Girl skin rye color,Healthy complexion,It can be seen that they are often active under the sun,She holds the peaches sold at home,Take a bite,I wiped the peach juice from my lips with the back of my hand more generously。

“I came to school。”Zhu Minglang showed a harmless smile。
“Yeah,Can’t see it……”The peach girl is surprised。
Zhu Minglang’s smile gradually opens up。
“Can’t tell you are still crazy。”The peach girl went on to say。
Zhu Minglang’s expression froze,He didn’t expect this peach-seller film to be so venomous!
First10chapter Choice of the young
“Let’s make a bet。I will walk in now,The people at the bronze gate will never stop me,Want me to get in,You give me this basket of peaches。”I’m so angry,To this peach girl。
“OK,But i won?”The peach girl laughed,The rye skin and the bright eyes formed a very special contrast。
“I bought all your peaches。”
“Watch you dress up,Doesn’t seem to have this money。”Selling peach girls。
“You leave it alone!”
Enrolled by others,Not to mention how glamorous you must dress,Anyhow, it must be worthy of the four words dignified and neat,I wish Minglang protect the flowers on this road to Zulong City State,Then hike to this dragon training college,I didn’t even have a chance to take a bath,That rough commoner made him look a little sloppy。
Zhu Minglang doesn’t want to be like this either,Before the poor became poor,There is still no major problem with appearance,Will be treated as a beggar,I also met a gangster,In trouble……
Step into the Baiyan Bridge,There are fewer hawkers,When approaching the copper-wood gate, the quietness of the place is more elegant、tidy。
“I come to school,This is my letterhead。”Zhu Minglang handed in his admission notice,Pretty polite。

“grass,When did I work for more than ten minutes?The extra twenty minutes is wasted on your shit probability, right?。”Wu Fang patted Yuan Hua on the shoulder,Winked at Li Tianchou,The two got up and left their seats,Left the barbecue stall soon。

Yuan Hua holding a half bottle of beer,Quite depressed。Do not know why,I can’t let go of these two lunatics,Like a dwarf。The grilled squid I was holding is already cold,Look at the dazzling empty plates in front of you,He couldn’t help shouting at the boss,“20 more barbecues。”
Baotang Street is located in the middle of the county seat,It’s a very inconspicuous side street。Densely populated here,The building is also messy,Can’t talk about decent planning。Residential houses are mostly bungalows and two-story small buildings,It can be judged from the appearance of the walls that these houses are a little old。Not far from there are rows of new buildings rising from the ground,It is quite abrupt in the contiguous old houses,Yunshan is also being transformed in the old city,But it is more than one grade worse than Fukuyama。
Li Tianchou and the two have already wandered around Baotang Street,At the moment, I am squatting and smoking at the entrance of a game hall not far from the street.。22The number is more than 50 meters away from the street,It’s an ordinary two-story small building,Also brought a small yard。Although facing the street,But they haven’t converted the small courtyard into a facade house for rent like other houses.,A bit of quietness。
Due to time rush,Yuan Hua did not investigate the background of the owner of the house,I only understand that it has something to do with Xie Man’s subordinate。Wu Fang doesn’t matter,Come here is robbery,No matter what,Let’s talk about it。He looked at the time,It’s already eight thirty in the evening,Take another look22Number direction,Nothing happened,Muttering,“This guy actually talked to Lao Tzu about probability,It’s the first time to give it back,My grass!”
Li Tianchou smiled,“Have confidence in your old men,The gray waistcoat at the entrance of the street has been here for a long time。”
“know。Look at that stupid,Just a horse。”Wu Fang didn’t even look up,Still take care of yourself,“If the error is more than half an hour,I can’t spare him。”
“Walked in,Maybe someone is here。”Li Tianchou reminded。
“Will definitely come out again later。”Wu Fang finally raised his head and glanced,The expression is very dismissive,“Remember to be neat when you do it,I rob you to cover,If you have a chance, even that‘Fathead fish’Grab a piece。”
“I only find Xieman,That what‘Fathead fish’Seems to have nothing to do with me。”
Wu Fang shook his head,“Xie Man has a fart?Don’t brag about the distinction,You should be clearAUproot,Your Yuxing can’t sleep well。‘Fathead fish’Just came down from uphill,I am afraid the value is greater than Xie Man。It’s up to you。”
Li Tianchou can’t laugh or cry,“Then i have a question,You are so keen on this fight,Is there something wrong with the brother who helped??”
Wu Fang stared,“Who told you something happened to him?Yuan Hua?”

“Why did you stay?”

Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Tong Jie sighed and said:“Not left,But what I asked for。Don’t you know,Now as soon as I go home,Really annoying。Relatives and friends ask when they get married when they meet?Do you have a boyfriend?There are even more enthusiastic people who will introduce you”
“Hahahaha!So you have to get married quickly!How about this!How about i introduce you one?”
Xia Jian laughed and said to Tong Jie。
Tong Jie shook her head and said:“forget it!It’s nice to be alone。Moreover,Can you introduce me to one like you?”
Tong Jie said,I couldn’t help laughing。
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,He picked up the three foaming table and took a sip,Then he sighed and changed the subject and asked:“I heard that you are going to be promoted,Why hasn’t this happened”
“Pull it down!What to promote?The top leadership changes,No one on my side will ask anymore。But I think about it clearly,I won’t go anywhere in my life,Worked in Pingyang until retirement”
Tong Jie said helplessly。
Xia Jian thought about it:“Just do it happily,If you are not happy!You can still have food if you leave here。Hey!Why don’t you go to my house soon!You are so deserted by yourself”
“no need!I am on duty here,Besides, today is New Year’s Day。I will come to your house tomorrow,See if your three little babies have grown up?”
“That works,Come early tomorrow,Let’s have two drinks after lunch,Haven’t been sitting together drinking for a long time,Weird”
What Xia Jian said is interesting,Tong Jie’s eyes lit up,She glanced at Xia Jian affectionately。
First2677chapter Old friends
At six o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian finally returned to Xiping Village。
The whole family saw that Xia Jian was back,Naturally very happy。Especially Ma Yan,Suddenly became like a little girl,She helped Xia Jian take off her coat first,Then I made him a cup of tea and delivered it to the water。
Had dinner,Xia Zecheng and Ma Dongshan went to Chen Gui’s house。This is the custom of rural people,People who have passed away must watch the night before being buried,Basically everyone in the village will take turns to sit。Dearest person and best friend,Usually sit till dawn。And the others in the village,Sit until after midnight,You can go home one after another。
Dad and father-in-law leave,Xia Jian jumped on the big kang to help take care of the three babies。He and Ma Yan are a little messy looking after the three children,Conceivable,How hard do mom and mother-in-law do on weekdays。Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but raised his head to look at his mother whose temples were turning white,There is an unspeakable sorrow in his heart。

Xia Jian was originally helping Chen Xiaolan,Thus,It became Chen Xiaolan to help Xiajian。Because Xia Jian is not familiar with this road,Two steps,Because I stepped on the ice,I almost fell and sat on the ground。

The door is slightly closed,The upper room is already dark。Chen Xiaolan pulls Xia Jian,Opened her door gently,Wait for Xia Jian to go,She closed the door。The fire in the house crackled,The hot water in the iron kettle is steaming。
“sit down!It seems that the fire in my house is not sealed by my mother,She seems to know that I will be back”Chen Xiaolan said,Took off his jacket。Xia Jian felt,The room is really warm。
Xia Jian took a look at Chen Xiaolan,Smiled slightly:“I didn’t expect that your drink volume is not small?”
“Can’t drink at all,Today is happy,Besides, at your house,I let go and drink。It’s never been higher in these years,Really happy”Chen Xiaolan said,Stretched。The two tufts on her chest support her sweater,Xia Jian’s eyes couldn’t help but couldn’t move away。
Chen Xiaolan pretended to be angry and gave Xia Jian a blank look:“What to see?Haven’t seen it!”
“Seen is seen,I have never seen you so old,I’m worried you are fake”Xia Jian said and laughed deliberately,He didn’t know he was with Chen Xiaolan,No care at all, He didn’t think about this sentence,It can be said that you just open your mouth。
Chen Xiaolan stood up,She walked to Xia Jian,Suddenly blushed and said:“Don’t believe it!Then you check,See if I’m a fraud”
Xia Jian heard Chen Xiaolan say this,The wildness in the body that was originally agitated suddenly couldn’t hold back,He pulled Chen Xiaolan into his arms,I couldn’t help but touched both hands。
Even though there is a thin sweater,But Chen Xiaolan still gasped。Xia Jian’s hands are no longer honest,Slipped down slowly,He got in under Chen Xiaolan’s placket。
Chen Xiaolan is struggling,The two fell on the big bed。The big wooden bed made a soft clatter,In a hurry,Sometimes slow,It’s like a beautiful movement。
The two after the passion,Hug tightly。Chen Xiaolan suddenly cried softly。This made Xia Jian Zhang’s second monk suddenly lose his head。
“what happened?Is it me…”Xia Jian hesitated to say here,He really doesn’t know what to say。
Chen Xiaolan shook her head and said:“I am happy,So many years,Finally a man is in my bed again”
“But i can’t give you anything?“Xia Jian’s voice is like a mosquito flying,He really has no confidence to say this,Because he really can’t give anyone any promise。
Chen Xiaolan laughed softly:“You worry too much,You let me see the hope of life。I don’t want anything,I only hope when you are free,Can see me,Nothing more“
Chen Xiaolan’s request is not excessive at all,Xia Jian couldn’t help but nodded。Cold night,Lying in a warm bed,And with such a beautiful woman,Xia Jian really doesn’t want to get up。But this is the night of the first day of the big night,He has to go back quickly。
Chen Xiaolan is also a very smart woman,She kept sending Xia Jian into the car,After watching him leave,Just returned to the house。
When Xia Jian came back,The car drives fast,Not much time,He has driven the car into the compound of the village committee。He found out when he got out of the car,Zhao Hong’s office upstairs is still lit,It seems that Zhao Hong hasn’t returned yet,Been waiting for him。Okay,I didn’t come back very late,Otherwise, Zhao Hong doesn’t know when to wait。

Emergency room!

Xu arrived in a hurry。
He is finishing a big project,Suddenly I received a call from my son’s bodyguard。
“my son……What’s the matter?”
Xu looked at those bodyguards,A black nose and a swollen face,Questioned。
“Xu Shao……May have a concussion!Now rescue in the emergency room!”
Bodyguard head down,Whispered。
“concussion?!!How did you follow my son!You guys are really useless,I spent so much money,I didn’t let you do the chores!
……”Promise to watch them,Scolded!
At last,Xu Zhu asked,“How the hell was the concussion?He drove fast?”
“Is an unknown guy……Directly kicked Xu Shao into a concussion!”
Bodyguard continued。
“Unknown guy?Who the hell is it……You didn’t see me?I’d like to see,Who is going to deal with my son!”
Xu Zhu Lengdao。

While looking at this side,at this time,Shang Tianyi stared at him。

“All right,Now words,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle。”
“Since now,If you are willing to toss,That you,Just start!”
When Shang Tianyi finished,at this time,Those around,Very emotional。
“The boss is right,We don’t need to be afraid of them。”
“Said yes,If you can,Just let them toss。”
“Yes,Anyway, we have nothing to worry about。”
Now,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
At this moment,See here in Shang Tianyi。
In fact, for Shang Tianyi,Next,What should I do。
Actually just this point,It’s not easy already。
Other people around,Although he didn’t speak。
But deep in their hearts,Obviously understand,This time,What do they need to do。
Since I have to toss like this,Then next,How can they worry about this??

The Bingchen White Dragon of the Middle Monarch Level。

To reach this state earlier,No need to wake up,The same can make the genius disciples of all forces roll far and far!
Take Yaoshan Jianzong as an example,Middle monarch,All elders、People like the hall master,Wait for yourself to practice Feijian genre,It should also allow the sword spirit dragon to display the strength of the middle-ranked monarch……
Two dragons,All have the strength of the middle monarch,So even the royal family、Some insidious and cunning old guys in the big forces want to trouble themselves,Also have to weigh their abilities。
of course,Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,There are also many people whose strength is above the middle rank,Zhu Minglang has already shined in the power competition,So don’t rush to expose yourself right now。
“unfortunately,We can’t stay in the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud anymore,Otherwise, there should be a big improvement。”Zhu Minglang glanced at the lamp jade on his waist,A little sorry。
“For now,Already pretty good,Some people come to this Cloud Dragon Country Middle School just to see the beautiful scenery,Got nothing。”Mr. Koi said。
Zhu Minglang nodded。
There are many special mysteries in the world like the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud,There are even the remains of the ancestral dragon inhabiting in the land of Lichuan,Visit these places more,There must be different gains。
Bingchen Bailong,It’s like a white dragon in the heaven,Don’t say strong breath,There is nobleness and sacredness between the gestures……
just,It’s sticky by nature,After solving the rainbow scale python,It has dispersed the gorgeous ice dust all over,Transformed into an exquisite form,Like a fairy pet,Lying on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,Dozing off,Extremely lazy。
Zhu Minglang took out the fruit of the Yuntai tree,Feed to Xiaobai。
Xiaobai stretched out his paw,Holding the fruit and gnawing,From a lazy kitten to a greedy squirrel,When chewing, the two bulging cheeks are really cute,Makes people want to pinch。
Zhu Minglang look at it。
A small ice worm who is satisfied from eating mulberry leaves,The Bingchen White Dragon that can beat even demons for nine thousand years,This one looks serious when he eats food and he still doesn’t change。
To this level,What does Xiao Bai eat?

Dr. Li hasn’t finished talking yet,He Jing and Yao Junli brought a lot of things and walked in。Doctor Li’s temper came up immediately,He whispered:“You do this again,Our hospital must take measures“

Wang Lin gestured,Everyone went out。Only Zhao Hong, who just came out of the bathroom, was left in the ward,And Guo Meili who is sleeping in bed。
at this time,Wang Youdao’s office,Ouyang Hong’s angry face,Nice to sit on the sofa,Waiting for Wang Youdao’s answer。But Wang Youdao is reviewing the documents,I haven’t looked up to talk to her for a long time,This makes Ouyang Hong even more angry。
“Alright Mayor Wang,Since you are so busy,I won’t talk to you anymore,I went to Wangshiji of the Municipal Party Committee“Ouyang Hong finished,Stood up suddenly,Strode out。
Wang Youdao is anxious now,He shouted:“What’s your hurry!This document is waiting to be used,I can’t talk to you after I sign“
Ouyang Hong heard that Wang Youdao told him,She couldn’t help but walked back again,Sat on the sofa。After all, Wang Youdao is the mayor,It is best for her to maintain a good relationship with him as a deputy。
“I heard about Xia Jian early this morning,He is domineering,Arrogant,So there are many opponents。To solve this case,It’s still difficult for a while“
“He is an investor from Pingdu,Don’t we need to do something about this?“Ouyang Hong asked coldly。
Wang Youdao sneered:“doing what?You mean let me solve the case?“
First0800chapter Police in action
Ouyang Hong’s answer to Wang Youdao is anger except disappointment,She didn’t expect,Dignified Mayor of the City,It turned out to be such a mind。For this reason,There is no need to go on。
Ouyang Hong stood up,Walked out the door without saying a word。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“ Let me remind you,Xia Jian, he is a businessman,You better keep a certain distance from him,Otherwise it will ruin your reputation“

When Xia Jian was about to pay,Wang Lin sitting at the back has taken out the money,She smiled and said:“I have change here,Do you want to go in and rest before running“

“Thank you Mr. Wang!You go!I’m the first time tonight“Xu Feifei said,Squinted at Xia Jian。Xia Jian did not speak,But got out of the car。
Back to the villa,Wang Lin started cooking dinner openly,Xia Jian sitting on the sand in the living room,I’ve been thinking about this Xu Feifei,The more he thinks about it, the more he finds something wrong with this person,But I just don’t understand what the problem is?
Don’t look at Wang Lin as a strong woman in the company,But at home,Everything is fine for work,In a short while,So I made two cold dishes,Three hot dishes,And the soup is starting to boil。
“Come,Haven’t been sitting together drinking for a long time,Let’s drink some red wine tonight“Wang Lin greeted Xia Jian who was sitting on the sand。
Xia Jian recovered,Came over slowly,He walks,Said with a smile:“Do you think there is something wrong with Xu Feifei?“
“People are not only beautiful,And also very capable,You don’t like her anymore!“Wang Lin is joking,Handed the poured red wine to Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian raised his glass,Ha ha smiled:“If you describe it this way, you will like someone,Am I not a nympho anymore??“He is smiling,Touched the wine glass with Wang Lin,The two drank happily。
Sitting in such an upscale villa,Eating delicious food,Drinking this red wine brought from abroad,It’s just like that when you’re proud,Xia Jian feels contented。
“Hey!do you know?Chen Xia is getting engaged to Lang Hu“Wang Lin suddenly smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but feel happy,He asked quickly:“Isn’t this Langhu sentenced to three years in prison??How to get married?Could he be commuted so soon??“
“How could this be possible,Will not。Chen Xia has obtained the consent of Lang Hu,She held a ceremony outside first,When Lang Hu comes out,They get married“When Wang Lin said this,Look forward to。

“Brother Ming Dao,My old bear is a rough man,Can you make it clear?”Xiong Gu Tianshen circled his bear head,Shook his head。

Xiong Ju,The status and status are about the same as the shadow god,It’s a god of mortal black bear enlightenment,The status is relatively general in the Three Realms。
Born as a monster,He lifted his thigh more simply than Yingtianshen。
Li Ming and his party now,Two gods and a true fairy,Among the three gods who came in, the Yangde god of the human race was sent。
It’s a pity to explore all the way,Li Ming didn’t see this god,Otherwise, the three gods will join forces to form the three-eyed devil,There will be a qualitative improvement in combat effectiveness。
“Very simple,You saw the heavy water river too,At the source of the Chongshui River,There is a Universe Tower,There are countless opportunities in the entire Universe Tower。”
“It is also because of the countless opportunities in this Universe Tower,This made the universe of the universe give birth to countless gods and gods。”Li Ming’s eyes shine。
He probed the memory of female gods,And there are various opportunities in the Universe Tower in memory。
Really opened his eyes。
simply put,Is similar to《Black and White Grinding Chart》Treasures that aid cultivation and enlightenment,Can enlighten a large number of true celestial beings。
“And the most precious of the Universe Tower,But it’s something called【Universe Mirror】The treasure,Even for the gods,It’s a great opportunity to feel it once。”
“In the Universe Tower,Opportunity useful for the real immortal level,Not just a mirror of the universe。”Li Ming took a look
“What are you waiting for,Let’s go to the Universe Tower now?!”Xiong Gu Tianshen excitedly said。
Yingtian God is also eager to try。
“Universe Tower is not always open。。。to be exact,The Universe Tower is divided into three layers。Those who can make the celestial peak,Even the treasures of the practitioners in the realm of real immortality are on the third layer,Only once in countless years。”
“but。。。”Li Ming took a hint,“Three thousand years later,Then the third layer will open。”
“Just three thousand years,The crocodile devil’s time is so accurate,Open the channel to enter this universe?”Yingtianshen’s tone is full of jealousy。
“There is no room。”Xiong Gutian’s voice also sank。
It is clear,This is all premeditated。