Kulai Master,A flash,Out of the way。

boom!A bloody light appeared。
The head of the ancients has escaped,But another one,This indefinite master,Samsung repair,But it can’t be in a short time,Flash away。
This bloody light,Is the indefinite head,Be this way,The power to refute,Split directly。
“did not think of,You have some ability。”
“Can actually refute my strength。”
“but,That’s just one percent of my strength。”
Seeing my first shot,I was beaten in the face。
Kulai’s face,Ugly。
“Ha ha!!One percent power?”
“Then I look up to you,I have just one point of strength,None out。”
Lin Yu,Hear the other party,Slap each other directly。
“it is good,well。”
“In this case,I’ll take a look,You wait,How to pick me up。”
Shiksha,Not shame。
Nowadays,I want to let Lin Yu know。
The gap between him and himself,That’s not a little bit so simple,But a lot。
Step back,Run your own Yuanke technique instantly。
Yuan Ke Gong Method,Is the most advanced technique of his own school。
Focus on your own vitality,In a short time,Cut out,An attacking knife that is twice as powerful as oneself。
Surrounding vitality,at this moment,Have been absorbed by the heads of Kulai。
A huge knife,Appeared in the sky。
Everyone nearby,I didn’t know what happened here before。
But with the emergence of Yuanke exercises,All,All know。
Besides knowing,And came one after another in the direction of the battle。
“It seems,You are not a waste of my imagination。”
“Still have a little ability。”
“but,You have this skill,It won’t get into my eyes at all。”
Lin Yu finished,Raise his hand。
Zhenyuan condenses into a huge hand,Towards this knife,Catch it。
People around,I haven’t seen Lin Yu’s trick。
But all know,This trick of the ancient school。
and so,I saw Lin Yu attacking the head of the ancient school。
first timing,Just know,Lin Yu is going to die。
because,This trick of the ancient master,That’s not Lin Yu,You can defeat it casually。
if not,Anyone can kill this ancient master。
“Hey!This kid lives and lives。”
“Dare to be the head of the previous generation,Head-to-head。”