“Alang,There is a person who claims to be a goritor outside.,Said to find you。”

Fu Fu’s house is not required to please“Professionalist”of,On weekdays, his wife is responsible for a class of things.,Because this court is too small.。
At the door,Basically hear in the room!
Fu Yuan put down the pen,Frown asked:“Which high-greeting is?”
He is in mind,this person,This will not be Gao Baoyi.?If so,That is too much.!
“Just give you the Gao Corporate that assigned a military order.。”
Gao Bao Yi Yan laughter came from the door,Almost let Fu Fu’s heart must jump out。
“What is it?,Go to prepare tea!”
Four is desperate to the original lady,I hope she will go.,Inverted tea is fake,Don’t stand here, it is true.。
After the other party left,Fu Fu, this is loose,I quickly came to the courtyard.,I saw Gao Bo Yi at the center of the courtyard.,Look around。
“Coldness,Let the Dado n’t smile,Please come in,Please come in!”
Fu Fu said。
“Secret is quite idling,But this is my fault,Didn’t take into account your actual situation。
But fortunately,Since I found it today,That I have to say it.。”
Gao Bao is watching a circle in the courtyard.,Then look at Fu’s eyes:“Running gas transfer,General,It is the central general,It is necessary to be committed to the committee right away.。
A family is still squeezing in such a place now,It is really some saying that it can’t be passed.。
Fun’s face,That is, the face of the court。Someone else seeing Fu Fu’s military congestion,How to see the central court?How to think about me Gao Bo Yi?
You and rest assured,Homeship,I will naturally arrange for you.,Today, I only talk about military affairs.,Don’t talk about these trivia,It’s good to pack it.。”
Gao Baoyi big bag,For a time, Fu Fu actually didn’t know what to say.。
A long time later,He hugged the trip to Gao Baoyi:“Trendy love,Fu Fu only the liver and brain can only be repaid,Please come in!”
This attitude can be。
Gao Boi smiled slightly,Then two people entered the study.。
“General,You have some days before,Not asking me what do I have to hand it over??I will tell you now.。”
NS1100chapter Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue(Down)
Narrow and simple study,Fu Fu, this high-top horse,Actually, I am a little bit of uneasiness.,The back is so cold and wet,But try to restrain your emotions。
“I don’t know what the big man is said.,What is it??”
Fu Lu tried to ask。
Make Gao Bo Yi to come home,Even“Small”Thing,I am afraid it is also a major event that can be killed.。Fu Fu is a person,But does not mean that he is a fool。
“I want to put you out of you.,have no idea,Do you have any intentions??”
Gao Baoyi is very kind,It can even be polite.!This makes Fu Fu to be stunned while,Also feel a disturbing taste。
Rhyme,Seek。Look at Gao Baoyi today’s attitude,Be afraid,It is very likely to give yourself a hot sack.。
“Most supervisors,Where are you going?,Where will I go?,Never two words!”
Fu Fu quickly gave a sleeve to the Gao Bao Yi。