Di Chen,Yuan Shou Jia3day。

This……This is horrible,Who is Senior??!!
Who on earth is it?!!
Can you even add things like Yuanshou to others??!!
After two people walked in carefully,I saw the ink painting on the desk at a glance,Take a look,Two people understood in an instant。
All this stems from this painting。
The picture I saw just now,This is the scene on the painting!
Look at the signature above……This……This is what I just painted last night?!!
Grumbling,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen both swallowed。
senior……Sure enough, senior……
If this kind of thing is taken out……Estimate the entire northern state,Do not!!Whole human race,Yaozu,The demons will be shaken for it。
Just put it like this,Never comprehend,Yuanshou,If this is a little insight……Isn’t that……?!!
And this kind of thing……It’s so casually placed here,Isn’t Senior not afraid of someone coming to snatch it??
but,Think so,Ling Tiannan and Di Chen,It’s all pouting,Also……Who dares to grab something from senior,I really don’t know how to write dead words。
only……Two people just broke in,Not greet seniors,If Senior is to blame……
For a time,A cold sweat began to form behind both of them。
Just when the two of you were going out quickly,Ling Tiannan saw the note next to this painting。
Ling Tiannan frowned and leaned forward to take a look,After being stunned for a full three seconds,The expression on the face changed from fright,Turned into ecstasy。

“嘿嘿 嘿……”Zheng Yao just worried about tears,Now laughing out,

Xu Baichuan, I know that this six brothers have only to say that Xiaoxin will have a current smile.,Asked:“Will not be a small nine??”
“No who can he still,Others are not coming to save us!”Zheng Yao first didn’t know that Xiao Jiu saved himself and Tan Lin.,Yes, Fu Ying, telling,
“Xiao Jiu also understands medicine!Be unable to!”Xu Baichuan is also a shocked pop-up.。
“Four brothers,Tan Lin is good,Let him follow the small nine in the future.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Row,As long as Tan Lin him is willing to say, I am not saying.。”
“Killing Action Group!This name sounds domineering,That is, our family is worthy of!”Zheng Yao first said that the sky was smirk。
“Killing a god action group?Old Six, you are intended to help Xiaojiu to establish a special action group?”
“Don’t use me,This kid should be formed.,Otherwise, you think that I will ask the boss to ask for the boss.,Three people in Tiecheng and Su Wenqian,This is a little bit。”
“I’m here now.!Hahaha……It turns out that he has already premedited.!This stinky!”
“Do you have a grievance??”
“I am not,I can’t wait to follow the little nineteen.!Old six, don’t be ignorant!”
“Wind,This time your task is arduous.!”Wearing expression and dignifying,
“boss!Under the submissive completion task!It must be established to build a military Shanghai station as soon as possible!Take the first shot after we changed the name!”Wang Tianfeng guaranteed,
“Wind,you’re right,This is, we return to Shanghai’s first,You have to give me a toughness!This is crucial!”Wear,
At this time, the power committee has changed its name to the Military Commission Survey Bureau.,Abbreviation is also a military,Wearing as deputy director,But the size of the business is still calculated by him.,Director Chen Lif is hanging a job。
From August 1938,National Government Military Commission Survey and Statistics Bureau,Is the military bureau,At this time, wear is also preparing this matter.。
“Please rest assured!My king is not successful.!”
“Wind,I will give you a year to rebuild the Shanghai Station.,Your strength is a long quilt.,I will come back, I will give you a director.,And guarantee your rank again to rise again!”Dai Chengno Road,
“Thank boss cultivation!”Wang Tianfeng is now the rank of the middle school.,Another level is the top school,In the power of this army, this army is high.,Six people have six people after the establishment of the military,Make a duplication,This position is not a one-point half point。
NS281chapter Nine brothers, you are too grievous.
Rui Rui returned home and put Fu Ying in his arms.,I haven’t seen it in three days, I really miss her.。
“Oops,Dear my mouth!Really!”Fu Ying Snow struggled to push the rites to the cheek,
“Only three days I feel like three years.,Come!Snowman,Let me have two!”
“Vibrate,Go to take a shower first.!”
“You help me!”
“it is good,I will help you wash。”
Waiting for a bath,Finish meal,Fu Ying Snow said that he said Qi Rui:“Have you called Zhuang Xiaoman?,She seems to find you have something to do.。”
“Her phone calling today??”
“Um,You came back before。”
Qi Rui Dial Phone,Fu Yingxue told his boss to send people with a dark language.,Specific detail interview。
“Is there any important thing??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“The Shanghai Station is basically destroyed by Ding Mun Village, the special service headquarters.,It is estimated that it is a powerful role.,I still don’t know who it is.,Since notify me,May make me help him。”

This cult can only collect some gold and silver,The pattern must not be much bigger。

quickly,The big toast came to Li Ming,Li Ming also took out some gold from Shanruliu and gave it to him,But his eyes are locked on this big toast concealedly,Thinking about the innate strength shown,Can you capture the opponent。
of course,The fanatical mood of the believers around,Maybe it will bring him little trouble,But that’s it。
But Li Ming gave up this tempting idea temporarily。
No other,Because he still intends to see who else is behind this big toast。
Although on the surface,Seems to be just a cult,But this hall is quite empty underground,I’m afraid it can’t be made by ordinary innate。
Cult gathering,Very short,It may also be because Li Ming and others are more peripheral believers,Soon at the big toast, I asked the next gathering to be dedicated to‘Gods’More offerings。
Believers who have been brainwashed,Nature only agreed,And left the underground palace in an orderly manner。
of course,As‘spy’Li Ming,Naturally won’t leave so easily,Halfway back to my residence,Then put on a set of impervious magic robe,Use this magic weapon to cover your breath,Sneaked into the hall again。
“what。。。There really is someone behind this cult!”Hidden behind a stone pillar behind the main hall,Breath convergence,The five senses remain at the pinnacle level of the innate realm。
Li Ming can see,Before that, pretending to be a mysterious cult toast,At this moment, he is crawling under the body of a man in a red robe。
“the host!”A big toast kneeling down with incomparable respect。
“Asan,I let you build a sect,Not for the gold and silver,I let you collect the purple river cart、The blood of a virgin,There are also Jiugui Zimu。”Hoarse voice,And full of deterrence。
“Great master,Please listen to me。”The body trembles on her knees,But it is still very clear:“In the ordinary,As long as there is enough gold and silver,Zichehe can be easily bought,The blood of virgins can be bought with some effort。Even if it’s such a treasure,It takes time to make a layout。”

“Alang,There is a person who claims to be a goritor outside.,Said to find you。”

Fu Fu’s house is not required to please“Professionalist”of,On weekdays, his wife is responsible for a class of things.,Because this court is too small.。
At the door,Basically hear in the room!
Fu Yuan put down the pen,Frown asked:“Which high-greeting is?”
He is in mind,this person,This will not be Gao Baoyi.?If so,That is too much.!
“Just give you the Gao Corporate that assigned a military order.。”
Gao Bao Yi Yan laughter came from the door,Almost let Fu Fu’s heart must jump out。
“What is it?,Go to prepare tea!”
Four is desperate to the original lady,I hope she will go.,Inverted tea is fake,Don’t stand here, it is true.。
After the other party left,Fu Fu, this is loose,I quickly came to the courtyard.,I saw Gao Bo Yi at the center of the courtyard.,Look around。
“Coldness,Let the Dado n’t smile,Please come in,Please come in!”
Fu Fu said。
“Secret is quite idling,But this is my fault,Didn’t take into account your actual situation。
But fortunately,Since I found it today,That I have to say it.。”
Gao Bao is watching a circle in the courtyard.,Then look at Fu’s eyes:“Running gas transfer,General,It is the central general,It is necessary to be committed to the committee right away.。
A family is still squeezing in such a place now,It is really some saying that it can’t be passed.。
Fun’s face,That is, the face of the court。Someone else seeing Fu Fu’s military congestion,How to see the central court?How to think about me Gao Bo Yi?
You and rest assured,Homeship,I will naturally arrange for you.,Today, I only talk about military affairs.,Don’t talk about these trivia,It’s good to pack it.。”
Gao Baoyi big bag,For a time, Fu Fu actually didn’t know what to say.。
A long time later,He hugged the trip to Gao Baoyi:“Trendy love,Fu Fu only the liver and brain can only be repaid,Please come in!”
This attitude can be。
Gao Boi smiled slightly,Then two people entered the study.。
“General,You have some days before,Not asking me what do I have to hand it over??I will tell you now.。”
NS1100chapter Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue(Down)
Narrow and simple study,Fu Fu, this high-top horse,Actually, I am a little bit of uneasiness.,The back is so cold and wet,But try to restrain your emotions。
“I don’t know what the big man is said.,What is it??”
Fu Lu tried to ask。
Make Gao Bo Yi to come home,Even“Small”Thing,I am afraid it is also a major event that can be killed.。Fu Fu is a person,But does not mean that he is a fool。
“I want to put you out of you.,have no idea,Do you have any intentions??”
Gao Baoyi is very kind,It can even be polite.!This makes Fu Fu to be stunned while,Also feel a disturbing taste。
Rhyme,Seek。Look at Gao Baoyi today’s attitude,Be afraid,It is very likely to give yourself a hot sack.。
“Most supervisors,Where are you going?,Where will I go?,Never two words!”
Fu Fu quickly gave a sleeve to the Gao Bao Yi。

Jingpu came out of this strange space,The expression on Jingpu’s face is a bit complicated。

This stuff……
So simple
Clear the level by yourself in five minutes!
When Jingpu was still lamenting that this thing was nothing fun,Lingju holding tea,Also back。
Lingju who came back looked at him half lying on the bamboo chair,Jingpu was taken aback while holding the formation,Then he looked at Jingpu Road curiously:
“senior??You tried??”
Jingpu nodded,Some boring side returned this formation,Side way:
“Ok,five minutes。”
I heard Jingpu,A small smug appeared on Lingju’s face,So seniors can only hold on for five minutes,I didn’t lose until seven minutes。
Lingju’s face is a little proud,Was immediately caught by Jingpu。
Look at Lingju’s expression……like,Lingju is much better than his own??
For a time,Jingpu understand,Oh~~~


At the gate,Walk alone,He is sweating,But my face is full of smiles,Seems to be telling something good,He is about to speak,But I saw this scene in front of the house,The ambiguous breath fills the courtyard like plum fragrance。
Zheng Yu opened his mouth wide,Soon came to my senses,Looks like I understand everything,And immediately retreated outside the courtyard。
“Brother Zhu is really not an ordinary person,Even if it’s a shining noble woman like a queen,In front of Brother Zhu, she is like a shy and gentle little lady。”Zheng Yu couldn’t help but admire more。
First44chapter Liangcai
Feed a small bowl of red date porridge,Zhu Minglang remembered something,I think it’s better to report this matter to Lai Yunzi。
“I met your sister at the college。”Zhu Minglang said。
“who is it?”Gigi Lai asked。
“Do you have many sisters?”Zhu Minglang was confused instead。
“What did I say to you?”Gigi Lai。
“I met at Qiaotou for the first time,She buys peaches next to me,I thought it was you,What he said to her,She didn’t say anything。Later in the book court,She pretends to be you,I was cheated。”Zhu Minglang described the situation to Li Yunzi again。
Afterwards, I wish Minglang had a little understanding,Everyone at How to Train the Dragon Academy knows Nan Lingsha,But not many people have actually met her,It’s just that many people are rumoring that she has a beauty。
And in the foundry and the nearby market,Not many people know Nan Lingsha,No one has seen Nan Lingsha before,The only time Zhu Minglang tried Nan Ye,Nan Ye only seemed to understand the situation。
Nan Ye is naturally the middle child of the Nan family,The kind that should not be in low status,It seems that only he knows the relationship between Li Yunzi and Nan Lingsha。

Wright’s grudge,Was originally fire《Bloody grudge》,It’s a kind of extreme fire type grudge,During normal practice, it will continue to absorb the fire element into the fighting energy。

If a single use of marksmanship,It’s also the power of the flames。
Of course, once the water system law is applied【Waves】,Or the law of the earth【Wuzhishan】,Naturally, the water element or the earth element between heaven and earth,Make the fire element in the grudge fade,Instead, it contains water elements and earth elements。
Wright tried for a long time,Found that it is impossible to force different elements into the grudge。
“It seems that I can only try to use water and fire!”Wright took a deep breath。
Yin and Yang,Water is round and soft is Yin,The fire is so strong。Fire and water,Yin and Yang in One,Annihilate everything。Wright used this trick to directly kill the Pope Ernst who used his divine power.。
Stabbed,Integrating water and fire,At this moment Wright sensed,The water element and the fire element are completely integrated into the fighting spirit,The grudge is also rendered into a faint purple。
“puff!”One Shot,The tip of the gun faintly formed a tiny crack in the space of the material plane。
“Became!”Wright smiled,Before the soul mutates,This【Water and fire compatible】Casting can only provoke the two elements of water and fire,At the same time, it is more powerful,But it’s far from reaching the point of forming a space crack!
And after the soul mutated,The pressure on the soul that was faintly produced when using the marksmanship has completely disappeared,The soul is smart and round,Natural harmony of marksmanship,And the elements in the vindictive fusion—Increased the power of this gun by at least ten times。
But this kind of fusion of elements,Can only be used【Water and fire compatible】Instantaneous,Cannot be used in other situations such as vindictive defense。
But Wright is not too disappointed,【Water and fire compatible】The increased power is already a very big gain for him,Not to mention the grand avenue of fusion of laws unfolds to him。
The mystery of different laws merge with each other,That power is ten times the fusion of the same laws。
Wright happily experimented with his fusion spirit,unconsciously,A ray of sunshine shines on the horizon。
The golden sun leapt from the horizon into the sky,The light shines on the earth,Wright flew back to his home in despair。
Nothing other than,Cecilia’s eyes greeted him。
After studying the soul mutation,Wright is also thinking about other things。
First of all,Is to deal with the residual power of the Holy See,This is one aspect,But the Pope of the Holy See of Light was beheaded by himself,The remaining forces also shrank。revenge,It’s just a trip,But considering the magic circle and many methods of the Holy See’s Lair,Wright plans to brew for a while,Turn your soul mutation into strength and then go to the trouble of the Holy See。
On the other hand,Wright wants to seek some benefits for his family in advance。
Sanctuary strong,In the words of previous lives,It’s not necessary to eat fireworks。

“Next, it is definitely mechanic.?

Trich the road in the village,Unimpeded,Then I will get rich together with everyone.,As for how to get home, I need to see how the income of my hundred acres of orchard.,If my income of the hundred acres of orchard is ideal,Then lead everyone to get together,Even vegetables,Thermos can be。”
Looking at Li Hui’s confidence full look,Xu Lai Fu suddenly thought of young yourself。
He is young when he is young.,Just continuously hit reality,Time to rub,He has already been flattering.,With the power that has not been rushed forward。
“Xiao Li,These are not specific,Can you tell me more,After all, you said that I will guarantee you a million.,I also have to know that you have no ability to play this millions.,This uncle is a little clear to your publicity.,After all, this matter can not be doped with personal feelings.,We have to start with actual。”
“Hey-hey,I am very confident, I am very confident.,In detail, it is first mechanized road.,The road is only good,Then we can advertise our village.,Advertising in advance,Then I went money to make the village people with me with me.,If you lose money, just me.,If you make money,As long as you give me the money, please,You feel like this,Will the old people in the village will be with me?”
Xu Lu Fu listened to Li Hui, which took a deep breath.,He feels that Li speaks this step in this step.,It is simply a cliff as an empty wire rope dance.。
Jumping will cause cheering,Benefited is a person who is surrounded by,But it is not good, it is simply a powder.。
“Xiao Li,Are you so confident??”
“Um,uncle,I have confidence,But all this is a uncle you.,After all, many of the experience I don’t have you.,I am just technical and theory.。”
For Li Hui Feng,Xu Lai Fu did not say anything。
But he was a little trembling, took out his own old and dry smoke.,Directly get a little in the cigarette puppy directly from the smoke flower,Then I took a little bit.。
Generally, he will not smoke such a stunned dry smoke.,Every time you smash because of tension,Hesitation。
“Row,This thing is too big.,I can’t let you have a pole.,I have to open a meeting,At the same time, you promised me to give me something about Xu Tianci’s kid.。”
“Hey-hey,There is no problem with the native brother.,As long as you can’t distress,I promise to make him a hundred times more than now.。”
Thinking of Xu Tianci’s appearance,Xu Laifu also biting his dental road:“no problem,Waiting for the kid out of the hospital,I will send it.。”
“uncle,Don’t worry about this,After all, I will still live with my parents.,So you have to send me always sent to my home.?”
Looking at Li Hui’s eyes flashed in the eyes,Xu Laifu is also a moment of vigilance.。
“Then your kid wants to play what idea?”
“Hey-hey,I have no idea.,Just want your grandfather to help me a little busy。”
Xu Laifu knows that Li Hui is definitely something,But thinking that my son also needs Li Hui Hui to see,He also didn’t look at it.,I feel that I still have to listen to Li Hui’s problem, and consider that I will not agree.。
“Row,You said.,What is busy?,The premise is what I can do,Don’t think you can’t do it, don’t expect a uncle to help you.。”
Chapter 102
“Hey-hey,Uncle, you can rest assured,This matter you can definitely help,You see my hundred acres of orchard here.,I have to stay in this night at night.,So I want to invite the uncle to help me find a few villages, a little masonry, giving me a bigest courtyard.。”
Xu Laifu immediately failed to hear this.。
“Do you know how much is the courtyard??
And can’t you wear it??
If I have opened this head for you,After the people in the village want to build a house in their own place,That is not taking?”
“Don’t say that the grandfather doesn’t help,It is possible to help you don’t agree with you.。”
See Xu Laifu’s strong opposition,Li Hui is also a bit speechless.。
“uncle,Then what do you say??
I can’t sleep on the tree.?”

“How are you?”Zhong Sanpu recalls the futile Qingfeng sword,Although his reaction is slow,But after all, it’s a great practitioner,I quickly wanted to understand the very short and dangerous battle just now,Can’t help but blush,With a little bit of fear。

“Not get in the way。”Li Tianchou took a deep breath and stood up,Pointed at the big hole that was smashed by the puppets,Feel sick,Reluctant to speak。
Zhong Sanpu approached Dakeng,Was taken aback,There is a half-pit of red and glaring blood in the big deep pit nearly ten meters square,With blood and a strange smell, he even had a bit of breath,He knows that the big black spear and the puppets have gained,Unexpectedly so scary。
Suddenly a gust of wind hovered beside Li Tianzhi,Li Xiucheng’s golden body traced back to no avail,“Running too fast,But he is not comfortable。”
“Hurt his body?”
Golden body does not answer,Suddenly a green light flashed,The leaf knife hovered silently in the air,A faint purple mark on the edge of the knife,A faint trace of smoke is lingering。This is a very rare situation,Killing any monster with a leaf knife will not leave a trace on the body,This time there was an exception。
Li Tianzhen carefully looked at the smoke,Feel the smell of chaos,Under the eyes of Insight, several incomplete runes can be distinguished,Has strong characteristics of destruction and erosion,And extremely stubborn,Contend with the vigorous breath of life blooming from the leaf knife,Keep being annihilated,And keep generating new runes。
It’s just that the rune produced after each annihilation is more broken,Li Tianzhen knows that two rules are competing,The chaotic smoke will soon be completely annihilated without the support of the body,So rest assured。
After a short breath adjustment,Li Tianzhen has returned to normal,But Zhong Sanpu stood by the side of the big hole in a daze,Knowing that he was not afraid of the danger just now,Just the opposite,Zhong Sanpu is actually feeling,I remember carefully the previous confrontation of electric light and flint,May be able to inspire some obstacles and confusion he encountered in his practice。
So Li Tianzhen didn’t bother him,Recall the puppet,Suddenly there are two blood-red beads the size of broad beans,Those are the spirits of the two blood races killed,Frown,Up to now he has not thought of any effective way to open this ball,There are three together with Xiao Yanda’s one。
Or use heavy techniques to crush the soul,So that it is completely dispelled,Or take it with you like a chicken rib,Think about other ways,But I always feel that there are some hidden dangers that are unclear,This time it was quickly discovered by the opponent,Maybe it’s related to this spirit,of course,Li Tianzhen didn’t plan to hide his whereabouts deliberately。
Darkening,Li Tianzhen decided to retreat temporarily,It’s more dangerous on the wasteland at night,The blood family appeared here without accident,Naturally related to the alien base described by Mr. Ouyang,That is actually the Holy Blood Array described by Dayan,The other party is also looking for,After this tentative fight,Maybe everyone will be more cautious。
Zhong Sanpu unexpectedly did not raise any objections,The battle just now shocked his heart a lot,Carefully recalled every detail,Whether it’s the shock of the big black gun,Still the bloody hand appeared out of thin air,It’s even more amazing that the leaf blade killed the opponent a few miles away,Actually it happened in an instant,Both sides threw the bait,Have made countermeasures to deal with the noise,Extremely accurate grasp of fighter opportunities,Fight like this,He might have imagined,But really want to be in it,I don’t know how to deal with it。
But all this happened under Zhong Sanpu’s nose,He always knows later,It shows that these are no longer simple realm gaps,Now Zhong Sanpu gradually believes what the old man Dong and the disciple Li Hao said,The cultivation base is endless,But there are really great magicians in the world that are much stronger than true immortals。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy three Things to do
The two had an unexpected gain on the way back,Tireless‘Terrain Worm’Actually threw a pair of bones in a big hole in the rock,According to a small section of the black sign remaining on the side of the bone,Zhong Sanpu concluded that he was the ancestor of this sect a thousand years ago,Is also one of the disciples who went deep into the wasteland to find the master and disappeared,Immediately go down into the pit and converge carefully。
Li Tianzhen stood quietly by the side,Looking at the half sign in hand,Like a large mahjong,Iron-like non-iron,Very heavy,Immortal after a thousand years,Materials should be rare and precious,It was a pity that it was broken by external force,The other half‘Terrain Worm’Did not find,I don’t want to come here anymore。

Yao Junli must eat in a private room,That’s what Xia Jian thought when he went upstairs。But this time he really thought wrong,The waiter took him to a seat in front of the window。

“sit down!Sit here and you can see outside,Eating,Watching everything on the road,People’s mood will also improve”Hu Huiru, who was sitting facing her, smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sat down in front of the bright large French window,It feels really peculiar。A few delicate dishes have been prepared。Xia Jian glanced at his appetite and came up。
Not many people eat in the restaurant,In twos and threes,And everyone’s voice is not very high。Appears extremely qualified。Xia Jian could only lower his voice and said:“Good business。It’s the off-season for tourism now”
“Okay!We only need to take the economical route,After all, there are not many rich people”Hu Huiru smiled slightly,Signal Xia Jian to start eating。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Eat chopsticks。He eats,Hu Huiru softly:“You and Lu Hao have a good relationship?How did you meet?”
“ This is a long story”Hu Huiru sighed and said。
First2243chapter major discovery
It seems that Yao Junli does not want to mention her relationship with Lu Hao,Xia Jian didn’t ask much。Finished lunch for two,So I had some tea in Yao Junli’s office,I left for Zhangluhe Village。
Because last time I went,Xia Jian hasn’t fully seen this land yet。So under his proposal,Yao Junli and him set off in just over one o’clock。
Yao Junli didn’t let Xia Jian drive,Because which car of Xia Jian believes that the people in Zhangluhe Village have memories,So which black BMW did she drive in?。
The car stopped in front of which wasteland,Xia Jian pushed the car door and jumped down。The warm winter sun is a little bit weak,Gives a lazy feeling。
“Wait for me!You don’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu”Yao Junli stepped on half-heeled shoes to catch up from behind。
Xia Jian stopped,Seeing Yao Junli swaying twice and laughing:“You should wait for me in the car!If you twist your ankle,That’s not a joke”
“okay,Twist?Say something like this before acting,Besides, isn’t there still you??In case it really twists,Then you carry me!”Yao Junli said,Caught up in two steps,Grabbed Xia Jian’s arm gently。
A little helpless Xia Jian could only drag him towards the wasteland。This place is relatively flat from the outside,But after you go there,,The middle of this place is low,Four weeks high,Like a big iron pot。
“My days,Fortunately, I came in today and took a look”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Yao Junli sighed and said:“Don’t act hastily,Of course,Lu Hao knew in his heart,I won’t make a random price”
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But took Yao Junli into the wasteland。Okay,The innermost part of the wasteland is flat,This made Xia Jian feel much better。