Ji Yunfeng originally wanted to take the poem from get off work,Have a meal with her again,When I received a call from my mother for my father,He was instantly discouraged。

Father rarely takes the initiative to call him home for dinner,But just call him。
Ji Yunfeng hadn’t eaten when he got home,Ji Wenchang called him aside to play chess with him。Ji Yunfeng is not good at chess,Lose almost every time,He once suspected that his father wanted to find invincible pleasure in him。
“Korean Poem went to the company to find me today。”No prelude,Ji Wenchang said directly to his son。
“What is she looking for you?Talk about cooperation?”Ji Yunfeng naturally thinks about work first。
“Is not,Because of her father。”Ji Wenchang tells the truth。
He told Ji Yunfeng about the general story of Yushi meeting him,Ji Yunfeng knows that Yushi has been investigating the true cause of Han Honglang’s death。So after listening to my father’s description,Can’t help but worry。
Yu Shi knew that Han Honglang had met his father the day he passed away,Mostly doubted him。He believes in his father,I don’t think he will do anything against his conscience。
It’s just that Yushi wants to find the truth,Can you easily dispel doubts about his father??
Unless it can be proved that the shady bidding that Han Honglang found has nothing to do with his father,Someone did it behind his father。
See Ji Yunfeng for a long time,A look of mindlessness,Ji Wenchang asked with a smile:“Do you know that Korean Poetry is checking this??You doubt me too?”
Ji Yunfeng is overwhelmed,Sincerely:“Yes,I know Yu Shi has been questioning the cause of his father’s death,But I believe you have nothing to do with this。”
An instant,Because my son’s trust without hesitation,Ji Wenchang is a little touched。