Yao Junli must eat in a private room,That’s what Xia Jian thought when he went upstairs。But this time he really thought wrong,The waiter took him to a seat in front of the window。

“sit down!Sit here and you can see outside,Eating,Watching everything on the road,People’s mood will also improve”Hu Huiru, who was sitting facing her, smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sat down in front of the bright large French window,It feels really peculiar。A few delicate dishes have been prepared。Xia Jian glanced at his appetite and came up。
Not many people eat in the restaurant,In twos and threes,And everyone’s voice is not very high。Appears extremely qualified。Xia Jian could only lower his voice and said:“Good business。It’s the off-season for tourism now”
“Okay!We only need to take the economical route,After all, there are not many rich people”Hu Huiru smiled slightly,Signal Xia Jian to start eating。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Eat chopsticks。He eats,Hu Huiru softly:“You and Lu Hao have a good relationship?How did you meet?”
“ This is a long story”Hu Huiru sighed and said。
First2243chapter major discovery
It seems that Yao Junli does not want to mention her relationship with Lu Hao,Xia Jian didn’t ask much。Finished lunch for two,So I had some tea in Yao Junli’s office,I left for Zhangluhe Village。
Because last time I went,Xia Jian hasn’t fully seen this land yet。So under his proposal,Yao Junli and him set off in just over one o’clock。
Yao Junli didn’t let Xia Jian drive,Because which car of Xia Jian believes that the people in Zhangluhe Village have memories,So which black BMW did she drive in?。
The car stopped in front of which wasteland,Xia Jian pushed the car door and jumped down。The warm winter sun is a little bit weak,Gives a lazy feeling。
“Wait for me!You don’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu”Yao Junli stepped on half-heeled shoes to catch up from behind。
Xia Jian stopped,Seeing Yao Junli swaying twice and laughing:“You should wait for me in the car!If you twist your ankle,That’s not a joke”
“okay,Twist?Say something like this before acting,Besides, isn’t there still you??In case it really twists,Then you carry me!”Yao Junli said,Caught up in two steps,Grabbed Xia Jian’s arm gently。
A little helpless Xia Jian could only drag him towards the wasteland。This place is relatively flat from the outside,But after you go there,,The middle of this place is low,Four weeks high,Like a big iron pot。
“My days,Fortunately, I came in today and took a look”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Yao Junli sighed and said:“Don’t act hastily,Of course,Lu Hao knew in his heart,I won’t make a random price”
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But took Yao Junli into the wasteland。Okay,The innermost part of the wasteland is flat,This made Xia Jian feel much better。

Big eyes finished,Seems to finally get rid of the anger in my heart,The horror in his eyes quickly faded,Things should still be handled according to its logic,in‘Heavenly Gate’Inside,‘eternal’Always say one thing,Lei Li Feng Xing,Sharp,What a primitive place like this,A little bit of trouble takes a long time,Annoying。

in‘Heavenly Gate’In the chaotic little world,‘eternal’Still waiting for the final integration,If you grow up like a teenager,Go through several cycles of chaos,Don’t you want to grow old?
“Why do you do this?Your world is in the void and galaxy,It’s good to let a small place like us go?”
The young god hides in the world,The big eyeball got into the wall on the right side of the Temple of Five Elements,Be quiet and motionless,Seems to have really become a statue again,The young man sat cross-legged in the hall,The little red dragon is lying softly at his feet,Weak。
“If you don’t want to rule here,Please leave,meet by chance,Good to get together。”
“Even if you want to rule here,I will firmly oppose you,Until the last drop of blood dries。”
In the hall, except for the echo of the boy,No more sound,The big eyeball seems to be back to the state of pretending to be dead,Or maybe it went to the void,But the boy knew that this guy didn’t really mean to leave completely。
After sending a pass, he pretended to be dead,The boy really doesn’t understand the purpose of this evil evil outside the territory,He dare not let this guy stay by his side anymore,But there is no strength and means to expel each other,Very distressed。
Follow Big Eyeball’s usual excuse,There is a connection between them,Is the so-called symbiotic stones,But such intersections have to wait until the future that crosses the long river of history,Sounds incredible。
The young man no longer believes in this nonsense,There is not even a minimum of reincarnation in the world,He is not Tianzun,Can’t live to be enough years old,If you fail to find a new world,Then he was basically annihilated within his normal life span,Talk about crossing the long river of history?Where does the big eyeball come from such paranoia and confidence?
The consequences of this incident are terrible,One of the Optimus pillars that supported the free world was destroyed,The safety of normal operation is greatly reduced,The coalition forces and the Wuxingdao Island collectively lost nearly 20,000 people,The number of people in the free world has dropped sharply,A surge in brown spots on the security barrier,The rate of world decline has accelerated greatly。
As originally expected,This decay process takes half a year,But now it looks,For two months,The protective barrier of the free world will collapse on its own under the erosion of brown spots,Until then,Netherstorm Invasion,It takes less than a day to destroy the entire world of freedom。
There is not much time left for this refuge and the boy。
One thousand two hundred and twenty five chapters Fork out
The boy talked to himself for a long time,Did not get any response,So he grabbed the little red dragon on the ground and left the world of God hidden,He still has a lot to do,No time to talk to this bastard。
prior to,The little red dragon was attached to his body with big eyes,The huge energy pressure makes it worse than death,Fortunately, the vitality of the Lieyang Palace lava dragon is extremely tenacious,And the power of the soul is strong enough,Otherwise you will die on the spot。
There are many people standing outside the courtyard,Elder Yi with Five Elements Island、Key figures,There are also high-level coalition forces,of course,I can no longer call it a coalition,As for what is called,The boy hasn’t said yet,Feel free。

Xia Jianhuo,He said loudly:“What are you talking about?Anyway she,Also your father’s wife。Whether you admit it or not,But the facts are here。You treat her like this,It’s like adding to your dad’s heart,Don’t you understand such a simple thing?”

“I know,But you don’t understand my mood。I saw this woman,I just think of my mother。You said how you told me to treat her well”Guan Tingna stood up,A little furious。
Xia Jian took a breath,Tolerantly said:“Let’s not care if your parents divorced because of her?The problem is that we are goingTcountry,You said we are not united,Is it necessary to go??”
“If it’s unnecessary,Those still need to go down…”Xia Jian talked but stopped。
Guan Tingna didn’t say a word,She sat on the bed silently,Looking out the window。Time is passing by,Xia Jian is waiting for her decision。
“Ok!I’ll listen to you,Change attitude towards her”Guan Tingna finished,Lie down again。
Guan Na Ting lay down for a while,See Xia Jian still sitting on the sofa in a daze。She sat up a little embarrassed,Cocked mouth,Said with a little cutie:“sorry!Brought you so much trouble”
“Nothing,All i want to say is,Since we helped your dad do this,Then you have to help。Don’t make a lot of work, it’s meaningless”Xia Jian said seriously。
Guan Tingna nodded and said:“Ok!I listen to you”
Guan Tingna’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took a look,Xiao Xiao actually called,He hesitated,Should this call be answered??
Guan Tingna on the side glanced at Xia Jian’s phone,Hehe smiled and said:“pick up!She scared you at the first call?”
“I am not afraid of her”Xia Jian muttered,So I connected Xiao Xiao’s phone。
Xiao Xiao on the phone smiled:“I said Mr. Xia!I heard you got married not long ago,Why are you taking other women around the world??”
“Are you a little bored?Zhou Li, this woman runs the train with her mouth full,Why are you gossip?I just had a meal with Guan Tingna?Do you need to make a fuss?”Xia Jian is a little angry,Xiao Xiao was stunned。
Xiao Xiao was stunned on the phone and said:“Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night。I just said casually,Why are you so excited?”
“I’m not excited,I have always been like this。What’s the matter with Mr. Xiao calling??”Xia Jian asked coldly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“What do you mean Xia Jian?Is the relationship between us so bad??It’s okay, I can’t even make a phone call?Don’t forget,Your time in our house is not short,Don’t you have any feelings??”
“Stop talking about this,What’s the matter with you?A little busy now”Xia Jian said he was going to hang up the phone。
Xiao Xiao suddenly took a breath and said:“Your project in Pingdu is well developed。When a leader came to check our project a few days ago,Also mentioned your project”
“Oh!Where there is a will,I don’t think there is anything that Xia Jian can’t do。Speak big words with me,If we are interested in five years, Bibi”Xia Jian is so happy,That’s why I said something like this。

The speed of the clouds is like a meteor,Towards an island floating in the distance,Younger than chased,stunned,Until the cloud stays over the island,The boy didn’t even figure out what the weird guy did.?

Such a long distance,The youth’s eyesight seems to have increased again,He could actually see the weirdo jumping off the clouds,Walked directly into a grand building,Never show up again,As if he has long been forgotten。
The weirdo won’t forget him,I won’t play with him for no reason,Reminiscent of the weird walking posture of the weird people before,Juvenile furious,While speeding up to catch up with the island,Looking around,See if there are suitable clouds,Also try to jump up。
Just learned to walk,Want to run,Of course not,There are a lot of clouds,Young people never succeeded in jumping,Several times he almost fell through the air again,Scared,Had to stop trying for now。
Seeing the island drifting farther and farther,The young man is not discouraged,After three years of hardship,What he lacks most is perseverance and confidence,Maybe weird people want to give him the final temper in this way,The boy is barefoot and has to catch up with the island that has become a little black spot。
in this way,Youth non-stop,Going more and more handy,Later, I just galloped up,The wind whistling in the ear,Auspicious clouds around,So uncomfortable,The rise of his rush,Jump towards the cloud not far in front,Then open your arms and fall like a big bird。
But disappointing,The body of the teenager still cannot stay on the clouds for a moment,A cloud of quality like a cloud cannot carry the body of a teenager,So I had to fall straight down,After stabilizing the body again,The boy looked at the reunited clouds,I’m still a little depressed。
A strange sound floated behind itself,The young man turned his head in shock,Surprised to find out when,A huge body is already standing not far away,Very strange looking at him。
This body is dressed more crudely than the weirdo,It looks like a piece of white cloth hung up and down,Bald、Big face,The facial features are as rigid as clay sculptures,Body shape and other aspects are more than one size bigger than weirdo,If it is placed on the mainland,Just like a giant?
Could this honor be the original inhabitants of this space??Reminiscent of the manner in which weirdos always cover their faces,The teenager made such a guess,The strange sound just now resembles a certain language,The teenager obviously doesn’t understand,Uncomfortable being looked at,He didn’t dare to make extra branches,So turn around and run。
Unexpected,The voice behind me keeps,Jiligulu,Quack quack,As if the same sentence,The other party is changing and repeating different languages,at last,The boy understood the last sentence,It really is the language of the homeland mainland,“That boy,Why did you get into my free world?”
No answer,Just run forward,He doesn’t have any burden of being a guilty conscience,I’m just afraid of causing trouble to the weirdo,But not far,The back of the neck is tight,The body has been held in the hands by the giant,The strength of the giant’s hands penetrates the meridians and viscera,The teenager has no room to struggle,But without a word。
“Why don’t you answer me?Honestly,How did you get into the world?”
“I got lost and went to the wrong place……”
“Don’t bluff me,How could a mortal find the bridge of sky?”
Youth speech,Had to not answer,But I kept my eyes fixed on the direction of the island,The island has completely disappeared from a small black spot,How powerful is that giant,Eyes like torch,I can see what the boy thinks,And can discern islands far away,Suddenly remembered something,Involuntarily“Oh”With a,I picked up the boy’s body and jumped onto a cloud,I don’t know how the giant acted,The cloud made a half arc,The wind and the electric switch flew in the direction where the island disappeared。
Clouds fly extremely fast under the control of giants,In a flash,The island has appeared again,From small black dots to bigger,Then the whole outline appeared,I can’t see the whole picture after getting close quickly。

Ji Yunfeng originally wanted to take the poem from get off work,Have a meal with her again,When I received a call from my mother for my father,He was instantly discouraged。

Father rarely takes the initiative to call him home for dinner,But just call him。
Ji Yunfeng hadn’t eaten when he got home,Ji Wenchang called him aside to play chess with him。Ji Yunfeng is not good at chess,Lose almost every time,He once suspected that his father wanted to find invincible pleasure in him。
“Korean Poem went to the company to find me today。”No prelude,Ji Wenchang said directly to his son。
“What is she looking for you?Talk about cooperation?”Ji Yunfeng naturally thinks about work first。
“Is not,Because of her father。”Ji Wenchang tells the truth。
He told Ji Yunfeng about the general story of Yushi meeting him,Ji Yunfeng knows that Yushi has been investigating the true cause of Han Honglang’s death。So after listening to my father’s description,Can’t help but worry。
Yu Shi knew that Han Honglang had met his father the day he passed away,Mostly doubted him。He believes in his father,I don’t think he will do anything against his conscience。
It’s just that Yushi wants to find the truth,Can you easily dispel doubts about his father??
Unless it can be proved that the shady bidding that Han Honglang found has nothing to do with his father,Someone did it behind his father。
See Ji Yunfeng for a long time,A look of mindlessness,Ji Wenchang asked with a smile:“Do you know that Korean Poetry is checking this??You doubt me too?”
Ji Yunfeng is overwhelmed,Sincerely:“Yes,I know Yu Shi has been questioning the cause of his father’s death,But I believe you have nothing to do with this。”
An instant,Because my son’s trust without hesitation,Ji Wenchang is a little touched。

“No!Business as usual,As if nothing happened。But which Lu Wanting has been to the group twice,Very domineering every time I come,I just ignored her“Wang Lin said,Took a look at Xia Jian。Her view,Make Xia Jian feel a little flustered。

Xia Jian took a breath,After drinking the tea Xi Zhen handed over,:“This woman is crazy,You are right to ignore her,That you have reached a certain level,And she is still a mortal height“
“Don’t come to you!“Wang Lin said,I couldn’t help but glance at Xi Zhen beside me,She realized that there were outsiders,It seems that she is a bit wrong。
Fortunately, Xi Zhen didn’t care about Wang Lin’s expression,She smiled and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!The Eastern Wholesale Market has been reorganized again,Now it’s a compliment。Many merchants wrote us thank you letters,Business statistics surveys have also improved a lot“When Xi Zhen said this,,A face of confidence。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“well!You have to put some pressure on Xia Ying。It’s not easy to have today’s results,The most important thing is to keep。You go busy!I have something to discuss with Mr. Wang“Xi Zhen responded,He closed the door gently and left。
“You!Need to pay attention to the image,Take care of all kinds of women,This Lu Wanting is definitely not a simple woman,According to the investigation, she is a person with background,Nickname Little Witch”Wang Lin said,Xia Jian gave Xia Jian a little angry。
Xia Jian saw Wang Lin like this,Can’t help it,He walked over,Put Wang Lin in his arms,Kissed her on the cheek。
Wang Lin gently pushed Xia Jian away and said:“Stop it,You are not afraid of being seen”
“What do you see?Anyway, I’m unmarried and you are unmarried”Even though Xia Jian said so,But I sat back honestly。
Wang Lin took a breath and said:”Mr. Xiao’s health is a little bad recently,Talk about Xiao Xiao every day,He seems to miss her so much。Anyway, you have to go there sooner or later,So I decided to let you go early!It’s not a problem that this matter has been hanging here“
“Oh!Do you want me to go with someone?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking back。
Wang Lin sighed and said:“I really want to go with you,But the group can’t,So let Han Juan drive,Xi Zhen, take care of your life.!She is your assistant,This arrangement is more appropriate。Moreover,She is also good,Also experienced the last time,So I think she is the most suitable“
“Ok!I don’t have any opinion on the candidate,Just go out this time,It’s hard to say how long to come back。It’s hard to say if there will be any dangers,So you have to seek their opinions beforehand,If anyone doesn’t want to, don’t force them,You should understand what i said“Xia Jian whispered to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Row!Actually this matter is most suitable for Fang Fang,But she is not in our group now“
“Ha ha!Nothing,Just find someone?But you have to prepare this information for me,We will leave tomorrow,The sooner the better。We will go to Nanyuan in a while,See if there are any arrangements for Mr. Xiao“Xia Jian said,I started to organize my things。Go to such a place,He really doesn’t know what to do。

Kulai Master,A flash,Out of the way。

boom!A bloody light appeared。
The head of the ancients has escaped,But another one,This indefinite master,Samsung repair,But it can’t be in a short time,Flash away。
This bloody light,Is the indefinite head,Be this way,The power to refute,Split directly。
“did not think of,You have some ability。”
“Can actually refute my strength。”
“but,That’s just one percent of my strength。”
Seeing my first shot,I was beaten in the face。
Kulai’s face,Ugly。
“Ha ha!!One percent power?”
“Then I look up to you,I have just one point of strength,None out。”
Lin Yu,Hear the other party,Slap each other directly。
“it is good,well。”
“In this case,I’ll take a look,You wait,How to pick me up。”
Shiksha,Not shame。
Nowadays,I want to let Lin Yu know。
The gap between him and himself,That’s not a little bit so simple,But a lot。
Step back,Run your own Yuanke technique instantly。
Yuan Ke Gong Method,Is the most advanced technique of his own school。
Focus on your own vitality,In a short time,Cut out,An attacking knife that is twice as powerful as oneself。
Surrounding vitality,at this moment,Have been absorbed by the heads of Kulai。
A huge knife,Appeared in the sky。
Everyone nearby,I didn’t know what happened here before。
But with the emergence of Yuanke exercises,All,All know。
Besides knowing,And came one after another in the direction of the battle。
“It seems,You are not a waste of my imagination。”
“Still have a little ability。”
“but,You have this skill,It won’t get into my eyes at all。”
Lin Yu finished,Raise his hand。
Zhenyuan condenses into a huge hand,Towards this knife,Catch it。
People around,I haven’t seen Lin Yu’s trick。
But all know,This trick of the ancient school。
and so,I saw Lin Yu attacking the head of the ancient school。
first timing,Just know,Lin Yu is going to die。
because,This trick of the ancient master,That’s not Lin Yu,You can defeat it casually。
if not,Anyone can kill this ancient master。
“Hey!This kid lives and lives。”
“Dare to be the head of the previous generation,Head-to-head。”

When Chuhe looked in front of him,I don’t forget to speak directly here。

Those around,They all looked in front of you。
Actually up to now,These people become more confused as they watch。
But Chu He’s side,Chu Tianxing nodded。
“dad,I know what to do,These things,Just leave it to me!”
“This time,I must let that kid survive!”
When Chu Tianxing finished,Chu He nodded repeatedly。
well,This is his son。
Actually it looks like,Deep in his heart,Actually, I think so。
But now look,Actually, it’s not the time to tangle these issues。
Chu He just said directly:“No matter what,This success building,We are bound to win。”
“As for how,It’s up to you all!”
Chapter 35: Xia Chaoxian’s Targeting
“Humph,Wait for this kid to come,I must clean him up!”
Xia Chao first looked at her,There is a smug smile on the corner of the mouth。
After all yesterday,It even made Xia Chaoxian’s heart brooding。
not to mention,Nowadays,Ye Xuan was late。
So,Xia Chaoxian had this reason to be troubled here。

“Fang Yu……we……Can you start again?Me and him,It has ended!”

Ran Jing looked at Fang Yu,Serious look。
There is still a trace of desire in his eyes!
“Ran Jing,Stop it……You know better than anyone else!We are impossible。Moreover,Your boyfriend is not very nice?How could we break up?”
Fang Yu puzzled。
“He is no longer a doctor in the hospital……Called last night to tell me not to find him。He is really ruthless,I think,Still your best。Didn’t you say,You will always wait for me?”
Ran Jing firmly said。
“How to eat bad dishes?Not to mention dishes that others don’t want……Goodbye!Don’t come to me anymore!”
Finished,Fang Yu shook his head。
Ran Jing,It’s completely over with him。
No need to entangle。
Ran Jing looked at Fang Yu away,I feel uncomfortable。
Snorted coldly。
“You are Fang Yu,Mr. Fang??”
Wait for Fang Yu to return to the pharmacy。
One is about 1.7 meters tall,Wearing a black professional suit,Woman with black frame glasses,Came to the shop。

The man in black directed the murderer to beat him again, and then he was about to turn around and flash.,But when I got to the gate, I was blocked by a sturdy body facing me.。The man in black smiled and looked up,But all of a sudden I feel cold,A black hole barrel is pointed at his forehead。

The person here is Wu Fang,He just hurried from the Internet cafe on Yutang Street,But it’s still a step too late。He frowned and looked at the mess in the hall,Some regret that it took too long to deal with the hooligans in Yutang Street,Fortunately, it didn’t become like this。
“move back,Raise your hand。”Wu Fang coldly ordered。
“What do you mean by brother?Who are you?”The man in black is willing to give in easily,But under the deterrence of the barrel, I had to take a step back,He accepted the word while thinking about how to throw him down instantly,By the way, make a hole in his body again。Even though Wu Fang is very hanging with a gun,But the man in black didn’t really put it in his eyes,He has a bad name on the road,Don’t think the opponent dares to shoot,He even suspected that the big guy in Wu Fang’s hands was a fake。
But where is Wu Fang the second gangster in his imagination,Didn’t give him a chance。Strong wind,The man in black suddenly felt a flower in front of him,A fist with a big mouth appeared before my eyes,And hit him hard on the cheek,He didn’t even react and flew out with a muffled snort。Wu Fang’s power is extremely strong,And the fast action makes people around have an illusion,The man in black suddenly hit something and fell down。
The murderers in the back panic,Wu Fang raised his muzzle and shouted,“Squat down for Laozi,Hold head with hands!”
The murderers were fucked down when they saw the boss,Fear,Although Wu Fang is only one person,But with a gun in hand,And the aura exuding from the whole body,Some people are gradually overwhelmed。Hesitating,Even one or two with guilty conscience have slowly begun to bend down,The other three moved a little slower, and Wu Fang rushed over and punched them to the ground.,He doesn’t have so much time and patience。
At this time, the customers in the bar ran away completely,Even the band disappeared,The outside of the door was full of people watching the excitement,Among them are many guests who just ran out。Two waiters came out tremblingly behind the bar,Was seen by Wu Fang,He beckoned to both,“come。”
Although the two are bad,But dare not neglect,Why slid a few steps and came to Wu Fang,“Big……Big brother。”
“Ok,There are people?”Wu Fang quickly put away the big guy in his hand,look around,I saw hidden service staff crawling out one after another,So greeted,“Hey,All come”
The waiter and other staff stood in a row,The only one who didn’t see Yuxing。
“In charge of?”Wu asked loudly,Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads,A little girl suddenly pointed to the backcourt and said,“I just saw Manager Zhao go back。”
Wu Fang nodded,Tell them to find ropes to tie up all the squatting murderers。One of the waiters suddenly looked terrified and horrified,Because he accidentally saw the man in black lying on the ground slowly pulling out the dagger from his waist。
Wu Fang smiled,The body moves sideways quickly without warning,Stepped on the back waist of the man in black,Leaned over and picked it up。Unceremoniously broke the opponent’s wrist,And slapped the man in black with a dozen big mouths,Broken teeth and blood drops flying around,The other party actually fainted。“The second force of the grass mud horse,You ungrateful animal。”Wu Fang dropped the opponent,I’m tied up,I walked quickly to the back hall。At this time, the sound of police sirens was heard in the distance,But he turned a deaf ear。
The scene behind is much stronger than the front,How to smash without passing,But the two people lying on the ground made his heart sink。One of the boys was very badly injured,Multiple fractures,The stick on the forehead is the worst,The skull is sunken。Wu Fang naturally recognized each other,This is Yuxing’s Xiaohuo,Trouble now。
Three hundred and sixty one visit
Touch Xiaohuo and still have a tone,Wu Fang didn’t dare to delay,Leaned over and picked up the opponent carefully,Back to the front hall quickly。I didn’t expect it to be noisy again,There were two murderers who had not had time to tie up and ran away while Wu Fang was not there.,But before they got to the door, they bumped into Ahuang and Lanmao who came in a panic。
Waiters are timid,Naturally dare not stop。But Ahuang and Huang cried out when they saw the horror of the bar,Regret shouldn’t hide from Zhang Wen,Something happened in the bar but not there,Isn’t this a shame for Big Brother??Lan Mao immediately boldly drank,“What?stop!”