Beijing News Vibrato Live Room Lianmai Huang Shengyi Brought Goods for Hubei on the evening of the 15th

Beijing News Vibrato Live Room “Lianmai” Huang Shengyi Brought Goods for Hubei on the evening of the 15th
At 7pm on May 15th, the sauna night net vibrato live room will be broadcasted together with the actor Huang Shengyi “Lianmai” in the live broadcast of “Hubei restart, shake to help”.: Selling, during the talk with everyone about their stories and Hubei.From the highly anticipated “Four Little Flowers”, “Star Girl”, to the “superman mother” of two children today, Huang Shengyi is a popular actor and popular artist for many years, and always adheres to his own rhythm and never follows the trend.In 2018, Huang Shengyi humorously ridiculed the “Haiwa” in the Tucao Conference and reproduced the wonderful performance of the “dumb girl” in the movie “Kung Fu”. He generously rejected external disputes.At the beginning of 2020, Huang Shengyi subverted the role of the “female bandit” Gu Dali in the TV series “The Sideband Is Not Begonia Red”. The “female version of the mountain carving” let her get rid of the idol baggage and subvert the audience’s inherent her with a breakthrough actingImpression, won the praise of the audience.As for Hubei, Huang Shengyi also has his own story.Will netizens’ favorite “crayfish” be Huang Shengyi’s favorite?There are some Hubei specialties in Huang Shengyi’s shopping cart?Facing the next resumption of production, Huang Shengyi has some new plans?All the answers will be revealed for you at the live broadcast room of “Tuna Sauna” at 7pm on May 15!Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofreading Li Lijun

1 trillion!This year, the scale of the special national debt is determined. How special is the special national debt?

1 trillion!This year, the scale of the special national debt is determined. How special is the “special national debt”?
In the morning of May 22nd, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council said in his government work report that the deficit rate for this year is set to 3.With a plan of more than 6%, the scale of the fiscal deficit increased by 1 trillion compared with last year, and at the same time, 1 trillion special anti-epidemic bonds were issued.This is a special reconstruction of a special period.All the above 2 trillion will be transferred to the locality, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established. The funds will directly reach the grassroots of the city and county, directly benefiting the enterprise and the people, mainly used to protect employment, basic people’s livelihood, and market participants, including support for tax and fee reductions, and rent reduction.Interest rate cuts, expansion of consumption and investment, etc., and the strengthening of public financial attributes, can never be retained for embezzlement.As early as March 27, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee once proposed that the macro policy should be strengthened and a package of macro policy measures should be introduced.In terms of fiscal expansion, three major arrangements are made: increasing the scale of local government special debt, appropriately increasing the fiscal deficit ratio, and issuing special national debt.Special treasury bonds are regarded as a violation of “special means in a special period”, and the variable has only been issued twice in history: in August 1998, the Ministry of Finance announced the issuance of a $ 270 billion special treasury bond with a maturity of 30 years.In 2007, a total of 8 issues were issued, with a scale of 1.55 trillion special national debt.What is a special national debt?Huatai Gushou Zhang Jiqiang’s team introduced that it is divided into general government bonds, and special government bonds are government bonds issued to serve specific policies and support specific project needs.Special treasury bonds part of the central government treasury bond balance management adjusts the treasury bond balances at the time of issuance, but the mutual central government fund budgets are not included in the fiscal deficit.Regarding the issuance process, the special treasury bonds first need the State Council to request the National People’s Congress Standing Committee to point out the issuance of special treasury bonds, adjust the balance of the year-end treasury bonds, and then the Ministry of Finance decides to issue special treasury bonds based on this decision and use them according to specific investments.Special national debt has many advantages.The team’s name, including issuance for specific purposes, is more in line with the current policy goals of responding to demographic sentiment; a direct means of leveraging the central government can prevent local government debt from rising too fast; and the use is more flexible.Japan, South Korea, Chile, Argentina and other countries have cases of special national debt issuance, mainly used for post-disaster recovery in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hedging of financial crises or sovereign credit crises.In the current history, only two bonds issued twice in history, and two bonds issued in history in 1998 and 2007 respectively. Among them, some of the special bonds issued in 2007 were sequelized after maturity.Specifically, in August 1998, the Ministry of Finance announced the issuance of a $ 270 billion special treasury bond with a maturity period of 30 years. It was issued to the four state-owned banks of industry, agriculture, China, and China to supplement the capital of the four major banks and resolve the badAssets to increase the capital adequacy ratio.According to public information, in 1998, the proportion of non-performing assets of the four state-owned banks reached 20%. In order to dispose of non-performing assets, the Ministry of Finance also established four major asset management companies to dock with four banks.Sauna, Ye Wang read through the four major financial reports, and can also find records about special national debt.For example, both ICBC’s 2008 financial report and ABC’s 2010 financial report listed special treasury bonds as “restructuring bonds” in asset projects.The CICC solid income team weighed in that the issuance of special national bonds in 1998 played an important role in preventing systemic financial risks, promoting the reform of the Chinese banking industry, and enhancing the international recognition of the Chinese financial industry.The second issuance of special government bonds was in 2007. At that time, the background was an increase in the base currency caused by the continuous increase in foreign exchange earning, and reform of foreign exchange reserve management.There are 8 issues in total and scale 1.55 trillion special government bonds, with maturities of 10 years and 15 years, of which 0.2 trillion yen will be issued to the public for the previous purchase of equity in cash and Huijin companies, and capital injection to establish CIC.Lou Jiwei, the former Minister of the Ministry of Finance, used to mention “special national debt to buy foreign exchange reserves” in many public speeches.At the “Local Debt Market Construction and Development Symposium” at the end of December 2019, Lou Jiwei also mentioned that the government bond liquidity is lacking, and the government bond issuance mechanism is not distorted, and the liquidity is better.Large-scale issuance of special treasury bonds may be considered. For example, the issuance of special treasury bonds to buy half of the current foreign exchange reserves can release about 10 trillion treasury bonds to the market. Treasury bonds with sufficient liquidity can provide tools for monetary policy operations.Except for the 0 issued to the public.2 trillion yuan, and 1.The $ 35 trillion special national debt was issued to agricultural banks that were not listed at the time.According to the “People’s Bank of China Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the transition may not overdraft the government’s finances, and may not directly subscribe to or underwrite government bonds and other government bonds.This pen 1.The 35 trillion special national debt is reflected in the consolidated balance sheet.Sauna and Yeewang saw from the 2007 annual monetary and monetary balance sheet that year that the “debt to the central government” was extended from about 0 at the end of January.28 trillion, increased to 1 at the end of the year.63 trillion.In 2017, some special national bonds due in 2007 were targeted for sequel, terminated in February 2020, and the balance of “claims to the central government” in the reorganized balance sheet was 1.53 trillion yuan.The CICC solid-revenue team weighed in that the issuance of special government bonds in 2007 was believed to be conducive to restraining excessive economic growth and responding to liquidity hedging pressures. It was coordinated with monetary policy and coordinated with macro-replacement measures.This issuance may be more used to promote consumption. At present, the macro economy has been strongly impacted by the new crown epidemic. Recently, the market has begun to increase discussions on special national debt.Liu Qiao, the dean of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, believes that under the impact of the current epidemic, there is uncertainty in conducting economic growth.If the economy is severely damaged, it is necessary to increase counter-cyclical adjustment to stabilize the economy.In order to cope with declining government revenue expenditures and increasing fiscal gaps, especially the scale of national debt, the long-term feature is a variety of ideal ways of financing the fiscal revenue and expenditure gaps.Li Qilin, chief economist of Guangdong Development Securities, said that the role of issuing special national bonds may be used more to promote consumption, and to hedge consumption by expanding foreign consumption to the economy.In order to promote consumption, not only can the choice of expenditure be handed over to the residential sector and the market, to better utilize the efficiency of market allocation of resources, but also to effectively cut off the “normal overseas enterprises ‘production and household consumption obstacles-greatly weakened external demand-residents’ income decline—Decrease in domestic consumption expenditure—Increase in corporate income for domestic demand—Enterprise layoffs—increased unemployment—gradual reduction in domestic consumption—the vicious circle of “utilizing the leverage effect of consumption, driving demand in upstream and downstream industries, and better stabilizing growth andGuarantee employment.Why should we issue special government bonds?Zhao Xijun, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Securities at Renmin University of China, analyzed Sauna and Yewang that the issuance of special national bonds is a special method in a special period.This time, in order to deal with the epidemic, government expenditure is huge.First, direct expenditures for controlling the epidemic. Certain hospitals, personnel treatment, testing, and centralized isolation are all paid by the government. Second, the epidemic has a series of impacts on the economy. The government has adopted measures such as tax cuts.It leads to a decrease in income and further affects government expenditures. The third is to increase some subsidies for residents and enterprises. In particular, some residents ‘unemployment relief problems caused by no income during the epidemic are government expenditures.”Even if the domestic epidemic is over, the international may not be over yet, so the long-term gap in revenue and expenditure is considered.In addition, during the epidemic, shortcomings in public services were exposed. The state proposed to increase the construction of the medical and health fields and the production reserves of protective materials. This is also a expenditure.These additional expenditure burdens and income reduction gaps need funds to make up.”Zhao Xijun said.Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and Hue Color, Associate Professor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University also said in a report that under the impact of the current epidemic, economic growth is uncertain.If the economy is severely damaged, it is necessary to increase counter-cyclical adjustment to stabilize the economy.In order to cope with the fiscal gap in which government revenue declines and increases in expenditure, especially its national debt indicators, the long-term feature is a variety of ideal ways of financing the fiscal revenue and expenditure gap.Due to the rising demand for long-term rapid economic development and inflation, it is possible to consider issuing about 2 trillion special national bonds if necessary.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao editor Wang Jinyu proofread Chen Diyan

SMIC’s Q1 revenue hits new record high to meet demand

SMIC’s Q1 revenue hits new record high to meet demand
In the evening of May 13, SMIC International Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (00981.HK, hereinafter referred to as “SMIC”) released on March 31, 2020 to review the performance announcement.The announcement showed that the first quarter revenue was 9.$ 0.5 billion, an annual increase of 35.3%; the net profit attributable to the parent company is 6416.40,000 US dollars, an increase of 422 in ten years.8%.The announcement shows that the first increase in the budget in the first quarter is the increase in wafer replenishment.Initially, the cost of sales increased due to the increase in replenishment volume and changes in product mix22.8%, and gross profit increased by 91 in ten years.4%.The gross profit margin was 18 from the same period in 2019.2% increased to 25.8%, also higher than 23 in the fourth quarter of 2019.8%.Zhao Haijun and Liang Mengsong, co-CEOs of SMIC, said that market demand and product structure expect that revenue in the first quarter will hit a record high in quarterly revenue.Revenues related to communications, computers and consumer electronics are increasing every year, gradually increasing market share.Probably, in terms of technology route, 14nm revenue accounted for the previous quarter.0% rose to 1.3%, 28 nm also increased to 6.5%, however, is expected to remain at 0.15/0.18 microns, mainly 55/65 nanometers and 40/45 nanometers.From a regional perspective, revenue from Mainland China and Hong Kong increased from 53 in the same period in 2019.9% increased to 61.6%.In terms of fab capacity, the capacity of Tianjin 200mm fab, majority-owned Beijing 300mm fab and majority-owned Shanghai 300mm fab have increased, while other fabs remain the same as the fourth quarter of 2019Capacity.29.1%, reaching 98.5%.Zhao Haijun and Liang Mengsong said that mature technology platforms have full capacity: camera, power management, fingerprint recognition, special storage and other related applications have strong demand.Advanced technology research and development and business progressed smoothly, and continued to expand communications, mobile phones, automobiles, consumer electronics related fields.SMIC has decided to increase its capital expenditure by US $ 1.1 billion to US $ 4.3 billion to fully meet market demand.The capital expenditure for the first quarter was 7.7.7 billion US dollars, compared with 4 in the previous quarter.$ 9.1 billion.Regarding the upward adjustment, the report stated that the increased capital expenditures were mainly the ownership of the machinery and equipment of the Shanghai 300mm fab, as well as mature process production lines.For the second quarter, SMIC’s forecast guidance is that quarterly revenue will increase by 3% to 5%, and gross profit margin will be in the range of 26% to 28%; non-international financial reporting standard operating scale will be in between.$ 400 million to 2.Between $ 4.5 billion.In the above report, SMIC announced that it will hold a performance conference call on the morning of May 14.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Li Shihui

Read in one article 丨 The first quarterly import and export data affected by the epidemic

Read in one article 丨 The first quarterly import and export data affected by the epidemic
On April 14, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. The spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs and the director of the Statistics and Analysis Department Li Kuiwen introduced the import and export situation in the first quarter of 2020 and answered questions from reporters.Li Kuiwen introduced that in March this year, the previous foreign trade import and export2.45 trillion, down by 0 every year.8%, which is narrower than that in January-February 8.7 averages.In the first quarter, ASEAN surpassed the EU to become the country’s largest trading partner.1. Data release According to customs statistics, the total value of import and export of goods trade in the first quarter.57 trillion yuan, down 6 from the same period last year.4%.Among them, export 3.33 trillion, down 11.4%; import 3.24 trillion, down 0.7%; trade surplus 983.300 million, a decrease of 80.6%.Imports and exports in the first quarter showed the following six characteristics: (1) Imports and exports rebounded in March.(2) ASEAN surpassed the EU to become the largest domestic trading partner.(3) The import and export of private enterprises have decreased by a small margin and the proportion has increased.(4) The proportion of general trade import and export reached 60%.(5) Mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products are the main export commodities.(6) Imports of iron ore sand, crude oil, coal and other commodities and meat and other key consumer products have increased rapidly.Second, hot questions and answers (1) How do you view the performance and trend of foreign trade in the first quarter of the first level?Li Kuiwen said that in the first quarter of this year, faced with the sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Party Central Committee and the State Council issued a series of measures to stabilize foreign trade growth, and various departments also issued a number of measures to promote the internal enterprises to resume production in an orderly manner.In the first quarter, although imports and exports fell by 6.4%, but the decrease is significantly narrower than the previous 2 months3.1 foreign country, foreign trade imports and exports have rebounded.Regarding the gradual foreign trade trend, Li Kuiwen said that the shrinking demand in the international market will inevitably cause shocks to the continuous export of foreign trade, and problems such as the reduction of new foreign trade orders have gradually emerged. Therefore, the difficulties facing foreign trade development cannot be underestimated.But at the same time, we must also see that China’s foreign trade is strong and competitive, and its innovation and market development capabilities have been strong for a long time.(2) Why can ASEAN replace EU as the largest trading partner at the first level?Li Kuiwen said that on January 31 of this year, the UK formally left the European Union, which will have a certain impact on a series of trade with the EU.In the first quarter of this year, including the UK’s “Brexit” factor, ASEAN took 1154.The US $ 100 million advantage replaced the EU as the largest trading partner of all countries.(3) How confident is it to achieve the procurement goals reached in the first phase of the Sino-US trade agreement?Li Kuiwen said that after the gradual landing of the first phase of the Sino-US economic and trade agreement, there have been some positive factors in the transformation of economic and trade, especially the recent recent growth of some commodities from the US.But at the same time, it can also be seen that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and the extension of the Spring Festival holiday this year, exports to the United States declined in the first quarter.According to Li Kuiwen, according to customs statistics, the total value of Sino-US trade in the first quarter of this year was 6,680.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 18.3%; of which, exports to the United States are 4765.500 million, down 23.6%; imported from the United States in 1914.600 million, down 1.3%.(4) In response to the epidemic situation, what work has the General Administration of Customs carried out to stabilize foreign trade?Li Kuiwen introduced that since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, the downward pressure on foreign trade has increased.The General Administration of Customs has successively issued a number of documents including “Ten Measures to Promote the Stable Growth of Foreign Trade in Response to the Epidemic Situation”, “Measures for Customs to Support the Development of China-Europe Trains” and “Measures for Customs to Support the Development of Comprehensive Bonded Zones”.Li Kuiwen said that on the basis of the above-mentioned new substitution, the General Administration of Customs issued on March 6 the “List of Measures for Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Port Epidemic Situation and Facilitation of Customs Clearance”. There are 50 measures in total, and further refinements have been made.The measures of the station; shrink, adapt to the new indicators of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and work, introduce a series of new alternatives, strictly prevent the import of overseas epidemic situations, focus on supporting the resumption of production and resumption of production, and alleviate the operational difficulties of enterprises.There are five main measures and achievements: simplifying the customs clearance process; streamlining certification and certification materials; reducing the cost of customs clearance; supporting the cultivation of new foreign trade growth points; and actively responding to foreign measures.(5) China needs to obtain some qualifications and licenses for export of protective equipment?Li Kuiwen said that the General Administration of Customs regularly participates in press conferences of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council. For specific issues, customs colleagues have a special introduction, and you can check the relevant press conference records.He introduced that recently, we have implemented corresponding supervision on the export of medical materials.In the special period of prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, it is of great significance to further strengthen supervision and regulate the export grade of medical materials to better play the role of medical materials in the global fight against the epidemic.Li Kuiwen said that we have recently released relevant announcements with relevant departments.The quality and safety of medical supplies are directly related to human life and health. China Customs has always attached great importance to it and has taken effective measures to strengthen the supervision of the export of medical supplies.For example, the previous joint announcement No. 5 and the recent announcement of No. 53 are also to further promote the orderly export of medical supplies.Customs will further interpret and release the relevant work, and hope that everyone will pay attention to the release of relevant special news.(6) Anti-epidemic situation of foreign trade and cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road” Li Kuiwen said that in the first quarter of this year, total imports and exports with countries along the “Belt and Road” will be taken each year2.07 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 3.2%, higher than the national foreign trade growth rate of 9.6 averages, accounting for 31.4%, the proportion exceeds 30%.All of this fully demonstrates that the economic complementarity with the countries along the “Belt and Road” is usually strong, and the space for foreign trade development is broad. The joint construction of the “Belt and Road” is of great significance for promoting market diversification and stabilizing the basic foreign trade.Regarding the joint anti-epidemic, Li Kuiwen said that recently, the General Administration of Customs of China, together with the relevant customs and inspection and quarantine departments of countries along the “Belt and Road”, strengthened international cooperation in customs and promoted joint prevention and control in the joint fight against international epidemics.Looking to the future, we will further strengthen international customs exchanges and technical support to countries along the Belt and Road.(7) Is it necessary for China to adjust its target for this year?Li Kuiwen said that for the relevant predictions, I mentioned the trend of foreign trade just now. Major international institutions, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations have recently made relevant predictions on economic and trade substitution. We are also making further observations andanalysis.I believe that through further analysis and observation of the data, the relevant trends can be seen more clearly.Sauna Night Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Jun

Is 1 trillion special government bonds lower than expected? Expert: leave room for follow-up policy

Is 1 trillion special government bonds lower than expected? Expert: leave room for follow-up policy
On May 22, the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress opened, and Premier Li Keqiang gave a government work report.Regarding the scale of special government bond issuances generally concerned by the market, the report proposes that proactive fiscal policies should be more proactive and promising. The deficit rate for this year is planned to be 3.With a plan of more than 6%, the scale of the fiscal deficit increased by 1 trillion compared with last year, and at the same time, 1 trillion special anti-epidemic bonds were issued.This is a special growth rate in a special period. All the above 2 trillion will be transferred to localities, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established. The funds will reach the grassroots of the city and county directly to benefit enterprises and the people.Including support for tax and fee reductions, rent and interest rate cuts, expansion of consumption and investment, etc., and strengthening of public finance attributes, it is impossible to detain and retain embezzlement.Markets of various countries generally predict that the scale of the issuance of special national debt will be between 1 trillion and 2 trillion US dollars. There has also been a discussion in the market on whether the fiscal deficit should be monetized appropriately. Is the 1 trillion issuance exceeding expectations?Lian Ping, chief economist and dean of the Institute of Phytosanitary Investment, and chairman of the China Chief Economist Forum, said to Sauna and Yeewang that the scale depends on how the finances are digging up resources in other areas. This report also pays special attention toMake better use of relatively idle funds while reducing central government expenditures.”If there is still room for digging, it is necessary to consider whether it is necessary to borrow too much debt.At the same time, it also leaves room for future proactive fiscal policies. I don’t know what will happen next in the international market.Therefore, this is not the upper limit of market expectations.”Lian Ping analysis said.Xu Hongcai, the deputy director of the Economic Policy Committee of the China Association for Policy Research, told Sauna and Yewang that our fiscal deficit is very stable. From the scale of the issuance, it shows that there is still a lot of room for policy and the use of a lot of strength has been overcomeDifficulties.He mentioned that the situation in the United States and Europe is even worse, and the scale of corporate bailouts in the early days has exceeded 10% of GDP, and the current situation is not as pessimistic as the market imagines.Recognizing the monetization of the fiscal deficit, he believes that there is no need at all, “not to this extent.”” Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao editor Wang Jinyu proofread Chen Diyan

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What is the difference between hydrogen and hydrogen? What is the difference between hydrogen and aluminum?
涓€鑸垜浠拱鐨勯腑铔嬮兘鏄敓鐨勶紝鍗充究鏄捀楦泲涔熸槸濡傛锛屼笉鑳界洿鎺ラ鐢紝蹇呴』鍦ㄧ叜鐔熶簡涔嬪悗鎵嶈兘鍚冦€備絾鐓腑铔嬭窡鐓浮铔嬩笉涓€鏍凤紝楦泲鐨勫3姣旇緝纭紝鍦ㄧ啛浜嗕箣鍚庝粠澶栬〃涔熷緢闅捐繘琛屽垽鏂€傛墍浠ワ紝涓嶇粡甯哥叜楦泲鐨勮瘽锛屽緢闅剧煡閬撻腑铔嬫槸涓嶆槸宸茬粡鐓啛浜嗐€傞偅涔堬紝鐓腑铔嬭鐓涔呮墠鐔燂紵涓嬮潰鍜变滑灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鍚с€傚鏋滄What is the difference between the size of the data and the size of the data?What are you talking about?What is the best way to do this? If you use the thin chain, you will be able to use the fine chain. You will be able to use it. What is the effect?How effective is it? 雒 滀 滠 浜?鍒嗛挓鐨勮瘽锛岄噷闈㈠彲鑳戒細瀛樺湪涓€浜涘浜轰綋涓嶅ソ鐨勫瘎鐢熻弻銆傚鏋滄槸鍐锋按鐓殑璇濓紝浼氫箙涓€鐐癸紝澶х害闇€15鍒嗛挓銆傚綋鐒讹紝濡傛灉鎯冲悆鍗婄敓鍗婄啛鐨勬祦璐ㄨ泲榛勶紝娌告按涓叜7 闒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 姸 噽 噳 姘 翠 酑 頦 閦?0 鍒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 南 冲 彲 銆 傝 缮 綮 綮 纂 璂 璂 璴 璛 璨 卨 推 璵 璖 钖?0鍒嗛挓灏卞彲浠ャ€傚捀楦泲鐢ㄥ紑姘寸叜杩樻槸鍐锋按鐓喎姘翠笅閿呮瘮杈冨悎閫傘€傚喎姘寸叜鎵嶄笉瀹规槗鐖嗗紑銆傚捀楦泲浼氶殢姘存俯鐨勯€愭笎涓婂崌鑰屾參鎱㈠唴澶栧悓鏃垛€滅儹鑳€鈥濓紝绛夊埌姘存俯瓒充互浣胯泲鐧藉嚌鍥烘椂锛屽叾铔嬪3涔熻啫鑳€寰楀樊涓嶅锛屽氨涓嶈嚦浜庡啀澶栬儉鑰岃儉鐮村3銆傚捀楦泲鐨勬纭叜娉曟妸鍜搁腑铔嬫斁鍏ュ噳姘撮攨閲岋紝璁╂按娣规病铔嬶紝鑷冲皯婕繃楦泲琛ㄩ潰涓€涓寚鑺傦紝澶х伀鐓哺锛岀瓑姘寸儳寮€娌歌吘锛岃繀閫熷叧鍒板皬鐏紝璁╂按缁存寔90搴︿互涓婏紝鎸佺画10 闒 嗛 挓 Advertisement?-8鍒嗛挓锛夈€倀ips锛氱叜鏈夎缂濈殑铔嬶紝瑕佸湪閿呬腑鍏堟斁浜涚洂锛岀洂瀵硅泲鐧借川鏈夊嚌鍥轰綔鐢紝鑳介槻姝㈣泲鐧芥祦鍑恒€傚姞涓婁竴鐐归唻锛屼篃鑳介槻姝㈣泲鐧芥祦鍑恒€傛€庝箞鍒ゆ柇鍜搁腑铔嬫槸鍚︾叜鐔熺叜濂藉悗锛岀敤婕忓嫼鎹炶捣鏉ワ紝濡傛灉铔嬬殑琛ㄩ潰涓婄殑姘村緢蹇氨骞蹭簡锛岃繖灏辫鏄庤泲鐔熶簡銆傛敞鎰忥細鍙湁鍦ㄥ捀楦泲鍒氬垰鐓啛鐨勬椂鍊欐崬璧锋潵鎵嶅彲浠ュ搧灏濆埌鑲夎川椴滃銆佽惀鍏讳赴瀵岀殑鍜搁腑铔嬶紝骞朵笖鏈€澶ч檺搴︾殑鑺傜害鑳芥簮銆?

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銆 愯 掕 咕 姳 姳 僳 鍦 鍦 閭 桭 銆 慱 鎺 ㄨ 崘 楗 
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[Efficacy and role of plantain mulberry]_Benefit_Prerequisite

銆 愯 姯 咯 夑 夋 唋 姄 姫 姛 堛 堜 嬌 欤 擤 护 抆 擂 擂 擩 _ 鐩 婂 
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[Can gastritis eat apples]_Recommended diet

鑳冪値鏄父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶈偁鑳冪柧鐥咃紝寰椾簡鑳冪値浠ュ悗瑕佹敞閲嶉ギ椋熻皟鍏伙紝浜嗚В涓€浜涢ギ椋熺蹇岋紝鍙湁杩欐牱鎵嶈兘澶熶娇鐤剧梾灏藉揩鐨勭棅鎰堬紝寰椾簡鑳冪値鍙互閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涜嫻鏋滐紝杩欏浜庤偁鑳冪殑璋冪悊鏄湁濂藉鐨勶紝浣嗘槸涔熻娉ㄦ剰涓嶈兘杩囧椋熺敤锛屾瘯绔熻嫻鏋滈噷闈㈠惈鏈夋灉閰革紝杩囧椋熺敤瀹规槗寮曡捣鐥呯棁鍔犻噸銆傝儍鐐庡浜虹殑鍗卞寰堝ぇ锛屼竴瀹氳娉ㄩ噸楗璋冪悊锛屽钩鏃跺簲璇ュ鍚冧竴浜涙俯鑳冩殩鑳冪殑椋熺墿锛屽彲浠ラ€傚綋鐨勫枬涓€浜涘皬绫崇播锛屽悆涓€浜涙瘮杈冩俯鍜岀殑椋熺墿锛岃繖鏍锋墠鑳藉棰勯槻鐥呯棁鐨勫姞閲嶏紝瑕佷簡瑙iギ椋熺蹇岋紝鏈変簺椋熺墿搴旇灏介噺灏戝悆鎴栬€呬笉鍚冦€傚緱浜嗚儍鐐庝互鍚庡簲璇ュ皯鍚冭タ绾㈡熆锛岃タ绾㈡熆閲岄潰鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑鏋滆兌锛屽彟澶栬繕鏈変竴浜涘彲婧舵€х殑鏀舵暃鍓傦紝杩欎簺鐗╄川瀹规槗鍜岃儍閲岄潰鐨勮儍閰稿彂鐢熷弽搴旓紝浼氬鑷磋儍鑲犲嚭鐜版墿寮狅紝寮曡捣鐤肩棝锛岀敋鑷抽€犳垚鑵规郴鑵圭棝鐨勭棁鐘惰〃鐜般€傝偤鐐庝互鍚庝篃灏介噺灏戝悆鑽旀灊锛岃崝鏋濅細瀵艰嚧琛€绯It ‘s hard to get it in place, it ‘s hard to set up, it ‘s stupid, it ‘s hard to read, it ‘s hard to read, it ‘s hard to say, it ‘s not a good idea, but it ‘s not a good ideaThe following is a detailed description of the problem: the effect of this problem is that it is very difficult to get through it, and it is broken and crashing.The father and the father are eager to pick up the fine pick-up tool, and it’s very easy to use it to get back to the top of the river.鑲犺儍鐨勮礋鎷呫€備互涓婄畝鍗曠殑浜嗚В浜嗚儍鐐庡彲浠ュ悆鑻规灉鍚楋紵瀵逛簬鑳冪値鎮h€呮潵璇达紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆浜涜嫻鏋滄湁寰堝ソ鐨勮皟鐞嗙殑鍔熸晥锛屼絾鏄娉ㄦIt ‘s so hard to catch it, it ‘s hard to catch it, it ‘s hard to catch it, it ‘s hard to catch it, it ‘s hard to catch it.鏋灭┖鑵瑰悆涓€浜涜嫻鏋滀互鍙婂叾浠栫殑姘存灉锛屽鏄撳鑷磋儍閰歌繃澶氾紝寮曡捣鐥呯棁鐨勫姞閲嶏紝閫犳垚娑堝寲涓嶈壇绛変竴浜涚棁鐘惰〃鐜般€?

[Efficacy of boiled honey water with loquat leaves]

[Efficacy of Loquat Leaf Boiled Honey Water?

】 _Bee sugar water_action

Many people have eaten coriander. Coriander not only tastes sour and sweet, but also has a very good taste. Because coriander is difficult to preserve, the economic value of coriander is not particularly high. The coriander leaves are medicinal.The value of the loquat leaf has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough. If boiled loquat water is boiled and then added with honey, it has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough and protecting the liver.

If Ye is paired with honey that has the functions of resolving phlegm, relieving cough, and relieving liver qi, it is more nutritious, can relieve throat and cough, and treats colds and colds.

Loquat leaf boiled honey is generally taken from Loquat leaf, add cooked honey and an appropriate amount of boiling water, mix well, slightly stuffy, put in a wok and stir-fry until it is not sticky, remove it, and let it cool.

You can clear the lungs and cough, and reduce backache.

It is used for lung heat cough, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, stomach vomiting, irritability and thirst, phlegm relieving cough, and itchy throat.

Honey boiled by leaves can cure lung heat cough: 9 grams of loquat leaves, 12 grams of mulberry peel, 6 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, decoction.

Or honey mustard coriander leaves 12 grams, honey mustard mulberry white skin 15 grams, decoction.

In fact, loquat leaves can be used for lung heat cough, wind heat cough, and lung deficiency for a long time.

The loquat leaf has a bitter cold taste, and has the function of lowering qi and clearing lungs and relieving cough. It can be used to treat lung cough, and can be used with scutellaria baicalensis and loquat skin to clear the lungs and reduce phlegm.

Its taste is slightly spicy, and it can also relieve lung qi, so Fengre cough or match Huqian and Mulberry leaves to relieve lung and relieve cough.

With its good antitussive power, combined with Ophiopogon, Ejiao can cure lung dry cough; long-sputum sputum and blood can be combined with white and sputum, radix rehmanniae, stir-fried clam powder with Ejiao to clear lungs and nourish lungs, stop cough and stop bleeding; if phlegmIn many cases, it can be supplemented with Fritillaria chuanxiensis and Almonds to enhance phlegm reduction.

The role of Chinese herbal medicine 枇杷 leaf has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough, reducing backache and vomiting. It is often used to treat complications of lung cough, shortness of breath, asthma, stomach heat, vomiting, and thirst.

The traditional Chinese medicine loquat leaves are dried leaves of the dicotyledon plant Rosaceae.

The leaves are oblong or obovate, 12-30cm long and 3-9cm wide.

Apex pointed, base wedge-shaped, sparsely serrated above edge, entire base.

The upper surface is gray-green, yellow-brown or red-brown, shiny, and the lower surface is light gray or brown-green, densely covered with yellow hairs.

Traditional Chinese medicine loquat leaf has antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic effects. Hydrocyanic acid produced by amygdaloids contained in the traditional Chinese medicine loquat leaf has antitussive effect.

Decoction or free radical extracts have expectorant and asthmatic effects.

The volatile oil contained in the leaves has a mild expectorant effect.

It has also been reported that the loquat leaf has a strong antitussive effect and a poor expectorant effect.

In addition, the Chinese herbal medicine decoction or precipitation extract of Scutellaria baicalensis has antibacterial effects on white or staphylococcus aureus, diplococcus pneumoniae, and dysenteriae f.

The leaves have no antibacterial effect and can stimulate the growth of Staphylococcus aureus.

In addition, the cold-soaked ethanol extract of loquat leaf had anti-inflammatory effects on local swelling caused by carrageenan in rats. Warm-soaked extracts were topically used or replaced by gavage. Cold-soaked extracts had no anti-inflammatory effect after gavage.