This cult can only collect some gold and silver,The pattern must not be much bigger。

quickly,The big toast came to Li Ming,Li Ming also took out some gold from Shanruliu and gave it to him,But his eyes are locked on this big toast concealedly,Thinking about the innate strength shown,Can you capture the opponent。
of course,The fanatical mood of the believers around,Maybe it will bring him little trouble,But that’s it。
But Li Ming gave up this tempting idea temporarily。
No other,Because he still intends to see who else is behind this big toast。
Although on the surface,Seems to be just a cult,But this hall is quite empty underground,I’m afraid it can’t be made by ordinary innate。
Cult gathering,Very short,It may also be because Li Ming and others are more peripheral believers,Soon at the big toast, I asked the next gathering to be dedicated to‘Gods’More offerings。
Believers who have been brainwashed,Nature only agreed,And left the underground palace in an orderly manner。
of course,As‘spy’Li Ming,Naturally won’t leave so easily,Halfway back to my residence,Then put on a set of impervious magic robe,Use this magic weapon to cover your breath,Sneaked into the hall again。
“what。。。There really is someone behind this cult!”Hidden behind a stone pillar behind the main hall,Breath convergence,The five senses remain at the pinnacle level of the innate realm。
Li Ming can see,Before that, pretending to be a mysterious cult toast,At this moment, he is crawling under the body of a man in a red robe。
“the host!”A big toast kneeling down with incomparable respect。
“Asan,I let you build a sect,Not for the gold and silver,I let you collect the purple river cart、The blood of a virgin,There are also Jiugui Zimu。”Hoarse voice,And full of deterrence。
“Great master,Please listen to me。”The body trembles on her knees,But it is still very clear:“In the ordinary,As long as there is enough gold and silver,Zichehe can be easily bought,The blood of virgins can be bought with some effort。Even if it’s such a treasure,It takes time to make a layout。”