give the heroes play a monkey play!”
Said that I have already shot,Although it is abroad,But still reach out,Three finger stresses evil from the wind wave。
Original wind wave, I saw Chu Deirers acknowledged“Trick”,Also thought it is the other party,How is this refron is so far?,I only afraid of the participation fingers of my son, I don’t want to catch it.?
In fact, it is also a bad mist.,Murong is now martial arts,Absolutely above the Chu Deirers,Just the participant and dance, the Qiankun is far more than the distance.?Also I want to have a heart!
The three points of power under the control of Chu Deirers,Several non-color invisible,Although the wind is evil still feels,Even the knife is busy,But this refers to the turn of the air.,The circle hit the waist side of the wind wave、Vest and knee lone……
The wind wave only feels that it is striking three punches——Hurt,But there is no imagination so much.。
“Three strokes have been……”The wind is evil, and the single knife is played.,First, show your martial arts,Two is also reminding the opponent to be careful,It is not a yin。
Abi and Aizhi want to stop,However, the wind wave is evil is a good person.,Now there is a head,How can I let go??
Just disappointment,I thought Chu Deirers’ martial arts,Just when the wind is almost almost,Chu Deiren Direct Dynamic Road:“You still play a monkey play.!”
I saw the right hand of the Chu Deiren just tried.,The wind wave is very unclear.,Suddenly feel the legs,Then the waist is cold、Unconsciously……
Chu Deee is another shake,The wind is evil directly spread the knife,Slaidly, it is a different turnover,I feel straight to twisted my waist.!
This is not like the means of the big rivers and lakehood,Injudgment is the means of Taiji Masters in the 21st century——Put the people in the field,Even skeptical,This wind wave will not be a nursery。
But others suspect,The package is different but it is impossible to doubt,Did you have a chu deer to make a means of evil gates?。
The wind is also a violation,One force to force the suppression of their own strength,The result was injured three points.,Planted to the ground、Another squid、Another lazy torrential toss。
See the brothers in different packages,I am busy drinking:“stop!Speed except my four brothers!”
Said that I also cut the knife to the Chu Deirers,But this is anxious,Directly,Internal force perfusion, knife four overflow,Although it has increased a bit of power,But there are few……
“Bao Song and so on!”A Zhu still wants to stop“Oneself”Tap,But how can I get a package??
Chu Deiren saw the bag and cut,But it is moving,I don’t even see the sword、Not seeing,Just achieve the peak of different force,When the knife is running,Chu Deirers suddenly moved……
“flowering”A process,“bloom”But it is a flash of turning fleet!
From the time axis,Flower is either bloom,Either in the wit,No matter how long,All flowers“bloom”all the same,Just in this blooming momentum。
No one in theory,Be able to fold“bloom”if,Maximum is infinitely close……
at this moment,Chu deer reached out,Just as if it is extended in the long run,To grasp the most beautiful hand——Flowers are blooming,Do not have flowers!
Old people don’t feel such a clear gas change,Unlike the package,Also feel that the Chu Deee reached out,Later……Somehow,Just on the back of the knife,Then in our own pulse,I first feel the palm of your hand.,Then the wrist,It is actually between a trick,I was taken by the Chu Deirers.!
Eating melon:???
Although I know that Chu Deirers are not,After all, the rumor is in the five-five five-five-five,but……This is too fast.?
Murong’s person,Are you so weak??
Mi Yoko is squinting,Start doubting that these two are not different、Wind wave,It is the nursery of Chu Deirers.!
I don’t know,In fact, at the beginning of Hengshan City,Chu Deirers and Yu Yuhai for dozens of tricks,It is completely inlay,only“Peacock open”Look fancy,Therefore, it is not ugly to see on the scene.。
But after two months,Chu Deirers now meet Yu Yuhai,It is really possible to open five five,even……Can better defend less!
Package、Wind wave flow,The big arrival is better than the cloud、Little in Yue Laosan。
certainly,Distinguished,Winning or see。

Although I said that this year of Temples often do some“Trickery”Thing,Tibetan sullet is often something。However, this time I went to the temple.,It seems that the taste is a bit heavy.。

“Yang Zauxian,Please come in。”
Gao Bo Yi made a give gesture。
Yang Wei shook his head,Sighing the temple enters the big huge temple,I saw the empty air,There is a dress in the Ming Tang.“Three clothes”Young monk,Sitting in front of a big Buddha!
“He called Cheng Xi Ning,It is the most faithful guard of the emperor.。”
Gao Bao walked over,Put the high jade to the other party:“Emperor has told the secrets here,Your mission is over,Let’s follow me later.。”
The young monk took the jade,Focus on the high ocean,Retreat:“Large manager,Please come in!”
Yang Hao saw Gao Baoyi,He suddenly found out,Gao Bo Yi Duan to Dazhuang Temple,It seems that it is really not a trouble.!
This bright,What is an amazing secret??
Yang Yu full of stomach,Tight after high,I am afraid that I am lost.。
NS898chapter Golden Buddha(Down)
The structure of the majestic temple is very strange,Located in the front hall,It is not large,At least it is far from it to its identity status in Yucheng。
This is the Royal Temple of the North Queen Royal.,Heaven,It seems to be some small family。
But after passing through a long cloter,Will come to the back hall of Dazhuang Temple,There is also a Buddhist Hall here.,Not only is clean and tidy, not only people cleaning,And still standing twelve big Buddhas。
Look at the law,Quite。
People feel that this should be the main hall of the temple.,But in fact,It is generally not open to outsiders here.,Only the royal family asked to do a speech,I will open this small meeting。
More critical is,This temple,Established time is not long,And it is built under the strong demand of the ocean.,So in the outside,Both a mysterious breath。
Including the twelve big mud Buddha。
At this moment,Yang Hao saw these Buddha statues behind the Gao Biyi,There is a non-coordinated in my heart.,It seems that this will not appear like this.。
In fact, it is not only Yang Wei.,Gao Bo Yi also has this feeling。
how to say,Just like in a decorated ordinary residence,Hard plug in a CNC machine tool,How to see how weird。
“Cheng Xi Ning,How do you say?”
Gao Baoyi asked。This person seems to be a high ocean arrangement here to guard against the twelve big golden Buddha.,For this reason, he is still in the art.,It is also dedicated.!
“Since it is the emperor to give the trolley to the most governor,Then it is naturally in accordance with the spirit of the emperor,Give these things over to the most,Do not ask。”
Cheng Xiu Ning took a gift to Gao Baoyi,Immediately,Shot。
More than ten hammers,Kongwu,Rad straight into the Buddhist Hall,Gifts to Gao Baoyi,It seems waiting in the order。
This scene makes Yang Yu to see stunned
He never thought,In this simple temple,Actually hidden in such a group of people,Guarding an important thing。They are probably the dead loyalty of the Gao Yang,And it is the kind of unclear。
“Be,let’s start。”
Gao Bao is gently swayed。

After all, this easily affects the mentality of the little girl。

But Wang Yufei who was in it was totally unsure,In fact, Guo Xiaoyi’s mentality has already become different from before。
Even the definition of excellence has long been different from before。
For example, when I was in the third grade,She has also been like other little girls who are in love,Best for learning in class,I especially like to wear a white shirt with blue jeans in summer,The little boy who always has a clean face has a good feeling。
But now thinking,I just think that child has already been wiped out by everyone。
Although he is still among the best in high school,But can you compare with Wang Yufei??Can you compare with her sister-in-law??Can you compare with her little nephew??I can’t even leave an impression in her heart,Then I felt that I was not promisingpassZhao Yumingbi。
Yes,Now the average boy has become more and more in her sight。
Now Xiaozhi also instilled in her the difference between women after marriage,It’s really scary。
“Yes,It’s so scary,So think about it,After comparing these advantages and disadvantages,I decided it would be better to be a pure boy。Just to please my mother,Dad will be nice to me naturally。”Xiaozhi concluded。
“Ok,And my sister-in-law will be nice to you!My brother listens to me too!”
“I’m relieved!Then it’s so decided,I will be a boy from now on,It’s a pity that dad ignored me today,I can only wait for him to give me a name tomorrow。”
“Daimyo?If you are a little boy, it’s not good to call Xiaozhi?Why do you have to take a name??”
“As a citizen of the China Republic,I am a good citizen who abides by the law,At the same time enjoying the basic rights due to citizens?Then how do i do ID、Get a passport、Apply for a visa、Apply for a bank card?How can i go abroad without these?”
“Go abroad?”
“Yes,Go abroad!Dad taught me to abide by Chinese laws,If I don’t go through the formalities, I go abroad,That’s smuggling,Is illegal,I can’t do it。”
These words made Guo Xiaoyi a little dizzy,Thinking of Xiaozhi’s carrier fixed at the bottom of Yuxin Technology,Asked very suspiciously:“and many more,What do you mean by going abroad?Is it possible that you are still going to move your body abroad?”
“What’s my body?Of course I’m talking about accessing the Internet。to me,Internet access abroad,That’s equivalent to going abroad!Any questions?”
Guo Xiaoyi thinks nothing is wrong,This explanation is so beautiful!

Watching the blood boiling scene,Xia Jian was very excited。Ouyang Hong walked to Xia Jian,Speak softly:“You said that we really avoided Liuling Village,That’s not the villagers who have suffered,Just look at their motivation and you know everything“

“This is a golden opportunity,If you miss this time,Our Liuling Village is completely over。These days,But it broke me,On the one hand, the villagers put pressure on me,Liu Gui is staring at me again,I really don’t want to go down“Liu Quan came over,He whispered。
Xia Jian looked at this honest middle-aged man and asked:“Is Liu Gui strong in Liuling Village??“
“80% of people in Liuling Village have the surname Liu,And all of them,Even me。Because Liu Gui has a son who is a high official,So he has the final say in this clan。In addition, he lives relatively rich,Help the villagers on weekdays,Thus,Everyone listens to him even more“Liu Quan whispered。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s pretty good,He has thugs?“
“Which are some small gangsters in the village,Got over by Liu Gui,Give some pocket money on weekdays,These people really became his subordinates,But I haven’t done anything illegal。Oh!Forgot to tell you,Liu Guitian really went to the city when it was dark”Liu Quan changed the topic,This makes Ouyang Hong’s face change involuntarily。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked softly:“Are you afraid of Liu Gui?”
“I’m afraid I can’t say,But Mayor Wang once told me,Liu Gui’s consent must be obtained for road repair,Otherwise I would rather stop,Can’t be reckless,Because I heard,Which of our leaders,Also pays great attention to Feng Shui”Ouyang Hong said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Till today,Only then did Xia Jian really know what officialdom is,Seems to be in officialdom,It’s bad luck to mess up the relationship,He feels that he is really not suitable for being an official。
The night slowly darkened,Many villagers brought dinner to their homes,Everyone eat a few bites on the side of the road,So I started working again。Watching this scene,Xia Jian made up his mind,He must lift the villagers out of poverty and become rich。
First0790chapter Fight overnight
Starry sky,The moon hangs diagonally on the top of the mountain like a curved eyebrow。
Late autumn night,There is a hint of coolness。Xia Jian looked at the thinner Ouyang Hong,Called her into his car。
“All my troubles,Get out such a project,Look at you tired of this time”Xia Jian whispered to Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong yawned,Took a long breath and said:“What’s the burden at this point,As long as everyone gritted their teeth,Let your fruit industry base grow,This is for the benefit of future generations”
“Pingyang has a good mayor like you,Is also a blessing to the people of the town”What Xia Jian said,But from the bottom of my heart,There is no compliment。
Ouyang Hong looked back at Xia Jian,Suddenly whispered:“I work so hard,Still excluded。If it wasn’t for Secretary Wang of the Municipal Party Committee to speak,I might be transferred to the Qingshan County Party Committee”
“Good to go to the county committee!Isn’t this a promotion?Why are you still not willing”Xia Jian asked without understanding。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“You don’t understand this,They are rising and falling,Go to the Qingshan County Committee and ask me to work with the Women’s Federation,What do you say about this job,Top priority now,Is to let the villagers live a good life”

Ali who cleaned the kitchen took a look at Luo Yi,Then he glanced at Xia Jian who was a little helpless。She whispered:“The vegetable garden has not been watered for a long time,How about we water the vegetable field this afternoon”

Xia Jianyi listen,This is a good way,So he hurriedly smiled and said:“Don’t sleep,Watering grandma’s seedlings”Xia Jian moved Grandma Luo out,Luo Yibian sat up lazily,Unhappy。
The three changed their shoes,I also changed my clothes by the way,Then the three of them went to the vegetable field。Haven’t come to water for a few days,The seedlings do lack water,All drooping leaves,But Xia Jian suddenly found,This seedling has grown a lot taller。
Maybe the land is too fertile,There is still a lot of grass growing inside。So Xia Jian asked Luo Yi to pluck the grass with him。Ali waters the water slowly by herself,Xia Jian’s purpose,I just want to make Luo Yi happy。
What kind of grass will Luo Yina pluck?。You let her fight,Or sit in the office and handle some copywriting,She will be very serious,And it’s done perfectly。
Luo Yi can’t do it,Xia Jian had a chance to speak。He patiently taught Luo Yi how to pluck the grass,One step,One step is very serious。
Luo quit after a while,So coldly asked:“Why not use tools to weed,But to dial?This hurts your hands and is slow,What do you mean?”
“The cut grass will grow back in a few days,And it will grow wildly。But the grass you plucked with your hand,Pluck out the roots,So it’s called even the root”Xia Jian said,Made a face。
Luo Yi was told by Xia Jian,Immediately honest。But she is very hard,Sit for a while,Squat for a while,Almost sleeping on the ground。Even if she looks like this,Xia Jian won’t let her rest。
Three people worked in the vegetable field for a while。Smart Ali went back to the room to make a pot of tea and brought it over。Luo Yi, who has never worked before, is too tired。As soon as she saw Ali brought tea,And quickly greeted the past。
Grab the cup in Ali’s hand,I poured a cup of tea and drank it。at this time,She is not too dirty,Because she herself is two mud。
Luo drank it by himself,I remembered Xia Jian。She personally poured Xia Jian a glass,To his side,Speak softly:“Come!Take a break before doing it”
Xia Jian took the teacup and drank a big mouthful before saying:“rest for a bit,Let’s do our best,This land must be finished today,Don’t even think about eating”
First2107chapter Drunkard
The heavy snow sealed Wang Youcai in Donglin Township for almost a week。Hu Huiru originally wanted Wang Youcai to oversee Feng Yan,But what she never expected was that these two people had met each other long ago。
When Wang Youcai first arrived in Donglin Township,Feng Yan is so annoying,Because she knew。Wang Youcai is running to Donglin Township at this time,It must be the eyeliner sent by Hu Huiru。
But when Wang Youcai told her about reselling the cement on the construction site,Feng Yan became more honest。This is the effect Wang Youcai wants。
later,Wang Youcai gave the gangster who came to harass her madly,This made Feng Yan change her true view of Wang Youcai。

“I am Xia Hao!Who and what situation?”Xia Jian glanced outside,Asked quietly。

Jia Lina heard it was Xia Jian,She said excitedly:“The yellow cow is okay,He woke up,But the injury is not light,The police station is looking for you everywhere。I took medical bills,I guess it’s not a big problem”
Xia Jianyi listen,The heart that was hanging in my throat just let go,As long as people are okay,He doesn’t have a big problem。He was busy saying to Jia Lina:“No matter what,Hurry up and find someone to install the kitchen cabinets,I will hide in Teng County for a while before talking,You have to guard against Qin Dongsheng,Understand?“
“understand,But you have to call me at this time every day。I don’t have an account on the phone at home,They can’t find out“Jia Lina was a little worried on the phone, Xia Jian said。
First0563chapter Campaign episode
Cool spring breeze,A hundred flowers contend for beauty。Xiping Village at this time is as beautiful as a fairyland,Yellow-orange-orange rape blossoms,Snow White Pear Blossom,The green weeping willow on the side of the road,Look where,Will make people linger。
On this beautiful day,The election meeting for the head of Xiping Village was held as scheduled in the compound of Xiping Village。Because of the importance of Xiping Village in the city,So this election,Mayor Ouyang Hong,Deputy Mayor Zhao is here too,Next is Secretary Wang, Political Commissar,And the newly transferred Secretary Lu of the Commission for Discipline Inspection。
Each family in Xiping Village sent a representative to participate,So it’s not a big yard,All the people sitting。This election was monitored by Secretary Lu of the Disciplinary Committee,Ouyang Hong Zhichi。
First, a representative of the masses proposed the name of the candidate for the head of Xiping Village,And then decided after everyone’s vote。The first person to enter the list of candidates is naturally Zhao Hong,And Chen Erniu,And Zhao Donglai, who came back from working outside the village,Wang Yihua,There are also some young people with strange faces like Zhang Sishun。
Ouyang Hong knocked on the microphone,She said loudly:“This time we elected the head of Xiping Village,Xia Jian, the former village chief, due to personal reasons,Temporarily unsuitable to serve as the head of Xiping Village,Specially elected democratically。Comrade Zhao Hong was formerly the deputy head of Xiping Village,If she wins this time, let her be the head of Xiping Village,It depends on everyone’s voting results“
“Hey Ouyang Village Chief,I want to ask,What should Zhao Hong do if she can’t elect the village head?“Wang Laowai suddenly stood up,He asked loudly。
Ouyang Hong glanced at this person,Very serious:“If Zhao Hong wins,She is the village chief,We continue to elect another deputy village chief,If she loses the election,She is still the deputy head of Xiping Village,There is nothing more suitable than him”
Ouyang Hong’s voice just fell,Secretary Wang lifted his glasses like the bottom of a beer bottle,He laughed and said:“Our principle of electing cadres is fairness and justice,Try to put capable people in leadership positions,Let him use his leadership skills,Lead everyone to get rich together”
Secretary Wang said,Looked up at the audience,Then continued:“Xia Jian, the original village head,Everyone knows,He is the general manager of the startup group,And the head of our Xiping Village,Isn’t this person really small?,But character problem,So I nominate someone who has this ability,People from Xiping Village who are also of good quality entered the shortlist”

White eyes shrink“So fast!”Block with sword“Combat skills-Wind barrier!”

Qin Kai’s palm touched the barrier,Easily broke the barrier“Ha ha,Good response”
“Combat skills-Wind without phase-speed!”The white figure recedes sharply,Qin Kai bullied himself,No hurry or slow。
Bai Bai’s long sword keeps attacking,Qin Kai’s hand wind properties are concentrated,Covered in the hand and condensed into a cyan light blade, constantly blocking,Feeling every attack of Bai Bai,Eyes are getting brighter。
Bai Ai panting,Looking at Qin Kai, who is calm and relaxed in front of him,More irritable in my heart“What do you want to do!”
Chapter Sixty One:Bai Ai Apprentice,Incident open
Qin Kai puts away energy,Stand with one hand,Looking at Bai Bai’s eyes very satisfied“Not bad,Worthy of being the son of Feng Wushang!”
White eyes tremble violently“you。。。How would you know!”
Qin Kai chuckled“You don’t care how i know,You just need to know,Follow me you will become strong,You can cut that woman!”
That woman,Is the woman Qin Kai said,Cause white。。Do not,It should be Feng Ai’s family that changes completely,Because of that woman,Let the windy family be completely broken,Her parents died at her hands!
The hatred burned in Feng Ai’s eyes,Hold the sword,My arms are shaking slightly,Look up at Qin Kai“What you said is true!”
Qin Kai smiled“Yes,I will never break my promise!”
Feng Ai knelt directly on the ground and knocked three times“Windy,Meet the Master!”Qin Kai stood in front of him and received this gift,Bent over to lift up the wind,He can see the hatred in Feng Ai’s eyes,I also sighed in my heart。
“It seems necessary to improve his mood,It’s not good to practice like this”Qin Kai handed the token in his arms to Feng Ai。
“I’m going to see an old friend these two days,I give you two days,Pack everything you should pack,This place two days later,I will pick you up here!”
Bai Ai nodded“Got it”

So Dao Ke and Xin Na quickly inferred what the three people will do and their purpose.,It’s like a group of wild dogs on the wasteland facing a formidable opponent,Entangle the opponent,Non-frontal attack,Just take a bite from time to time,Then broke up,But soon they gathered together and adorned far behind,Take another bite,Until the opponent’s blood is drained。

“Drain the blood of the blood?”The knife man laughs up to the sky,There has never been a race that dared to let go of the blood of the blood,And he is very narcissistic,I dare not even have this idea,No race dare,Because they fear the power of ancestors,They don’t understand what ancestral power is,That is the river of blood deep in the galaxy,The river of blood that has been flowing for thousands of years,With indescribable power,It is the root of the blood,Its source is……Even Swordsman and Sinna don’t know,But Fei Yu successfully found it,And created the Holy Blood Array,Make the blood family and the river of blood have a real connection again,This is the whole blood race to avoid destruction,The foundation of revitalization。
The current blood race has once again reached the threshold of reincarnation,Nirvana with the help of ancestral power again is also the inevitable way for race continuation and even rebirth.,Who dare to destroy,Must be retaliated by the whole family,The most terrifying revenge。
“Let’s burn blood again。”The knife man stared at the cloud hole high in the sky,In the dense snow,The dark hole looks very gloomy,He has a very uneasy feeling,I always feel that the sky has passed his hands and feet。
Several elders around heard this,Face changed drastically,But Sina has no objection,One by one,And the knife man doesn’t care about these eyes,The huge praying mantis knife swept into the air,Several powerful supernatural powers came to him immediately,Among them is Shen Wenyu。
“Take me to see the world of mortals。”The knife guest gave Shen Wenyu a blank expression,Then the body soars into the sky,One by one light and shadow lift off,Soon submerged in the cloud。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Can no longer burn the blood of the people,Three times before and after,I think every corner of this world has clearly heard your call。”An elder persuaded。
“Dear Sir Sinna,Should stop the swordsman,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,We must make sure that we are not paid attention to by the entire mortal society。”
“Is Lord Zhehong still dreaming??Once the large-scale blood oath sacrifice to heaven is launched,Is it possible not to be noticed by Fansheng??”The elder who was hiding in the shadow asked coldly。
“It’s better than being so impulsive?In case there is a twist in the middle,Our race will fall into the vortex of siege,I will regret it then。”
“Siege?You mean being besieged by ants?Orihiro,I am ashamed of your thoughts。”
“Mortal individuals are indeed as fragile as ants,But they have taken another strong road,Easy to be ignored by us。”Elder Zhehong shook his head,“The deceased live in the mortal world for a long time,A little bit about this,They call this powerful technology,Powerful firearm,There are other powerful magic weapons,Not lost to powerful magical powers,Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu are more familiar,They have many records,Not as weak as we think。”
“Ambition,Destroy our clan……”
“enough!”The high priest Sina who had never spoken interrupted the quarrel of the elders,The complexion is even colder and terrible,“The knife man makes sense,Prepare for the fourth blood oath。”
Chapter nine hundred and eighty four Anti-sneak attack
When the blood light rushes to the sky again,Li Tianzhen completed his second sneak attack,Still escaped dangerously and dangerously from the col,This time,The high priest and the elder hiding in the dark still didn’t make a move,Because they are presiding over the intricate totem pattern on the base of the altar。
Even so,Li Tianzhen is still injured,Did not meet the swordsman,But under the attack of two priests and an elder,It’s not easy to escape,This stalker sneak attack will become more dangerous every time,Because no one else cooperates,Every sneak attack is equivalent to jumping into a trap。